Information for UFDC Teacher Resources Collection (TRC) Contributors

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Developing Resources

What types of teaching resources are accepted?

We accept orignial lesson plans, evaluation scales, rubrics, units, teacher guides, activities, games and other teaching materials that use UFDC content.

Must I use the templates for lesson plans and evaluation scales?

In early development of this collection in 2013, templates were created for lesson plans and evaluation scales.  Intended to ensure consistency and improve quality of lessons, we highly recommend that templates are used for any new lessons or evaluation tools.  Other types of teaching resources are anticipated, althouogh we do not currently have templates to follow. Template can be found here.

Can I include non-UFDC resources in a lesson and still submit to the UFDC TRC?

The goal is to have all lessons or other teaching resources include UFDC content as the primary requried material.  However, other online or print materials can supplement a teaching resource.  Contributors may only attach originally produced resources to their submissions. Provide a link to any non-original materials used (e.g. content from websites such as PBS or Library of Congress, or content available by subscription). 

To which standards should I align my lessons?

We accept resources aligned to Common Core State Standards and national content standards.

Benefits of Contributing

Why participate in the Teacher Resources Collection?

The UFDC TRC shares your lessons in an open educational environment with teachers around the world. The collection contains high quality teaching resources that use materials available to anyone with an internet connection.

The citations and links to your work can be found via UFDC search, library catalog search, Google, and other search engines. By contributing your lessons and other teaching materials, your work will be available to your peers worldwide indefinitely.

Like all items in the UFDC, each resource will have a consistent, stable link that is ideal for your website, CV, tenure packet, or other promotional materials.

What do the monthly usage report emails "Usage statistics for your materials" include?

For all contributors, monthly usage reports are sent out and these reports include: total number of views for all of your items, number of views for all of your items in the past month, details for your top 10 items, and a link to view usage statistics for all of your submitted items. To see the usage statistics for all of your items, you can login to myUFDC and select "View usage for my items" from the main menu.

What can other educators do with my submissions?

All submitted teacher resources will have Creative Commons License of Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC). This license will allow other educators to reuse, remix, and build upon of your submitted teacher resource as long as their new works acknowledge you and the reuse is not for commercial purposes. The CC BY-NC license does not require that reuses/remixes be licensed through CC (View License Deed). For more information about Creative Commons for Open Educational Resources, see

Submitting Resources

Does my teaching resource belong in the UFDC Teacher Resources Collection?

Any teacher resource can be submitted for consideration to the UFDC TRC as long as it uses some UFDC content and adheres to the templates as closely as possible.  The materials you provide are linked to your name and reputation, so we expect that you will use this resource responsibly.

Who can submit a teaching resource?

Any educator, including K-12 teachers, teacher education faculty and graduate students, intern teachers, and librarians and media specialists, may propose a lesson or other open teaching resource for inclusion in the UFDC TRC.

How do I contribute to the UFDC TRC?

The UFDC TRC uses the Gatorlink username/password system. If you are affiliated with UF, login with your usual Gatorlink username/password, and then load new items and manage loaded items.  If you do not have a Gatorlink account, you maycontact us to acquire a guest account.

What is the process for submitting a lesson?

You will create a lesson or other teaching resource, aligning each to your selected educational standards and using the templates when possible.   Before you can submit your first lesson you must contact Marilyn N. Ochoa to set your permissions to submit a lesson using the TRC template. Send your name and affiliation with your request. Once you are notified you are in the system, you can submit via the Submit a Lesson page.

Once submitted, the curator for the collection will process and accept the materials based on a peer review process.  The policy currently guiding acceptance consists of peer review by a combination of Education Library professional staff and College of Education faculty or graduate student prior to release in the open collection.

What types of files can I upload?

·         Adobe PDF

·         Text files (.xml, .txt, .html)

·         MS Word files (.docx, .doc)

·         MS Excel files (.xlsx, .xls)

·         MS PowerPoint files (.pptx, .ppt)

·         Audio (.wav, .mp3, .wma)

·         Video (.avi, .mpg, .wmv)

·         Many others: As a general rule, platform independent, vendor independent, nonproprietary, stable, open and well supported formats can be readily accepted and preserved. File format support and confidence level for preservation are explained inthis printable chart (and this longer online-only table).

Is there a limit on file size?

There is not an overall limit on file size or on the number of items you can deposit. Through the web interface, you can deposit individual files of up to 2GB. Files this size may still fail to load because of issues loading through a web interface. For larger files, please use the UF File-Express File Sharing Service (up to 5GB) or please contact us to arrange for transfer and loading.

File Naming Conventions

Files names should not include spaces, punctuation marks, or special characters.

Can I make changes to my material in the UFDC TRC after submitting them?

Yes and no.  You submit the information about your teaching resource, and once it is uploaded, you can immediately change the information in the citation or change it any time you are logged in to myUFDC.  The material itself is not to be changed unless you accidentally uploaded the wrong file, in which case, please contact us to amend the problem.  Later editions may be added as separate, new items, but the UFDC TRC is intended for final products, not works in progress.

Can I remove my submission from the UFDC TRC?

It is possible to remove material, but this must be done by contacting us to ensure that no valid data is lost in the process and that permanent links are correctly redirected for users.  If you would like to have your material removed, please contact us.

Can someone submit materials on my behalf?

The submission process includes granting permissions, creating metadata, and loading files. While the rights holder may designate another to create metadata and load files, the rights holder must first complete a printed grant of permissions for those materials.

How can I find out more information?

Contact us by using the Contact Us link below or email Marilyn N. Ochoa.