Title: Water Supply Development and Funding Working Group (Full Group Mailing List)
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Title: Water Supply Development and Funding Working Group (Full Group Mailing List)
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Abstract: Jake Varn Collection - Water Supply Development and Funding Working Group (Full Group Mailing List) (JDV Box 70)
General Note: Box 24, Folder 3 ( Water Supply Development and Funding - 1996-1997 ), Item 25
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Fax:904-922-53 Dec 10 '96 10:30

Florida Departmenrr of

Environmental Protection





Water Supply Development and Funding Working Group
(Full Group Mailing List)

Terry Pride, DEP 4e /

Omission on Mailing List,

December 10, 1996

Inadvertently, Jack Shreve of the Office of Public Cou
for the Water Supply Development and Funding Work
apologize for this oversight, particularly since Executii
participation of the Office of Public Counsel in this pnr
being part of the working group. He has not been at a
up to this point solely because he did not receive notion

Among other things, the Office of Public Counsel repi
ratepayers) in utility-related matters before the Public 4
separate from the Public Service Commission and has
reuse facilities and other rate-related issues.

I have added Mr. Shreve to the mailing list.

cc: Estus Whitfield
Dan Stengle

Wnrt* ^ I

-- -4

sel (OPC) was left off the mailing list
g Group. As custodian of the list, I
,e Order 96-297 specifically requests the
cess. Mr. Shreve is very interested in
sent a representative to the meetings
Sof them.

events the citizens of Florida (as
Service Commission. The OPC is
ts own perspective on cost recovery for




jN. i:"Pt,.;i: 3 (i-..u >in; cover)

Gene Adams, FAX 904/224-0701
Joseph W. Adcock, AICP, FAX: 941/355-
Pauia Alien, FAX: 922-6200
Chuck Aller, FAX; 488-7585
Eva Armstrong, FAX; 224-8056
Douglas E. Barr, FAX: 539-4380
Dennis Barton, FAX: 224-0279
Peter Belmont, FAX: 941/746-8472
Frank Benadino, FAX: 305/372-6759
Wayne Bertsch, FAX 904/224-1359
Bart Bibler, FAX: 386-1647
Henry Bittaker. FAX: 488-3309
Daniel Blood, FAX: 813/272-6068
Gene Boles, FAX: 813/272-6068
Russ Bowman, FAX- 813/855-7479
Janet Bowman, FAX: 487-6587
Susan Brand, FAX: 487-5844
Unda Branning, FAX: 487-5925
Wendy Brenner, FAX; 813/841-4575
Judith Breuggeman, FAX; 813/274-8127
Charles H. Bronson, FAX: 407/726-2881
Barry Brooks, FAX: 488-4330
David Browning, FAX: 222-3957
Butch Calhoun, FAX: 877-0981
Bram Canter, FAX: 222-2126
Susan Caplowe, FAX: 385.8180
Paul Carlson, FAX: 922-0668
Dee Carper, FAX: 222-5839
Dione Carroll. FAX: 305/279-1365
Ed Chance, FAX: 941/741-3058
JoAnn Chase, FAX: 413-7004
David "Hap" Clark, FAX: 813/570-5118
Anthony J. Ciemente, P.E., FAX: 305-669-
Suzanne Cooper, FAX:
Isabel Cosio, FAX: 954/357-6573
Sherry Coven, FAX: 488-1616
Larry Curtin, FAX; 222-8185
Rick Dantzler, FAX: 941/291-5288
Norm Davis, FAX: 813/272-5589
Betsy Davis, FAX: 813-282-2430
Ed de la Parte, FAX: 813/229-2712
Bruce DeGrove, FAX: 904/224-8061
Mike Deming, FAX: 904/584-8030
Boo Dennis, FAX: 488-3309
Marty Deterding, FAX: 904/856-4029
Bruce Deterding, FAX: 488-7093
Chris Doolin, FAX: 904/222-3663
Debbie Drake, FAX: 222-0973
Nancy Dufoe, FAX: 904/487-3804
Martha Edenfield, FAX:
Jeff Elledge, FAX: 904/329-4315
Gady Epstein, FAX; 904/222-4772
Eric Etters, FAX: 386-6691
Jen Eversole, FAX:
Mark Farrell, FAX: 352/754-8874
Mercer Fearington, FAX: 222-8826
Ron Ferland, P.E., FAX: 407/896-1822
June Fisher. FAX: 941/946-1091


