Test Pit Maps and Data Sheets


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Test Pit Maps and Data Sheets
Series Title:
Archaeological Files for 9 King Street
Physical Description:
Mixed Material
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Folder: TP Maps & Data Sheets


General Note:
BDAC # 99-1070
General Note:
Stripping Area 28-1 Cemetery; This site is related to a later, more extensive excavations on Aviles Street (See USACH00601)

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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City St Augumine Cit St. Auguteo City St Augne Shovel Soey Record Sheet Shovel Suey Record Sheet Shovel Su-y Record Sheet DACNo 99-1070 StreetAddress 9 King street SANo 28 I cemetery) BDAC No 99-070 StreeAddress 9 King Street SANo 28-1 (cemetery) BDACNo. 99-1070 StreAddress 9 King treet SANo 28-1 (cemetery) Profile Drawing (metn) Soil Zones Proe Drawing (met) Soil Zone Profile Drawing (meri) Soil Zone

MSodern(Paigiot) -9 io n Modorn(Parkinglot) so / u Moder (Parkloot) -9 s uA

Cultural Zone Cultural Zone Cultra Zone

Feature coFceat ur coototoc t t t o tt- Feature a

Other Othe Other

Anifacts (Cultural midden) Aifats (Culturalmdden) Arufaols (Cultural mdden)

Feature) (Fealure) (Feature)

(Other) (Oth) other )

Shell(wt) Oyster Clam Othe ragments Shell (o) Oyser Clam OChcr Fragents Shell(o) Oyster Clam Other Fragmet Comments Conunents Comments

0 o Dcavatof te Ea Dat

*, -,O t t- poo o o ooo-! c

City St Augustne City St Astine Ci St Auustme Shove Survey Record Sheet Shovel Suey Rord Sheet Shovel Sey RR ord Sheet OAC No -100 SttAddoo o st-t SANo 28- cemetery) BDACNo 99-00 Street Addre 9 King Street SANo 2B-1 cemetery ) BDACNo 0-1070 SootAddos 9 Kit Stre t SANo 28-1 (-emetery) Pofile Drawing (mt) Soil Zones Prole Drawing (mete) Soil Zones Profie Dratng (tment) Sol Zones

Modern (Parkinglot) Modem (Parking lot Mode (Po g bt)

Humo Zone Humic Zone Hume Zone CuluralZone CuluralZone Cultural Zone

Feature Feature Feamre Other Othe Other

Aifacts (Culturamidden) ifas: ddents (Co id ) ult (C a middle)

(Feaomre) (Featurt) (eatur)

(Otho) (Other) (Oter)

Shll(t) Oyster Clom Other Framents Shell(tt) Oyster Clam Other Frag ients Shell(w) Oyster Clam Other Frapents Comments Cootlents Coments Etor. 0 / ,Ctte Excavattor O.Dte Ft aator / e

City St Augustine City St Auguste City St Agustne Shovel Stty Rk ord Sheet Shovel Sey Raord Sheet Shovel Suy RePord Sheet BDACNo 99-1070 StrtAddress King Street SNo 28- emetery) DACo 991070 StrAddres ingtreet SANo 28-1 (cemetery) BDACNo 99 100 Street Addre s 9 King Stre et SAN 28-1 (cemetery) ProfileDrawng(maetn) Soilons ProfileDraang (metn) SoiZones Prole O wDacng(eti SodLZone Modern (Patulacndat) IA Modttn (Park ny lot) 11;et- Ocder yPttk n t at Hume Zone o a t Hum icZne uo amt e Zo e Culture Zone : Cultural Zone. Cuad Zoe Feature Feate F-eate Other Other Other

Atifatats (Ctural midden) Atfaas (Cuttral hidden) Atifats (Caltura midden)

(Feature) (Feature) (Feature)

(Other) (Other) (Other)

Sh(wt) O er Clam Other tragmts Shell(t) Oyster Clam Other Fragments Shell(wa) Oyster Clam Other Fragmnts Commts _Coaments Comments Eta-atoe J FrDatae- Pt / at Date y /?/r Exavato Date /a

City St Auustine Ci St Augustine Ciy St Aumsitne Shovel Sy Recrd She Shovel Suny Record Sheet Shovel Sunt Reyrd Sh et BDACNo 99-1070 StrAddress99 SANo 2-1 cemetery) BDACo -0 StrAddresg Street SANo28-1 cemeteryy BDACo 991 StrAddres Ki t SAN2-1 cemetery ProleDrawmng(metne) SolZones ProleDram (metric) SoiZones ProfleDrating(metrne) o590Zones

