Archaeological Permit 1A-32


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Archaeological Permit 1A-32
Series Title:
Archaeological Files for Aviles Street
Physical Description:
Mixed Material
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Folder: 1A-32 0910.078


General Note:
BDAC # 10-3000
General Note:
Documents relating to the 1A-32 Archaeological Permit for Aviles Street

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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KurtS. BonLng Kurt S. Brownig KtR S. BroI ing
O 0ONO OOCR RoUCES DIIsONou oo O a0 es EDwisiON OF FOCL O o O souRCEs

Mayo20to May03,2to May03,2010

C Hbin CIl Halb Ca IIalbin Ciy of St. Augustine City of Augstine Ci of St. Austme Pl~ag and Buildog DepAmen P.O. Dawer 210 Planning mad Building Dea~mt P.O. Dwer 210 Pling ad BLdlding DepIm P.ent PO DrawerO 210 StAugu-tine Flod 32084 St.AugC e, Florida, 32084 StL Agstine Flond 3284

Re: lA32gArchalngialR -ipmAtN-b.r0910.078 Re: IA-32Archalogi lR r ahNmberO910.078 Re: IA32A4haogiccalR PerrmtNumber0910.078
Tranl-orm i1-, 3 Avii LStreetrmformer in-El,3l vi- S t ram er insal, 3 A-ll S

De-Cl: DearCal: DeCal:

Plue fI d Be enclosed 1 A-2 Rcharologic R. ca p-ei t.c han eio to Plase find- he enloRsd LA-32 Achaoogici Raa ch pet.L an eonT to Plee fid the enclosed IA-32 Arha.oogicn Ron h permit In an efor to s= mle the pl-n g pmesd he permit fonat and ndtions have chaged, so seamle the mining pmcess, he perit forft nd cndiions ave chaned, so starme the p-ar -uing pros, he palt foiat and mnditnis have h nged, so plese read the dom t e ully. In par icular, pla note 0it ti me ix lines f please red he document carefully. a paicule, ple note at there e six lhes fr pl se read the doLment camfilly. paicular, pleas ote dial the are six lines fo yo iniials er Geneml Condition 3 d t th a lne for he lad manager's (if yo Mtis der general Condidon 3 d thn is a e lad manages (if your intils uader cnal Condition 3 and at he i a line tor tie land manger's (if applicable) sinan pplialble)signamre applicble)signature

To exute hs pmnt, please sed ai siged permit to the Bu-au of Archalogical To excute tMs pmt, please sad te syled peLrm to he Bueau of Archologiml To xE te his pait, pl"se send the signed perL to e Beau of Arhrological Reech, Permit Aninisator, at the address below ff you have y qu sions about R uch, PYrmi Admlis~maor, at h address below If you have y questions about Ro oh, Perlit Admnisarator, at tie address below I you have y question abo

Sheerely, Sincerely, Sheerely

RyI Wheele. Ph.D. Ry J Weele Ph.D Rya heler PhD Chef. Bureau of MArhawlgci Remch Chef. Bureau of Archaeologil Reach Chief, Bueau of Archaeologicl Re ch To~oo.0o, Toor~ p000000. ~x lr~ pLLLLO,,, 0000)3j Cmo,, ui .LOCOa~ ,d 000000~l a CL LLL00Aoooo LIT00)0000pLLL000L000Ca LOO 0D 00000TEo ,Ro oooooA OOL.p00.oooo od OOLLLo ooo0 ooooo

KunS. Brm n mg KurtS.B Ku S.Bronring

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Ps A ET, lo 32O DE R r i I et mm r e.- e0etPs Out eR om 7. er e

peroit i ued undr uity f Chpters 267.031 (I) d 26712 rda Sau Thi pri is ud u h uority of aprs 267031 (1) and 26712, Florida Staus und y au of Chars 261.031 (1) ad 26712, Florida Statutes (F S. ad Rule 1A 32 Filoda Administrative Cade (F A.C), and is adminsted by the Flond (S.) ad Rule IA 32 Horida Adminisative Code (FAC, and is admsted byie Florid (F S.) ad Rule IA-32 Florida Admistratlve Code (F.A.C.), ad is admisteod byth FLod Burem of Arbaeologcd Roah (BAR). Florida Division of Histoeal Retaes (DHR). Beau t Achnrologcal R~ahd (BAR), orda Ddlsion of Histmcal Resores (D[) Buau of Archaologcal Reuh (BM), orida Division of Histocal Resources (Dim)

arehneoiaguai ystng of aasfomer Ioaton rramerliocl rting or nstomw Iaation stoial tong el tllfonne location

avil S, S auae, St I. County e Aiie S I St.J o t 3 Aes e-Strt. S& AguA-- St c y Drptn ofHer tage Tourm, City of St Agusdne Da tent of Heirg Toriss Cit of S Agusthe Depaemt of Hitai To- Ciy of St. A-some


hgri.g-,i.d!pl- Wr-4 -g, h M--1 d1-1 d r relk.

2 A eopyof thimpirshall bepro ded to t In d i itnu ng agenc y (whenapp able) and field 2. A copy of thIsll mit shall be provideto t lardmanaginagncy (when apicabi) and field 2 A eoy oftlbas pmil hall be provideti rhland mnging agency (wheni pliable) and field personnel shall c- a copy duang -eldwaP 2 onael shall c2 a oy dang feldwai moael shall car a copy d ug fiedwork

3 The pr tree shall (miial ah items dicated): 3. he permittele (iniia lehioem as ind a d): 3 inep i c r ba rl budlla esa ide esreu byRueA 6 A

d. eonuy l an ifctsad relendl marea obined rosa -wneor corol ed land a th d convey all utifiats and rlatd mteds obuined fmm stteoned orc rolled land to de d eonver allanifacts and related ~tds ob ncd from stteowne orL trolled land to e
BAR prmit adrmnistate for pe n nation or p es sing for 10 am: BAR permit a inistator for peanet erntion or pressing i loan; O Be s mit administrator lor pelan e eurnicm or pressing for lout
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a coy iopi. ofall no.1, mas pho6.p a.d fhe field rds pmrini to cmimy copra ofal note, maps, photograhs, vi0 A pe, d ld rs p bining to c o J o al hor, maps. p b rPpp, d Mlr fld s poninmg o
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a If UnmM Human BurY er discovrd, parl tpo i aicat o1 ply ih thr provisions of 8 If Unmas Huma Bui reia peer wr~d, prrt rsipient li comly with thi provigonl of 8. I Unl a Human Bunalrrc d$od, p~rlt riipimt shall omply wilh the roiions of 720, F.S, and wlln iprprate Rule I IA-4F.C Sl~ifialliy, upon droveo of matd 8720, .S, d hc appmpra, Rule IA44F.AC. Spsleclny uon dori of unmarked 87205, FS, and when apmmLpi Rule 44,( F.A.C Sgardlly upon droveD of mal~d numn mrin, all tivifie that mih fUlr at ibo runams shall be halte ad tiiF hk iinr rcm~im ia ll aviviurl sl tb u miht lU l affst tho ram salbcl b aie dfl huma n mrrins, all a ~ivilm tht ight f/thex affec tho rcnnun ltl b baitd ad the rrms politd frm hlnrd~r dlstbur i~ until an ahnoriate e u of acion hk bcn betenni by rhe polEmd~ tom hir dbtube until an appmrtam ooure of toa h ~ bc rmnd by Ihe proted from fmrther duasatrr unil n a~piwna cou of ncti ha br/ dItmrn by tb Io moln crnc x a tLe by Sil i Atctmologir, as apprX, ocnel exdii lme byh hi -it rchalogi, as appopfimoc mree c exm net a by the State Arraloi as aoproptiae
9 IixsumghispErithStassu rlibilrl s 2isosorongi~ fh 9. L, issu"gthispm t theStsasnu liabdiitfa theans, mio mssins ctralgfh 9 Iniluingtispenrrrh SUU-ssuswliabdiotlabtU i Ioa~co~glg~f peri iB irnt pmulm Eor eply; nr shal thi prsu eoude liablit for its on as, mi its agela mso F mpoye; nor shall this perml eclvdr lii~y for its own acts perali ia gen utl u n ipoys; apt alall t pmn l ltde liabby in its Own act umsius a lit a nrligee to te State omisims ac a gig,, theUl State. omss/onto at r ligert o he S
10 mTh pelru, uneass h pemitess is aeny of the Sa ,.~ gs o su all rsponiility for, 0 The er mLi~e, lliu te priae is an aeny of thr State agrcs to =nem all rl: nbflit for 1. TE permY ee. nlasr t nunut~r 3 an gny of thr Stae, agres to =sto all r pon biliy for, Mifyui, drnd and hold gssl dr Diison of HLetorm RvsOUTes frm aud age rest any and indeamffy defnd d bold buTmrr the Division of istr M Resources ttm and an st ,y um m~m iy, defend d hold herloss me Diil of Elstorlcal Ruolres fxom ad agam an d all cim mui r, r liabilit re, or suia ofany nalnr wharrrrer axasmg oul of, bmaur o, a due lrl im, deendsrliaii a rsi o y ewa v rm u f ca oo M a e, or liabiliiieS or sni of y italu ubor [mkngr aft oir outnu of, bdau of oresin dued, ula~ll.o~ia tmldur. to any nt r oce umnce of ormsion mmison uus out of tla pe '~os oraions pusat to ay act or ocum e of omission ar mmsion alns mg out of ile Fumiucs o ratlns pursuant to an a oir unie of omssi comissiunon ng out ofr mti ouafins p~urs~i l,i prmit and rslI inveFaogam all climnsl h iswn exp in Iaditi, the prmiue herby to tis permlm0 an dsail inesga all clims ill n elpe in addiion, the penittee h e~hy to Ibis lp it ,d slal inrestl all rlan io own epnr in addtion, I erari ie hby ares to be respnsibler bany njuy or praty damage restting fom any acivite onumd Dy abrrs to b rrspotlihe forany injury a pmpeay damage rewuing from any ouiviti cnbucd bY agesr to be rr-aaslo for any injuy a propety damage rruultiag from any tiuaiticnducmd by

