This is the digital collection for resources digitized from the Florida Academic Repository (FLARE).

The Florida Academic Repository (FLARE) is a collaborative venture among the members of the Florida State University System (SUS) Libraries and the University of Miami. A Statewide Storage Task Force (SSTF) ( was established with membership from all eleven SUS Libraries, as well a as representatives from the Independent College and Universities of Florida and the Florida College System, in anticipation of future participation. The goal of the Shared Collection is to provide participants with highly cooperative solutions for the storage of low use library materials. The SUSSC will be housed in an environmentally controlled, carefully inventoried and secure high density facility located in Gainesville and administratively hosted by the University of Florida. Materials from participating libraries will be voluntarily and permanently transferred to the Shared Collection and made available for retrieval by means of a Florida specific unmediated borrowing service, through traditional interlibrary loan, or by electronic delivery.

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