Title: Memo: Summary of Quarterly Meeting Discussion Issues Attached Meeting Minutes
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Title: Memo: Summary of Quarterly Meeting Discussion Issues Attached Meeting Minutes
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Abstract: Memo: Summary of Quarterly Meeting Discussion Issues, Attached Meeting Minutes, Oct 28, 1980,
General Note: Box 10, Folder 26 ( SF WMD Quarterly Meetings VOL III - 1979-1991 ), Item 86
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s N~
o 11 SE0:fE1.


October .28, 198011,

TO: Attes of. the October .23,i 2980 DR Water
,District Quartery Yeeting ,

SULW7=; Sumymay of Quarterly -ieeting Discussion Issues

I. District Ierf'opiinl hulaits

General Low briefly explatd his unsuccessful attempt to hav
MtMVii voLWnteer td, irmditake d MEro RMC 4L udit asn *eified
by tha CCU.Aph PCOVIOMal ageflW ,Mi -by the 1HI Old th# Office
of th1 di _A*1t6w 9 lI. -e6rm l tie 'thtrm Mkaed the other MHe
if their reapective districts would be interested in sid wa
audit. wIiie several suuggeoeitJcX1 were 4Miem'm& a:.uXn ing
audit rettWxblogy, n o of the *Vsk volwxrzued to be pm*WtWd.
2. Gwera4 Law also. ar Uced the ient IMO f~inuttcrr ining
.oataa .inza in flct1&, *idfid tenKdS ) siidrtlthe ttaerrmnt
ox lobd~tione.of the. Aizuttbbaw gin4eral'SR~lt. .,;
Ti. Ja isN&Lvk RpMsts

1. Czudk Iittlejch m reiterated MMR's intent to stozt the xupletion
o'qf all, e4B t Pub2lic ~p.4b ct no %r.t0x inc mg thaw
pzojec! Wfdxdttedin this year's progr.. Cw*' mmtima that
be i.umain -.of the awzt 6f Dqqartftt utorrt: ~r regu-
1atQ~u~ :sini ~tPiv activities.
2. BIX*_PU*9 atkr a find vital putlay iWys6Mu shoui be
Ime upaetely a~un~i aticit W4 ,mgufatoy budgets

3. &uiwk ULbJrCan isw icmindbt1m* the t q4 gIn the picess
of a couttzact afoart ftc the perforarmu of' ertain t-
mental regulatory services by the SEt. for an $91radinat annual
fee of $200,M00.
4., --Bill MIrtb y stated that he would- like'to see advance indication
of a target sum to shoot for regarding MM regulatory and a,*Onistrati:
zusts .

o11g00 ityped on I100% myr dedl hPaer

- ; ..

i Meo to Attendees
October 28, 1980
Page Too
5. Sonny Vergara opened a discuasic
Conservation and Recreati5nQ 4a
Development Account (WNfA) funds
Sspeiaess rterated theix distr
aqisition runds.
III. State Water Policy
1. Chuck Littlejohn explained the C
the DRAFT Rule; mentioning that
working draft stage development.
Department would like to begin w
nical' staff to further refine tt
2. Bill *Ctartney asked Chuck if th
established for this rule. huc
hoping to start the rule adoptic
of the Legislative session.
3. Buddy Blain stated that WD Gov
opposed or committed to said po]
opportunity to discuss this -nf
Chuck espondd to this byI..ayAi
"in6QVetenant" of the draft rule,
proceed *ith additional Governir

n concerning the use of
Is (CARL) versus Water Resources
ifor land auii tin. ,Several
at's eiandiMg nc for land

apartment's intent concerning
it was only now in a tentative,
Chudc also stated that the
forking with WD legal and tech-
ie draft water policy with IW
e Department had 4 timetable
k said that the Departmnt was
n.process prior to the beginning
rning Boards amy not yet be
Licy (as they haven't yet had the
uantion at .board meetings).
g that. follrwing a DE3^WD staff
that the Departent intended to
g vBoard interactions.