Modern (Pardng 1ot) Modem lt (Pking1) Mt odem (Pts lot)

Humon Humic Zone Ih mnrZe Zone Cultural Zone CulturL Zone Cul1 ral Zone

Faure Fer Feature Other Other otherr

Artifact (Cumai midd) if Cultura dd) Aiat s (Cultural midden) re) (Fea r) (Feature)

(Other) their ) (Other)

Shell (w) yster Cla Other Fragmems Shell( ) Oyster Clam Othr Fra ents Shell(w) Oster Clam O)th Fragents Comments Comments Comments Excavator l,, Date 1 /Excavator: 1i7., Date / DaEvator.;

City St Augustie City St Augustine City St Agusne
Shovel Sut Rr ord Sheet Shovel Suey Reco ShSheet Shovel Suney Record Sheet

BDACNo 99-1070 StroctAddess 9- n g stee SANo 28-1 (cemetery BDACN -10 70 StreetAddes 9 ing Street SANo 28-1 (cemetery) BDAC No 99- 100 street address 9 xng street SANo 28-1 cemetery ) to Z-, P-11,T 'i ProileDrawmo g(metn Sot Zones ProeflsDran (metn ) oil Zones PromfleDrawg(m netno ) S Zones

SModem (Parsg lot) Modem(Patkog lOt) ModorPangloi)g )

~n-; Z-hZ : q-- r

Aa / I
( Cultural Lone Cultura Z e Cu ra Zoe

Cooto 4rsot ra t tooConsnts Conment Com
vto s Dt xor [ .t N. ,
ttsst) < f~stsf i , 1:
25~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~" O~t 0 (O -22Co0-i y ~0_____ 4) Pic4:6,1' o bts ao< _______ t:I i,':' 2 "00L


City of SL Atgustine rchaeology Progmm
City of SL ASugusttintArhalo Program Futu~Frm CityofSLAugus.eAar lgyrgmo Pr F t- ureFo..
FeatureFat B DACNo StreetAddres ASBDACPo Stetddress _BDCo _Stee d_ FteatreNo Strippingea_ TstUot Level Elvation c BD) PtottoN Stpp-gA- It loo- Io ot BoD) Future No Stoppig rea Test Unit Level Elevaion (o BD) Feature Type (put in secondary ues) Feature Type (put in secondary uses)
FeatureT ype (po tsecwndary uses) ___ecDShape Se (eo) __ Depth(cn) Shap ____ si(cm) Depth(tm) _Shape _ Sio (t) Depth(cat) Future Characterstics Nature of wals (sIopng, traigilt, bel shape), moditcaions (od d sol, clay/daub, FFtee Charattsic Nature ofI wals (lpdp, aght, bo ftia), Pp hoplei)o (toiohod too dayiL d ab, shell t and were evldt) bot shpe (saucer, at, posted) ad modifications Draw planprofle PotCoooeoteaot lie Nauo of s (sloping, taught bell ilap), modoi tlons(otdized soil aydaub, ohit Olng, eo od oierl i ddt), boe shape (tauotr, fat, pointed) and modlilaioto Dow ptaoprofio onrersesideofoo helping, eot d whe re evid t), bases hape ( aucer, fat, po nted) and modica tion Draw plan profile o reverseide ofiform

Sil eharaetesstet (tclor, ttexte, inclusions [claot shell, daub]) Sol ehartfioi (.lor, tett, imlusioo chbtal, shWiL dob]) Soil chametesiles (lor, texture, ineluslo (chrtod, hell, daub])

Alttft types tod quooitie (pptoo)
Anplts types td qustiqtes (approx) _Artifact types and quantities (approx)

comments (e.g pimay ad stndary uses of fature-ron)
Comentse (og praand ondl usd of feature-r oson)

OsDirded Materoal (t): shell brick _ tabby oquina stone other

Discdoed Matel (wf) shell k_ l _btabby oquio na tono other xDxavator_ _ Dte #of bags .lot (YN) Pollen (YN) tExoato D____ ot Pof bgs (lot i(Yl) Pollen (YN) Povatot Date __ obags Fi (ll) Pooen (Y)N)


~-~--~-N4 _________-N

~ ___________ -~ -~------ -~

-~ '~~ VK~- N ,---~-. K- ~-~---~N-- ----~--------------

City St Augmstine Cit St Augusine City St Augustin
Shovel Surey Record Sheet Shovel Suney Record Shet Shovel Surey Record Sheet

BDACNo -007 A Stdee-t Adres 9 9n stre SANo 28-1 cme ry) BDACNo 99--070 StreetAddrcs 9 Kng Sree SANo 28-1 (cmetry) BDACNo 99100 StreeAddress King StAreedo t SANo 28-0 (emSAN

