Title: Letter: March Referendum
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Title: Letter: March Referendum
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Abstract: Letter: March Referendum, December 29, 1975 with Enclosure
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North Centlral Chapter
December 29, 1975

-ri~,,s Ms. Emily W. Black
c/o Black, Crow and Eidsness
Post Office Box 1647
Gainesville, Florida 32602

-Executive Committee
Florida Engineering Society
Suite 100
1311 Executive Center Drive
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Re: March 9, 1976


On behalf of the Conservation and Environmental Quality
Committee, I am bringing to your attention.the fact that
on March 9, 1976, Florida voters will be asked to approve
an amendment to the Florida Constitution that will permit
the levy of an ad valorem tax throughout the state for
water management purposes. Failure of the voters to approve
this amendment may have far reaching effects upon the beneficial
utilization of the state's water resources.

With the rapidly expanding growth and industrial develop-
ment of Florida, concern for the protection and allocation
of Florida's fresh water resources has become vitally im-
portant. Recognizing this, the Florida Legislature pa-ssed
the Water Resources Act of 1972 (Chapter 373, Florida Statutes),
which broadened the responsibilities of the two existing
water management districts and established three additional
districts to cover the remaining areas of the state. The
two-:existing water management districts, the Southwest Florida
Water Management District (SWFWMD) and the Central and Southern
Florida Flood Control District (CSFFCD) operate with funds
obtained from ad valorum taxes levied within their district

Under Florida's new Constitution, which became effective
in 1968, a referendum is required to create any new special
taxing districts. The existing special taxing districts,
such as SWFWMD and CSFFCD, that were in existence when the
Constitution went into effect were preserved. However, the
Water Resources Act of 1972 called for a shift in boundaries
of the existing districts. The current legal opinion of
this change is that SWFWMD and CSFFCD would no longer be



Executive Committee
SDecember 29, 1975
Page Two

the same districts originally created and therefore also
could not levy taxes without approval of the voters. The
referendum calls for a tax, not to exceed 1.0 mill, to be
levied in each district to provide facilities and services
for that district-only. This would not represent an
increase in millage for the two existing districts. The
maximum millage for SWFWMD is now 1.3 mills, and for CSFFCD
the maximum allowable is 1.0 mills.

Should the referendum fail, funds for maintaining these
water management districts will come from the general revenue
of the state of Florida. This would place additional power
in the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER). The
state environmental reorganization, which became effective
in July of this year, places the water management districts
under DER. Funds allocated to the individual water management
districts from the state's water resources account (for
purchase of water ,storage lands, etc) are approved by DER.
However, district budgets based on ad valorum taxation are
not controlled by DER. If, on the other hand, all'funds
for water management were to come from the state, DER
would control the total budget of each water management
district. This would effectively remove the element of local
management. Also, people living in oneareaof the state
would be taxed for improvements in another area of the state.

The failure of this referendum will impact not only on
the people of Florida in general, but also more specifically
on those in the engineering profession who represent.clients
in environmental matters.

*:The Conservation and Environmental Quality Committee
Strongly recommends that the Florida Engineering Society
support the March 9th referendum by undertaking, through
the CEQ committee, activities related to voter education
throughout the state.
Respectfully submitted,

"* 4 e j fM''t
SEmily W./alack, P.E.
Conservation and Environmental
Quality Committee
Florida Engineering Society

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January 14 Morning Session
Presiding Dr. Dick Phillips, Extension Horticultu-
rist, Fruit Crops Dept., IFAS, Gainesville
9:00 Welcome Frank Sullivan, Chairman, Citrus
Advisory Comittee;. Brevad County
9:10 19 Ci.nsto Ou b iCrep.a Statis-
Ut~n itraCawP~lt Croab U .htock
Bapnartg .s ,A, irand k e
9:21 Btatu~oof ~% a R byin Tas -t. Hlams
S, t Horti*cult USDA
Arg,4, ~.
9:40 Variety improvement Proram at Lake Al-
fred Dr. Art P. inher, Associate Horticul-
turist, IFAS. A Lake Alfred.
9:55 'Star RVby' and :t4i Budwoed Registration
Prpar Don idgea, Chief, Gius Bud-
wood Registrloa Bureau, l -..Winter
10:10 OJ Break
10:40 Current Rootstock Situation, Panel -
Don ridese, ChiLtUItu Budwood Regla-
t tion Bureau. Division of Vent bidustry,
Winter Haven.
Dr. Mort Cohen, PlIt Pathologist, IFAS,
ARC, Ft. Pierce.
Dr. Don Hutckison, H1BearchgHorticolturist,
USDA, HortipulturWeseat Lab, USDA,
Dr. Bill Castle, Assistant Horticlturist,
IFAS, AREC, Lake Alfred.
Dr. Heinz Wutscher, 8esearchiorticulturist,
USDA Horticulture Itemerc Lab, rlando.
12:00 Lunch
January 14 Afternoon Session
iPresiding Lowell Loadholt, Brevrd County Ex-
tension Director -
- 1:00 Identification of External Grade Lowering
Factors Dr. Gene Albrigo, Associate Hor-
ticulturist, IFAS, AREC, Lake Alfd.
1:25 Peel Physiology: A NaturalLimiton on
Fruit Handling Methods Ir. Bill person,
Horticulturist, IFAS, Lake Alfred.
1:40 Tetme#nts of GrAefruit Going t~lJapan -
Dr. WiN WabdoweM, txn ion Hticutu-