IV. Underground Injection ontrzol Program
1. Sandy Young presented a brief explanation of the U.I.C. program,
with its primary !peical enabling legislation. Sandy %nntidhed
that dney DeHian DIR Grou er. Section A inist or was
the primary staff contact within the Departmnt regarding the
U.I.C. program. Sandy also promised to send the s ar copy. of
the program adoption timetable.
V. coastal Zone !Manageent Plan and Public WoiksRule Stxdissian Process
1. Chudck Littlejohn eQpained t details of curzentMa proram plan
including the need to tie the state's.CZM-a d Phbli-totifislogra s
together to eet eral aogran consistency rzuinefts-
2. The "zriosed liziIr ,l. wag,.the i.aue of a dibsusicn.
Se wr of tt repzisentat4i.s questioned the wLsdam of ncuding
said C2M znistirtci requirement in 5ae draft ruea e to the
adoption of' in proved CZM program document. This VIew as not
3. Further discussion led to the question of why a Publio Works Progran
Rule was required. Chuc Littlejohn responded that the Department
felt such a rule was now necessary to caibt past, and-eqpected
future challenges to Public iorks Program decisions, aszthdState
is conducting such a program in the absence of an adopted proceed-
ural rule. Chuck added that all this rule was attempting to do
was to put in writing, the current procedures we were now following.
4. As a result of continuing Public Works Rule discussion,- Cuck
Littlejohn stated that the Departmnt may be willing to strike or
amend certain parts of the proposed rule.
-: ................. ". : lJ i_-- 'l ~ ~"` I-~---~ ] I I ~ I: [ I I

.,..1,.-. :- __^~i---II----L-L-


<-- -
eA to Attendees
ctmoer 28,. 1980
#age ansee

5. Sumning up the discussion of this issue, Chuck requested that eabh
of the p Governing Boards consider the Draft Rule and-to send
,'the apartmentt their oonents and oinornsi in writing.

VI. Inter-District Iacruitaunt and Selection Canadttee
I~~ ----------------
1. GeorgM Pther,, HM8W ), gave a brief presentation regarding
NO) efforts to share potential employment applications and also
nIntdial thWat inter -dstrift tcoperative" training program. would
be expanded to cover a wider range of subject topics and district

SVII. legislative Ppsala for 1981 Sessicn

1. The Esion: and Sedimentatin ~Control Act of 1980 was briefly
2. Funding fiomul1a clarification the WDA, and other roposed Osapter 373
ai.~rftannos pertaining to funding of sWW activities wae discussed
by Buldd Blain, who also presented a handout (attached) regarding
fundng fonrula proposals.
3. Ih -reto a general question' C k Littlejchn stated that
the DeBtmL was not proposing ary significant m ications to
Chapter 373 for the 1981 Legislative session.

VIII. Other

.1 i1. The next Quarterly Meeting is to be held in Palatka, January 16, 1981,
at the new headquarters building of the SnJEV.


Scc: Vidck Tschinkel
Chxuk Littlejohn
Sandy Young

+.. '
' i

..-. -v

as W c
,r l : I } D Water Management Districts/DER
U W 11D Octpber ?3.1980a .. .

The Quarterly Meeting,.of. the;wwaier jtgement dit i icts U the -
Department of Envii4emenital 4egulation-was"eld at8:J30 a.m. at the
Capitol Inn in Tallahassee, In attendance re:
j SouthFlorida Water Mai0gement ODstrit Sadfr-CClosnand
.: Jabk Gordridge

i Southwest Florida Water Management District Don Crane,
John W4( Ronald Lambert, Bil, Stubbs, jVILAlIee- -
Bruce S npbn, B. T. loRgino, ` Kimbrou ,'Don Fester',
A. R. Up ke, L. M. Blain, an. Fred McCormack. -
St. Johns River Water Management.District lylneJ.ftBart;
..q,-..Ray Bevi le, Sonny VYrgara, Id al Owen, Fr.ces B..?af@ and
I Laew-Worsham ,i yd

S- Suwannee River Water Management District .Wafi ...Townsend,
-H4lda Kressmia'n, Auly ROWell, Don Morgan, Tom Brown. and
S..ack' Wees6haw

Northwest Florida Water Management District Bill McCartney,,: ~
Doug Stowell, Tom Coldewey, Henry Lane, Maria Scales,
Rich McWilliams, Tavia.Copenhaver, ap4,Marcia Penman ,

Department of Environmental RegOl tton Sandy Young,
Chuck Littlejohn, Jim Lewis, Al Bishop, and George Willson-\,

Henry Lane, Chairman of the Northwest Florida Water Managempnt District
Governing Board, moderated the meeting.,
The first item of discussion Was performance audits of water
management districts. General Lane suggested that one of the districts
undertake a performance audit at the district level in order to provide a
more realistic picture of the performance of the districts. None of the
districts volunteered. It was suggested that an appropriate alternative
would be to contract with experts on performance audits to have them review
and comment on the Auditor General's Performance Audit. It was also pointed
out that performance audits are to be one of the topics of conversation for
the legislative panel of NWFWMD's Annual Meeting.