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of this A-32 hr logical R rh P Y of h I A 32 c lo l Re h Pe mof IA 32 ArRhzological Rsarh P nit

te, OO D ln o Dae DO

Ampyorme exedpprmite unt prior t mme mgidwoa Apyorfteead pmitw atto youpdrl mmencgnldwok Acopya oteeeta m it win b ntroyoupor mmen aeldwok Executeina mass ,FloTrida ESTTET Od ill Talar*s, Florida STAT yO A Ah ExecutdmT~ay n Florida FSTATEO U TOAT

Ry-iwhelr h. Dao issu Ryan Whelr,PhD Daeo hue yan hel,PD DateO Is Chef uB of Abaeologl Rel elroh Chief Bu of ahaaologtcal ReA elcChie Buy of Ambraeological Rose E closu 4 k: Enclmr: s yE4 ncy: Hot I lC lj Do IFlord Mut Siile How r e DlnLe. Fo Ml Site ile Ho to P D -n. Fl- Mei Site Fie Thispsdt' yyyyyKflijS ,syyd yDSl~IAT.IRsA2T isyyssi yyyylfyyyy jy, .sysdb hEyyRA.Sfy A nids5y syyj5yytyb ysyyh hbAyRR yyyT


une3 2010 June3,2010 June32010

M i Car D Halb M Car D Halb M Car Halbt City Arcaeoos t CiArcaeooit CtAheoogit cityost Augustine Ci St Augustne CiSt ugutine Plannng and Bu e d g Depad rtment Plannng and Buiding Deparent SI uguine Fo ida 32108 S'A_11- F1 314T A ustne Foda 3204

Re Proposed T-ansfrmer to be Placed Ner Spanih Mitary Hosptal 8SJ21 S -d T t b, -d N- Sp-mh M ""BSJ21 Re Proposed Tranformer to be Pla-d Near sanish Mlary Hospil 8SJ21
St Auutine St Johns Couny DHR Project Fle No 2010-29 S Augine St John County I DHRFF Proe Fe N 2010244 St Augustine St Johns County DHR Pect Fe No 201024

Dear M Halbrt: Dear M Halbr: DearM, Halbr: In accordance with this agency e esponsibilties under Sectin 267 061 Fiofda statues, we reviewed the In accordance with ti s agencys responsibilties under Section 267 061 Fonda Statzlts we reviewed the In accordane with this agency responsibities under Section 267 061, Forida Statues we reviewed the referenced project Theurrent proectis the prposed insallationaf an aboveground transformerand referenced project Thecuent protectis the propoed isalltn ofan above grund tansformerand referenced project Tflecunent proe iste proposed insllaion ofan above ground rnomerand underground nduton state-ownedyropert nearthe Spanish M itarHospital Priorto being ubmited underround cnduitonsrtateowned propertynear the Spanish MiaryHospital Priorto beingsrubmited undergrund cnduiton stateowned property nearthe Spanish Miltar Hospial Priortobeingsubmitted to the Compliance Review SeBtion of the Bureau of Historic Presewation the proposed proje area was to the Compliance Review Setin of the Bureau of Histric Presenaton the proposed project area was to the Compliance Review -e-ton ofthe Bureau of Histric Presenatin the proposed project area was pro tested to determine the presenceabsence of human remains and if the known archaeoogical site pro-tested to determine the presence/aence of human remains and if the known arceologica site pre tested to determine the preseneabsence of human remains and if the known archaeological site would be adverelyafcted bythe proposed project would be advere-ly aected by the proposed project would be adverey afected by the prpoed project

Baaed on te preiminary otter report submited to the Bureau of Archaeologcal Research, the test g Based on the prelmina feter report submittd to the Bueau of rchaeo logical Research, the testing Based on the prelminar eter repor submttd to the Bureau of chaeologica Researc the testing reealed that the coen location fr the transformer revealed disturbance from previous construction reealed that the chosen locaton for the transformer revealed disturbance frm previous construction reealed that the chosen laotian for the transformer revealed disturbance fom previous construction actities butnohumanremains Itis thearcf1aeologit-reommendationthattheproposedpret be actvities-utnohuman remains Itistheamhaeolgistsremmendatonthatthe propoedprotectbe aetites butnohumanremains Itstheareaeoogistrb -mmendaton thatte p opoedprotet be allowed to proceed conditioned upon a11 ground disturbing active be honored This agency concurs allowed t proceed cnditined upon al ground di bng actiites be monitored Ths agencyoncu allowed 1 procd condltoned upon a ground dturbng actve e honored T agency concur w ti re, mmendation and ooks_ I fard to receiving and reviewing e finl deta repo- wth this recmmendaon, and oos foard to receiving an reviewing the ina detailed rep_'. bth th _e mmendation and -o foar receIvIng and reviewing the fina deta led report Thus nditioned upon the above referenced monitoring i is the pnon f this ofe that the proposed Thus Indtined upon e above fe4n4ed montng, it e opion o hs ofe that the proposed Thu nditioned upon he above reerenced monit r ng i is the opinion of ts oi e that the proposed proect wilae no adverse ieffet on isori pp rielsted or elibefor sng in he National Regier proectwdl have noaderse efeon hsori prp rteited oreile foritingin the Natonal Regster proert wil have nadverse effectn hsoric prprislsted ore elie for Hing in tbeNatioal Register ofHistricPla~s, or otheuie ofhsoical rarhaelogial value ofH istorc pces or otheM se o hisoical or arhaeolgcal value ofH istorc Placs or othense ofh hitoical orarchaeological value

I you have any questions conernng our comment, please do not hesitate to contact Susan Harp at If y have any questions conerning our comments please do n t hesitate to contact Susan Harp at f you have any questions concrning our comments please de not hesitate to contact Susan Ha, .t 4I0 245 4 23 Ihan you for your interest in protecting Forda hist 41c resources 1 24561333 tan4 you for your interest in protecting orida i historic resource 44 815 6333 Inan you4 4 r4y our interest in 1 rotIing ordas historic resources

Sinerey Sineely, Sinerey

Lua A Kammerer Historic P sewatinist Supepior LUraA Kammerer Hitori Preserationist Supe-i.or Laur A Kammerer Histor Prese-at-nist Sup-or Compliance Review Section Compliance Revew Section Compliance Review Section Bureau of Himore Preseration Bureau of Historc preenatin Bureau ef H ioric Presevaton 1441111414444144441l114I44 1 1 .7111I-I474414I44441111.4-1-4
44 44114144rBnn mSrEt ll14041 190 0 I 4144414hri~rnn 444140UoohSrr 4f4lbll41444444E411 UII 44 44l:~xbnrlg El 1414Tl20 flIO14O4II S I.. 0 sllrx, 141a ) i nhnrbrrero
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M"2 h d 2010 M 1-, 2010

n~m illuin PhD, lan~rrirrDP,. Ph DbD
BITr u l ArOha ogiU ReCE rch Bu~iu o Arlog ~loar seh Buru oif Mcha jlrlogi fl ser

RE: 3 dc ll--o0-)lP.l - d-iio13ns-S[3 il-S e 9 RE: AhalNo.gcl i-/i t 3AISSft(S P t O010078) 1 logc veN flo at 1 1i- Str~i (Plal Pcnl No I1() h78.

