Record books for field notes of several types

Two record books with numbered pages were used from mid-1978 forward to record field notes of the type that had formerly been written on 5x8-inch record cards. Record Book 1 contains field notes of this type from 19 Aug 1978 to 13 Jun 1988; Record Book 2 contains them for 17 Oct 1988 to 11 Aug 2012. In Record Book 2, information was often recorded for sites of overnight stays even if no specimens were collected or recordings made.  (These dates were not assigned site-sequence numbers.)

Because the two record books contain many pages of field notes other than those that are of the type that originally were written on 5x8 cards, page-by-page records were made of the contents of each record book. From these records a table of contents arranged by subject was prepared. Within each subject, entries were arranged chronologically. In the table of contents for each record book, the first subjects listed are those in which the notes were of the type that were on the 5x8 cards.

Thus you need not leaf through the scanned images of the pages of the record books to look for the field notes for specimens or recordings with a date plus site-sequence number. Based on the date, go to the table of contents of the appropriate record book and then use the chronological order of the dates under each subject to find the page that you wish to view. Users who suspect that a table of contents is misleading or incomplete, may find the corresponding page-by-page listing of contents helpful.

Table of Contents of Record Book 1 (19 Aug 1978 to 13 Jun 1988)
Page-by-page listing of contents
Scanned pages of Record Book 1

Table of Contents of Record Book 2 (17 Oct 1988 to 11 Aug  2012)
Page-by-page listing of contents                                                                                                                                        Scanned pages of Record Book 2


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