Title: Consumptive Use Permit Number's 7600003, 7600004, and 7703647
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Title: Consumptive Use Permit Number's 7600003, 7600004, and 7703647
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
Abstract: Letter To: Vince Patton -Public Utilities Director City of St. Petersburg From: Harold V. Aiken, P.E. Chief of Hydrologic Review Regulatory Division Southwest Florida Water Management District
General Note: Box 9, Folder 5 ( SF-SWF 200003/WCR/St. Pete/Section 21 Volume I - 1976-92 ), Item 33
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C. i

. .

DERRILL MCATLR. Chairmk. rookiil
"- : .:' '" :..- .:

April 23, 1979

NICK PIENDR. Tlamp CL-.FF ST'P ,,E C ii- ,.
HELEN THOWMSON. i Pemtr s '. WN O STILS. D&& Cmcr 33
ST. LONGINOIn. Smam .' .
.. DONALD :. f ASTEK. taem m D..a.


--* a

Mr. Vince Patton
Public Utilities Director-
City of St. Petersburg
P. 0. Box 2842 .
St. Petersburg, FL 33731

- Re: Consumptive Use Permit

Dear Mr. Patton,

Number 76004

Number Y~7600003, 6r00004,

and 7703647.
and 7703647.

My April 13, 1979 letter to you concerning the above referenced Consumptive
Use Permits contained a rather blatant scrivener's error. As you probably
noticed, I referred to the expiration date of these permits as December 31,
1981 while actually the expiration date should have read December 31, 1980.
Please make note of the discrepancy in your records.

I apologize for this error and hope it did not cause any confusion.

Very t uly yours,
.^ n ;

hdarold V. Aiken, P.E.
Chief of Hydrologic Review
Regulatory Division


cc: L. M. Blain
J. E. Curren
G. Heath
C. R. Linn


",EGr!VD ~,Y, .;: FILE .O'D SWFAIDs~-


4 -

WL 3

i_6 I^tlit._i:

PHONE (904) 796-7211

'~ I9c397T

:-, "r

. I

SWa.terr Vanagerren r District
sees :-,, .- PHONE (904) 796-721
.2" ; u.,':'-' I.MALL "" am "- "" NICK EDE-.".' CLOT ST"EHENS Ow" -
i ..B a. s W.' Un-.. M^ -,T, ME.L TWn 1 N. M 0-, S TUBD D' Cr,
an s.. Se.-'.' IO O. L a.~b a .S LOS ..
"i'_ -2 o.. LAM .... W r -,... : DONALDR FEASTEALmn tI...P

Mr. Vince Patton :
-: t- -.- ."
": "g- ^JD ....
Mr. Vince Patton '-... .- -
Public Utilities Director -. .I
City of St. -Petersburg. .-.. .-- "
Post Office Box 2842 : -*--:-.-. f y
S St.Petersburg,; FL 33731. ,- .
S Re: Consumptive Use Permits Number' 7500003, 7500004, and 7703647
: City of. St. Petersburg, :.
Dear Mr. Patton:. .
...---.... .....-..... .......- .......
Concern has been expressed over the information which may be required by. -
-the District staff to evaluate St. Petersburg's Consumptive Use Permits l
for Section 21, Cosie-Odessa, and St. -Petersburg-Pasco We -*'elds. /0 b
Since these permits-are scheduled to expire December 31;~-8 .opening
Lines of communication at this early date may very well fac itate the OA
Permitting process and avoid-a last minute rush for evaluation. -
The following data needs describe the type of information our-staff
will need in evaluating the renewal of the City's above referenced Con--
sumptive Use Permits. This list is of a preliminary nature and should
not be construed as a guide to total data needs. You may anticipate
additional guides in the future to aid the development of information which
will be required by-our staff before the 1981 deadline.
1. Describe St. Petersburg's service area in terms of acreage with a
break down of lands owned or controlled by the City.

