Olson Unveils County's Tactics in Water War

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Olson Unveils County's Tactics in Water War
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Olson Unveils County's Tactics in Water War, 1/18/1979
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Tribn Staff Writer .
DADE CITY Pasco County Co
missionerr Mike Olson Tuesday ngig
unleashed some of the county's tactic
in the water war involving Pasco, pr
vate utilitiesin Pasco and the surround
Ing cities and counties to the south.
SOlson was seeking some direction
from the County Commission invoMinj
4the county's water negotiations.
He said the county is trying to-Ial
some leverage in one of its battles witi
Roy Speer and Bill Boyce, two of th
principals of Pasco Water Authority
Inc., one of the private water firms tAh
county is trying to purchase, They ala
are the presidents of Aloha Utilities
Inc. and Colonial HillsService Co., the
companies that have the county's $41.
million water-sewer bond issue tied ul
in the Florda Supreme Court.; -
Olson wants to get Pinellas Count]
to reassign a contract to Pasco, whid
would put Pasco in the positiontof sell
Ing water to Pasco Water Authority.
Olson also has been trying to ge
West Coast Regional Water Suppl!
Authority to construct a pipeline tV
west Pasco from Odessa and sell water'
to the county.
In return for the agreement,. 0lsd
said the county could sign a take or pal
contract to buy water from WLe
Coast's Cross Bar and Cypress Criel
wellfields. What that means is th
county would have to pay for the watel
even if it doesn't use it--
This would give the county .mon
leverage in water negotiations, Olmor
said, and perhaps speed up the county'a
entry into the water business., -
But Olson said the.-county is nol
.: -.. ---- goingg to agree with- Riellas Countyr
applying for a massiv-ionsumptive-qw
"'-rnTi't to pump waterrom. I rosl W
Pasco's position -sIthat Cross Ua-i
.should be developed in stages so theif
will not be any detrimental effects i
Other water supplies.
SThe county's water counsel, Jalk
Varn, told commissioners that Wesl
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Thursday. January 18,19799 -...

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Tactics In ^


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ils Count's r

r ateir W r 1

Coast, which supplies the water Pinel.
as County sells to Paco Water Author- .:
ity, t pushing fr agreement be-.- :
tMeenPinelasai dP.uc.. .... --. -
Varn said Plaell is A cng a posel-
ble water shortage by 1980 and Pinel.
las is a little nervous about Pasco .
Cancer da twhe dimPeopmnt opposs

CrVaon B Var said ella ls iCount -
dnoet ben for Paco' ntervntion. P ine-
until the coun tteR a lar ermito um -
wm-e 30r and 40 million allons of .
oowater per day which Pasco opposes- -

Var otaid oPinellas believe haotia.
not been for Pasco's intervention, Pind-l
ias wouwi have gotten a larger permit
for cross Bar. But Varn saM inst the.. .
oppositeN to he case.
On another front, Varn said negotla-
tions between West Coast Utilities, Inc.
are progressing. He said the staff
should have a "ballpark figure" by the
end of the month and a purchase price
by the end of March. -
-BUt-talks between Pasco Water
Authority and the county are not
progressing as fast as he would like,
The county has lacked some vitalin.
.formation concerning Pasco Water
Authority, which the county finally re-
ceived in the last several days, holding
up progress. .
Varn tol commissioners the coun-
tys acquisition of Pasbo Water Author *
ity is crucial to the county's entry into
theinaterbusiness in west Pasco.
N ow the county's.jobis to try to
make these tactics a reality, and Olson
said-le would like to get together with
Pinellas Coupty in a joint meeting to
r-t.oamnfmer this out.L- -, -
-H owever:Olson pointed-out -that -
Pindelas-reiised-to-et Psco attend -
workshop session concerning water,
but recently Pmnei as t indicated a "
willingness to meet with Pasco. .
The. other important aspect, Olson
saidis to make sure the regional water
authority concept works -
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