Title: Memorandum: Structures S-155 and S-163
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Title: Memorandum: Structures S-155 and S-163
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Abstract: Memorandum: Structures S-155 and S-163, October 27, 1976
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-4 -
SMr. L. m. Blain Gibbons' Law Firm

NOV 3 197E
October 27, 1976


TO: ROBERT L. WATSON, Director, Real Estate Division

THRU: C. H. MILLER, Director, Resource Development Division
F. J. LOPES, Assistant Director, Resource Development Division

FROM: J. F. ADAMS, Project Manager, Projects Management Section) R -

RE: Structures S-155 and S-163

According to our best information structures S-155 and S-163 are to be awarded
via a single contract in October 1977. This is based on the Corps latest
projections (Garland's letter of July 27, 1976) and our projections on the
availability of Federal funds.
Per normal procedures the Corps would advertise the contract on or about
August 15th, 1977. To meet this deadline the District would need to submit
certification drawings by July 15th, and thus would need the necessary titles,
ownerships, agreements and vacations e une15_.th-4: Yj--.

It is estimated that S-155/S-163 will take two years to construct. Thus,
TBC-135, 4B and L-112 construction will continue until January 1978, and
S-155/S-163 until October 1979, approximately.

The following is a conservative description of the real estate requirements
for the project as we see it this date. (Note: The D.D.M. is yet to be
/ published.)
SNorth of the Hillsborough River

A. For strictly construction purposes.
1) Parcels No. 523, 514, 521, 522 and 510 in Trout Creek S/D.
2) Parcels No. 529, 528 (TECO corner parcel), and 527 (Trout
Creek road and N-S county roadway on west side of Trout
4 Creek S/D).
S3) Subordination agreements with F.P.C. will be needed for their
easement continuous from the west R/W of L-112 to and across
the Hillsborough River. Also see Paragraph IV.

B. Other purposes
It is planned that the subject contract will include the
construction of L-112 from the Hillsborough River to the north
R/W of Trout Creek Road. Based thereon the necessary titles
and vacations of all lands, rights-of-way and easements respectively,'\
located east of L-112 will be required. .

-S o, '

____~ __F

October 27, 1976
Memorandum Page 2

II Morris Bridge Road to the Hillsborough River
1) Parcels No. 104 and 253.
2) Subordination agreement with F.P.C. for their easement in 253.
3) Per our information power/telephone service to Trout Creek S/D
is retired via an easement on or about the property line between
104 and 253. There is no foreseeable need to alter or subordinate
the easement for this line for the S-155/S-163 contract. See
Paragraph IV below.

III South of Morris Bridge Road

A. Parcels No. 455, 112, 317, and 307 in Section 6-28-20.

B. Parcels No. 112, 318, 449 and 307 (NW'1/4 of NE 1/4) in Section 7,
Township 28 South, Range 20 East.

C. Subordination agreements, vacations, etc. as required.

IV Trout Creek S/D Telephone/Power Service
Power and telephone service must, of course, be maintained into and
for the S/D until such time as possession of all properties are
gained. Present distribution to the S/D is along the Section line
31-27-20/36-27-19 (ie. along 104/253 property line and along N-S
county road within the S/D) and comes from the south.

Unless there are objections we will and all other responsible
parties are advised to, proceed in the following matter. Power and
telephone service will be needed for S-155 and we are assuming that
at some future date said service will also be needed in the Trout
Creek S/D area (ie. for a park, security residences, etc.).

As soon as all properties within the S/D are gained all lines and
poles should be removed except, if agreeable with the utilities,
poles along the county road up to Trout Creek road could be left
to serve future needs. Service to the S-155 site (north of the
river) and lines south of the river would remain.

Between the times when complete possession of Trout Creek S/D is
gained and prior to the start of construction at L-112 S (between
the river and Morris Bridge road) the F.R.B. Section will arrange
with the utilities the final route to S-155 and relocation details.
Presently, we tentatively plan for the service lines to parallel the
proposed road to S-155 from Morris Bridge road and be buried. It
is projected that the power/telephone relocation will take place
sometime after June 1980.
Attached is copy of "Estimated Schedule of Future Events at L-112/
S-155/Trout Creek Road/ Florida Power Corporation/Tampa Electric
Company Interface". >

Attachment: As stated

cc: Ken Kramer


January 1, 1977 Begin TBC-135, 4B & L-112 contract construction.
Construction begins at north R/W at Trout Creek Road.

May 1, 1977 Complete relocation of TECO power lines.
(We hope)

June 1, 1977 Corps may modify TBC-135, 4B, & L-112 contract for
drainage facility to be constructed adjacent to west
R/W L-112 across Trout Creek Road to Hillsborough River.

June 15, 1977 Latest date all lands within Trout Creek S/D should
be acquired, and all County R/W's east of Project
west property line (ie. west R/W line of L-112)
should be vacated.

July 15, 1977 Deadline certification of lands to Corps for S-155
construction. Includes L-112 R/W from north R/W of
Trout Creek Road to Hillsborough River.

August 15, 1977 Corps advertises S-155 construction contract.

September 1, 1977 Earliest possible date for FPC to begin relocation of
Approximately transmission tower at L-112 (adjacent to east side)
,- e 30 ft (I) east for I-75E construction.

October 1, 9764 Corps awards S-155 Construction contract.

January 1, 1979 TBC-135, 4B & L-112 construction ends.

October 1, 1979 S-155 Construction ends.

James F. Adams
October 7, 1976
Revised October 27, 1976


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