The photographs used in the 360 degree renderings of these objects are intended to simulate museum viewing by allowing each object to be seen from all rotational angles. To view an object in rotation, click the thumbnail below. Clicking on the object while in motion will enlarge the image while maintaining clarity, giving visitors the ability to inspect the object in detail.

20th century Beaded doll (ham pilu): Fali People
20th Century Belt Raffia: Kuba People
20th Century Hat (mpaan): Kuba People
Beaded Coronet (orikogbofo), Yoruba People
Beaded Coronet (orikogbofo): Yoruba People
Beaded Coronet (orikogbofo): Yoruba People
Beaded doll
Beer pot with lid (ukhamba with imbenge): Zulu People
Belt Raffia: Kuba People
Child Figure
Child figure (mwana)
Child's Apron
Dance staff: Ndebele People
Dance staff: Ndebele People
Divination Tapper (iroke ifa) Yoruba People
( 2 volumes )
Doll: Ndebele People
Doll: Ndebele people
Doll: Ndebele People
Face mask (deangle): Dan People
Female Twin Figure (ere ibeji) Yoruba people
Fertility figure (akua'ba): Asante People
Hat: Kuba People
Headrest (ngachar or chemperit)
Lidded Vessel: Zulu People
Male Royal Ancestor Mask (Mbwoom)
Man's Prestige Hat (ashetu), Barnum Peoples
Royal Slippers (bata ileke): Yoruba people
Seated Female Figure (esi mansa): Fante People
Vessel: Zulu People
Woman's Belt