The post-2000 presidential election recount in Florida was controversial and chaotic. Forty-four key participants provide a look into the convoluted legal maneuvering that occurred during those tense thirty-six days in November and December of 2000. Collected in the 'Florida 2000 Election Project Oral History Collection', these interviewees represent both sides of the controversy -- high-profile attorneys such as Barry Richard, lead attorney for George W. Bush, and Dexter Douglass, lead attorney for Al Gore, are among interviewees. Other interviewees were members of their respective legal teams; canvassing board members of counties in litigation such as Charles E. Burton of Palm Beach County; participating judges such as Terry P. Lewis and Nikki Clark; members of the media such as Thomas Fiedler of the Miami Herald and Lucy Morgan of the St. Petersburg Times; state legislators such as Florida House Speaker, Tom Feeney; and political advisors such as Mac Stipanovich. These so-called players all had prominent roles in the post-election process that became a world stage.

The 'Florida 2000 Election Project Oral History Collection' is part of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program is an affiliated program of the University of Florida's Department of History. Its collections include approximately 4,000 interviews and more than 85,000 pages of transcribed material, making it the largest oral history archive in the South and one of the major collections in the country. The transcribed interviews are available for use by research scholars, students, journalists, genealogists, and other interested groups. Researchers have used our oral history material for theses, dissertations, articles, and books.

Digitization of the collection has been funded in part by the generous donation of Caleb and Michele Grimes.