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RE: Whether the SWFWMD is Subject to the Provisions
of Chapter 287, part 1, concerning Competitive
Bidding and Purchasine Activities.

In the Attorney General's Opinions 76-185 a similar question
was raised concerning the Florida State Fair's authority.
The Attorney General held that Chapter 287, Part 1, F.S. deals
only with State agencies belonging to the executive branch of

SWFW1ID like the Fair authority was not specifically assigned
tb the executive branch of the government by Chapter 20, F.S.
(Chapter 69-106, Laws of Florida) or by later enactments.
Section 20.261 of the Florida Statutes provides for a transfer
of all powers, duties and functions of the Department of Natural
Resources relating to water management as set forth in Chapter
373 and Chapter 74-114 of the Laws of Florida to the Department
of Environmental Regulation, however, this transfer does not
involve the districts themselves but rather the supervisory
powers of the Department of Natural Resources over the districts.

It would appear, under the Attorney General's interpretation of
287, that SWFWMD would be exempt from compliance with the com-
petitive bidding provisions of Chapter 287, Part 1, F.S.

I have been unable to find any other Statutory provision requir-
ing an agency to make purchases under a competitive bidding
system. (Please see copy of memo on Fair Authority for Reference)

cc: Blain



RE: Florida State Fair Authority

It would appear that the attorney general's opinion
stating that the Fair Authority is not subject to
the provisions of Chapter 287 has a sound basis.
Case Law is clear that the title given to a statute
restricts the subject matter of the statute. Smith
v. Chase, 91 Fla. 1044, 109 So. 94(1926). -

The provisions of Chapter 287 are found in Chapter
69.106, Laws of Florida. 69.106 was the Act providing
for governmental reorganization, and the title of the
act clearly states that it is an act relating to the
executive branch of the government. Additionally, the
provisions of the act which are now part of Chapter
20.04, Florida Statute provide that "the Executive
Branch of the government is structured as follows:"
it then goes on to list the departments, and subdepart-
ments, and so forth, none of which apply to the Fair
Authority. The Fair Authority was created in 1974 and
was specifically not made a part'of the Executive Branch
of the State Government, 'It therefore does not come
under the provisions of Chapter 287. As a side note,
it would appear that this reasoning applies equally to
the Southwest Florida Water Management District, and its
dealings with the general services office.

There are several statutes which do govern the financial
affairs of the Fair Authority, but these generally deal
with auditing procedures. So far I have not found any
statutes that would require competitive bidding by the
Fair Authority.

Dick Williamson has agreed to find out how many verdicts
have been rendered in negligence cases in IIillsburough
County, over the sum of $500,000.00, and how many have been
rendered over the sum of $1,000.000.00.

( VLH:lcp

alr-s I II


- < ,

THE CA.II 01.. V1*II)

I "

.. r77-94

WX414Tn L. lII tA--4W~- Fl F #IL) 3^ .O
E; 4Zi myAwne Gencrat I k- -:

,'Auklust 31, 1976
S- .07618
;="3r v.. 1-
th -:--- '- .- -_ .7.-: -"

-k. W.M-.

32* 44 7.

~.r ka Fl-n et ~t t" ii r. Ali.Ii o r it y--apr Ii caihi ti 1-y
--fi s L t.ar tirkiv I I.1.%*i nq I ;iw millf F I ''i i cia C.,i'-u a 1 t y

-* S. .. -. i.2 -003, 'M *I 11-7. 012, 1a~ 2 1 61 ''z.2 6-J:;c
L it, I c- IV Pla. (*oil,;I (191:H)

Artil IV, 6 'a o~t CI~I ~~.-106,
1;2, midi Ch.* :74-322 L.awn of- Flor ida; Alule~
4- 304-3 2 3002 ld 4-3.00, F;A.C.

