This is the project and collection site for the NEH-funded French Pamphlet Planning Project: An International Collaboration for Improvement of Collection Access. Results from the first in-person team meeting (June 2013) will be added here once available.

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The full grant proposal is online and the abstract states:

The George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida request $39,246 (with $33,997 in contributed cost share) from the NEH Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Foundations Program to support assessment, and planning activities that will leverage expertise from a mix of professional domains. In partnership with the Libraries, these French Pamphlet Planning Project partners agree to work together towards collaborative data collection, analysis and the establishment of standards, workflows and project goals: the Center for Research Libraries, institutional members of the Collaborative Initiative for French Language Collections, Ball State University, Brigham Young University, Brown University, Cornell University, Emory University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, University of Alabama, University of Kansas, University of Michigan, Yale University, the Newberry and the National Library of France. Partners agree the proposed 12-month (May 2013 - April 2014) planning project will yield important collection access outcomes: 1) Initial data gathering and in-depth analysis of existing French revolutionary pamphlet collections; 2) Subsequent collaborative engagement and partner planning participation related to input and shared ideas on improved intellectual control of extant French pamphlet collections in the U.S. and France; 3) Systematic identification and organization of collaborative frameworks and corresponding data sources, item descriptions and online collection content; 4) Planning of preliminary online collections and resources to improve overall discoverability of all pamphlet collections regardless of location. Pamphlets are found at the center of French Revolutionary documentation, serving in their brevity and efficiency to circulate beyond the grasp of official government controls, disseminating new and often illicit ideas into the streets of Paris and beyond. It was a pamphlet which announced the rise of the Third Estate and a pamphlet that ultimately condemned to death the French monarch, Louis XVI (already reduced to the simple title of Citoyen Louis Capet), on January 21, 1793. In order to reassess and improve access to these essential documents, the French Pamphlet Planning Project strives to connect and expose some of the most important academic and international collections in existence. Project planners will analyze the existence of parallel rare collections, shared or closely matching item records, and in some cases corresponding digital content in order to create work plans, procedures and timeframes that efficiently and broadly improve access to existing collections.

The planning project team includes bibliographers, catalogers, digital technology experts, digital humanities collection scholars, and scholarly advisors. Staff members at CRL with a history of forming and supporting such complex collaborative projects will facilitate planning processes in partnership with UF and CIFNAL. Funding will support travel to one plenary session, and student assistants to assess collections supervised by subject specialists at partnering institutions. All participating institutions will contribute significant effort towards the project; however, UF's contributions will be the official matching source for this proposal.

Deliverables and outcomes will include:

  1. Collaborative collection data points of holdings in print, microfilm and in digital format;
  2. Data concerning the utility of existing shared collections, catalog descriptions and digital facsimiles;
  3. Expanded international collaborative network of project partners with common knowledge and commitment toward planning goals;
  4. Environmental Scan Report detailing current situations among collections vis-á-vis cataloging quality, and digital conversion efforts;
  5. A strategic plan for establishing a French Pamphlet Digital Portal, including workflows and timeframes that organize resulting project data and information for improved management of future initiatives as well the creation and maintenance of a CRL online resource linking researchers to the full-text of all existing digitized partner pamphlets;
  6. White Paper describing planning processes, experiences and lessons learned.

Description from CIFNAL/CRL:

Many academic institutions hold French pamphlets dating from various historical periods. The Collaborative Initiative for French Language Collections (CIFNAL) is working on a new catalog of online French Pamphlets. The catalog will be a database resource able to link users to full-text, digital facsimiles of French pamphlets made accessible by CIFNAL member institutions, international partner collections, and other freely accessible digital library collections, such as the Bibliothèque Nationale de France’s Gallica collection. CIFNAL is part of the Global Resources Network at the Center for Research Libraries (CRL).