The second topic on the agenda was DER's policy for
budget requests. Chuck Littlejohn outlined certain facets
policies regarding water management districts' legislative

of the Department's
budget requests.

- -- Y

Page Two
October 27, 1980

He said that:the Water Resources Development Account request would reflect
full support for current projects. He also pointed out that the DER is in
the process of delegating certain water quality functions; the plan is to
request separate line item funding for these additional services.
Mr; Littlejohn also said that it is his understanding that the Department
may be more willing to allow the districts to be more involved in the budget
process as it goes through the Department, the Governor's Office and the
Buddy Blain suggested that a separation of administration and capital
outlay budget requests would be beneficial. The separation would serve two
purposes:r the two components would not be in conflict with one another, and
capital outlay funds would not "balloon" the Department's budget.
Mr. Littlejohn responded that the separation sounded like a feasible procedure.

The third topic of discussion was the proposed State Water Policy.
Chuck Littlejohn reviewed the Department's philosophy regarding adoption of
the policy, and he distributecppies of the second draft of the proposed
polity. The Department will obe looking. for comments from the districts'
technical staff, attorneys, andgoverning boards. The Department recognizes
that the policy may be controversial, but feels that the final policy will
reflect a consensus opinion.

Sandy Young provided a brief update on ER's progress on the State
Injection Control Program. The UIC Program is mandated by the federal
government; it has been separated out of the rule revision process currently
Being undertaken on the Department's ground water rules. Jim Lewis will send
out schedules-of the proposed adoption and implementation dates.
The next items of discussion were Florida's Coastal Zone Management
Plan and, related to that, the proposed rule regarding the Department's
S Public Works Submission Process. Mr..Littlejohn said that the state has
moved through the initial planning stage (305) and is trying to get into the
"implementation stage (306). The benefits to the 306 Program is a fund of up
to $3,000,000 per year to finance small projects. He pointed out that
Florida's plan does not require the addition of any more laws, but rather
pulls together Florida's environmental laws. However, before the federal
government can sign off on the CZM Plan, the Public Works Submission Process
should be formalized. DER has therefore drafted a,procedural rule which will
formalize the current submission process. A copy of the most recent draft of
the rule was distributed for review and comment. Comments may be sent to
Al Bishop, DER.



Page Three
October 27, 1980

George Fisher presented a report on the activities of the
inter-district recruitment and curriculum committee. There were four
recommendations being made by the committee:

1) ,the districtswill share lists of qualified applicants for
._positions; .
2) the WMDs will work with the State University System (SUs) to
see that the SUS develops academic programs needed by the
: -'"districts;
3) the WMbs will prepare and distribute brochures: on:opportunities
for employment in the districts; -

.4) the WMDs should develop and utilize a multi-district inservice
training program.
Those' recommendations are currently being implemented; they, are now
limited to the WMDs, but it is hoped that other state agencies may be included
in the future.
Bill McCartney informed the group of the proposed Erosion and
Sedimentation Control Act. This bill would put soil and water conservation
districts in as' regulatory authorities on sedimentation.
S 0Buddy 81ain reviewed the funding amendment proposals. It wa*. generally
agreed that it would be appropriate to seek legislation to implement these
changes. -Chuck Littlejohn said that it appeared that the DER could support
the amendments.
Doug Stowell asked the DER representatives if they -had .heard of any
proposed water programs for the upcoming legislative session. It was reported
that they knew of more, but that the Governor may announce some programs at
the NWFWMD Annual Meeting Banquet that evening. It was agreed that it may be
appropriate to hold a special executive meeting if major changes are
Ray Beville, Chairman of the St. Johns River Water Management District
Governing Board, extended an invitation to everyone to attend the dedication
ceremonies of the SJRWMD new headquarters building on November 11;. He also
offered to host the next quarterly meeting; it will be held on Friday,
January 16, in Palatka.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


~~~~~IRBl~slPPClsl~-----~-------------- I-r--rrlllll*IIY---~PIP~-YI~YIIIII

( ... .~-. -.--.C ...:i--

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