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Title: Research Memorandum
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Abstract: Research Memorandum, March 25, 1976 To: LMB From: TEC
General Note: Box 10, Folder 2 ( SF Taxation, ad valorem tax referendum-SWFWMD-1976 - 1976 ), Item 2
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TO: LMB March 25,- 1976

Here is the research memorandum that I prepared. Is
there anything further that I can do?


Southuw .est Fl rida
LWi 7Tar WMEawagemnniet -District
es Ti P. 0. BOX 457 BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA 33512
1961. BE

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)onald R -Ica;lil I elcutive )il 'ecltr

January 15, 1976

Mr. L. M. Blain J"AN '1 i
Attorney at Law
Post Office Box 1363
Tampa, Florida 33601 B.

Re: Referendum and Millage Breakdown

Dear Buddy:

Last Monday night Bob Evans and I accompanied John Lee, our new
Alafia Basin Board Member, to a meeting with the Board of Directors
of the Hillsborough County Farm Bureau in Brandon. We had some in-
teresting discussion which lasted about two and a half hours and,
hopefully, didn't lose any ground.

They posed one question which I couldn't answer, but I assured them
I'd try to get an answer and let them know. The question is, "If the
referendum passes, how will the total of 1 mill be divided between
the District and the Basins?" I told them I wasn't sure, but that
probably the currently authorized 1 mill for the Basins and .3 mill
for the District would each be reduced maybe to .8 and .2, respectively,
but certainly that the Basins would be no lower than .7 mill. Of course,
a follow-up question to that was, "Who will make this determination?"
My reply was that it would be either the Legislature or the Governing

I would appreciate receiving your comments in order that I might pro-
vide this information to the Farm Bureau.

Very truly ours,

Executive Director


cc: Mr. D. S. McAteer

, '' *' "** *--



In the event the proposed constitutional
amendment passes:

(1) How will the millage be divided between the
basin boards and the governiagl board of the

(2) Who will determine amount for basin boards and
the governing board?

Summary Conclusion:

The available millage should be apportioned by

the governing board based upon balancing financial needs of

the basins and the District. Basin board approval of the

split is necessary. Legislature could change this method

of apportionment if it wishes.


SJR No. 1061 is the proposed amendment to

Section 9, Article VII, of the State Constitution. In

pertinent part this proposed amendment reads:

(a) special districts may be authorized
by law to levy ad valorem taxes for
their purposes.

(b) Ad valorem taxes shall not be levied
in excess of the following millages upon
the assessed value of real estate and tangi-
ble personal property for water
management purposes [for the remaining poE-
tions of the state,] 1.0 mill .

Nothing in the proposed amendment addresses

itself to the apportionment of the authorized millage.

Indeed, the language in subparagraph (a) indicates that

this should be controlled by law, hence legislative action.

__ __

- II I I

For the Southwest Florida Water Management District,

taxing authority is founded principally upon Ch. 61-691,

Laws of Florida. Potentially conflicting provisions in

the Water Resources Act of 1972 (Ch. 72-299, Laws of

Florida) contained in Ch. 373, F.S., do not control because

of Section 373.149, F.S., which specifically preserved the

taxing authority of the SWFWMD.

Ch. 73-190, Laws of Florida, preserved the exist-

ing taxing authority of the Southwest Florida Water Manage-

ment for that portion of the District which will remain

within its boundaries following the proposed boundary transfer.

For lands to be acquired by the District following the pro-

posed boundary transfer, taxes are to be levied in accor-

dance-with the provisions of SS 378.19 through 378.32,

F.S. (See 373.506 through 373.549, F.S.)

Thus, apportionment of the authorized village

should occur as follows:

1. For areas within the District after boundary

transfer, which were in the District before the boundary

change (Ch. 61-691 is controlling):

(a) "District" wide tax levies are authorized
for purposes described in Section 7(1) of
the Act and include District administra-
tion, Green Swamp, and maintenance of
certain works.

(b) "basin" taxes are to be used for purposes
described in Section 7(2) of the Act.

(c) The actual "Levy" of taxes for both basin
and district purposes must be made by the
District Governing Board. See Sections
8(1) and 8(2) of the Act.

(d) Nothing in Ch. 61-691, Laws of Florida,
describes apportionment of the authorized
millages per se, but Section 8(2) fixes
as a Governing Board responsibility the
determination of the amount of money to
be raised by the tax levy. Note: Basin
board approval of the levy is required.
8(2), Ch. 61-691, Laws of Florida.

2. For areas to be annexed into the District

following the boundary transfer Sections 378.19 through

378.32 F.S.. are controlling (See Sections 373.506

through 373.549, F.S.):

(a) These provisions do not refer to
basin board tax levies at all. The
governing board taxa~uhiExzed to levy
taxes based upon the percen~tof maximum
annual benefit the various parcels of
land enjoy from District functions and
works in order to pay the costs of the
works of the District.

(b) It appears as though basins created
within these new areas of the District
will have no independent taxing authority.


For areas within the District following the

boundary transfer which were within the District before

the transfer, the governing board is authorized to

apportion the 1.0 mill tax levy, subject to basin board


For newly annexed territories no basin board

approval is required.

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