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Title: Safe Yield Definition
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sag bolt 165s

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aot redily II
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gssitbat of, a,


Iuating of to prevent the buildup of excessive pressure. Alo known as
W .We ,n, fusible plug. {( 'sftplmag
eltypoet [MInHaeoa A timber placed mnearthe facq of
ybe ban workings to prlectthe'workers. Also known as safety prop.
powerful ('sftp5t) ,p
S, sMy popp See safety post. { 'safe.,prp )
he'nonnal da y ral rSeeg dral. ({'isafr il)
ailue.. ely eld vrtwe See safety valve. ('sift nrilef ,valv }
.rane or elMy rod [NUols] A control rod capable of shuting down
xos, ever a reactorquickly in ae of fallurof the diary control system
ged. 2. using regulating rods and shim rods; a safety rod may be
S f'siaf a suspended abovethe core by a magneticcoupling and allowed
S to fall in when power reaches a predetermined level. Also
Sacetat, knownasuscram rod. {'saf't,rld} ', .
ammable. gaity sv (commuNl Radio communications service
used permanently or temporarilyfor safeguarding human life
ered side andproperty. {l~sa~idfrt eS..
scoMdeatale selyalYso lea A Aspeimalsaoo.without spo kproducing
S nails or plans, worn by peroonel working around explosives.
Uaofthe ( rlfe,ehe ) .. .
atmoff a yely l i [otD] Onelof theb staks et in tbedground to
aeypi. mak the right orlft limit of safe be of a weapon. ( {dl

enclosed elty ltop [MeCHno] 1. On a hoisting apparatus, a device
andwhich by which the load may be prevented from falling. 2. An
;it issued automatic device n a boisting engine designed t prevent
overwindin {at,.stp, : .
gictat the Msly wv [ean] A springloaded piessure-actuatedvalve
entrace that allows steam to escape fro a boler a a pressure slightly
above tia safe working levelof the boiler fited bylaw to all
ngI(such boilers. Also know as safety relief valve. 'sift ,vav )
roflshleo edysaire [(aml Wre'set imb she body of atfse to lock

sinhp~w~i1 beff lam
thag gmaithat 'Coll.o
med. ('a ,h6w

flnhiegUilh aiful~

,,n a siesy pin. '( ,- .w .
ae yld (av aNo) The maximian dependable draft th t
can be made continuously upon a:ouce of water supply over
a given period of timneduring which the probable driest period,
and therefore period of greatest deficiency in-water supply, is
likelytooccur. {'lfldyed .)
Mao [MINERAL] CoAs2 AobakuBUw i

el mining, a lamp thai
i which may contain fa

d se lanes designated f
face ships to prevent a
ot] The quantity of
el of supply, required
rations in the event o
iient or unpredictable
pal v sa'plin
Piece forming part of a
had orbythe projection
d following the release
sad the fuse train is inil
Ailda 2. A lever
(aypeaof automawtic-
device that prevents a

*fbewWraDbeigpile on
yimn ,ggrap ,_

a~used en a(

eof the found in Canada, Maoroco, and the Unitsed States. 'sal
is rela- -Mlower [a] Cardnanms stictorius. An annual thistle-
mmable like herb belonging to the composite family (Compositae); the
leaves are edible, flowers yield dye, and seeds yield a cooking
r use in oil. { 'sa,flatar )
nack by safflower ol [MATER] Nonyellowing oil derived from saf-
flower seed and similar to linseed oil; contains high proportion
material, of linoleic acid; used as a drying oil and in food and medicine.
to be on {'sa,flasaar,6il)
f minor alfron [aor] Crocus sasivus. A crocus of the iris family
fluctua- (Iridaceae); the source of a yellow dye used for coloring food
and medicine. { 'safrn }
grenade SAR See semiautomatic flight inspection.
adapter a~lng [oRD] As applied to weapons and ammunition, the
e of the changing from a state of readiness for initiation to a safe con-
iatedby edition. {'saif-i }
that sets ahfranli [ORG HM] Any of a group of phenazin-based
weapons. dyes; some are used as biological stains. ( 'safrd,ain }
hreleo [ORO CHa ] C3HsCHI0CH, A toxic, water-
weapon insoluble, colorless oil that ils at 233C; found in sasafras
and camphorwood oils; used in medicine, perfumes, insecti-
ywhen cides, and soaps, and as a chemical intermediate. { 'sm,frl1
{'s g [q a ] Slack itroluced in an amal cable or openwie
line to compensate for contraction during cold r
niim # 1. A s or a idg or mountain
like a saddle. A ow M1wionin la
surface. 8 Areo basin vt ndy log d.g
Da se in the sedot knessio qf a castin w -
....... iiM,, "e,',,iid 'j ... ...* "
ineHe'tiaP t !ns el l at'ogR) An undulating surface
chara rstic ofi hleeBr exaumplce.ahes'andsda or the
midwestern 5sidi'Siites f Iasi wl tara
Segnaldie (lmv'Itooj) A famly'ofa iiarnlnthe'order
heated Aotlniaria. (,sag* fria,d5e)
a minig a g beNll [MIN anm A device to measurmrofsag; a 12-foot
pesna !' (3.7inoer) unit installed without searing plae*and securely
4C Ilk ki


Saflowra rc'orta.mnu
ttlntorfaas) (USDA)

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New York
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Mexico Milan
Montreal .. New Delhi
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Paris San Juan
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