Meeting Agenda of the Members of the Water Supply Development Core Group for Dec. 6, 1996

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Meeting Agenda of the Members of the Water Supply Development Core Group for Dec. 6, 1996


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Jake Varn Collection - Meeting Agenda of the Members of the Water Supply Development Core Group for Dec. 6, 1996 (JDV Box 39)
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Lawton Chiles


Dec 2 '96 23:53

Department of

vironmental Pjrotection

Marjory Stoneman Douglas
3900 Commonwealth Bou
Tallahassee, Florida 32399


Phone: 904/488-0784
Suncom: 278-0784

DATE: Dec. 3, 1996

FROM: Terry Pride, Office of Water Policy, FDEF

TO; Water Supply Development Subcomi
Chuck Aller, DACS
Eva Armstrong, FL Audubon Society
Butch Calhoun, FL Fruit & Vegetable Asso
Bram Canter, WCRWSA
JoAnn Chase, PSC
Sherry Coven, FL Regional Councils Asso4
David Guest, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fi
Wade Hopping, Hopping, Green, Sams &
Philip Leary, FL Farm Bureau
Chuck Littlejohn, FL Chamber, FES
Janet Llewellyn, DEP
John McCue
Charles Pattison, DCA
Fred Rapach, Palm Beach County Water [
Make Slayton, SFWMD
Jake Van, Carlton Fields
Oel Wingo

cc: Estus Whitfield
Tom Taylor
Henry Bittaker

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Members of the Water Supply Developm nt Core Group

Jake Varn, David Guest

Meeting Agenda for December 6

December 2, 1996

Attached are a revised issue identification/ potential solu
6 water supply development core group meeting. You al
and the revised consolidated summary of perceived prob
will also be available at the meeting, along with other ini


tions list and an agenda for the December
ready have the detailed meeting summary
lems in water supply development. These
Drmational materials.

Dec 2 '96 23:53 P.02/07

LLUY, LM MHNHbLMENI Fax:904-922-53

Dec 2 '96

Water Supply Development Core Group
Issue Identification and Potential Solutions
From'November 8, 1996 Meeting

Planning Issues..
Consensus Recommendations:

Need for more direction at the state level
with regard to water supply.
C-1. More focus on water supply at the state

D-1. either a new entity or better
implementation by DEP with more resources.

C-2. Address water supply development more D-2. Include timeframes in the Florida Water
adequately in Florida Water Plan (FWP) and Plan th regard to water supply planning and
State Water Policy (SWP) rule develop ent.
.C-3. Integrate minimum flows and levels into D-3. clude policy guidance in the FWP and
water plans-direct AMLs to areas where SWP e adequate for FLWAC to deal with
water is being or will be developed .(Already relat appeals.
being done. See Ex. Order 96-297)
D4. Identify needs and sources in a single,
statede document.

Need for consistency in regional water D-5a. se conventions committee approach
supply planning, needs and sources for ac eving consistency among WMDs in
assessments, with regard for regional region al water supply plans (RWSPs), similar
variations, to co mentions process for District Water
Man ement Plans.

b. ( hieve also through DEP general
super sory authority and guidance of
Gov nor's Office--See Ex. Order 96-297)

The Function and Effect of RWSPs
C-4a. To identify a menu of optionsfor water
supply development from which to choose.

b. To provide action-oriented steps, with
flexibility but as much surety as possible for

c. To empower local government.


rP. D/07


Planning Issues. Potential Recommendations for Further
Consensus Recommendations Discusion:

The function and effect of RWSPS
C-5. (Consistent with D-6) Portions ofplans D-6. ( consider language similar to that in s.
could be adopted by rule, as appropriate, or 187. 1 1, F.S.:
rules could be developed or amended to
implement theplan, to the extent of the "The Ian does not create regulatory authority
WMDs' statutory authorities. (The plan or aut orize the adoptions rules, criteria, or
would not confer authority but would reflect stand ds not otherwise authorized by law...
strategies that could be implemented under the go s and policies contained in the [plan]
existing authorities.) shall be reasonably applied where they are
econol iically and environmentally feasible, not
contra y to the public interest, and consistent
with ti e protection of private property rights.
The pl nshal be construed and applied as a
whole, and. no specific goal or policy in the
plan siall be construed or applied in isolation
from tle other goals and policies in the plan."

