The Harn Museum of Art's Asian Art Collection, with more than 1,700 works, spans a timeframe ranging from the Neolithic period through cutting-edge contemporary art. It covers a vast geographic distribution area, from central Asia in the west to Japan in the east, and from China in the north to the southernmost points of India and Southeast Asia. The strengths of the collection are evident in ceramics, jades, and metal works and are further augmented by stone sculptures, paintings, and prints. The variety and quality of the works provide the opportunity to explore regional and transnational trends in Asian art, ranging from ceramic traditions to the spread of Buddhism to the relationships between Asia and the West via artistic visions and creations.

The Harn Museum of Art distinguishes itself among university art museums as a creative laboratory for innovation in the visual arts. Accordingly, the Harn unites the university and the wider community to make groundbreaking contributions to research, teaching and service. The Harn makes great works of art accessible to diverse audiences by using a variety of innovative approaches to the exhibition and interpretation of art.