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In addition to our general collection, see chronology, une île lumineuse also has several sub-collections. These include material related to a common individual, event, etc. Sub-collections are accessible thanks to the kind generosity of dloc partners.  * Prospective partners, see contributors, for hosting a collection of your own here on une île lumineuse! 

Vincent Collection
Sténio Vincent Digital Collection

The Vincent Digital Collection includes correspondence, speeches, books, and periodicals by and about President Vincent. There majority of material here was provided by University of Florida libraries.  Click here

Key items: Letters from the University of Florida Haitiana Collection, En posant les jalons, Le régime foncier en Haïti, Sur la route de la seconde independence, Contre Vincent par Rigaud, Outline of Financial History of the Republic by Vincent

Public Works Collection
Koleksyon Travo Piblik la

Nan 1931, twa ane anvan lokipasyon te fini, ameriken yo te transfere Direksyon Jeneral Travo Piblik la nan ayisyen yo. Travay li t kontinye pandan laprezidans Vensan. Nou founi ou yon istwa brèf nan lang kreyòl. Les Archives Nationales d’Haïti bay nou foto pwojè yo.  Klike isit la

Bagay enpòtan: Foto Direksyon Jeneral Travo Piblik yo, Efforts et Résultats pa Vensan, La Relève, Dokiman “Expose de la situation du Département des Travaux Publics”