D., Dbiu D., -1-:O~~~lE Ir

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th ronely, s~dpllo nalsas l'idi i l~ues Selmmdelobenmchos La~ofR cs LOS hciro l ll, h lfbia d~ Ne ndeose ios rtadyofon l ic LOS flepn if l ha b .dhN mlcnlo Lo Rcmii (O L a~,yoRmoes LOSb Pm 0 1 Us2h020 02 P0P 2l Pl22 0 0m0 ] fI lPs tf s A-o s 1..sP.. n.-otn .ip d. P0.10F 02,02212 lt A-tIi'-0-7-222.22 .1boaPlg hopo1oglrl C. 1 1e I 1 ng1rItldh C9
PP970" I .0 0 ..0 ...0 -22 1)02 000 00002e t S 02) 0 0 01r 00 i00 um2 22l0200Dr tll n e0 1 7 Sl02P e n m 2 0 l20 A (00 0 022 0 m o 20li02I ( 0 m oo looho rc n o o o H m c S 2,oro m li l m an i2s (022 K th c D20 0 02I2

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Figure 4: Plan view of Test Unit 3 showing two postholes and disturbed soil matrix. Arrow points to postholes. Red circle shows location of Dr. Kathleen Deagan's auger survey from 1976. Meter stick is just below bottle cache (figure 5).

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Figure 5. Late Colonial Bottle Cache associated with the Spanish Military Hospital.

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Carl Halbirt

From: Carl Halbirt
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 3:53 PM To: 'Wheeler, Ryan J.'
Subject: Aviles Street Skeleton
Attachments: Aviles Street Skeletal Material.pdf

Attached is a one-page report by Rachel Wentz, Ph.D., describing the human remains found at Los Remedios. Although Rachel is of the opinion that three individuals may be present, I am of the opinion the sample reflect two individuals: the primary internment (Individual 2) and a secondary internment (Individual 1). Remains from the third individual were found in a posthole, which intruded into the area of Individual 2. The remains were exhumed historically (probably around 1600) and only a few elements remain: primarily foot bones from Individual 2 and a mixed assortment of weathered bone for the Individual 1

Excluding the posthole, the remainder of the remains was recovered from one grave located along the west wall of the 16th century parish church of Nuestra Seiiora de los Remedios. (I am of the opinion that this is the second Los Remedios, which was illustrated by Hernando Mestas in 1593 and destroyed in 1599.) In fact, the grave was just outside the center of the west wall, which would have been where the altar was situated. As most of the well preserved bone (albeit fragmented) was found scattered along the west side of the grave, it can be posited that the grave was dug for Individual 2. Bone associated with Individual 1 was at the south end of the grave.

Who Individual 2 was is unknown. Given the grave's location in relation to the west wall, it can be posited that the individual may have been prominent within the church/community hierarchy. The weathered bone from Individual 1 may have had a similar status as Individual 2, which resulted in its skeletal remains being placed in the same grave.

A reason for exhuming the remains can be posited from the soil stratigraphy. After a period of time in which Individual 2 had been interned (decomposition had not completely occurred based on the articulation of feet bone), a portion of the grave was opened and most of the body removed. Only the feet and portion of the left lower left remained, probably falling off at the time of removal. Reason for exhuming the body was due the emplacement of a large post behind the 16th century church. The posthole used to support the post measured approximately 70 cm diameter and was over a meter in depth. (It was the deepest posthole documented.) The body was removed so that a post could be placed in the ground. What this post represents is unknown; however, it may have been a large cross located behind the church. As the area of the exhumation pit did not extend the full length of the grave that portion of the weathered bond associated with Individual 1 was left in place.

I should note that the grave had been disturbed by a modern utility line (sewer) in the 20th century. This effectively removed the west side of the grave and any bone along this boundary. How much of the skeleton had remained after exhumation cannot be established due to this recent activity. It is safe to conclude however, that excluding the west edge of the undisturbed grave from which most of Individual 2 was found, no other human bone was found in the grave. This would indicate that most of the body had been effectively removed.

I will send in a separate email the google map and some photos of the grave. Let me know if you require any additional information. Take care,



Aviles Street Skeletal Analysis Aviles Street Skeletal Analysis Aviles Street Skeletal Analysis

Dr. Rachel K. Wentz Dr. Rachel K. Wentz Dr. Rachel K. Wentz

- 9-31-10 9-3110 This repon provides a brief analysis of the human skeletal remains recovered from excavations This repon provides a br ief analysis of the human skeleal remains recovered from excavations This report provides a brief analysis of the human skeetal remains recovered from excavaions along Aviles Street (TU) in downtown St Augustine conduced by carl Halbirt, City along Aviles Street (TU} in downtown St Augustine conduted by Carl Halbir t City along Avless treetTU8) in downtown St Augustine conducted by Cad H birt, ity Archaeology for St Augustine Florida The site is believed to be the remnants of Los Remedias. Archaeology for St Augustine, Florida The site is believed to be the remnants of Los RemedioS, Archaeology for St Augustine Florida The site is believed to be the remnants of Los Remedies, a l6 erlurCathlic Chur h Excavations conduced nthe 96's recovered 18 indiidua a 16 centu CatholicChuch Exavations onduced n the 1960's reoered 18 indiduals a 16th entubc CatcholvChurh Excavat onsonduiCed incthel96c v recovered 18 indviduas

recovered from three palate area of the exavaion and repreen there individualsbased reovered from three separate areas of the excavation and represet threeindiiduals baed reored from threeseparate aras of the excavation and represent three individuals baed
an metatarsals (duplicate RMTS from Individual I and 2; duplicate RMT2 from ndfivdaul 2 and on metatarsals (dupicat e RMTS from Individual 1 and 2; dupicate RMT2 from Indvdaul 2 and on metatarsals (duplicate RMT from Indiidual 1 and 2; dupicate RMT2from Indivdaul 2 and 3) AIthough Indivi dual 2 consisted of 11 metatarsals, it is possible that me of these 3 Although Individual 2 consisted of 11 metatarsals, it is possible that some of these 3) Although Individual 2 consisted of 11 metatarsals, it is possible that me ofthese meaarsa might have belonged to Individual 1, alt hough thelevelof preseation is highly meaarsals might have belonged to Individual 1,althoughthelevelof preseationis hhly me sa might have belonged to Indviduaf 1, though the level of preseaftatn is highly viable between t i. v t i v [he two individual l variable between the two individually d -isiiduaL i i Individuall ndividual 1 represented by hhy fragmented remans that re weathered No coial bone Inddua represented by highy fra ente rema that are weathered N a bone Inddua i resented highframented rema hat are weathered No bone remanng on anyelemets anddenfiableelementscnsist of RMT4, RMT and a fragment of remain onan ementand able element i of RM MT ndfragment remaning on anyemen and dentiable element nsist of RMT4 RMT5 and a fragment of a fibula (unsided) The mainder of the bone consist of unidentied high eroded and a fbula (unsided) The remainder of the bone consist ofunidentied high eroded and aibula(unsided) The remainderofthe bone onsins ofunidentied high eroded and fragmented element. These remains were the first accumulation enountered during fragmented elements These remains were the rst accumulation encountered during fragmented elements These remains were the first accumulation encountered during excavations and were located ju uth of what is believed to be the south wall of the church excavations and were located ju t south of what is believed to be the south wall ofthe church excavations and were located js outh of what is believed to be the south wall ofthechurch

individual 2 i individual 2 The remansfrm Individual 2 are in c ndeiably beer c ndon than those of I divdual The remainrom Indid 2 b.-vcidil Ccv d ttv fdcil TIc dtl ha are n c oniderably beer Ovdfon vthan hole of individual 1 Although the majority ofthe remains are highly fragmentedthe dentifiable elements are fairy Although the majority ofthe remains are highly fragmented, the identifiable elements are fairy Although the majoty ofthe remains are highly fragmented, theidentifiable elements are fairy well presemed and only sightly weathered, although most are fragmented Identiiab e well preserved and only slghtly weathered, although most are fragmented Identifiab e well presewed and only slightly weathered, although most are fragmented. Identifiab e

