The M. de Marillac letter book contains copies and a few autograph drafts of letters to the Comte de Pontchartrain, Secretary of State (and a few other ministers), from an officer of the Marine. Fifteen letters are from St. Malo, where the writer appears to have been Port Commandant (November 15, 1699 to January 26, 1700, 33 p.). Three letters were written from Treguiler in Brittany (May-June 1699, 3 p.). The final twenty-five letters are from Brest (one letter) and from sea (July 18, 1701 to October 4, 1702, 76 p.). The letters from July 1701 to the end of the volume describe the voyage to the West Indies of the joint Franco-Spanish squadron commanded by the Compte de Chateau-Regnaud, Vice-Admiral of France. They are written from Lisbon, Cadiz, Madeira, Martinique, Porto Rico, San Domingo, and Havana and, after returning across the Atlantic, from Vigo.

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