C-6. There should be a linkage between D-7. .o guide funding of water supply
water planning and water regulation (e.g., proj s. For instance, if a project is
A consumptive use project would have to be consi et with the plan, it is eligible for
consistent with the rule-adopted portions of fundii (Question: does consistentt" mean
the plan in order to be permittable.). contain ed in the plan, in concert with the plan,
not at oss purposes with the plan,. ?)
D-8. 'he RWSP should identify means of
implementing nonregulatory parts of plans
(e.g., actual development of supplies)-a
forcing-action type of planning.

Need for reliable service delivery plans. D-9. Vould this be part of the RWSP or a
separate document? Who would be
respond_ bible for it?)


Dec 2 '96



Planning Issues. Potential Recommendations for Further
Consensus Recommendations: Dicsson:

Need for cear relationship between Local D-l0. Require a water supply element in
Government Comprehensive Plans LGCPs.
(LGCPs) and RWSPs.
D-1 Require that LGCPs be consistent with
RW Ps (rule-adopted portions, data?)

D-12 (Is there really a need for a statutory
linka e between LGCPs and RWSPs? Or is it
more effective to focus on increased
com unication and technical assistance--and
financial assistance where possible-between
local governments and WMDs?)
Need for coordination among local ??
governments in water supply planning.

Need for adequate data on which to base
local water supply planning.
C-7. Data should come from the WMDs. D-13. (Require local govt. to use WMD
data? How does/should the EARs process
opera e with regard to best available data?)

Self suppliers need to be better considered D-14. Add requirements that water supply
in water supply planning. plans iust project water supply for self
supply rs (WMDs already do this? What
about tGCPs?.).
D-15. Have self suppliers provide data on
them lves to planners, with no penalty to self
supply rs (for inaccuracy of data, for not
supplying data, etc.?).

Dec 2 '96 23:54


Water Supply De
and Funding Work C

Development Comrn

Proposed Aaenda

9:25 Complete Discussion of Planni
Issues and potential solutions at the
Review Summary of Perceived Prol
.Check for consensus on conclusion
Identify info. and action needed wh(
11:00 Discuss Regulation at Each Le
Issues and potential solutions at the
Review Summary of Perceived Prol
Check for consensus on conclusion
Identify info. and action needed wh
12:00 Lunch

,roup Meeting

littee Agenda

local and private levels
)lems Planning
sand solutions
re there is no consensus
local and private levels
)lems Regulation
s and solutions
.re there is no consensus

Discussion of Regulation Continued

1:15 Discuss Development/Impleme
Issues and potential solutions at the
Review Summary of Perceived Prol
Check for consensus on conclusion
Identify info. and action needed wh<


ntatlon at Each Level
Local and private levels
,lems Dev./lmple.
s and solutions
.re there is no consensus

Committee Reports and Coordination

2:45 Consider Overarching Issues

3:00 Meeting Adjourns


Work Group plan for the proce s and the day
Review and Agree on Committe Agenda



Dec 2 '96 23:55



Water Supply Development
and Funding Work roup Meeting

December 6, 1996

Pronos~ed Obie -

To clarify the charge to the Wi
To make progress on committi
To consider over-arching quec


rk Group
ie work plans
tons and committee

SProoosed Aa6nda


Work Group plan for the proce
Committees work Independent
Lunch (ordered in)
Committee Meetings Continue
Committee Reports and Coord
Consider Overarching Issues
Meeting Adjourns

committee Instra



and the day

1. Review and seek agreement on the draft committee agenda

2. Work through the agenda items and
Points of agreement
Issues that need more attention
Action assignments for members, staff an
Requests for the other committee
3. Review and refine the work group pr
full group consideration.
4. Discuss the agenda for the next mew
schedule and decide if there Is a ne4

record group products:

J others

oducts to be presented for

iting, the meeting
id for additional meetings

. . . .


Dec 2 '96 23:54

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