2 .1"

S_11 Iii t V 1C i dL o S. '-U tt(1Ct vor anF- v* -i io.1- s1n tb--7 ci
acleoicy qunstios: -P 0 1 '

th I- fI a de g vrfiedy it to s 1) Ud ) I, its, I dli
-a '. ... hrfr oend yteseucI~;ig -

L.Is tit.IiFe olon1id JSt.at ( it II' Aul tI hri.i t v it!;h Sta
d dc1), r -tnieiiL as' dN!t: ii 1)4d !)) !*2n~ .1 1] 1' .s., -
Whi-ch -ilisrlI- I4'#rtt i r itIo :e rom -*
thle Flori(ii Casualty y Insuranice Hisk Manayemcnt<-
Trust F'und? .......-

- .-.. .--.. -

-Bo f Or tur-ti jut5 to *,ou *wc~iric ti C ci ,' ) i f'e it Mi 4 i1lL.; be~
noted that Lit- IVl-orido Stat Ftdr Ait jior ily 6-.
Ch. 7.1-322, Law:; P' lovid.i .-iild lI.% to .'i'u'!: o !;!;616-25J:7_
616.23, I .~;eiion 1 p-rvy k-.; iii paz I.:

Floi~~~~~~idan~ IL ~ a \i.i~ ~ Itti c Iae'I:f

-- -

: :

V'i 9yC TW )


Corlordalit. i _n m 77-95

-otj ,, H11-.
ur~ll L;n!. iAtiL- d .-i I I III for- t It-,
Said' ins;t~rminoetali~j. iv~rohizi ~f or I-(- r red( to
as itho autholo it-jy0 ":, 41i1 1 Iavc'.1;jj-*. -.t -1 .111 sImc-

initent of -l 1.1 be- ___

Stae Fai r AuLhority .is )creby cJcaryL'd with the
responsibility of. ktbvt in; --an' 1nuihuI fair. The-
fair shall serve the eiitiri sLa. (c

ChapLt _287 Paare :1,. e iiaq acti'-
tias: -by Tth 'CLAou1h~F brouulL
~r~ -I-_~1 OS~the Sta19Eri- d-n *-Fhalr 16 :.-14" w-: W lc:4I
int& -lsthe dritutos by Cl,. f-t 1 .7.. a ..~:?JfT 6rlda. a t:l ion
~2712- (3s& r* i IT I vr c t r in heitstca purchas-
ing Law, wIc __(iu 4taL I uIuInc; d't 1 --7
%4- -1 of va .. ij ct-r, d-'s1rL-
(jf 16 ar toit : rely r t --
mnmcynt -boa rds don, Uti % -s .1 dji it I! bati -
rnun c rIs ,it an J.tr.ui 4.Z ud L di oil
it 1 ra1C- 3 ; L-L" 5, 11 L
liow er, c id p .. ici na *

As inrd i ded bitL11(- --m t91)6 .act rc IaCi~nij
L to ithe eIxc~cutrbIvr hraiuai'i ~l4~ 4;rIlri c1L1LlcU'.UWi 1
rite-.structure thLivet-b' b r.iii 'fi'wei nl'nl n 1v COnIO-idate
Lftg tlx(!c u I I -:;I nd Lo consolidatelc~
i~dreogl xj:;Vxn CIiI0M,~~q jr: i~n1 tr# I 1w' -aivlatc of
&.Artic a IV.,719G8_ConsLiEI iL Ion. iii.' dc ll iti ijon" conta iiite
in 5287.012 (1) p..-ilIy I Ivy .i trfne --arf th e qc nera I
definition of- acjtncy foun d' in it rlti(oovuriarnmciaI 1 Ro niziitkon
-M o.. 52.00311) Fii tt 1,. t Ij t t'h t the
-~U~l .1 *~r .. rtrv1rose~ agenc.i~
Iyiftai tee. -ccLiv be subject
r r4f.-S.i anntj.ty would
; av- L -F~i~ o be. .a s r;licjnt4 wi th in 3 h~l'~~~r:L-:v3 .cLi ;III-of ;ovcrnincnt
*h y' .!Ch. ?Jf F.S.. (AlLG9-lUO, ico*h pcidh) 69or a latcr
i-.enac ent. %.L~ .- -
S Ct~rlaptc' 74-322#,. ria'q .ai %cled after the
'; iCvrtni W i"h i ty of
---~v rhava nJ#r4I~ II'DL 0 kq 1.4 i I to tic
t~~~ -hacho
f j ; 2L31, b .
87: Artic1T. lY .i I)1~-C I4'*i, itd t.. ulrv.ar ic ho' 11
2i irt1 :, c : I A'~' It) C -3it' whj F; I ai' iui; .:
--. --: --c...;-t~T ~iC ~ IL
:"~p A r t of i ft I d-~~l i~ r -

Se.xecu'L iv(- In I 1 1.afu i ''i-w'i1. 14- c n c Y L i. L I Us re

... .


