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Everglades Digital Library

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National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC)

The EDL Founders Collection comprises unique or rare materials collected and/or contributed by the individuals who established the vision for the Everglades Digital Library in 1995-1996 and worked with dedication over the last two decades to develop and sustain it.  Everglades Digital Library founders include librarian Gail Clement and scientists Robert Doren and Dr. Ronald Jones.  Everglades Digital Library sustainers include FIU Librarians Kate Holvoet, Megan Waters and Sherry Mosley; and scientists Bob Mooney and Dr. Daniel Childers.

Digitized materials in the EDL Founders collection are made available for non-commercial, non-profit uses including teaching, learning and research.  You are asked to provide proper attribution to the source of these materials as follows:

Item <item number> from the EDL Founders Collection, Everglades Digital Library, URL: <url>.


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