Title: Water Supply Development and Funding Work Group Meeting of Jan. 31, 1997
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Title: Water Supply Development and Funding Work Group Meeting of Jan. 31, 1997
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Abstract: Jake Varn Collection - Water Supply Development and Funding Work Group Meeting of Jan. 31, 1997
General Note: Box 29, Folder 4 ( Water Supply Issues Group (File 2 of 3) - 1996 ), Item 10
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Jan 22 '97 17:44



Water Supply Work Group
Proposed Final Decision Process

Definition of Consensus

The definition that the work group has been using is that "consensus," at
best, is when everyone is satisfied they have an acceptable, quality
product, and at worst, everyone feels their concerns have been considered
and they agree to not oppose the package.
Final Decision Rule

The Work Group's goal is to arrive at all substantive decisions on its
recommendations jointly by consensus of the core group members. In
instances where, after vigorously exploring possible ways to enhance the
support for a recommendation or the report as a whole, this is not
achievable, decisions will require support of at least a 80% vote of all core
group members present and voting.

Recommendation Review and Amendment Process

Single recommendations or sections will be considered:
1. Core members may offer amendments to a recommendation (other
participants should ask their representative core group member to
present their proposed amendments).
2. Amendments will be considered in accordance with Robert's Rules of
Order. An amendment, as amended, must be approved by 80% of the
core group members present.
3. The recommendation must then be approved by 80% of the core group
members present.
4. Amendments to other recommendations in the section will be
5. A vote will be taken on the section as a whole. It must be approved by
80% of the core group members present to be included in the final
After the committees and/or wording resolution groups have had a chance
to formulate consensus amendments for recommendations that do not
receive 80% support the full group will reconvene to:
1. Consider the proposed amendments to recommendations
2. Revote on sections of the work group report
3. Vote on the package of recommendations as a whole (80% approval).

Jan 22 '97

17:44 P.02/03

FL.Conflict.Resolution Fax:904-921-9066

Water Supply Development
and Funding Work Group Meeting

January 31, 1997

Proposed Objectives
* To seek consensus on development and funding committee
* To agree on a strategy and responsibilities for interacting with
the legislature

Proposed Agenda

9:00 Work Group Plan for the Process and the Day
(including adoption of the group decision rule see attached)

9:15 Consider Amendments to Draft Recommendations
(Please propose amendments to the draft recommendations
attached that will enhance acceptability to you and others. These
will be considered at the funding committee meetings on the 29 th.
and 30 th. and the full work group meeting on the 31st.)

11:00 Meetings of committees and/or smaller wording
resolution groups (Lunch ordered in)

1:00 Consideration of Proposed Amendments from
Committees and/or Resolution Groups

2:00 Plenary Discussion of Next Steps

3:00 Meeting Adjourns

Jan 22 '97 17:44 P.03/03

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