ECDA Collections


The Early Caribbean Digital Archive (ECDA), based at Northeastern University, is collaborating with dLOC to have all texts in ECDA also in dLOC.  The ECDA is building collections on particular topics and themes, including one on Obeah, with this collection developing in relation to a special issue of Atlantic Studies.

See all items already included in the ECDA-Obeah Collection. >>

Others to be added include:

  • Holland, William. “Johnny Newcome in Love in the West Indies.” Codspur Street, London, 1808.
  • Moseley, Benjamin. A Treatise on Sugar
  • House of Commons 1789 report
    • This may be in reference to William Wilberforce’s Abolition Speech (full information: William Wilberforce’s 1789 Abolition Speech Tuesday 12 May 1789, excerpted from newspaper publications). This is mentioned in a footnote of the Broadview edition of Earle, William Obi: or a History of a 3-Fingered Jack : Referred to as “House of Commons Sessional Papers of the Eighteenth Century, vol 69. Report of the Lords of the Committee of the Council Appointed [by George III] for the Consideration of all Matters Relating to Trade and Foreign Plantations, Part I, 1789” (Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 1975)