Profile Dai m neotric) SoilZoes PofioeDrawing(mee SofZons ProfileOran men S Zne
M~d- Ptt~im- f d- P, C 11,1.0
Mod Modem(Park ingIloo) .. .. M d .. Moodem( Patrkinlt) f_ y M o( ooo

l- -Zoe E u e CE alZo


Shl (t OZer r Oh trSheU:wr 0O Clanm Oher Franents W


aaiDate Excavator Date Excvaor at
0007, 0,, ,,~ 0 00 00, 0 02 00 1I
00k 000; 00' 00 00 .00( i- 00< .7 0 ;
~~ ~ n .o]Dthooyoe: 0~ 0: 1o 00 _-f0 p70o7 U 0 ___0 70o
2>n~il%~ 0 oV,,c 0 _____0000,0~" k 07000020

I 11 --: i i i
i i : U ;

i 1 ii2i i-i i

V > 'K

'XX X~ XV'

'XV' X~ XV "XV XXX"V' >4 'XXV XXXV XV A"'- X',aW 'V -~ ~'k V '-'-'~-"-"W

t~,V~V~'V< ~'V XV' <-VV4V ,~ 'XVV~VV~ "~VV~ XVjV~ '~XV'V'X XV- XXVV' N XXXV. ~X~ X ~ ~XVV~ V*XV >4'> 'XXV)'. 'V X'.~ XXV V~>X~ 'V '~ A'XVXVXV XXX>. 'A 'V-v 'XXXV
*>~~'- 'XVV'>V'.-> 'VXV~ XX> XV '.,'., XXV '-"A' N" >-'." XV -v '-> '~>4)"~>~ ~ V-'- '-~ X 'A-'.

v X' *,'V- ~ N" Xc'.- XX.' ~-'.


\~Jv~ 'V "XV'
'VXX>4 XXX>'. XV'.
'XV-v'- 'XV __XVVA'%'V'.'.\XVV-'.XV'.v~VXX'.VV~V> VV&-V '-'V CA- MV-AC XX\"" AV'XV'VXX>

_______ ________________ 'V ~XXVXV XV 'XX XX
_________________________ 'V XX~ XV CCXV 't'V\ 'X~'. ____"A'.
'X'V'XXXXV,-V V XV ~-'~X- XX\ 'VXV-'.VV- ____N'.'. ____'XV'.VV~_XX Vs'.'. XX,

City St. Augustine City St Alugutne City St Augutine
Shove Suwey Redd Sheet Shovel Su, tRecord Sheet Shovel Su-y Record Sheet
DACNo 0 ess 9 ing sree SANo 28-1 (cemetery) BDCNo 9-1070 StAdd 9 ing Street SANo 28-1 (cemeter BDACNo 99-00 Streddre 9 King Street SANo 28-1 (cem

Irrkglot) 1M 1 k I lot) A- ( mglot) SotrofoeooDa wing (metric) Soilzones Probe Drng SoitZone ProofibeDawiog~ng(r SoilZones

: tto loot Molt oaotogt i o -iO Mo200 (Ptkoitt

: n Other_ _Frla0 ,t: She ( )Osr la O Froe agme t- :-a Oth F
0000 L 0D_CoeCo) 0s0r COtr rCments SCome nts eOnts

C io r .C.. tenExaate oo/ Excava to / l, Da-te OOO~tt~ ( toCoototo 0-00 0000000 0 5 to0o0 4,o

crr OF ST 'U17 OOr T cri7 o0 ST1 ^uo1rr177 17 10 SI A fO117r DADNA No. Ade ss BDAC o. Address S 1oil C1 tenstlar (Cuoi o Tex t, iTe rn>lusjo) I-Aii (at-a @ (oi or eA, ,( 7SO Incluion) So Chacten stics (Colo1, Tetum, Tl1e, llusl7on)

(UJse wgaphl pamr In i]] usuate my telres observe in lekot nmt) F. S. _l_ (use graph paper to llushmr" anly hatu res obsend ilst adt) SU _li (Use graph pay r to tlmusato any fa e
'U1""1 4l i:nCiRi ~mia YL fnEinF~lY :mul i~ nrei IYIIY


BDAC No Addrs F-eatue N oC DNo AC No rAdd F-re No Slppingrea Tesl Ul veLNo Oepth(D) SmppingArea Test Unt I ve lNo Dpth(BD) SrippigArea TestUnit Le No Depth(BD) Soil Charaeisi (Color, Txur, T-e Ilusoion) S Clhaat..eltics (Colo, T-r,o Typ, incuions) Soil Chalceics (Color, T-, Typoi, inios)

At at eyra ses and rlai quanti) Artifact Rorcd (Types nd relative qantifie) .ials rred (yps d native quantties) .