rist, Fruit Crops Dept., IFAS, AREC, Lake
1:55 Estimating Production Costs and How to Use
Them- Charles Anderson, Farm Management
Specialist, Food and Resource Economics
Dept., IFAS, AREC, Lake Alfred.
2:15 OJ Break
2:45 Marketing Orders on. Volume, Grade and
Siz'Frank ll Adminis-
jtve Committee, USDA, Lake
3:00 Econ for Florida and
81t -Dr. Ron Ward .
cdateS f TDhpatent f Cit-

3:15 The -mct --Aichard A. "Dick"
Eckstein, CLU, Penn Mutual Life Insurance,
3:30 OSA-Etsct oethe Grower George S ,rn,
Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association,
3:45 Workman's Compensation and the Grower,
Honorable J. Paul Jones, Judge of Industrial
Claims, Satellite Beach.

Morning Session
Judy Wakefield, Actig Indian River
Pountq litension Director, Vero Beach
9:00 Highlghts of the Water Relations Short
Coute Dr Julian Sauls, Extension Horti.
culturist, Fruit Crops Dept., FAS, Gaines-

r 9:20 Water Management and the Grower, Tim
1 Gaver Extension Aent Cir Ft Pi&,
9:35 Leaching of Pesticides and Nutrients from
the Soil Prpfile Dr. Dave Calvert, Soil
Ohemist, IFAS, ARC, Ft. Pierce.
9:60 Frw rnting and Correcting Blockage in Drip
Irrigation Systems Dr. Harry Ford, Horti-
culutist IFAS, AREC, Lake Alfred.
10:10 OJ Break
10:40 Current Summary of YTD Research Dr.
Herman Reitz, Director, AREC, Lake Alfred.
11:00 Effects of Blight (YTD) on Citrus Root Sys-
tems Dr. Steve Garnsey, Research Plant
Pathologist, USDA Horticultural Research
Lab, Orlaido.
S. .*-



_ 11_1_~_ _1____ I_~__ ~__ --------~-II-~eT~~LTL~-i ~--

11:15 Tristeza Developments Around the World
Dr. Mort Cohen, Plant Pathologist, IFAS,
ARC, Ft. Pierce.
11:45 Tree Care Between Nursery and Planting -
Dr. Dave Tucker, Extension Horticulturist,
IPAS, AREC, Lake Alfred.
12:00 Lunch.
January 15 Afternoon Session
Presiding Brooks Humphrys Brevard County Ex-
tension Agent, Cocoa
1:00 Planning Spray Programs for Fungal Diseases
Dr. Jack Whiteside, Plant Pathologist, IFAS,
ARBC, Lake Alfred.
1:20 Effectq of Late Season Rust Mite Injury on
Internal Fruit Quality Dr. Clay McCoy,
IFAS, AREC, Lake Alfred and Paul Davis,
Research Chemist USDA Horticulture Re-
search Lab, Orlando.
1:35 Extension Pest Management Program l a-
suits Ken Townsend, Assistant Entomolo-
gist, IFAS, AREC, Lake Alfred.
1:50 The Weevi Situation Dr. Bob Woodruf,
TaxonomSo Entomologist, Division of plant
Industry, Gainesville.
2:05 Changes ip the Citrus Spray and Dust clib-
dule Jim Brogdon, Extension Entow.io
gist, Ent4itology and Nematology DIpt.,
IFAS, Gainesville.

2:20 OJ Break. ,
2:46 Snow Scale Problem and HK-1 Release Lo-
cations Dr. Bob Bullock, IFAS, ARC, Ft.
3:00 Licensing Pesticide Applicators Brooks
Humphrys, Brevard County Extension A-
gent, Cocoa.
3:15 Color it Preharvest Dr. Otto Jahn, Re-
search Horticulturist, USDA Horticulture Re-
search Lab, Orlando.

3:30 Proper Procedures for Soil, Leaf and Nema-
tode Sampling Dr. Larry Jackson, Exten-
sion Horticulturist, Fruit Crops Dept., IFAS,
3:45 ControllingProblemWeeds-Dr. Dick Phillips,
Extension Horticulturist, Fruit Crops Dept.,
IFAS, Gainesville.



Ii ii

r i



This program was printed at a cost of $891.80, or
3.6 cents per program, to inform participants of the
content and schedule of the seminar.

Florida Cooperative Extension Service
Fruit Crops Department
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
University of Florida

The uevrchanging needs and problems of Florida's
citrus industry require continuing efforts by those
involed in order to kep abreast of current useful
information. YourSeminar PlanningCommittee has
suggested the timely and informatlve topics which
will be presented.
This year, the Seminar has returned to Cocoa
Beach in the northern part of the Indian River area.
..You .are cordiaUy invite to attend and we look
forward to your participation. .
Sincerely, jr

Extension Horticulturist
(Seminar Coordinator)








I I'-

__I~_S_ ~ ~~ 3__1__ _1 _I___ _I I ~_____

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