Submitting Educational Modules

In order to contribute materials to the Education Modules section, please send the following:

  1. Copies of all files for the Education Module
  2. Overview Information for the Education Module
    • A Lesson Plan with:
      • Lesson Title
      • Subject(s)
      • Intended Audience (appropriate age or grade level)
      • General Description: overview of the lesson and materials
      • Focus of Lesson: this may be covered in the description or listed separately. It should offer a brief explanation of what students will learn in terms of content and/or skills
      • Standards Addressed and/or Assessed: list the related standards for the lesson, noting which standards are assessed through the assignments
      • Time Required: include the length of time required for the lesson. If the lesson requires a delay--for instance, for lab results--also include that information. For instance, "This lesson requires two hours of reading for homework and then one hour for activities based on the reading the following day" or "50 minutes for 2 class periods on consecutive days (total 1 hour and 40 minutes)."
      • Materials/Teacher Preparation Section: List all required materials and what preparation is required.
      • Possible Procedures: List the procedures for delivering the lesson.
    • Materials for the Lesson:
      • Background materials: Readings, slides, primary sources
      • Assignments/Activities: Include details on the assignments, assessments, and activities
    • Other Relevant Information
      • Attribution: Include the author name and any contact information
      • Further Reading: Include information on any next steps for the assignment (follow-up lessons, tests, resources)
  3. Completed Grant of Permissions Form

Please submit all of the materials via email to