Features Observed distinctc soil sti, clatrliic, and quantity) Features Obsed (distinct soil stall, charatestic, and quantity) Features Obseed (distinct sol sti, choatesO-ic, ad qu-tlty)

Comments (use reree if nssary) Comments (use reverse if nossary) Coments (use reverse if nessay)

o(Use iph paper to illustrate y fears obseed in est ui) (U_ gh paper to lustraote y features obsecd in te ut) ( ph paper to lutrae any features obseed in tes unit Shell debris w (gmns) Clam number wt (gms) Shell deis wt (gs) Clo number (ns) Shell debris (g ) Clam number t (gns) Whole oyster: mber _wt ( s)__ Other (no ad ) Whole oyster: number wt(s) Other (no d w) Wholoe yer: mber wt (s) Other (no and wt ) Coortemion debs (Te nd wt i o/ io s0 000)' -T ,td Construction debds (Tpwt): d Ci .t Construcion debris (ype and w )

CITY OF ST. AUGTN ARCHAEOLOGY PROGRAM CITY OF ST AUGOTIN ARCHAEOLOGY PROGRAM CITY OF ST AUGOTINE ARCHAEOLOGY PROGRfO Tetuni xaainForm ToOUitExCToionroml F# TtUoiEReaationFo F BDAC No Address Fyature NO BDAC No Address Fature No BDAC No. Address Feature No. Stpping Area- Test Un t LevelNo L Depth RD) Stppingmea T-UMt Leve No Depth(BD) ( -- 0 stopping Ara Test Urit Leve No Depth (BD)( Sol Chracteristi s (Color Ie ore 1pe Inluoon) ..So)il Charaeteristics (Color Te re, Type, Inclusions) CT I oSoil Clhactenstc s (Color Texture, Type, inclusions) __ _

Artifacts Recovered (iypes and relative quatities) | -lfct Rovered &ypes asd Rael-ive quantities) dA (Ted iqa )

Feates Obse ed distinctt soil staias, lhracte a o d qu t y) __Features Observed distinctt il stins, chacteistic, ai d quantity) Features Obo.ed (dsti o il sting charaeristic and quto ty)

C ents (use reverse if n ) Co ts (use reverse if n ssry) Commes (use reverse if necessary)

Shell d rs (gns) Clam number t (gs) Shell debas w (gms) Clam number ( ) Shell debos wt (gms) Clam numbe _0 (gms) hole oyer: number wt (gmns) __ Other (no ad oo) hoole oyster: number ot (gins) -- Other (no and I ) -- Whole oyter: nmber w (gims) __ Obher (no. ad t.) -CoRnr semondes (Towiod) sad0e Con0stmaiondes (Tvironooc a 0 0 if ConsmaIon oOds (TyTOnedoO) a wt_____________ ___ 1

i LI?-i;, "!:. 'i ..; .... -i .. .. 'r 1615LO :- iii 'ii!i:IIl i~ i

.. i I .. ....
_iil I ~FR

,",7 '1

'"F U- ""U U U

City St Augstine City St Augustne City St Augusine Shove SRy Record Sheet SholSSuey Reord Sheet Shovel Suey Rerd Sheet DACo 0 SretAddress 9 ing Street SANo 28-1 emee) BDACNo -00 Sedddre 9 K-9 St t SANo28-1 -iemetery) ACNo -070 SeAddres 9 g Ste SAN. -h (1ete 'P'to4tDrrorseog t Sorfos PoDrag Z.etn) Soil Zones PO r Sod Zo.s r Modot(Pskog or)' t Modene(Pdtoilor)/ oe ., %r r nle) Sollz .....

'(F- (Fea-e (aue

(Othe) (Oth<)O

Shell ( ): yt lm Ohr Famns_''a{ hl w) Oyste C!_I 0th Fragent sh7tl oy- C. Oh rF-- Shel (wt): Oyst Clam oth. Frarn da -, D- i--- t D
(Ferror) (Cottr) __ ''r O) Id

(Othe; (Othe); ot)

Shod (or): Oorse Cisr o Other Crgoensts'h 5() s 000 Clsot Other Coeot 7, 0*; h Shell (or) Oyster Clots Other t'motsot dU..1C

Cooteots shooters Corooros

City t Agustine Ci St Austtine City St At Augsttine Shovel Survey Record Shet Shovel Sley Record Sheet Shovel Sey Record Sheet