1 2nd and 3rcl uneiforms, an d possible naiularfgment); 11metaaa (two MTsone 2n and 3d cune farms, and 1 possible navcular tmgment);1 i metatarsals (w MTs, ane 1, 2", and 3cuneiforms, and 1 possible navicularfragment), 11 metatarsals v MTs, one RMTs, remainder unidentified due to fragmented bases); and 21phalanges These remains RMT5, remainder unidentified due to fragmented bases); and 21 phalanges These remains RMTS, remainder unidentified due to fragmented bases); and 21 phalanges These remains were scftered alongthe western wa l ofthe church were scatered aongthe western wa of he hurh were battered alongthe western wall of the church

ScIndiidul 3 Individuvll

left fibula and two metatarsals(RMT2 and lundentified). The remainder of materia revered left fibula andtwo metatarsas{RMT2 and 1 unidentified) The remainder of materia oved left fibulaandtwometatarsals(RMT2and 1 unidentified)Theremainder f materalrecovered rom this area wa hghlv fragmentedThe identifiable elementsare in very good ndton wth from thi area wa highly fragmented The idntable elements are n good condition with from thiarea wa highly framented The dentiable elements are in ve good condition with llttreweathering l e weathering. lttleweatherng

NO pathlogie were noted on any of he elemn No ph-gie were noted on any othe element No pat hogie were noted on any ofthe element

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Carl Halbirt Carl Halbirt Carl Halbirt From: CrlHalb i From Ca Halb. Fm: Ca bHal Sent: Thursday Septemer 09, 2010 3 04 PM Sent: Thursday, Septemer o9 2010 3 04 PM Sent: Thursday, September 9 2010 3:04 PM To: M -eeler Ryan J To: Ieeler Ryan J To: Meeler Ryan J Sybje: RE AvlesstreetSke n Subject: RE Avles sreetskeleton sub t: RE Avie Street Skeleton Hi Ryan Hi Ryan Hi Ryan

Si my unetan ng that the Catholi Church wants the bne ane anayi ha been t i my undertandng th te Catholic church want the bone ac oce aay h een t my understanding th the Catholic curch want e ei ck one anayi ha been

Car Car Car

Frm: Wheeer, Ryan 3. maio:JWheelerd sta e.fl us]m: Wheer, Ryan Emailto:Wheeerd ate fl us] F heee, Ryan 3. alto: Whaer@d state.flus]
Set: Wedneday. Sept ber 08 2010 1:36 PM "Sent: wednesday, september 0, 2010 4:36 PM
To: Car- Hbirft To: Car Halbr TO: Cfarl HaRbit
lbje-: AvR e Stret Skeleton bjet: RE: Avs Street Skeleton S ~bect: RE; Avil Street Skeleton

H Ca Thank for the update on the b~urals 1 at do we need to do to ebury 1he remains? Hi Ca Thank for the update on the burals Wat do we need to d to rebu the remains? H Cr: Thanks for the update on the burals at do we need to do to rebu the remai
Letmenow Manythan Ryan Letmenow Many thanks Ryan Lt meI~ kn Mny tank Ryan

Ryan I Wheeler PhD Ryan h Wheeler, ph D Ry-n ) Wheeler. ph D
Itare rchaeologist an Ci ef tte ARrchaolo iWr and C ier Ste fr, haoloi t and Chi ef 2,R
tUeau rheogia Research Bureau of rchaeo ogia Rearch Bur_ ofrchaeo ic Researh

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1ah: i a oneage report by Ral Wentz Ph D descrbing the human fe-airs round at Attchd i a one-page repor by Rachel Wene Ph Decr iin the human rems found at Anacb i a one-page reR A by RachelWentz PhD descrng the human reins found at LosRemedios thoughRacheli of-e.p.i.n. mdiidulma ybees enia aof Lo Re-redios Athough Rahelioftheepinion thahreeindinualsmayiepresent amer LosRemedros "...ugh..athe"Iofthe opninthatthree indidualmay epreent famer

which intruded into the area of Indiual 2 The remains were exume- histodca y (prolyly which intruded io the area of Indvidual 2 The rema i ere exhume hitocaly (probably
arOud 1600) andonl y a ew e le remain: pnmarilyfot nes om ndidua 2anda mixed around 1608) and only a few elements remain: pmaly foot bones from ndildua 2 and a mixed around 1600) and only a few erements remain: ima ly fo bones from 4ndida 2 and a mi-d

Excluding the pothole the remainder of the remai wa recovered 1om one grave located Exluding the pothole the remainder of Ihe remains was recovered from one grave floated ExcUding the posthole the remainder of the 1e-ains was recovered nem one grave l-ated 9/9/2010 920110

Page2 of Pg2 2 Pe 2 o 2

along h wetwa o the 1 entu parh chuh of Nuera Ser d os Remedes t a ofthe alongthe wel wa of the 16 century pah church of uea Se.ora de 1 Remeds am of the alngIhe etwa o the 16 entu pah nrh Ne Se oa de Io Remed-e am ofVhe opnathatte i te eond Lo Remedi which a utrated by Hemado Meta n 1593 and onon that th ie sen Lo Remedi which wa lluatd by Hernando Meta n 159 and apnonthatth i teeond Lo Remed which was lusrad y emando Meta n 13 detratned 1hifot t t a hedgratehwasjutt i utt taethei dnterathe wettwa twht eehw t atu aaebeen dearoytttn 15h fathegtavewarlutoutdethe Centloihewetwai whctwou havebee aesray n1599 tnfc t thetravewatjuttoutideteenteroflhe estwai wthwouhavebeen ere the ale wa iuated mot othe we pre ed bane alie agnted) ai found catteed where he atar wa uated mt ofthe we preserved oe (aleit eted wa found catered where the atar wale mot of the we pre ed bone(abet fragmented was found cared aactheestideoth egraitan epestedtatth eaeadudu Bone adanghwetidefegrave itcanepslaedtllte rate attdutl Bone ang hewestsideefthegrave iteanbepesledehatthegravewa dugfor dvdual2 Bone assoiated w indvidual 1 wa at e outh ened itt wth ndivdua 1 was at the soh end of the grave asied wth indvdua 1 was at the south end ofthe gra e

V~lo nd idual 2was isunknown Gven he gravelocatioaianreatientfolhewest wal ii an be osited V~norIndivdual 2was isunknown GiventIhe gravel olon n reaction ta thewertwail 1 an be posi ed Vvlaoindividual 2was is unknown. GivenIhe grave ocationin relation tethe west wal 1 n opoaited tht tahe ndt-dl may hav een pmnn withinhity he Thmutd rrhy h th n-hu y e wtthi thia Geeta Caittotommt taee tet ith Wetetttt the Ttuttit-mmuni ty h erarchy The weathered bone float ndVd ul 1 may hew had a simlar tatus as hId id ual 2 which resumed in is skeetl rema i boae frm individual 1 may have had a similar tatus as Indivduai 2, wh Oll resuled in is skeeletl rema ns bone from individual 1 may haew hada imilar status as Ind idual 2 which reputed in is skeetal rema i eng placed in tathe sa grave being plac ed in eaae the ig placed in the t arave c