Dec 10 '96 10:29

Dave Fisk, FAX: 904/362-1056
Chip Fletcher, FAX: 413-0984
Wayne Flowers, FAX: 904/737-3221
James Fort, FAX: 921-2153
Kathy Fry, FAX: 813/274-7453
Manley Fuller, FAX: 942-4431
John Fumero, FAX: 407/687-62 6
John J. Gallagher, FAX: 813/84 -8021
Jim Gamer, FAX; 941/332-2242
Pat Gleason. FAX: 561/689-971
Casey Gluckman, FAX; 421-24 6
Trey Goldman, FAX: 224-0702
Yvonne Gsteiger, FAX: 922-5
David Guest, FAX: 681-0020
Tim Haag, FAX:
Brad Hartman. FAX: 922-6679
Jane Hayman, FAX: 222-3806
Kari Hebrank, FAX; 222-5839
Keith Hetrick, FAX: 224-1359
Mike Heyl, FAX: 941/355-5311
H. Clyde Hobby, FAX: 813/841 685
Dick Hollahan, FAX: 627-3578
Sher Holtz. FAX: 922-6002
Wade Hopping, FAX 224-855
Willie Horton..FAX: 954/831-07 18
Pete Hubbell, FAX: 352/754-68 4
Robert T. Hugil, FAX 224-8081
Charles Hunslcker, FAX: 941/7 9-3071
Bill Hunter, FAX: 222-5098
William L. Hyde, FAX: 222-100
Lila Jaber, FAX 904/413-6250
Mike Kerr, FAX: 954/357-7641
Diane Kiesling, FAX: 413-6037
Lee M. Killinger, FAX:
Greg Kisla, FAX 954/492-7881
John Knowles, FAX; 941/361-6 52
Ken Kuhl, FAX: 488-2164
John Kynes, FAX: 813/274-81
Steve Lamb, FAX: 561/689-10
Carol Langston, FAX; 222-509
Carl Larrabee, FAX; 407/639-7 63
Jack Latvala, FAX' 813/298-16 09
John Laurent, FAX: 941/534-1476
Philip Leary, AICP, FAX: 352/34-1501
David Lee, FAX 954/519-14961
Dexter Lehtinen, FAX: 305/279.1365
Helen Levine, FAX: 813/272-5 48
Carl D. Littlefiled, FAX 352/523-5027
Chuck Llttlejohn, FAX: 681-876
Janet LLewelyn, FAX: 922-53
Tyler MacMillan, FAX: 539-4371
Doug Mann, FAX: 681-8796
Sally Mann, FAX: 513-9779
Kirk Martin, FAX: 407/880-135
Susan Mason, FAX: 561/681-6 64
Jim Massie, FAX: 222-7552
Frank Matthews, FAX: 224-8551
Fred McCormack, FAX: 224-5 95
John McCue, FAX: 926-2071
Pam McVety, FAX 414-0060 i

P. 01/03

Mike McWeeny, FAX: 13/272-5589
Margie Menduni, FAX: 651-6515
Kathryn Mennella, FAX: 904/329-4125
Ed Mills, FAX: 926-1528
Robert Minsky, FAX: 561/871-5248
John T. Mitchell, FAX: 413-0984
Karon Molloy, FAX: 488-1456
John Moyle, Jr., FAX: 681-8788
Jim Muller, FAX: 668-7778
Sue Mullins, FAX: 222-3741
Lisa Munroe, FAX: 487-5842
Chester Murray, FAX: 926-8027
Wendy Nero, FAX: 813/874-3056
Richard Owen, FAX: 352/754-6749
Lynn Pappas, FAX 904/353-5217
Philip Parsons, FAX: 224-6595
Charles Pattison, FAX: 488-3309
Avis H. Payne, FAX: 413-0984
Timothy Perkins, FAX: 904/630-0784
Karen Peterson, FAX: 224-8551
Mike Petrovich, FAX: 224-8551
Terry Pride, FAX: 922-5380
Joyce Pugh, FAX: 413-0984
Jim Quinn, FAX: 488-4925
Mary Lou Rajchel, FAX: 904/224-8061
Fred Rapach, FAX: 407/641-3472
John C. Rayson, FAX: s/c 453-4305
Fern Recio, FAX: 539-4380
Mark A. Reinsch, Esq., FAX: 904/353-5217
Roy A. Reynolds, FAX; 954/831-0708
Robert M. Rhodes, FAX: 222-8410
James Robards, FAX: 407/623-3417
Jorge Rodrlguez, FAX; 305/669-5796
R. Z, Safley, FAX: 813/725-7953
Diane Salz, FAX: 904/222-3808
Ansley Samson, FAX; 681-0020
Ray Scott, FAX: 413-0984
Bill Segal, FAX: 904/329-4125
Carol Senne, FAX: 904/329-4125
Jeff Sharkey, FAX; 222-6981
Jack Shreve, FAX: 488-4491
Mike Slayton, FAX: 561/687-6200
Rick Smith, FAX: 922-6200
Ann,Spencer Austin, FAX; 813/286-3673
Richard Stenberg, FAX: 561/461-9036
Dan Stengle, FAX: 922-4292
Mary Stewart, FAX: 488-7093
Nancy Stewart, FAX: 385-9854
Jake Stowers, FAX: 813/464-3944
Jackson Sullivan, FAX: 222-0398
Tom Swihart, FAX: 922-5380
Pick Talley, FAX: 813/464-3944
Koren Taylor, FAX: 922-5380
Rafael Terrero, P.E., FAX: 407/880-1061
Teresa Tinker, FAX: 922-0666
Lynn Tipton, FAX 222-3806
Vicki Tschinkel, FAX: 224-5595
Jake Vam, FAX: 222-0398
E.D. ""Sonny" Vergara, FAX: 941/741-3058
Richard Voakes. FAX; 813/926-9220

ECSYSTJ'i; MANAGEMENT Fax:904-922-53 Dec 10 '96 10:50

Dave Vogel, FAX; 921-2153
Cathy Vogel, FAX: 561/471-0522
Wayne Volgt, FAX: 487-5825
Steve Walker, FAX; 5611640-8202
Cliff Walter, FAX: 305/669-3762
John Wehle, FAX: 904/329-4125
William R. Whitson, FAX: 804/626-7570
July Williams, FAX: 813/949-0644
John Williams, FAX: 413-6987
Gary Williams, FAX: 893-4581
George Wilson, FAX: 222-0973
Oel Wingo, FAX: 352/62948391
Sylvia Young, FAX: 3521521-4105
John Zimmerman, FAX: 41/795-3490

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