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Everglades Digital Library

FIU Digital Collections Center

National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC)

The Everglades Digital Library Oral Histories Collection includes A Tale of Two Women, a multimedia collection from the Special Collections Department of the Florida International University Libraries, and Everglades Oral History Collection, from the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program at the University of Florida.

A Tale of Two Women

A Tale of Two Women is a multimedia collection highlighting the lives and work of two extraordinary Floridians – Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Marjorie Carr. These two women shared a love of the natural world; an interest in conservation and wildlife protection; and the courage to confront the potent influence of developers, boosters and the Army Corps of Engineers in Florida. Each of these ‘Marjories’ was known for her exceptional intelligence, courage, persistence, and skills in persuasion.

Marjorie Carr is best known for leading the long battle to stop the construction of the Cross Florida Barge Canal, a mammoth, multi-million dollar project traversing central Florida that threatened the area's ecosystem. Marjory Stoneman Douglas, environmental activist and author of the landmark book, Everglades, River of Grass formed a grassroots organization, Friends of the Everglades, to stop an international jetport from being built in the Big Cypress.

These recordings bring to life the stories, the ideals, and the memories of these two remarkable women. The source of this media are broadcast videos held in the Special Collections Department of the FIU Libraries.

SPOHP Everglades Oral Histories

Interviews from the SPOHP Everglades Oral Histories provide insight in the myriad of problems and issues surrounding restoration of the Florida Everglades. The interviewees include environmentalists, scientists, politicians, district engineers from the Army Corps of Engineers, industrialists, directors of Florida Water Management districts, Florida legislators, and federal government employees. Discussion topics center on influence of and coordination between environmental groups, lobbying by environmental groups, pesticides and mercury levels, water conservation, growth management, relationship between National Park Service and Army Corps of Engineers, Everglades Forever Act, Save Our Everglades, use of aquatic crops, drought and flood conditions, role of scientists in restoration, obstacles to restoration, sugar industry, various taxes, comprehensive plans and task forces, public education, aquifer storage and recovery, and lessons learned.

The SPOHP Everglades Oral Histories interviews are held in the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, an affiliated program of the University of Florida's Department of History. Its collections include approximately 4,000 interviews and more than 85,000 pages of transcribed material, making it the largest oral history archive in the South and one of the major collections in the country. The transcribed interviews are available for use by research scholars, students, journalists, genealogists, and other interested groups. Researchers have used our oral history material for theses, dissertations, articles, and books. Digitization of the collection has been funded in part by the generous donation of Caleb and Michele Grimes.

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