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About Archivo Histórico de Vieques / Vieques Historical Archives

The Vieques Historical Archives (AHV) was established in 1990 as a center for research on Vieques with a huge
amount of documentation related to a wide variety of topics: archeology, architecture, literature, African slavery and the sugar industry of thenineteenth century, twentieth-century sugar mills, worker struggle of 1915, the presence and activities of the United States Navy on the island and the historic and heroic struggle against the military presence. Both the AHV and Museum of Vieques Historic Memory (MMHV) document the socio-historical processes Vieques from the perspective of people in struggle.

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For more information on Vieques Historic Archives / Museum of Historical Memory of Vieques, please communicate via phone: 787-741-1717 or email: robert.rabin@cprdv.org. You can also request a conference on Vieques topics for schools, cultural centers, university or community groups. The AHV / MMHV also coordinates visits for academic/cultural groups to know about the history of Vieques, its struggles, possibilities for academic research and current issues.

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