BDACN 99-1070 StreetAddress 9 King reet SANo28-1 (cemetery) BDACNo -1 StrAddress rg Street SANo 28-1 cemetery ) tDACNo. 9-1070 StreAddres 9 ing Street SANo 28-1 (cemetery Pofle Dawin s(meti) Sol Zones PofileDoa ng (netrMi Soil Zone Profle orawg (metric) SoilZones

Modet (Paj ol) Moden (Patk tot) t1odem (Pa g It)

to 00 0 C 0

( er OtC(Other) ( her)

Shell (wt) Oyste Clam Other Shell (wt) star Clam Other Fra Shell ( ) t Cla Ot Fra ent
Culturalone t Cutral Zone

ofaC. Cr m Dateoo o, oo i pojf o 00 .oEta (Ctsaodoo Dat ExcaaoO o Dt de.Mt.~ jI

(Ohr) (Other) (hoC)

Shell (00 )t Oysteo Clam otho Mrayooe ShellC(o) Oyster c1 O Other Cragntso M0flQ Shell (wt): Oo ttlam Other Frmt os Comment: Cooaoens Commentso

Ciy St Auustine City St Austine City St Augstine
Shovel Su-y Record Sheet Shovel SuW Record Sh-t Shovel Sy Record Sheet

BDA(9 99-1070 S 999 d2~ 9 9n9 St99 9SAN 28-1 ( -emetry) 9ACN 9-7 5 59Ad99 9 -q 9 SA- 28-1 (--,ty) DAC 5 9-17 59997dd19 K9999919 SAN 28-1 799999y)

Profile Drang(met) SoiZons Proe Draw ng(metnc) Sol ones Profile Drmng (metn SoilZone

Modem (Parking lot) . Modern (Parng lot) odern (Paring lot)

Humi Zone Humie Zone Hulme Zone CulWnral Zone Cultural Zone Cultural Zone

eature Feature Feature Other __Other_ Oh

(Othe) (her) (Oh)
(9,999 Shel9l7 (999999

Shell (wt) O str Clam Oth Fram ) Shell (wt): Oyte Cla Oth Shel ( ): Oyst Clam Other Fragments Com ents Comments Comnent Ir- ~ut 0 ~~c

i Q -P, 3 as jd -". r~ : ~ 8, g lo ii I"r / H J 3Y1

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.B S@ 0 0

City St Augustine TCity St Augustine >-. City St Augustine ti
Shovel Su reyRetord Sheet Shovel Surey Rord Sheet Shovel Sulq Rord Sheet

BDACNo-100 St-t tAddr-s Ki g Stet SANo 28-1 (emeteryl BDACNo 99-070 Stret Addrs King Street SAN 28-i (iemetey) BDACNo 991070 Street Addrell 9 King street SANe 28- (cemetery Protaile aing4meotn) Soil Zones Profl DraaTmetn Soil7ones ZPror of letaypzg-me tn) SoilZones 2, - .

(Other) (Other) (ther)

Shell (,,)Oyst Clam O e .. ey,, Shell (wt) ster Cla. Other Fr ,.en Shell (wt) s Clam Other _Fra eCoe o
ConunesCion Coment _,Comen

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~--.~::- -:::: : : : ::: :::!::: : ::: : : : : : ::: :: : : : :

--ii;-_ ;;- -i i--i-

W3i(: NOFT' I -r.,,,,,iols F?-~I is~~ ,,~, -;,-, i.. ii : i I la~-- -~- --~-- ;---:I : -- I :S"E

i-i-i 1 t- :i~-- :~--i- ilil--~~ 1 ;7

i i~iii-;i if .;ii i -$- I 1 5~: i-- -- i i ~t-l--:iii ii~ I b



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Li.-:;~ I :'.' -.I i ~J b ;~ i? -;~ i: i" ; i: .;;- s Ra :: p:IC Yiy bs oiirsl .-u-i I 01E19b rul;' I alrrst .3,.rl~

H E-;:-i;e~'c::r"- ; ag 1110 ; I I E 1::;~Idf 8.::ll: (b L51~ I ii- t ;; : 7il~~ -L;* ag 1110
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Crxrj ln~ rt~ ~o~M ~*l~jp~p i Kr;7! C~Xclt~:~ b,~4~ Pj~ji~i~u inw i~buj~g~ .I~ eb,~~ ;-i~irH ~,, p;~aj"i~U hu, ~a;iLj~ pi~r aW n~wYi-~j -ar.r~'VL Viir ThU ,', aJ V,<&U ;. l.;i