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Title: Water Use Plan
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Abstract: Water Use Plan, January 10, 1977
General Note: Box 10, Folder 25 ( SF WMD Quarterly Meetings VOL II - 1977 ), Item 19
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January 10, 1977

Water Use Plan

On November 9, 1976, the water use plan quarterly meeting was
held in Tallahassee. The major topic at the meeting was develop-
ment of a standard format for the water use plan.

Representatives of all the districts felt the DER draft out-
line prepared prior to the meeting was too detailed and limited
district creativity. It was the consensus that DER should
develop a general outline along with a checklist of the require-
ments of Chapter 373, F.S. The checklist will be included at the
end of each district plan and will reference where iA the plan
those required items of 373 can be found. If an item is not ad-
dressed in the district plan, reasons will be given under the
specific items on the checklist.

After reviewing all district outlines, notes from the meeting
and requirements of Chapter 373, we have developed the enclosed
draft outline and checklist. The numbers under each major
heading of the outline indicate the requirements of Chapter 373
(see checklist) and are suggestions as to where in each district
plan those items might be discussed.

After the meeting a question was raised concerning the final
printing of each water management district plan. The department
recommended that the water use plan be printed on 8 1/2 x 14 paper
oriented with long axis left to right and 2 columns per page.

Attached is a status report on the list of "action items" which
the WMD and DER are pursuing.

b c

0 12/6/76


I. Introduction

II. Description of District


III. Water Use Preaset and Projected

1, 3, 4, 5, 6* 7, 8, 9, 1Q,.11, 12, 13, .14, 15, 16i 21, 25, 27, 32, 33, 34, .35,
36, 37, 38.

IV. Water Manageranc Concepts and tools

2, 17, 18, 19,-20, 21, 26, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33,. 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41,
42, 43, 44, 45

V. Proposed Water Management Program

21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 28, 3031,1, 2^33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 405 41, 42, 43, 44

Vi. :eed for Further Study Requirements

VZI. Sunmary

Appendi-: ....


373 Cross-reference



Each district plan r.st discuss the following

1. Existing water resources. 373.036 (1)

2. Means and ietods of serving a augmenting waters.- 373.03t (1)

3. ~Eisting needs ard uses of ater for protection and procreation of fish and

wildlife. 373.036 (1)

4. Existing needs and uses for irrigation. 373.036 (1)

Existing needs and

Existing needs and

Existing needs and

Existing needs and

Existing needs and

Contemplated needs
- 373.036 .(1,)
Contetplated heeds

Contemplated needs

Contemplated needs

Contenplated needs

ContenplLated needs

uses for mining. 373.036 (1)

uses for power developuent.- 373.036 (1)

uses for daesitte uses.- 373.036 (1)

uses forrinircipal uses. 373.036 (1)

uses for induAtrial ises. 373.036 (1)

and uses for protection and procreation of fish and wildlife.

and uses for irrigation. 373.036 (1)

and uses for mining.- 373.036 (1)

and usesfor power development. 373.036 (1)



16. Contemplated needs and












Drainage 373.036 (1)

Reclamation 373.036 11)

Flood-plain or'Flood hazard zoning. 373.036 (1)

Selection of reservoir sites. 373.036 (1)

Other related subjects.-373.036 (1)

The attainment of ma;mumn reasonable-beneficial use of water for topics

1 through 21. -373.036 (2) (a)

uses for domestic uses.- 373.036 (1)

uses for municipal uses. 373.036 (1)

uses for industrial uses. 373.016 (1)

23. The maximum economic development of the 'water resources consistent with other

uses. 373.036 (2) (b)

24. The control of such waters for such purposes .s enviroxprntal protection,
Lraineage, flood control ard -.ater storage. 373.036 (2) (c)

25. The quantity of water available for appliatin a easonable-beneficial use.
373.03'6 (2) (d)
26. The prevention of wasteful, uneconomical, practical, or unreasonable uses of

water resources.- 373.036 (2) (e)

27. Presently exercised domestic use ad permit rights. 373.03.6 (2) (f)

28. Preservation and enhancement of the ~er quality of the state andr the pro-

visions of the state water quality plan. -, -,73.036 (2) (g)

29. State water resources policy as expreeed i. Chapter 373, F.S. 373.036 (2) (h)

30. Management of water and related land resources. -373.016, (2) (a

31. Conservation, development, and proper utilization of surfaces and ground

water. ,- 373.046 (2) (b)

