Past Participants and Guests

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Past Participants and Guests


Subjects / Keywords:
Groundwater ( jstor )
Water reclamation ( jstor )
Water color ( jstor )
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida


Past Participants and Guests
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Box 7, Folder 1 ( Vail Conference 1987 - 1987 ), Item 10
Digitized by the Legal Technology Institute in the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida.

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Levin College of Law, University of Florida
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Levin College of Law, University of Florida
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Barice, Carol xP xP
Barnes, Jack x xP x x x
Barnes, Trish x x x x x
Beasley, Bob xP xP xP
Beasley, Gere x x x
Becker, David xP
Becker, Barbara x
Black, Emily x x
Blain, Buddy xS xS xS xS xS xS
Blain, Laura x x x x x x
Blanton, Jim xP
Blanton, Catherine x
Brandon, Jack xP
Brandon, Terri x
Brannon, Anita xP xP
Brightman, Richard xP xP xP xP xP
Bromwell, Les xS xS
Bromwell, Suzy x x
Bromwell, Andrew x
Bromwell, Richard x
Brown, Clint xP xP
Brown, Cindy x x
Butler, J. B. xP xP xP
Butler, Trudy x x x
Butler, Danny x x
Butler, Mark x x
Callahan, Dick xP
Callahan, Cheryl x
Callahan, Baby x
Cannon, Linda xS
Carey, Greg xS xP
Clemente, Tony xP
Cone, Tom xP xP xS xS xS
Cone, Terry x x x x
D'Albora, John xP
D'Albora, Noretta x
Darling, John xP
Diefenderfer, Sally x
Edwards, Jimmy xP xP


86 87

Edwards, Patty
Erwin, Kevin
Eure, Hilliard
Eure, Faye
Fernandez, Dan
Fiscus, Ed
Fiscus, Sue
Fisk, Dave
Fisk, Diane
Foley, Ken
Gallagher, John
Ghiotto, Bob
Ghiotto, Joan
Gibbons, Gary
Gibbons, Jane
Griffin, Elise
Heaney, Jim
Heaney, Diane
Higgins, Bob
Hole, Stanley
Hole, Kacky
Holland, Larry
Holton, Tim
Holton, Angie
Holloway, Cynthia
Holmes, Libby
Horinkova, Vilma
Horvath, Lloyd
Hubbell, Peter
Hubbell, Jackie
Johnson, Rick
Johnson, Mary
Klinzing, Susan
Knowles, Porter-C.
Knowles, Mary Ann
Knowles, Mary Budd
Knowles, Lisa Budd
Knowles, Laura Budd
Knowles, Vicki
Knowles, Chris
Knowlton, David
Knowlton, Jan
Knox, Scott
Kumpe, Mary
Landers, Jay
Lindahl, Lennart
Lindahl, Ann
Lindsay, Bob

xS xS

xS xP


82 83 84 85 86 87

Lindsay, Ricki x x x x x
Littlejohn, Chuck xP xP xS
Livolsi, Bart xS xP
Livolsi, Julie x
Locklair, Debby xS
Lodge, Pat xP xS xP xP
Maloy, Jack xS xS xS xS xS xS
Maloy, Gladys x x x
Manry, Ted xP xP xP
Manry, Louise x x x
McEwen, Don xS xP xP
McEwen, Debbie x x
McNally, Tom x x
Mickler, Malcolm xP
Mouch, Frank x x
Nash, Jim xP xP
Nix, Gilmer xP
Nix, Gabby x
Ogden, Mindy xP
Ogden, Randy x
Parsons, Phil xP xP xP
Parsons, Jane x x x
Parsons, George x x x
Parsons, Josh x x x
Peery, Ann x
Poole, Sam xP
Poole, Margaret x
Prickett, Tom xP
Pyne, David xS xP xS xP
Pyne, Chris x
Quincey, Irene xP xP
Robertson, Al xP xS xS xS xS xS
Robertson, Lourdes x x x x x x
Roen, Nancy xP xP xP xP
Roen, Lisa x x
Samson, Bruce xP
Samson, Adajean x
Seaburn, Gerry xS xS xP
Seaburn, Cathie x x x
Seaburn, B. J. x
Seaburn, David x
Seaburn, Denise x
Searcy, Howard xP xS xP
Searcy, Joan x x x
Shea, Robby x
Stephens, Gary xP
Stephens, Jeanie x


