le vingtième siècle: une histoire intellectuelle et universelle?

At the turn of the Nineteenth Century, intellectuals rebuked bigotry and sought to redeem the state. The generation of the Occupation resumed the latter task in search of a national identity among the masses. When intellectuals witnessed prejudice and inequality, they responded with Noirism and Marxism which, ever since, have inspired political struggles.

For Haiti the Twentieth Century has a dynamic rhythm. People are on the move. But ideas play the manman tanbou. History unfolds as a sequence of intellectuals: Firmin, Bellegarde, Price-Mars, Roumain, Duvalier. To what extent however does the story of these moon seekers reflect that of all Haitians? Understand the challenge of organizing a digital collection of old books, manuscripts, and newspapers produced almost exclusively by urban intellectuals. Inevitably the chronology becomes an intellectual and political history. Nevertheless this chronology is an essential context for approaching the contents of our collection.

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