Qin ding Xi qing gu jian. Vol. 1., Ding II - Zhou Dynasty, Page G-3"Digital collection in Asian studies - A catalog of Chinese bronzes" is a grant funded project to digitize a 24-volume set of "Qin ding xi Qing gu jian" with "Qian lu" included. This is a catalog of Chinese bronzes comprised of detailed illustrations, inscriptions, and descriptions for over 1,500 bronze tools, utilitarian objects, and ceremonial vessels. The bronzes documented in this set were created and utilized during the Shang, Zhou, Han, and Tang Dynasties. For more information on the Shang 商 (ca. 1600-1045 BC), Zhou 周 (ca. 1045-256 BC), Han 漢 (206 BC-220 AD), and Tang 唐 (618-907 AD) dynasties, see "Chinese History (to Qing Dynasty)" from the University of Southern California.

This digital project is made possible by the George A. Smathers Libraries of the University of Florida to enhance the digital collection's holdings for Asian studies. This digital reproduction, which will be readily available online, should prove to be a valuable resource for art historians, researchers, and general public interested in the artistic and cultural history of China.

The detailed information below is from Hui-chun Yu, a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Chicago. Hui-chun Yu received her PhD from the Department of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University in 2007. Her dissertation focused on Emperor Qianlong's bronze collections and history of art collecting, art markets, and art consumption in early modern China.

Qin ding xi qing gu jian si shi juan fu qian lu shi liu juan = 欽定西清古鑑四十卷附錢錄十六卷

This set of catalogs presents a collection of bronze objects from four periods of the Chinese history: Shang 商 (ca. 1600-1045 BC), Zhou 周 (ca. 1045-256 BC), Han 漢 (206 BC-220 AD), and Tang 唐 (618-907) dynasties.

List of Chinese bronze vessels included in these catalogs:

  1. Ding 鼎 - big cauldron used as cooking or holding vessel, usually with two handles on the rim and is supported by three or four legs
  2. Zun 尊 - quadrangular or round wine vessel with a wide opening
  3. Xizun 犧尊 - animal-shaped wine vessel
  4. Lei 罍 - tall quadrangular or round wine vessel, often with small knocker-like lifting ring attachments
  5. Yi 彝 - quadrangular or round shaped wine vessel
  6. Zhou 舟 - small elliptical wine-cup
  7. You 卣 - wine jar with lid and lifting handle
  8. Ping 瓶 - jug
  9. Hu 壺 - tall quadrangular or round wine storage vessel, usually in pairs
  10. Jue 爵 - three-legged wine mug with a long groove spout
  11. Jia 斝 - three-legged wine heating container with a pair of mushroom-like attachments on the top and a small handle on the side
  12. Gu 觚 - tall slim wine beaker with a trumpet-shaped opening
  13. Zhi 觶 - small oval wine mug with a lid
  14. Jue 角 - three-legged wine mug with a lid
  15. Dou 斗 - dipper
  16. Shao 勺 - spoon
  17. Zhi 巵 - small round wine mug
  18. Dun 敦 - round food container with a lid and small handles on the sides
  19. Fu 簠 - quadrangular food container with a lid that is similar to the bottom of the container
  20. Gui 簋 - quadrangular food container with a lid
  21. Dou 豆 - footed bowl with a lid
  22. Pu 鋪 - footed dish
  23. Ao 鏊 - shallow pan
  24. Yan 甗 - cauldron-like steamer with three hollow legs
  25. Ding 錠 - oil lamp
  26. Deng 鐙 - oil lamp
  27. Li 鬲 - cauldron with three or four hollow legs
  28. Fu 鍑 - round cooking pot, usually with short narrow neck and narrow base
  29. He 盉 - wine pot with a handle and a spout
  30. Bing jian 冰鑑 - big ice bucket
  31. Yi 匜 - wine vessel with a wide spout, sometimes with a dragon-shaped lid attachment
  32. Pan - 盤 water basin
  33. Juan 鋗 - deep water basin
  34. Xi 洗 - water container
  35. Yu 盂 - water container
  36. Pen 盆 - water container
  37. Liang 量 - capacity measuring utensil
  38. Qu 區 - capacity measuring utensil
  39. Dou 斗 - capacity measuring utensil
  40. Po 瓿 - round-shaped pot, usually used for making and storing marinated vegetable
  41. Fo 缶 - capacity measure utensil
  42. An 盦 - round-shaped food box  
  43. Jiao dou 鐎斗 - wine warming vessel
  44. Lian 奩 - cylindrical food container
  45. Guan 罐 - small storage pot
  46. Jiu 臼 - small storage pot
  47. Zhong 鐘 - Large bell  
  48. Duo 鐸 - small bell with a clapper
  49. Ling 鈴 - miniature bell with a clapper
  50. Chun 錞 - bronze drum
  51. Qi 戚 - big axe
  52. Wu nao 舞鐃 - small rattle-like fitting that is associated with chariots 
  53. Gu 鼓 - big bronze drum 
  54. Dao 刀 - knife
  55. Jian 劍 - sword
  56. Nuji 弩機 - crossbow mechanism
  57. Fu 符 - tally used as evidence of authority
  58. Jue 钁 - dagger-axe
  59. Gangtou 杠頭 - tube-shaped pole fitting
  60. Yiqishi 儀器飾 - pendant
  61. Zhangtou 杖頭 - pole fitting
  62. Dun 鐓 - pole fitting
  63. Jiuche 鳩車 - small toy, usually in the shape of a bird riding on a chariot
  64. Biaozuo 表座 - animal-shaped pole fitting
  65. Yandi 硯滴 - small animal-shaped container for dripping water on ink-stone
  66. Shuzhen 書鎮 - paperweight
  67. Hudou 糊斗 - ladle
  68. Lu 罏 - incense burner 
  69. Bi shou 匕首 - dagger
  70. Jian 鑑 – mirror