2. List any areas outside the City's limits which are currently being
served or are proposed to be served in the future.

3. Provide a per connection average water use for:
A. Residential
B. Commercial
C. Industrial
D. Irrigation (other than domestic using potable water from
Municipal system)

4. Provide population growth projections for the next 20 years.
,W ,5,,pov ide water demand projections for the next 20 years with a break-
.F- -C" ;Et, A ~DJ~i fl fa Rf{ RD4WPW(j pm daily requirements on a two year

,r;-a L,,,G tG -) ,., 0-B:c

April 13, 1979
CUP-No.'s 7500003, 75000qr"I and 7703647 .
Page Two ; ... ...... .
;" ^ '""^ *,- .. "' 1 '. .. . . . .. .. .. ..
-'- .5D: Describ.iany existing or proposed interconnections with other suppliers,
S-.design capacity of these connections, -and anticipated quantities present
-..'..; and projected to be obtained through these connections. -

S- 7; Submit appropriate maps which show .major pipelines ; existing and pro- :-
.posed, describing pipe.size, interconnections, and source.' -
8. .-Provide a well field management plan which should describe proposed
:.- -- withdrawals from each well field and steps taken to maximize production
while minimizing affects.- Also, include in this plan any proposed
.- modifications to the existing well fields. -

9. Submit information on current zoning, growth predictions and the potential
"- of increasing groundwater demands from lands around each well field.

S10. --Address each of: the -fol owing rules for each well field and evaluate.
S.- impacts provided some modification of the existing use rates. -'
is being considered.. .-. '-'

Will. the proposed withdrawals: .
S 1.- -interfere with any legal use of water existing prior to
..December 31,.19817 ----.-- '

S2.-. cause the .rate of flow of a stream or other watercourse
-.~-i.'-to be lowered below the minimum rate of flow established
S by the Board?;. .

3.- cause the level of.the potentiometric surface to be lowered
below the. regulatory.level established by the Board?

4. cause the level of the surface of water to be lowered
below the regulatory level established by the Board?

5. significantly induce salt water encroachment (vertical
or horizontal)?

6. cause the water table to be lowered so that the lake
stages or vegetation will be adversely and significantly
affected on lands other than those owned, leased, or
otherwise controlled by the City?

7. exceed the water crop of-lands owned, leased, or otherwise
Controlled by the applicant?

8. cause the level of the potentiometric surface under lands
not owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the City to
be lowered more.than five feet (5')?

9. cause the level of the water table under lands not owned,
leased, or otherwise controlled by the City to be lowered
more than three feet (3')?

,AprT" 13, 1979 v .
U P, o *s 7500003, 7500004,.d 7703647
Page Three ... .:

1.' cause the level of the surface of-water in any lake or
-.- .i-.other impoundment not wholly owned, .leased, o otherwise
.. ...... control led by. the City to be lowered more than orne foot-
Ij^^-^^-^-^-^'d ? At,-:';-*-- -^ ":**^- -*; ^
': -.11- cause the potentiometric surface to be lowered below
". sea level?-: -: -- .: -.- :

:. As; a .final point, evaluate the possibility of developing production wells along
i;'-.the City's major pipelines which extend from the well fields. A proposal of -
this'nature was brought ,to the staff's attention at our December Governing }--- "
SBoard meeting andis of real interest to us... -: --.-o:ven .
-;--;i:-f you have any questiononcocerning this matter, do not hesitate to
-..contact e. ... .-- -. 5
-. in y Syours. urs ...

c' ,e- '- 7. .''-

.~~~~~~~~~~~-. .- - - .- -- ?,.-.-- -. -- ..- ..*. : .. +. :. .. ., ,, .

Chief of Hydrologic Review --- .
Regulatory Division
HV:ajp:wp3 -

cc:- L. M.. Blain
J. E. Current: ., -
.- -Heath--:.
C.R Linn ;-

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