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Many people provided support for “The Afterlife of Alice In Wonderland” exhibit

My Thanks~

To the George A. Smathers Libraries and the Howe Society for financial support for the exhibit and the Tea Party Reception

To friends and colleagues who loaned items for the exhibit:  Robena Cornwell, Dina Benson, Jim Liversidge, Carol Kem, Laura Nemmers, Pennie Delmond, Matthew Daley, Lee Jones, Jane Anne Carey, Terry Harpold, John Cech, Kenneth Kidd, and Stan Smith

To Laurie Taylor for scanning images, setting up the exhibit website, and helping to arrange the cases
To student interns, Rachel Scott for help with setting up the exhibit cases, and Alexandria Schmitt, for creating the video

To Barbara Hood for help with the posters and with publicity
To Bill Hanssen and Trish Ruwell for making the posters
To Brad Hatch and Mil Willis for adding necessary hardware and hanging the posters

To John Freund for conservation advice and to Elaine Needelman who expedited the purchase of several editions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

To Dr. Kenneth Kidd for writing two essays and for the ideas generated by his graduate seminar, The Golden Age of Children’s Literature

To the graduate seminar class members for their advice and input, especially to Cari Keebaugh who contributed an essay and arranged one of the cases

To Gail Crawford for arranging for the food and drinks at the Tea Party

Finally, thanks to Alice (aka Cari Keebaugh), the White Rabbit (aka John Ingram), and the Hatter (aka Jim Cusick) who took time from their busy schedules to promote the exhibit and attend the tea party. 

Rita J. Smith, Curator
The Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature

© 2007 Rita Smith