Sreaion rhumngthe eans can e postd fromthe oil raraphy Ater a peod of im i A reaon or exhuming the remainscan be posed from the do A raraphy Aer a perod of time in a reasn or exhume renlan e poed from the ,o -traraph Aer a per d of time n c indiidua 2 had bee tnemed (ecm ion had nt mpley oured baed o he which ndvidua 2 had een interned (deomoi ion had not mpeey ourred bat on e wich nidu 2 had been teed (ecompstio had n completely cured aed on the acu n oeet bone) a oin f the gra a opened and mt of the body removed Only e feet ariatn of fee bae) a poion f he grawa opene d ad mot of the ody removed Onythe fee aiuon of feet one) a pion he gra wa opened and mo o he body removed nly the feet
and poron of the et Imer ei remained probablyfalng of t the t emova Reason for and pI.ion o the eft Iaer et e a ned prbablyfalno at the me eremova Reason for and potin ofthe ef Ioer let remained probablyfalng efattheime of emoval Reason for exhuming the body was due the empacement of a lare pest behind the 16t" celt ur church The exhuming the body Nas due the empacement at a large post behind the 18'h cent ury church The exhuming the body was due the enplacmenl of a largo post behind the I 8'h center church The pthoe ued t upp the p aured prxmaey 70 cm diaelte and wa over a meter n pohoe ue to upo e p nased appximately 70 cm diater and wa over a meer n pohoe ued ouppo the aud apoimaey m daer and a over a meter n depth (Icwashe deepestposthte dpaette eoeicee iaepoleouldteplad depth (twa hedeepect otholedocumented)fhetdytwaremovd othataeplcouldbeplad depth (Itwathetdeepesth lle doruented Theodytwatiremovedsothaapsl uldbeplard in the grun latthispost reprers is unknowa however may have been a lrge crs Ioctted in thetmgrund aI ie post represents di uneow; however it may have been a lare cress Incted in thegtuad V~at t postrepreents is unknown however id ecay have been a large crss located behind the church a pthe area of the exhumation pt dd nor e tend the fu Iength of the grave thtt behind Ih church A the area of the exhumation ptdid not enend the full lgth of the gra that behind he church AS he area of the exhumation pi did net eend the full lengh of the grave Ihat poetn othe weatheed bond associated w ~h ndidual I wa eft in p tate poison of he weatherd Lend assciated w th ndi ttdua was [et in pa i aaion Ofthe watched bond associated wthcendtvldua h wa c eR in pace

[thouldniethathegr thehad beeadislubeyde utiiy eliciswermthe20 ih ataaur ihauldntetehattegravehadeendsurbed by, derntaidyine teweh) intihe2 tht antury Thi i oul notethatthegiavethadeendiurbedbya odemaulit ne(weOinthe2ic century This eectvelyremevedthewestsideolhegraeandanybonealongtiounday Hewmuchofthe efeivelyromovedthewestdeofegra andanybonealongthisboundary Hw much ofthe efei vely removed theweti dedofothedgrave and ay bonealngthisoboundary Howmuchthe skeltton had leniaedaer exhumain cannot be estabihed due to thi recent aitlty I i safe t skeleton had remained a eeexhumation cannot be etabihed due o ths recent a vty I i sate seleon had remained aer exhumation cannot be estaished due ho ths reet actvty It i ae to
conclude however that excluing the west edge of the und itufled grave from which most el nd idual 2 concue however that excld ine west edge of the und iu fbed grave from which most of ind dual 2 conclude however that excluding the west ege of the undistufed 9rav from whch most of iad dual 2
wa found o therhman bone wa und nthe grave Thi would indicate hat mo he body had was found no otherhuman bone wound the grave Tiwoud indicate ha mot he body had found no othe human one wafound nthe grave Th would indicate tha mo the dy had been effetvelre cve ed beyenieffectivelyremYoed beiendefielyaremoeed

w i send in a separate ema [ hegoog e map and some photo e ohe gave Let e new i youtreeutre c wilsend in a separae emai the gogae map and tome pas ec ehe gave Let me know if you require w i lhnd tn a separate emi tta he geo e map and son photos of e he grave Let me nw tf e anyaddtiona normatn Taehre any addiona iormaton Tae re anyaddiia inforaon Tae Mcre Car Car d Carl

d- dI- th, h. 20l'71,1 -0

By Llla Ross By Lilla Ross By Llla Ross
One myste has beensoved- theex locan ofhe rst pish in St. One mystey ha been solved he exact locaon of e firt parih in St One myste ha been solved the exact locaon ofthe first parih in S Augusune andanotherhasarisen theidentltyofthepeopleburiednearitsl r. Augustine and anotherasarien- heidenty ofth people buried nearitalar. Augustine and anotherhas arisen thedentity f the people buriednearialar
Bothat's all in a day's work for Carl Halbirl archaeologist orthe City ofSt Butthat' all in a day's work for Carl Halbrt r haeologist for the City ofSt. But rhat' all in a days work for Carl Ilalbi rt archaeologist for Ihe City o S Augutine. In AugustHalirt and a team of voluneer unearthed thefirst physical ugustine.In August Halbi and a teamovoluneers unearthed the irt physil AugustineIn August, Halbirt and a team ovolunteer unearthed the rst physical ovden e of Nuema Senora de los Remedios he frst parish establihed in St evidence of Nueta Senora de los Remedis, the first parish established in St evidence of Nuesa Senora de los Remodies, the irst parish esablished in St Augusne in he new Spanish colonyof La Florda. Agutne n the new Sp h oo Ianih colony of La Florida. Augustine i the new Spanih colony of La Florida.
he parish, named for a Spanish paon saint Our Lady of the Remedies, The parish, named for a Spanih patron aint Our Lady of the Remedis, The parish, named for a Spanish paton saint Our Lady ofthe Remedies, flourished om 1572 t 1 1702 when the Brish destroyed the ci. ourished fyro 1572 to 1702. when the Brish destroyed the cit. noushed from 1572 to 1702, when the Briush destroyed the ci .
Itshowsup on the early maps of the colony: the apst Boazio of 1586 and It shows up on the ealy map of the colony: the Baptte Boaio of 1586 and It how up on the early map, f he colony the Bapste Boaiof 1586 and the Hernando de Mestas of 1593, so Halbirt ew the general area where the church the Hernando de Mesus of 1593, so Halbin knew the general area where the church the Hernando de Mestas of 1593, so lalbil knew the general area where the church wauppoed to be In the 1960 a number ogavs were discovered nearby, wa supposed o be.In the 1960s a number of graves werediscovered nearby wassupposedto he. Inthe160s a numberofgrave weredicovred nearby indicating the churchyrd, but no evidence of the church ielfhadeverbeen indicating he churchyard, but no evidence of the church itel had ever been indicatin e churchyrd but no evidence of he church ielf had ever been

