Unearthing St. Augustine’s Colonial Heritage seeks to bring the study of the past into the modern research environment. St. Augustine has been a research mecca for archaeologists, historians, and other scholars seeking to understand the complex legacies of the Spanish borderlands and the American Southeast. For half a century, the city has also been a focal point of work in historic preservation. As Florida moves towards its 500th anniversary (2013) and St. Augustine looks ahead to the celebration of the 450th anniversary of its founding (2015), researchers need 21st century Web access to materials that have traditionally been available only in paper and often for on-site use only.

Unearthing St. Augustine’s Colonial Heritage is a proposed project by many collaborative partners, including:

  • St. Augustine Historical Society
  • City of St. Augustine Archaeological Program
  • Dept. of Heritage Tourism
  • Herschel E. Shepard Collection

Please contact us for preliminary information on this proposed project as it develops; all finalized information will be posted to this site as it becomes available.