J l iii.i 0i 4 1 tiir p 1 I U -1w4
"'Page Three

can properly provide for ti,: pjlrformanco of lrmqislative 7,-- 9Q
functions through some board or commission. Florida Power
Corporation v. Pinellas Utility Board, 40 So. 2d 350 (Fla.
.1..: 949); In re Advisory Opinion to the Govetrnor, 223 So. 2d 35
(Fla. 1969). The failure of the Legislature to assign the
Authority to the executive branch of government indicates that
S-the Legislature did not regard the operation of the state
fair as an executive function. Cf. A.G.O.'s 076-53 and
S076-54. Therefore, by reason of its apparent omission from
any part of the executive branch, the Florida State Fair
Authority is not an agency within the meaning of S287.012,
F.S., the purchasing law of Florida.

SYour first question is answered accordingly.

SChap ter 284 Part II, P.S created the Florida Casualty
Insurance Risk Management Trust-Fund; Section 284.31, F.S.,
provides, inter alia,

The insurance risk management trust fund
shall, unless specifically excluded by the
Department of Insurance, cover all depart-
monts of the State of Florida and their
employees and agents and other authorized
persons. All. departments of the state
shall be covered by the fund unless specifi-
cally excluded by the Department of Insurance.

In order to be eligible for participation in the Florida Casualty
Insurance Risk Management Trust Fund, or for the purchase of
insurance by the Division of Purchasing, the Authority must fit
within the definition or classification of a department of the
SState of Florida, as outlined above. V ... -

As was reflected in" the materials ur-nished with your
inquiry, I have been advised that tlh Department of Insurance-
has interpreted 5284.31 F.S., as applicable only to departments.
or subdivisions of departments within the executive branch of
state government. The Authority does not appear to have been
assigned to any executive department; therefore, the Fair
Authority cannot be considered as part of -the executive branch
of government. Cf. 20.29, F'.S.,--pnd A.G.O. 076-175, relating
to the Department of Citrusi which is headed by a public corpo-
ration, i.e., the Florida Citru.Commission.

I The admini strative construction of tlu?1 agency charged with
the enforcement and interpretation of :a s(.atute carries great
K weight and is controlling' n the absenc cof clear and cogent
reasons to the contrary. Miller v. Brcwer Company of Florida,
"c Inc., 122 So. 2d 565 (Fla. 1960) ; Daniel v. Florida State
Turnpike Authority, 213 So. 2d 585 (Fla. 1968); Hleftler
Construction Co. and Subsidiaries v. Department of Revenue,
1 334 So. 2d 129 (3 D.C.A. 1976).

------ ------


SIn light of the discretionary langjutdJe contained. in
5284.31., F.S., the language of Ch. 20, andl t lh consLtitutional
'- irovisioni, we--r- urnihle oL'nay that -ith administrative
construction of the Department of Insurance is clearly erroneous
Sas a matter of law.

M "oreover,Twith reference to the Risk Management. Tru.t
Fu;nd, the Department of Insurance has promulgated Rules^ 4-30.02
'.-^:;: ^ and -4-30.06, F.A.C-, which provide,. respectively, for"coverage
-.^--- exclusion "should there occur a statutory or jurisdictional
'.':--?-:. -conflict making self-insurance [i.e., participation in the Risk
' : ... Management Trust; Fundl unfeanible" and for workmen's compensation
coverage for th- judicial and li 'h ; ::e exclusioidary language of .284.31 P.S., which giyesth!e-..
.:M .o. Departm-it d scretion i n the .:the promilaticn of Rule 4-30.02, F.A,C. 'The lancu.ije'6r' tlhe
-- ; ru;- ule providlo's a renasonanb basis for exclus ions from coverage
and .is "deemed prima facie reasonable and justified by the
: fatcts- unless the facts as; shown require a conclusion to the
S:::contrry." Florida Citrus Commission v. Golden Gift, 91 So. 2d
:65 (Fla. 1956). Rules and regulations of an administrative
S ::a .: agency, made under power conferred by statute (S5284.17 and
2.84.39, F.S.) have the force and effect of law until judicially
determined otherwise. In ro Briley's Fstato, 21 So. 2d 595
S(Fla. 1945); Florida Livestock.Board v. Gladden, 76 SQ. 2d 291
(Fla. 1954). -- .