This spring the City f St. AugusUne began a revialization effort nn Als This spring the City f St Augusine began a revitlizaoneffortonAviles This spring the Ci af St Austine began a revitalization effort on Aviies Street e Plaza Whenvet ground i diturbd, a city ordinance kicks in Street afthe Plaza. Whenever the ground idiured, ciordinance chin Street the Plaza. Wheneverthe ground i disturbed, city ordinance kcks in requiring an archaeological examination of the area. rquiringan archaeological examination ofhe ea. requiring an arhaeological examination of the area
When the idewalkwaremoved along theeast ide ofAvile Streetnext to When te idewalk wa removedalongthe eastideofAvle Seenextto Whene sidewalkwaremoedalongtheeast ideofvileStreetnextto the pink building called Heritage House, Halbirt and his volunteers excavated the the pink building called Heritage House Halbirt and his volunroers excavaed the the pink building called Heiage House, Halbirt and his volunteers excavated the rea Amonghi ind: area. Among hi find: area.Amonghi finds:
SPbosthles:Thesearesoilstainsproduced when holesaredugintothe B Postholes:Theseareroilstarinproducedwhenhaoleareduginthe I holes:Theseaarsoils insproducedwhenholesaedugintothe
ground p Three pothole werefound paced roughly10ee ground for post Three postholes were oun spaced roughly 10 tet gro nd for post Three pothole were found paced roughly 10 feet
apart. Each wa about o feet deep. Within each pothole wa a apart Each wa about two eet deep. Within each postholewas a apart Each war about two feet deep. Within each porthole war a
diunct soil stain represenng the wooden post There stains were 14 disrin soil sain replretng the wooden post These stains were 14 distinct soil stain reprerenUg the wooden pos These stains were 14 inhe in diameter andupported a wal. A fourth pothole wa ound inche in dameer and supported a w A fouh posthole wa found inhesin dameteand supported a wal. Afouthpotholewafound
behind the wall, approximately at the midpoint It wa morethan behind the wall, approximally at e midpoint I wa more than behind the wal approximately atthe mdpoint Itwa more than threeeeindepth suggestingthati rupportedsomelarge oject-- threeeet in depth suggestingthatt uppored some large object three tet in depth suggesting that it upported some largeobect-possibly a cross possibly a cross. posibly a crss
SPotry:Shardohow nd armd by thSpanih, exianand Pottery: Shards of bowls and jars made by the Spanish, Mexins and Pottery: Shard of bowls and js made by the Spish, Mexican and
Indians helped Halirt dat thsite the ntundians helpedHalbiit t the 16p H d hentu 6 dians helped Halbi Ndathe the site t ho 6 the 16century
Sluman bones: These were bones from the feet andlegs oftwo and Human bones:Thse werebone romthe feetandlegofoand Human bones: These were bone from the feetand leg oftwo and
maybe three individuals. One setof bones were eroded sugestrng maybethree individuals. Onesetaf bones were eroded suggesng maybe three individuals. Onersetof bones were eroded suggening t that ey had been exposed to the elemen These atthesouth thattheyhadbeenexposedtotheelemen These were at the ou thathey had been exposed to the lemeno These were t the south
end ofthegrave. Therestofheremainswhilebrokenwerin endofthe grave. The rest ofthe remains, while broken, werein end ofthe grave. The rest ofthe remains, while broken were in
decent condition and weredipe red along the west ide ofthe gave decent conditionand were dispered along the west ide ofthe grave decentcondition and were dispersed along he west side of th grave
Most of the bones had been exhued and presumably buried at Most of he bones had been exhumed and presumably b d at Mot o th bone had been exhumed and presumay buried at
anotherlocadon about 4 yearsago. another location about 40 yeargo .another locaonabout years ago.

ilalbir believe at what he ound wa the wer wall olte recnd church of Habrt believe a whot he found war the west wall of the second church o Halbir believe that what he found wa the wet wall othe recnd church of Los Remedis. The first church was built around 1572 and was destroyed by Los Remedios. 'he irst church was built around 1572 and was destroyed by LoS Remedios. The first church was built around 1572 and as destroyed by Francis Drake in 1586. The second church wa rebuilt about 1587 and destroyed in Francis Drake in 1586. The econd church was rebuilt about 1587 and destroyed in Fancis Drake in 1586. The second chu-h wa built about 1587 and destroyed in 1599. According to the Meta Mapof 1593,thatchurchwa builtofvertical wood 1599. ccordingto t esorMapof 1593 thachurch wa builtofveral wood 1599. According to the Mestas Map of 1593, that church was built oovetical wad plankwiththatchedroof Thewestwall measures38ttinwhich which plankswitha thatched roo. Thewestwall mea ures38Rin whichwhih plankswith athathed roof Thewestwallmeaure38 ftinwhich, which comparableto stimte made by historian AlbertManuy m historical uc. mparabe to estimates made by hitorian Aber Manucyfr hirical source omparabe o timate made by historianAlrtMan fromhistoricalsources The church may have been more then 60 feet long The church may have been more then 60 t long. The church may have been more h 60 feet long.

This a igniican find albrt sad. "t gvesus the actual location of the hi is a significant ind, Halhirt said. givess s the actuallocan of the his is a igniicanind, Hali aid. give us the actual locaon ofthe church This i the iirst arhaeologcally documented 16 century parish hurchn church This is the first arhaeologiy documented 16 century parish churh in curch This is the irst archaeologially documented 16 centy parih church in La Florida." Halbirt also added the discovery of the srtuctu're is "one more piece to La Florida." Halbirt also added the discovery of the sucnre is "one more piece to ba F lida." alirt also added the discovery of the structure is "ne more piece o thepuzzleowd undestandinghow the 6 century communiofStAugustne the pu toward understanding how the 6 century mmuni ofSt Augutine the puzzle towad understanding how the entuy community ofSt. Augune was configured" Fewer than a dozen 12 buildings have been documented was onfigured" Fewer than a dozen 12 buildings have been documented was configured" Fewer than a dozen 12 buildings have been documented archaeoogicay that dath during thelate1500 arhaeoogcaly thatdate durig the ate 1500s. archaeopcally thadat dnng the late 1500s.

Elseth Gordon, an arhi tcutral historian in St AguItne, wrote about the ilsbeth Gordon, an architectural historian in St Augustine, wrote about the Elbeth Gordon, an al chiectural histian in St Augulne, wrote about the parih in her book Colonial Florida Archie allisto parishin her ook oCooial Floridor hie ttuHit in parihin herbookColnialFoida r dhieuro History
Hernando de Messr has a drawing of he church in his map that shws a lernando de Meits has a drawing of the church in hir map hat shows a Hernando de Metas has a dra ng of the church in his map that shows a vertical board chuich with a campanaio or belfry with four bells vertical board church with a campanario or belfry with tour bells vertical board church with a campanario or bel with four bells
The royal ordinances of King hilip set out how a town should be laid out, The royal oldinances of King Philip sets ot how a town should be laid out, The royal ordinances of King Philip sets out hw a town should be laid out, Gordon said "The oldinances say the church should be located near the guardhouse Gordon said "The ordinances say the church should e located near the guardhouse Gordon said "The ordinances say the church should be located near the guardhouse
and the government house and would aid in tie defense of the port" Gordon said and the government house and would aid in the defense of e part, Gordon said and the government houe and would aid in the defense of the part," Gordon said
They alo say the church should be oented so hat it would be the first "They alo say the church should be oriented so that it would be the first ley alo say the church should be oi-ened so that it would be the irst thingyouawarriving by water and the ast ingyousaw when you left Ilovethat thing you awarriving by waterand the last thingyou aw when you left. I love that hing you saw arriving by water and the last thing you awwhen you left. I love that symbolism." symbolisrm." symbolism"

If he ch rch ed the water the the altar would have been on i wert wall. I the cch faced the water then the ltar would have been on i wet wall. fthe church aced the waer then the altar wud have been on ir wes wal This makeHalbirt think that the gave he found usoutside the westwall and Thi makeHalbirthin k thatthe grave hefound ust outside the wet wall and Thi makes Halirt think that the grave he oundjust ouide the westwal and position midway along the wall may have held the remains of imporant people posiun midway along the wal may hav held the remains of important people position midway along the wall may have held the remains of important people witin the church hierarhy, possibly priest. The grave was oriented north ta within the church hierarchy, possibly priest. The grave was oriented north to within the church hielachy, possibly priests. The grave was oriented noith to south, which is atypical of other Catholic burials documented in St. Augusne, which south, which isatypicalof other Caholicurial documented in St. Au e, which southwhich is atypical of otherCatholic burialsdocumented in St. Auguinewhich are oriented eart to west Based on soil stratigraphy and ceramic evidence, Halbirt are oriented east lowest Based on soil statigraphy and ceramic evidence, Halbirt are oriented east to west Based on soil statigraphy and ceramic evidence, Haibit concludes the human remains were exhumed, and presumable reated elsewhere, coneluder the human remains were exhumed, and presumable relocated elewhere. concludes the human remains were exhumed, and preumable relocated elsewhere, toward the end i the 16' century; posibly as a resut of the 199 detrucon of toward the end e 16 century possibly as a reult ofthe 1599 destructiono toward the end of the 16 century; possibly as a result f the 1599 detruion of th church in a hurricane th church in a hudicane the church n a hurricane.