32. Developent and regulation of danms, impoundments, reservoirs, and other works.
373.016 (2) ()
33. Water storage for beneifical pBrposes. 373.016 (2) (c)

34. Prevention of damage fut n floods, sal erosion, and excessive drainage. -373., 016 (2) (d)

35. Preservation of natural resources, fish, and wildlife.-373. 016 (2) (e)

36. Recreational development. -37 3.016 (2t(f)

37. Protection of public ,Japs. 373. 01, (2) (f)

38. Maintaining the navigability of rivers and harbors. 373.016 (2) (f)

39. Prohibition or restriction of other future uses which may be inconsistent with

the water the objectives of Chapter 373 on certain designated bodies of water.
373.036 ( )
40. Designation of certain uses in connection with a particular source of supply
which, because of the nature of the activity or the amount of water required,

would constitute ap undesirable use. 373.036 (8)

41. Designation of certain uses in connection with a particular source

of supply which, because of the nature of the activity or the amount

of water required, would result in an enhancement or improvement of

the water resources of the area. 373.036 (8)

42. Minimum flow (the limit at which further withdrawals would be

significantly harmful the water resources or ecology of the area)

for all surface water courses. *- 373.042 (1) :

43. Minimum water level (the level of ground water iiA an aquifer and

the level of surface water at which further withdrawals would be

significantly harmful to -the water resources of the area). 373.042


44. Protection of nonoonsumptive uses in the establishment of minimum

flows and levels. 373.042

45. Saltwater Barrier line. 373.033 (1)

46. All water resources within the district. 373.036 (6)




January 10, 1977

1. Standard format

- WMD and DER in agreement on
concept j N:ofinal agreement on
specific format. Two drafts
submitted by jDER,

2. Steps and time sche4ulei qr- has not~ been 4 etle4 by any
district water plans or com- district
ponents to Jbeaoone dia strict -

3. Review appropriate 201 and -some review taking place -BWRM
2089 wrk -products with:,, hsa :ot.received copies ofovom-
copies to DER. ments.

4. Review State Land Deve-
lopment Plan with copioo
to DER.

5. Assure WMD are represen-
ted on appropriate 208
Technical Advisory Com-

6. Develop a list of per-
ceived problem areas re-
lating to the State Water
Use Plan from a WMD view-

7. Review 1975 Water Use
Inventory with comments
to DER and USGS.

8. Agree to use year 2020
as target date for all

9. Use of Florida Statis-
tical abstract for pop-
ulation projections.

10. Use of 1975 Water Use
Inventory for present
water use estimate.

11. No district to evalu-
ate the potential of
resources outside its

Have only received comments from
SWNWD And & no oapament letter
from SJRWMD.

Has been accomplished.

Received comments from SJRWMD.

-DER has not received comments.

-All agree except SFWMD -prefer to
use land use projections.

-All agree.

-All agree.

-All agree.

*wot- 4Waei"M

II ...

12. DER to access need for dis-
trict water transfer.

13. Oklawaha Basin to be evalu-
ated by SJRWMD.

14. Portion of Wacbassa Basin
transferred to~SJWMD to be':
evaluated by SRWMD.

15. Manasota Basin to be evalu-
ated by SWFWMD.

16. Use of twenty-year incre- -
ments in projections.

17. Mapping efforts to be done
at scale of 1:24,000.

-All agree.

-All agree.

-All agree.

-All agree, some will use
less also.

-All agree ere feasible.

DER responsibilities were as follows:

1. Document the administrative
procedures the water use plan
must go through as part of the
State Comprehensive Plan.

2. Document procedures water use
plan must go through to become
DER rule.

3. Develop standardized format

4. PERT and water use plan and
208 projects.

5. Develop checklist of planning
activities which impact on
the water use plan.

6. Review 201 and 208 work pro-
ducts with comments to WMD.

7. Assure WMD's are represented
on appropriate 208 Technical
Advisory Committees.

8. Review State Land Develop-
ment Plan with comments to

9. Maps of most recent WMD 208
areas, RPA and DER boundaries

-To be completed.

-To be developed.


-To be completed.

-To be completed.

-Completed where appropriate-
ongoing activity.



-The Atlas of Environmental
Jurisdictions in Florida
compiled by Florida Power
and Light has been distri-
buted to all WMD.


10. DER list of perceived problem
areas relating to water use
11. Review of other state's, water
use plan on regulatory program

-To be developed.

-Near completion will
be distributed by January 31.

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