Title: Pinellas Stoops to Shameful Tactics in its Water Greed
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Title: Pinellas Stoops to Shameful Tactics in its Water Greed
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Abstract: Pinellas Stoops to Shameful Tactics in its Water Greed, 8/20/1996
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SPinellas stoops to

shameful tactics

-n its water greed
J) With reference to your article of Aug. 14, State
Bar checking on water lawye, both Pick Talley and
Ed de la Parte are up to their eyes in whatever
shameful deceptions are necessary to allow Pinellas'
continued mining of the aquifer.
That Edde la Parte has served his masters well is
obvious when qne considers the hideous ecological
and property mage done in northwestern
Hillsborough and Pasco counties. But that destruction
doesn't matter to those who run Pinelas County;
their concern is more profits from "cheap" water.
One expects a certain amount of hanky-panky
from politicians, but is there nothing to which the
Pinellas commissioners won't stoop? There is no way
on earth that de la Parte could have done what it
appears he has done (no matter how he tries to qualify
it) without the concurrence of someone on the
commission. My guess would be that Charles Rainey
is involved here; he generally encourages de la Parte
eTmhis shenanigans*
The sad thing about this brouhaha is the incredible
waste of taxpayers' hard-earned money, Swiftmud,
the state and all of us have paid a heavy price for this
moral irresponsibility. At fault, too, are the business,
church and academic leaders in Pinellas; such lies and
deception can't happen without the approbation of
.those communities Pinellas has been sullied and
shamed by the moral midgets who lead it.
GUIam Clarke, Wesley Chapel

'lhis didn't occur in a vacuum
"' Re: Memo cads findings on water, Aug.13.
To my Pinellas County friend Isn't it interesting
'how water counsel for Pinellas County seems to have
'-had his posterior exposed?
":. Those of us who have been constantly, thoroughly
and completely subverted by these parties while
o attempting to protect our homes and property, as well
'a protect the environment for future generations,
k are very gratified that Jean Heller reported on some,
"*ofthese dirty little secrets.
Now we can begin to see that this did not occur in
3 Would anyone really believe that directing a
researchr, engineering monitoring or biological review
company to bring in "skewed" results just happens
..*because one person decided todo it his way? Or,
k, would it make more sense to see a possible plan of
sii.ction, directed by a "team" from the top down,
d.applied by a cadre of workers to achieve personal
tr oals and protect their own little fiefdom with its
t -attendant financial rewards? I am reminded of the old
1.quotation, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when
.flet we practice todeceive." "
ni:.: Think about it Ask questions Call these
commissioners, utility directors, department heads,
S.onsultant firms and others and demand some
answeral The least you should do is mobilize your
Fellow voters and throw these "official" out and toss
rttheircrones outtoo.
,.,,;, Then wecan get real, caring people to look for
common ground and seek real solutions tour water
.problems. My hopes have been raised. Please help
.-eontinue the process.
/ Bob & Eileen Hart, Odessa

SConsultant as panderer
". The articles on Ed de la Parte's communications
'tti consultants and Dr. Shirley Denton's remarks
Springs upa serious question. What is the role of the
S-scientific consultant in Florida that of a panderer?
.r"" How can any responsible scientist or engineer
"deliberately skew inermation to reflect the desires of
8'his employer? If such action is considered the normal


response on the part of the professional, then what's
the ueof education? Why go to all the trouble to learn
what there isto owaboutaubjectiftheend use f ,.i
that knowledge is subverted by the rquremnt
tell lies? Any illiterate can lie. .
Perhaps I am naive, but it seems to me that if
subterfuge and lying are accepted professionals as
perfectly permissibleactions as long as they make
money, there really isn't much hop for this state or
country anymore. And God help the government.
Cynthia Wy. Woley Chapel
Pineims doesn't want a solution
I must admit that I am not surprised to learn of the
investigation by the Florida Bar into Ed de la Parte's
memo and letter, telling a consultant tofind that.
pumping would not harm the environment.
With all the recent events that have transpired
over the issue of ground water pumping, it should
become abundantly clear to everyone that Pinellas
County government does not wish to be part of the
solution to our inevitable long-term water problems.
Why does Pinellas County spend their taxpayers'
money on radio commercials and newspaper tabloids
that distort the truth? Why does the Water Authority
spend money on scientific studies that are discarded
or corrupted? Why do they spend millions of
taxpayers' dollars for attorneys and pursue costly and
lengthy litigation that will not produce the needed
water resources for our entire area? What will they
gain if they win? In my mind these are questions the
cities ofPinellas County should ask as well Long
tern we all will have to pay the piper.
If Pinehaswids, then we all will pay through the
loss of our precious environment and when the aquifer
turns to saltwater, we will pay again for the
development of new water resources that by then will
cost so much more than it would cost today.
/ Mark lMtcwer, Odessa
The sinei of doeporotin
Re: Memo clouds findings o waterand State Bar
checking water lawyer.
i As a loyal reader of the St. Petersburg times, I
have been following the local "water issue" since I
Moved here in 1989. As a student always interested in
science, I have been watching water issuesaround the
world since 1970 and later earned my degree in
environmental science. For the readers who have
kept up on this vital issue, the outcome was inevitable:
either the "independent consultant"would find that
the pumping of groundwater was causing the
environmental destruction observed in Pasco County
or foul play would eventually surface. .no pun
intended, but it is that simple
The last letter that I wrote to the Timeswas in
response to the June insert, "Is there a shortage.of
water, or a shortage of facts?" I sent a copytomy
ninth-grade earth science teacher and she assigned
the insert as homework to her classes. The
unanimous student response was "If you cannot
fascinate the public with facts, baffle them with bull
poop." This insert was labeled as propaganda by many
readers. The most important point that many people
missed isthatthisinsert reekedofdesperatioml.
Between the misstated "facts" and the obvious
"smell" of desperation, the outcome was inevitable
S.. it is at simple.
S So, where are we now on this "water issue"? I
have a lot of questions running through my mind. If I
were a taxpayer in Pinellas County, howwould Ifeel
about paying $2.4-million to an attorney for three
years of "waterservice"? If I lived on a driedtp lake
in Pasco County, what would my next step be? If I
were the mayor of Tampa, would I still be "siding" r
with Pinellas County on this issue?
Steve Miler, Tampa

Meansa cmn be rewrding :- :
Re: Not quite measuring up to M sa, by Halimah
Abdullah, Aug. 5.
While it's true that Mensa's founders (50 years

" ,

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