"he posthole and gave were found in a four-foot wide strip that was The postholes and grave were found in a fourfoot wide sUrip that was "The posthole and grave wele found in a fourfooti wide sIip that was sandwiched between modern utili renches along Aviles Seet and the concrete sandwiched between modern utility benches along Ales Street and the concrete sandwiched been modern utility trenches along Aviles Street and the conlee foundation to a late 19cenry building. '" prey remarkable thathis slice of foundaon t a late 19 century building. It' pretty remarkble that thisslice of foundon to a late 19 century building. "It' pretty remarbl that this lice of land had been undisturbed since 1600," Halbirtsad. land had been undisturbed since 1600," Halbirt said. and had been undisturbed since 1600" Halbirt said.
The church was rebuilt a few years later and seed the communi until the The church was r buiiit a ew year later and served he community until the The churh was rebuilt a few years later and served the commune ultil the entire town was burned in 1702 by he Briush. That was the end of the parish of enUre tol was burned in 1702 by the Brish. That was the end of he parish of endre to, was burned in 1702 by the British. hat was the end of the paih of Nuesta Senora de los Remedios. The congregation moved to Nuest Senora de la Nestra enora de lo Remedios. The congregation moved to Nuesta Senora de la Nuestra Senora de lo Remedios. The congregation moved to Nuetra Senora de la Soledad, a chapel at the hospital. Soledad, a chapel at e hospital. Soledad, a chapel at the horpial.
Although the church no longer was on the site, maps fm the 8th cienly Although the church no longer was on the site, maps from the 18t centy Although he church no longer was on the site, maps Im the 18 century show the propey was undeveloped Some maps mention tha t e propery had show the property was undeveloped Some maps mention that the property had show he proper was undeveloped Some m apr mention that te property had been the ite ofa church. Coincidentally Halirt note thatthechurch wasa baier been the ite ofa church. Coincidentally, Halbi note thatthe church wa a barrier been te iteofa church Coincidentlly, Halbir notes atthe churchwa a barrier inthe development ofAvil Seet from the early 17 ceny to mid 18 century inhedevelopment ofvile Seef romtheearly 17entutomid 18enty ine developmentofAvileSeetrm theearly 17 century to mid 18 century Itwasnotun te church adlongsincediappeared thatAvileStreet lly It wanotuntil the churchhad long ince disappeared that vile Streetforaly I wa not unl the church had long since disappeared thatAvile Street ormaly eended through to he plaza, extended through to the plaza extended through to tIe plaza
Unrtunaely no frter exvaon will be done at the ite because herest Unfrtnaely no further excavations r bedoneatte site because therest ior nael no further nation wil be done atthesite because therest fthe church is under a privately oined building of the church i under a privately o ed building, f the church i under a pripvately owned building.

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FOA IM 802== Site N, 13 / 009== FlT M 802== Site No. l -/ 1009== aoRM 802== Site No. 35 0/ 1009-= Site Name; s House 830= Survey Date: 790 820== Site Name: se __ 830== Survey Date: 7903 820= Site Name: watson Iouse 830 = Survey Date: 7903 820== Addre: 20hrett trt 95 Addres: 26 chal Set 95= ddrs: 206 ChAddres SArded 905
intructi ng: In ruction for Locating: Intrucion for Locating:
81 County: t. Johns 808 813 Coun tyT: So. wohn 808i 813= CounTty: e.Jf nO 808 TLcati fTn: cti f S. Au u ine 28 Location iy o S. a lg l n 9 i Dt 83== S LoTaiicat ion:Ci 7 o u i 9 t 8 68=
ubdiiion) (bocF T i Ti7 (boc) (lot) ) bASin (o or ) (Sot)
868= 868==1 868= ner of Site: Name: E SIE ner I OI ST i e: owner of Site: Name: a T T AT O FI
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AFT Gaoe 86 )rida D 902Tt 87= ( GS63== )o88d 902= (x T63=S=( o ellorioa 902=
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Type of Ownerhip I88== ( ) e.. 8onin: i )Type of Ownere858== ( dZeonin: E Type of Ownersip:858== oning: r -2
NR Classification Category: Bui 916 Recording Date: 832-= NR Clai ication Category uidi 916 Recording ate: 832== NR Clairication Category: E 916 Recording ate: 832UTM: 17 469910 3306620 890= Location: TO7S nO0 S18 812= UTM: 4 46910- P306620 890-7 Location: T-7S KE? sI 812= UTM: 17 469910 3 E620 890== Lo action: i0s R30; S18 812==
en lasting ) .not (nSr i l ( one) (eatting) nothingg .
Map Referene: usc 1t. A~, lne 7.5 -1 1956 (IR 117D) 809= Map Reference: 7SS St. Ailsine 75i] L956 (- 190) 8C9-- Map Referene: ISs t. tjne 7.5 19, PR 1970 809=
Recorder: Name & Title: Noln, aid (Hltor.c SiTes Specl. Recorder: Name & Title: Nl, Daid (iisiole sites Speclii Recorder: Name & Title: Nol n, David (liir. 11s -p,,ist
dd re : 5.8.=.. 818( R Add ress: 8.s. =.p. =. 818s Address: 8.s..p. 8 818

sCondition of Site: Threats to Site: Condition of Site Threat to Site: Condition of site: Threats to Site:
( ) Exeelent P,,-- I ) oe ._ 878== EN" 8,,-- 1 1 PF- ( ) Ex-ell1-t 863= Z= ) Zonin 878== () Good 863 ( ) aeTi 878- X Goo = 863-- 1 _e__nt_ T 878TA (X) Good 863 ( ) development 878
( ) Fair 863 ) Deteroraton 878-- 863 ) Dterioration 878 Fair 863 ( ) Deteriorati on
Setioate 863 ( orTowpi 878 = F Deerioraed 863 ( T Gorrowin 878= A ( deteriorated 1863 ( borrowing 878 F jrcta) Transportation 88== -) Zr 878== ntegrity f Site: ( Fill 878= Integrity of Site: Fill 878 Integrity of Site: ) i 88= E)Altered 858- ede 878FT S ) A F TSAlTred T F Tredge 878= ( I Altered E= rdg_____ 878E= ( ) Unaltered 858- 88== ( ) Other 878= { ) Unaltered 858 Other 878==
X T) rinai Site 858= (X) D STiF 858 ((A Original Site 858
( ) Restored Sate: 858== ( ) Restored ( T ate: 858E ( ) Rsed ate: 858-) Moved Date: 858== -- ( ) Moved Date: 858 M-A D- '( -ate 858

Original U .e:P'v. Re. 8 8 : PiN. Rn. 850= original Use:Nr. 4 tU N 838Q= s se Ori Unali e: Pni 838 Pre entUse: r3. CNP, 850Datae: 844 Period:2ohcnt. 845 Cultu-re: rlan 840== ate: Is 844- CNeridNNl 4845= CNuliure:-r n 4140= ate: 68 844-- PeiRd:2 e. 845-- Culture:n rcA n 840 Architect: 872-- Architect: 872-- Archie ct: Builder: 874 Builder: 874 Builder: 874== Style: ri 964= tyle: h l ial 964 Syle: 964 Plan Type: f ctnu 966== Plan Type: r1c I TY 966- Plan Type: eer u66
exterior Fabric: tcc, woo erbard, rrd xterior Fabrics: sc, wo mthrbar, i crerbord Exterior Fabrics: o, wod ealbod, h erboard

