Project Information

This internet archive and exhibit was created as a class project for the Creating Digital History seminar in the Archives and Public History program at New York University for the 2009-2010 academic year.

"The Civil War and the Southernmost State: Highlights from the P.K. Yonge Florida History Collection" is intended to highlight documents from the P.K. Yonge Florida History Collection, located in the Special & Area Studies Collections Department at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. These particular documents help illustrate the interesting and often untold story of Florida and Floridians participating in the American Civil War.

The items in this exhibit consist of Civil War letters, documents, and images from the P.K. Yonge Florida History Collection and photographs, maps, and lithographs from the State Library & Archives of Florida and other manuscript repositories (listed below).

Any transcriptions made here include original spelling and grammatical errors, and are meant to assist in keyword searching only; many letters that have official transcriptions are located in the Special & Area Studies Collections Department at the University of Florida.

Special thanks goes to Dr. James Cusick, Curator of the P.K. Yonge Florida History Collection, for his exceptional assistance in helping locate documents from the collection for this student project and for his overall efforts to educate students and the general public on the history of Florida.


Useful Websites

The following websites were consulted for this project and are useful sources of information for Florida history during the Civil War:


The following is a list of secondary sources that were consulted in addition to the finding aids, websites, original letters and documents in order to produce the online exhibit The Civil War in Florida:

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Exhibit creator Nicole Milano, reproduced here with permission. Exhibit originally on exhibit creator Nicole Milano's website here.