Studies of Butterfly Migration

As is more fully explained in the narrative write-up describing his interest in butterflies, Thomas J. Walker’s first serious interest in butterfly migration was prompted by the directional flights of four species as they flew southward along the axis of the Florida peninsula.  Their impressive numbers, their agreement as to the direction taken, and the regularity with which the migration occurred each fall made them seem ideal subjects for studying their means of orientation.  However, the first intensive research undertaken was to document the numbers and gross directions of butterfly migrants as they flew through the Gainesville, FL area. This research began in 1979 and data were collected continuously by means of permanent flight traps from 1984 to 2000.  The data for these 17 years are the principal contents of the detailed data from butterfly traps.  This collection is organized into two sections, Studies of migratory numbers and gross direction and Studies of Migratory Azimuths.

Funding for collecting and organizing the Thomas J. Walker Collection was partially provided by Thomas J. Walker.