Structural Sytem:" Woo fraepos bam /rl inl 856= StructuralSo eZt Sys I I ... k 1--al tem: Wd zm, pot & bem w/br-ck inill 86==
Features of Structure (92) .Feat ... f Struct-. (942) Features of Strucue- (942)
Window Type: DHS tc lou linds942== Window Type nds 942== Window Type aic lue 942
Foundation: Continuns wail 42 Foundation: Continuo wail 942== Foundation: colnuon l 942= Roo Type: be _948 RIoS Type: bl_ 942 Roof12- Type: 942-Secondary Roof Strucures;.. 1 orch se 942-- Secondary Roof Structure: r h d hd 942-- Secondary Rof Strucure: or..h. ed 942==
Parches & Balconies: tw-srtoar ... h Porches & Balconies: -o sor oo4hio Porches & Balconies: o ps . rh
942-= 942-- 942== Chimney Location: n exeri or; laterial C tion: 942 Chimney Locaion: id, exerlo; 1-NNri.N lo 9_42==
Materials: (882) Materials: (882) Materials (882)
Chimney: Nr oo 882= Chimney: E 882 Chimney: 'k 882== Roof Surfacing: SDn shakes 882== Roof Surfacing: osha k 882-- Rodf Surfacing: W-o shakes 882==
Ornament Exterior: Square wood posts Ornament Exterior:-o a Ornamen xerior: s- .d 8s
882NI 882NN 882-Quantitative Data: (950-954) Qu8tit=tive Data: (950-954) Quantitative Data: (950 -954)
Chineys: 952--== Dormers: 954== Stories: 2 950 Chimneys: 952== Dormer s 954== Stories: 2 950 Chimneys: 1 952= Dormers: 954=- Stories: i 950
Other: 956== Other: 956= Other: 956= Surroundings Co cia 864 Surroundings: xed mer/titonl 864.. Surroundings: mxed Coer lal/iiuSonal 864==
Relationship to Surroundings: on narrow brick road in ne of the oldes Relationship to Surroundings; on narrow brick road n one of the oldest Relationship to Surroundings: on narrow brick rod n on o the ol

859== 859== 859==

Photographic Records Numbers: 860== Photographic Records Numbers: 860== Photographic Records Numbers: 860==
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.E i: Huriiner, cinlmn m Murat HoHscs on Sr. Gforge Street; of the Hity- H-ur itier I'Illm, aid Iural HoII ... St. Gore Strlai; o- the -ity: lIouritinfr, nacMili n and ilrar louses ,n SI. George street;
ati, -io, illyy d ioldo H .. on ils itret; olo Hnuse on Segi, Faio, O' illy, and Toledoa Houes on Aviles treet; lan House on Se1u, Patio, Ollily, an oceno oules on " lc" S"re II; oia' loue on

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Seata River ferry rorrill. (2) Certainl paitern oi eri~r drueolp bemsiil River Iry crosins(2) Crtain P~ters Or earlier eliop Sebasrian River ery ...... is. (2) Certain yfmr of earlier drvloFDcfpribfd inito th rierelau iloid ai thlm rertion Particu]nTly on elmt yerrired into te Irr ricll period as this ectiun Irrtimuarly on "enr peristedi into the irricm period s rhis sectiol, parri-ularly oli
*ul Street, conind I niaproorinly large nunbe of pulii mal viiei Srreer, contdie a dimyrupr~ionr ly ]ri nunlor of publJ& an *Vi] ; Sr, colined a iisropioaell large nuohr of publi and edctonal fmciliil .... as the Territral City Council Meetring louse, edciinl facilites Euchl a ibe Territorial City Council neeting Eoue, educational facilities such as rihe frrorial City Counl] Meeting House, an nthe a ireNIr cellEury, the Yeabody School, ciy jai], library, n and is [he ime 1 th cnry )- the Pebody N]ol, it jail, library, ad ad in the late I [ i cenry, the peabod> Schol, iify jil, library, and

Afrinit Epis oN -eurl1, -ince tIe -ivil ar, SO. George treet h'd A-d
manda resdenial neighborhood and conaned some statfely homes of the mrined t residenial neiglborlooi alid onaledi some stately homes of the ani elmil chbrn 4 otnd m Itl 101 i e ciyl or proomhn rerldenr, 8a rlsiror. rn sreetsf to the east have clts' mute prominent residents and viitors, ile art to the east have tit'sl more yromnn resident aaa visior. i e srees to t e east hive I Lal d some reSidel~ce bile rmaly eoma/ cin a ul w r~lional build contained Eome rrridcnres, but mal in[ .... ia a~d iniuronal uld- contained some resideree, bur maily iomeral ari in~fiutnal b/lld TU ? Ih a .... hoiinl has one o the-la~r~ mncnrrlr o of tabl ir.s lU area ii i wle iir one of tbe laiprlt oncaf aonr oi i8 [1 igs. T e rcl Is a waZ hs an oi rile iar ol n[ tin ol iath ph frnury srrtres within the wallcd city deryite the denlin and ILgh cenury rrrilrftc ......ithin Ilia walied city dpeerti e denolton and 19ghr century srutures wlilthe walled city despite the d/oliion Y crn] of the stataly reiinencs ind hotels aiotlg Si. George Siget ad of sevelral of the ilLri y e a ...... and hotl along Sr. Gor~e S reei and of sr ai fthe staei residences and hoaels +lnb Si. Gergej Sr~e atl il inende z (bay Street). () Aveldlnin (iay itrii). (3) vnidalenndez (By Stret). ()
Ihj rcontriuctio of a Uritish Perod (i76-18) reidnce represents m7 oririn a ltr eiln(/11r eiihe rper; is reconsriution o a itlih Period (1763 ]78) residence reprsents .... hul ci arpenter, Wilim Warsa ... he propcr~y is lired on lle 1764, he house of rpentr, ilio WaLEOnl Tl~e property is listed on he ii64 fho hoi $ of career, lilir Wanll The property ii listed on i e 17 Yunr a Ir belomging to DOn 7unm Tose dre irasc. ihe hoarse is "&troe Po ,lle map as belonging [o ban Juan Jose de Arrmrsat. The house ii "Sifto Puente map as belongiag to DOon Juan Jose de rararsae. The ouse ii "Stone rdYos."l Afer a series i t trnariacns it becomes ile propery of the rid boDul ."~ Ater a series of t .......n; iom f becomes 11e prope~ty of the andi Lvoads." Af[ ... tries nf t ansaclnio it De .... the property of the
roocrJa po~litical fir, Jiuos Pe ma. Vili uil chnmedi he ro- rOK... a o ~ ~,rJmsP]a.Wto , t p ohlroverial voiticl figur, Jams P ...... IWrt-n p~rrcmasd rih pro Penan I t77 h. A --, I, d,:in rtablr- o Ih it of th_ pErty lrom Pcn in 1779. After ronrerin rtmble on Lhe site Ii the pLrhy ,rom P ... in ]779. IIf r bonIerinj sables o e sire of rile

ipi egainled ront 5 at Ilorid inl ]7 4 rhe p opfry ven to mclnorca n l i der Spain refaind conrl of Foridl in 17S4 the prpry xmri to rinorrm J&dfr )lai rregmn control of lori& In 17 4 rihe propery xemt to rnorm lde r~h iPedro Camps. me house evntuali lyrn b ... El proery of i youniv r,e[r Pedro Laip. Ihe hou eventually becmme the yrry of a yo[ ng F Eher Pedro Calr. The ]iou eventually beeaale the Droilez) of a yung

icrlcaimed o~rh unmi] I 0l2 ihen rh last d..rnman died. The houie heirs claimed ormeripi unil i802 when the last deirendmnt died. The h .... heiu claimed oaerihi uniil 1802 whn the ]ait dcenant died. T1 e oue rn nd in 1872 to ces,,er Illstr by c. Bravo hur di;ppror m by ]89',, pro wa iold in 1877 rO Cesnr Isters by C Bravo bur diiappemeed by 1894, pro was oid in 1617 fo C ...... lr-rter by i. Brao bu= diapeared by 1894, proaraucnlt until l899 when i stable blidnj appear, C. Master, orare. ..... vacaflt ulltil In~y wlen a stable building rpper C.A Mltirg- oer arem vacantunril i899 xenl a stable uildJn apear-, C. Brsteg, uor.
V~ yi7Yncenr J* fllFler, t*m~r, ocupid the il fllowd by til ..... in 1907 Vincet .7. *ielr, timer, occupied te sire folloed by the aine In 1907 Vincent J. lirc ier, ...... led the rit- folowe by the lens
;arlomyny i.w. ghr~hl, proprietor. he Watsof house was re on- lirhis coll n, .. Cchm, pruprletor The lnton ]i .. $ ...hin mpny, F*W* Chearharn, proirde-or. The ....... .... y ....
r d in 1916h by the P-er v o n Board.(n) t 1uted n 1 .8y I I ite driere i odn bo rd.() strudete In 19 8 ny the Pr1, .. ion -ord ()