82 83 84 85 86 87

Stowell, Doug xP
Summers, Lynn xP xP xP
Sundberg, Ken x
Tatum, Bill xP
Tatum, Jana x
Taylor, Peter xP
Taylor, Jane x
Toole, Dana xS xP
Troyer, Pearl x
Tschinkel, Vick xS
Vaughn, Bob xP xP
Vaughn, Frances x x
Vaughn, Frances x
Vranesh, George xS xS
Wagner, Toby xP
Wagner, Margie x
Ward, Gerry xP
Ward, Kathy x
Wehle, John xP xP
Westerman, Josh x
Westerman, Matt x
Wilson, Mark x
Wodraska, John xS xS xP
Wodraska, Cindy x
Young, Sandy xS xP
Young, Kay x x
Zilis, Paul xS xS




January 11-15, 1982

M Fla.'s Administrative System
T Water Rights
W Colorado Water Law
Synfuel Waste Disposal
T Weather Modification
F Water Supply Systems
Lay Boards
D Recharge Recovery
Floodplain Zoning
Water Shortage

January 17-21, 1983

M Resources Availability
T Legal Framework
W Public and Private Supply
T Floods, Droughts & Drainage
F Potpourri Of Issues
D Reuse Of Effluent
The Florida Keys
Water Management In Eighties
Data Collection Techniques

January 30 February 3, 1984

M The Florida System
The Unresolved CUP Issues
The Septic Tank
T Colorado Water Uses
DRI Process
W Ouality/Ouantity Problems
Kissimmee Dechannelization
Dam Disasters
T Guidelines For Water Reuse
Irrigation Efficiency
F Hazardous Waste
Effective Testimony
D Hydrology For Lay People
Significant Numbers

Use & Abuse Of Septic Tanks
Hazardous Wastes/Super Fund
The DRI Process
Irrigation Efficiency
Unresolved CUP Issues

January 21-25, 1985

M Fla.'s Grassroots Decisions
Groundwater Quality Problems
Water Issues In Growth Mgmt

T Wetlands Considerations
W Ordinary High Water Lines
Computerization/Water Mgmt
Super PLASM in Groundwater
T Tips on Technical Testimony
F Colorado Water Law
D Growth
Wodraska, Porter-C. Knowles

January 20-25, 1986

M Implementation of Chapter 373
The Politics of Water
Land and Water
Water Supply & Growth Management
T Water Levels & Hydroperiods
Land Acquisition By Public Agencies -
Meeting Financing Needs

W Jurisdictional Questions
Pinpointing Responsibility
Colorado Groundwater Law
T Mined Land Reclamation &
Waste Disposal Strategies
High Desert Well Drilling
Wellfield Protection Activity
F Oxygen Depletion In Colored Waters -
Loxahatchee River/C-18 Basin
Restoration Program:
A Partnership Venture

L. M. Buddy Blain
L. M. Buddy Blain
Gene Riordan
Dr. Devraj Sharma
Jack Maloy
L. M. Buddy Blain
L. M. Buddy Blain
David Pyne
Peter Hubbell
Linda Cannon

L. M. Buddy Blain
L. M. Buddy Blain
L. M. Buddy Blain
Jack Maloy
L. M. Buddy Blain
Phil Parsons
Stanley Hole
Porter-C. Knowles
Al Robertson

L. M. Buddy Blain
Phil Parsons
Pat Lodge
George Vranesh
Stanley Hole
Jack Maloy
Jack Maloy
Les Bromwell
Susan Klinzing
Dr. Edwin L. Fiscus
Porber-C. Knowles
Tom Cone
L. M. Buddy Blain
Jerry Seaburn,
Al Robertson
Pat Lodge
Porter-C. Knowles
Stanley Hole
Dr. Edwin L. Fiscus
Phil Parsons

- L. M. Buddy Blain
- Porter-C. Knowles
- Stanley Hole,
John Wodraska
- Jack Maloy
- Les Bromwell
- David Fisk, Don McEwen
- Al Robertson
- Tom Cone, Dana Toole
- George Vranesh
- Stanley Hole, John

L. M. Buddy Blain
Jack Maloy
Stanley Hole
David Pyne
Kevin Erwin
Tom Cone
Bart Livolsi,
Greg Carey, Toby Wagner
Tom Cone
Vicki Tschinkel
Paul Zilis
David Fisk

Al Robertson
Porter-C. Knowles
Sandy Young
John Wodraska,
Howard Searcy, and
Lennart Lindahl