Title: Letter to Mr. Pride Dated Oct. 4, 1996 re; Follow-up Letter on the State's Direction and Intended Actions on Water Resource Issues.
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Title: Letter to Mr. Pride Dated Oct. 4, 1996 re; Follow-up Letter on the State's Direction and Intended Actions on Water Resource Issues.
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Abstract: Jake Varn Collection - Letter to Mr. Pride Dated Oct. 4, 1996 re; Follow-up Letter on the State's Direction and Intended Actions on Water Resource Issues. (JDV Box 39)
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U. '4 yb 16:23 P.02/06

Office of the County Administrator
Daniel A. Klenan
BOARD OF COUNTY COrMISSIONERS Senior Asi"~nt County Admi;inir~
Dotde Brge PatriciBean
Phyflli Buznl.ky
Joe Qllura Assis6tnt Counry Adminitratrs
Oris Hart lidiLn Innzeltc r
Jun Noman crvIt 3o&uhonn
Ed Tu cnchik JemmEe x K.
Sandra Heltkn Wiron

October 4, 1996

Mr. Terry Pride
Executive Office of the Governor
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida' 32399-0001
FAX 904-922-6200

Dear Mr. Pride:

Thank you for meeting with those of us interested in the State's water issues on
Monday, September 30, 1996. The briefing and discussion along with the
Executive Order have clarified to a great extent the State's direction and 'intended
actions on water resource' issues. We are providing you with this letter as a follow
up to that session to note'a few items for your consideration.

The Executive Order and the issues discussion list of Suggested Priority Issues for
Water Supply Development and :Funding Group covers the range of issues for a
comprehensive policy discussion. We would like to emphasize our first three
issues as we presented them to your office in our September 26, 1996,
correspondence. A copy of this correspondence is attached for your reference.
Ecological sustainability of water supply alternatives, participation in the permitting
processes by the County where water is being developed, and linking land and
water management actions together should be a part of the management strategy
for future water resource development.

We need to clarify with you that the "local sources first" issue which has been:a
position of Water Management Districts may not be. consistent with our.County's
position that local and regional governments should be able to allow water
exchanges between governmental entities with their mutual consent, without the
constraint of the "local sources first" criteria. This is' part of our County's adopted
Eight Point Program for Water, and we are providing you with a copy of; this for
your use in the formulation and.. review of the priority issues discussion. We would
urge your consideration of this alternative approach in the discussion.

P,,At Office Box 1110 Tainpa, Florida 33601
An Af*WAI w AaCtIffl4E#& OppMtm-) k-O&

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-L;- ., EL ; jT Fa. :132 2O 06B: Oct 4 '9, 16:4 F.

Mr. Terry Pride
October 4, 1996
Page 2

Thank you for the opportunity to participate and the opportunity to comment on
this subject. We do intend to be represented at the future meetings when you
keep us aprised of their schedules, Please contact Michael W. McWeeny (813)
272-5977 and Gene Boles (813) 272-5147 of the County staff for further
communications, Thank yOu for this opportunity to provide our issues for your


Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator


Attachments: September 26, 1996 letter From Daniel A. Kleman
County Eight Point Program

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FI L' DEVEL t'e1Hf,4GT

.. VOct 4 '96 16:25 F. 041/06

Office of the County Administrator
Daniel A. ileman
BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Senior Assistan County Adminirrto
DmWnBequ Patrici. Bean
Phylls Buan'ky
Joe COlura Asisrsnt County Admrnininraton
a-. H Edwin Hunasker
nNC Hman Creta Johnson
Ed Turnchk V jmmie Keel
tandn Hflen W.1on
September 26, 1996

Estus Whitfield
Executive Office of the Governor
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida ;32399-0001
FAX 904-922-6200

Deer Mr. Whitfield:

This letter responds ito your September 20, 1996, memorandum to interested
parties on water supply asking for an identification of issues related to water
supply planning, development and funding within the scope of the proposed
Executive Order on Water Resources. Thank you for this opportunity to comment
on this subject and we do intend to be represented at the meeting on Monday,
September 30, 1996.

Your memorandum requests identification of the County's three top issues. Staff
have compiled these for you, as follows:

1. Ecological Susotainability- All water supplies should be developed to ensure the
sustainability of the ecosystems in the areas from which the water supply is being
withdrawn. This issue Is directly related to such subjects: as environmental
performance standards, minimum flows and levels, diversification of sources,
development of alternative sources, ecologically sustainable yields, aggressive
demand management programs, etc.

2. Donor County Protection- Any local government -from whose territorial
boundaries water is proposed to be or is being withdrawn for transport and use;
outside of its territorial boundaries. should be provided: (a) clear opportunity to
participate in the permitting process; (b) clear opportunity to require at any time
the re-evaluation of an existing permit by the regulatory agencies if negative
impacts are being experienced within the donor county; (c) clear guarantees that
any attempts to offset negative impacts at one location within the donor county by
mitigation at another location meet with the approval of the donor county and
affected property owner; (d) assurances that the donor County's own reasonable

Poet Office BoxI 1110 Tampm M!iiA 33601
An AfNYVfisC Aawimv14ha C*F--IaIY Smpl



... uct 4 b 16:2 6 p.056: 0

Estus Whitfield
September 26, 1996
Page 2

future needs for water supplies for its own citizens will still be able to be met
without economic costs in excess of thbse borne by the local government which is
importing the water;' (e) the ability to decide and agree to buy, sell, and transfer
water and rights to water subject to meeting the requirements of ecological
sustainability, protection of the resource of the donor county, and mutual
agreerrient of the donor government, the recipient government, and the applicable
regulatory agencies.

3. Linking Water Management with Growth Management/Land Use Planning-
Recommendations of the Land Use and Water Planning Task Force should be
seriously considered to implement a comprehensive and effective management of:
the resource.

Please contact Michael W., McWeeny (813) 272 5977 and Gene Boles ati(813)
272 5147 of the County staff for further communications. Thank you for this
opportunity to provide our issues for your deliberations.

;Sin rely,

Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator


Fa A- 37.- ~ n


:4 :E,.EL im4nGT Fax:8132726068 Oct 4 '96 16:26 P.06/06

Hillsborough CountyiBoard of County Commissioners

Eight Point Program for Water

1. Support Water Resource Regulation Based on Equitable Allocation
and Ecologically Sustainable Yield.

2. Support Regibnal Water Supply from Diversified Sources Based
First upon Ecological Sustainability and then upon Incremental
Cost Analysis.

3. Develop Contingency Strategy/Capacity for Emergency Response by
Local Government in Coordination with WCRWSA.

4. Effectively Link -Water Management with Growth
Management/Land Urse Planning.

S. Implement Comprehensive and Balanced Management of the
Water Resource.

6. continue Aggressive Water Conservation/Demand Management
Program Based upon Marginal. Cost Anal ss and Consider the
Possibility and Means: for FIinancling such Measures 'as-
Cooperative Projects or Annual Expenditures through WCRWSA.

7. Pursue/Provide Capital Investment to Support Water Resource

8. Local and Regioal Governments should be able to Decide and Agreeto
Buy, Sell, and Transfer Water and Water Rihts between Jurisdictions,
Subject to: Req ments of logical Sustainability; Potection of the
Resource of the Donor and; Mutual Ageement between the Donor
Government, the Government Receiving or rasng the Water,
and ApplicableRegulatory Agencies.

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