Aviles Street Articles


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Aviles Street Articles
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Archaeological Files for Aviles Street
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Mixed Material
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Folder: Research, Prior excavations


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BDAC # 10-3000
General Note:
Two articles: 'Trees of Aviles Street' will benefit the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program; Transportation authority decides against closing Aviles Street

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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i'Trees of Aviles Street' will benefit the ITrees of Aviles Street' will benefit the "i' rees of Aviles Street' will benefit the
Rrrdnd Seior Volunteer Program Retir nd ior Volunteer Program R erdneiorVolunteer Program
This years event: Pesence of Angels This years event: Presence of Angels' This year's event: Presence of Angels'

hlorirhil~ri S~ntbi"U~lb~pt~~This years vent: 'Presence of Angels' Shops irnp hir inf7rr Ovl n
Shops wll display trees, ilent auction Shops will display trees. silent auction Shops will display trees slent auction

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