Therefore, the Department of Insurance lias determndined at-

the Authority is not eligible to participate in the Fund I.-.
find nothing clearly wrong with their construction of:thc .
.; statute which is their responsibility., The DepartmenriEhas
i-.determined that the Authority is not a department within the
m-;-ineaning of 5284.31, F.S.r even if the Authority were a department
Covered by 5284.31, the Department of Insurance would. .Si have
the discretion to exclude the Authority from coverage, p suant.
Sto Rule: 4-30.02, F.A.C.

Pursuant to Ch. 74-322, Laws of Florida, the Auth6rityE
is a special instrumentality of the State of Florida, itl the
Powers to sue and be sued, with perpetual. existence ;id 6is a...
,,body politic and corporate. I Tn short, the Authority i.,a
public corporation which is neither a!;signced to, nor mnaT e
part of, the executive branch of state government, by Chapter 20,
F.S. This does not mean that the Authority cannot anv.i l itself
of any neccns;sry insurance coverage available comunercially or
through 5455.06, F.S. c

Your second question is answered accordingly.

*1' *' .Jir. Jack I). V, W
Page F~our 'd



_ -------- -



? r;-

Mr. J, tik D. Kanl 1 076-185
S**'", Page Five 076-185
* /^
7 98


The Florida State Fair Authority han n:ot been assigned
by the Legislature to the executive branch of government;
-therefore the Authority does not appear subject to the state's
Surchasilig law, Ch.. 287,-PartI-.t_-P.S. Thec Department of -
Insurance which is charged with the .interpretation and enfporge
inment of Ch. 284, .Part II, F.S., has adminisktatlvely determined
-that S284.31, F.S., excludes theAuthority .from participation-
n- the Risk Management Trust Fund sirce the word "department'-' .
S -refers only to departments with-n- the xecutivLy.W.branch of -.-:
government. FurthejL: Rule, 4-o30.2,-.tAP.C. .pr.vicdes for an-
S: exclusion from coverage in-certalin atuations iwhre self- r
-.: insurance is unfeasible.-- .The rule and-- e rtmininistrative- con-
s.truction of the statute are resumptively correct; and-the c
: rule validly promulgated under statutory authority has the
force and effect of law until -judicially determined otherwise.

-:" Y
oct-, Shivin
.' t" : .- :: : :-do-"Aeneral "

-repared By: -

1 -- ----' -- -- '' .. '

-. -. -e:- ." -

"- i- -* > -" "1 -': ,1 -.. ." -_ '. .i- .- ".' "-i. '-, '- ..
.a- j- -. S i .:. - "- --- --. "' -

-- .^ -- "- ----. --

~ .- --. ---
'. ." .. ,, #..-, -_' ,," -- ;= .;, ; ', =' " "



mson Building. Tallanhassrc 32104

. Jack D. Kane. Execulivo Director

September 8, 1976

Mr. Paul King, Executive Director
'Florida State Fair Authority
Post Office Box 1231
Tanpa, Florida 33601

Dear Paul:

*~~ ~ ~ AI.:A. i .''I:''J t' P9tA

j 14 A 4 A.. 1- 9' 1t'$,(;I I'Aq pL

... *Roan 515 77.-99

RE: ALtrncwv Gcneral's Opinicn
Florida State Fair Authority

Enclosed is a copy of an opinion issued byrDepartzmnt of lc al Affairs which
. states that the Florida State Fair Authority does not appear to fall within
the purview of the Purchasing Chapter 287.012, Florida Statutes.

Accordingly, it would appear that the responsibility to purchase the required
insurance coverages is delegated to your office.

We regret that we are unable to be of further assistance, but
considered opinion that these coverages can best be purdiasedl

it is our

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

John J. Hittinger, Direct
Division of Purchasing

Tony AMMendoza
Insurance Purchasing Spec
Bureau of Procurement




;`r r
--. 'h- -- ~-
-v 1
-r x -r -- ..
llii--;;ti Xi
ii ~`~
1" 1 C~ ~-:-. -~,.;--
r".. ~-,.


. "- 7; _. ::.. -.. :-. .: t. i.. -".,i ; .

II* ,e,' A .


'jw:'aIc* A l.L^'%

.:*<., ;. **.-* *

Ph,'.I. j ~'~1

L.. ~


-; :-i. ~--.z--- ~
- --.-.
-'.L. T-l. iP
-.i IC.
.1--- i
--. .
1. -- -- -

Phl~w( r A4:

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