This directory lists sound collections held in the Department of Special and Area Studies Collections that have been digitally reformatted. Detailed information on each collection is linked to each directory entry. The Sound Archives includes sound recordings from the University of Florida Archives, the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, and the General Manuscript collections.

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Angela Davis speech, 1973. Angela Davis speech sponsored by Accent and the Institute of Black Culture. (online)

Claude Murphree, University Organist, 1957. Concert performed on Anderson Memorial Organ. (online)

College Authors Forum with William G. Carleton, 1964. William Carleton discusses American foreign policy. (online)

Dedication ’72, 1972. Dedicatory performance for the University of Florida Music Building. (online)

Dedication of an addition to the University of Florida Library, 1950. 1950 speeches at the dedication of additions made to the University Library. (online)

“Electric Man and the End of the Neolithic” – Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan talks about information and media.(online)

Erskine Caldwell Lecture, 1965. Caldwell talks about writing. (online)

Faculty Concert: Elwyn Adams, 1972. Violinist performs. (online)

Faculty Concert: Willis Bodine at the Organ, 1961. Performance on the Anderson Memorial Organ. (online)

Florida Future #10: E. T. York and Florida Agriculture, ca. 1970. York talks about role of IFAS. (online)

Florida Future #1: Earl Faircloth, 1967. Interview with Florida Attorney General. (online)

Florida Future #16: Floyd Christian, 1967. Interview with Florida Superintendent of Public Instruction. (online)

Florida Future #14: Junior Colleges, 1967. Interview with James L. Wattenbarger. (online)

Florida Future #12: Manning Dauer, no day. UF professor talks about local government. (online)

Florida Future #24: Poverty and Race Relations, 1969. Interview with Neil Butler. (online)

Florida Future #13: Claude Kirk, no date. Interview with Florida Governor Claude Kirk  (online)

History of St. Augustine, n.d. Lecture by Michael Gannon. (online)

Inauguration of J. Hillis Miller, 1948. Ceremony for UF’s fourth president. (online)

Inauguration of J. Wayne Reitz, 1955. Ceremony for UF’s fifth president. (online)

Inauguration of Stephen C. O’Connell, 1968. Ceremony for UF’s sixth president. (online)

Interview with Marshall B. Jones, October 1967. Marshall Jones discusses his tenure case. (online)

J. Wayne Reitz Student Union, 1967. Dedication ceremony for the Reitz Union.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 1968. Informal talk and poetry reading. (online)

Lester Hale reads the Christmas Carol, 1957. Annual UF Holiday tradition. (online)

Lillian Smith lecture on autobiography, May 10, 1962. Lillian Smith lecture recorded at the University of Florida Library during the 1962 Arts Festival. (online)

Marshall Jones Hearings, 1968. Recordings of hearings conducted on the tenure case of Marshall B. Jones. (online)

A New Look at the University, 1967. A television interview with President Stephen C. O'Connell. (online)

Norman Thomas speech, 1963. Thomas talks about peace. (online)

Point of View #13: Erich Farber, 1976. Michael Gannon interviews solar energy pioneer. (online)

Point of View: Maxine Margolies, 1976. Michael Gannon interviews anthropologist on changing roles of women.

Point of View: Richard Hiers, 1975. Michael Gannon interviews religion professor on new scripture studies.

Point of View: The Place of Women in American Society, 1975. Michael Gannon interviews two women faculty on women’s movement.

Point of View: Wilse Webb, 1975. Michael Gannon interviews sleep expert.

Religion-in-Life: Bishop Pike, 1967. Address given by Bishop James A. Pike on science and religion. (online)

Religion in Life: Max Lerner, 1965. Lerner talks about change in America. (online)

Robert Frost in Gainesville, 1967. Archie Robertson and others talk about Frost’s time in Gainesville. (online)

“The Role of the Generalist” - Arnold J. Toynbee , 1965. British historian talks about importance of general knowledge. (online)

Theodore “Ted” Sorensen lecture, n.d. Sorensen talks about Kennedy legacy. (online)

Tigert Hall Dedication, 1960. Naming ceremony for administration building. (online)

Vice President Hubert Humphrey Speech at the Florida Blue Key Banquet, 1966. (online)

Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson speaks at the Florida Blue Key Banquet, 1961. (online)

Vice President Nixon at the University of Florida, 1960. Panel interview at Florida Gymnasium. (online)


Claude Pepper Campaign Speech, 1950. Senator Pepper discusses his position on the issues in the 1950 election. (online)

Cowboys in Central Florida, n.d. Louis Capron talks about Florida cattlemen. (online)

Interview with Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and Her Maid Martha Mickens, Undated. Recording of Rawlings reciting poetry and Mickens singing spirituals. (online)

Lord's Prayer in Hitchiti, 1957. A recording of the Seminole spoken language. (online)

Seminole Legends, Dances and Religious Songs, 1957. A recording of Seminole legends and songs made at the Big Cypress Indian Reservation. (catalog information online)

Seminole music, n.d. A recording of Seminole music made at the Brighton Reservation in the 1930s.

Seminole songs, 1954. Harry Jumper sings traditional Seminole songs. The recording was compiled by Frances Densmore under the auspices of the University of Florida. (catalog information online)

Tapes on Miss Liza, 1967-1968. Recordings of and about Eliza Washington, an African American woman who lived near McIntosh, Florida. (online)

Things You Don’t Know About The Seminoles, n.d. Louis Capron talks about Seminole customs. (online)