The 'East Florida Papers' is a planned digital collection that builds from the Index to the East Florida Papers to add digitized images of the East Florida Papers. The East Florida Papers (178 microfilm reels) contain the complete local government archive of Spanish East Florida (1784 to 1821). In 1821, when the United States government assumed sovereignty of the Floridas under the provisions of the Adams-Onis Treaty, American authorities seized this archive to prevent its removal to Havana. The archive remained in Florida during the turbulent nineteenth century. In 1906 it was delivered to the Library of Congress for safekeeping. The Papers are stored according to the original system maintained by the colonial governors of Florida. They are therefore a remarkable example of how a small colonial government worked in the Spanish New World. A related archive, the Spanish Land Grants (pertaining to land ownership in Florida) also exists and is curated by the State of Florida at the State Archives.