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Papeles de Cuba is a project in planning to provide access to the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba (761 microfilm reels), a section of the Archivo General de Indias in Sevilla holding records of the Spanish colonies throughout the Caribbean and on the North American continent. They contain documentation from the mid-seventeenth century well into the nineteenth century and are particularly rich for the period from circa 1760 to 1821.

These documents complement the Stetson and East Florida collections as they contain the records of the Spanish posts on the northern rim of the Gulf of Mexico. The Reales Cajas legajos of both East and West Florida found in the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba contain the most complete New World treasury records in existence. The calendar of the P.K. Yonge Library's holdings of the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba incorporates about 60,000 catalog cards.

The collection is organized by legajo number and then by date within each legajo. Individual reference entries generally represent documents, but may represent various document details, depending on what the legajo contains (letters, court cases, etc).

Reference Materials:

F016 H647d, Descriptive Catalogue of the Documents Relating to the History of the United States in the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba deposited in the Archivo General de Indias at Seville by Roscoe R. Hill

F016 G216c, Catalogo Parcial de los Fondos de la Seccion XI (Cuba) del Archivo General de Indias by Cesar Garcia del Pino and Alicia Melis Capa

F016 S735, Spanish Florida Borderlands Finding Guide/ Calendar to the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba, Seccion XI, Archivo General de Indias

F016 C669, The Hispanic World 1492-1898: A Guide to Photoreproduced manuscripts from Spain in the collections of the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico by Guadalupe Jiménez Codinach

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