More Skeletons Are Uncoverd At Site of Restoration Project


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More Skeletons Are Uncoverd At Site of Restoration Project
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Archaeological Files for Aviles Street
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Mixed Material
St. Augustine Record
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Folder: Research, Prior excavations


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BDAC # 10-3000

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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.... ... 0 re kl etons Are Uncovered h-h..d-nt seek to rrr, the, 1,5-Mted H ea oxMore Skeletons Are Uncovered Idu
.................. Restoration Proect .............Restriton Poiet l
.r1e he dehi e ul lto,guu, Is o., Are UncoveredNom~u coer beat. a. At Site Of' .................t tax 'I, O es r in
. . . . . ... . . . . . .. M o r e S k e l e t o n s A r e U n c o v e r e d d
..............i. ...................... At Site Of R..............
u : w N C UB ON ea b a n rthed at restora io nu tin.... I_ to 0 th -" *- -- A t S ite efo eendr sIu r e T l i' Selinal aroTI skeletons n- as the inn"'tivation tion Projectine; Ib
-iireE~~ir H de KOR*NYI nr: Senera mons 91,61stoll here foon as I. initito I r_ I, te, am anaaatn sr/ond tei~aitoa~n eoN: RY oq c- w l its Do. orrus, XOing and Bob Srinbwh, eu s bee. unorrtha at aknutuation Drueh. ..on'u s .rd
En D f, ..thZ 1~ ... areDT d O NI y D .W
roMAs w~ld *L R Chgrlatta Streets and a lge for the-Re n Commission o ID c i on the C i Ki d BCb Starlote Stret, and large
-t - RyOND C. w l'sii o- Da oonor of Kin Bob Stlnb h, he1oiA
number more eexp-eted to be said that Iri skull have b..... T.OMA wI O ALDER shritt d ar s
h.ags gTEh A D W~l SRYEI DB gRa
Itn n a s dir n di-ov I ed Ond I. C P.hi.d that I r e n be Stre et. and t t i.rn fd t s bern, ,u aua ,u rr s a ss I I on s th nd under CI. ..rloaew
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I, PT nt r the e nt A o -it. th o1 -i onr Bob Sa hR se, t
a.~eod a.l are skeletons ton B C T l b ai th a i sll been- EC$ l t" Car6lott tee t.f 'u and herd- o tha Renu i om ulsi
;L*SE~II~- I IIIN:ro..s *aocuoa. LEGAL NOTICE --le, AID...ose aI
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Em .0ICt In.a f -hr1e ah tl -es, bu t d et Is- Ded that 0 i the -rsW buW C I b 011. P e 1. doIII I- 1 e t d Inr- All Sphnh found bo-rn g ta
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so -ld 1 to 1-o/ ...... *. bly Spanish. I P ,..T ,. C o -.-,. ,-.:
a- on III .. I been burned hall-. so. r.- to. as there were no earenuhni.1 ob. Tn ndinsandSpsieh I. ndh 'rsrrri;Rr i ~~~ k- hi "O"lbt ... 'I -b 'u t
-: .1. .1 .- ---- .... br F-onwar, pa .bbly Spanishu. r~ran.
.. 1-1h 1. jeny, outs found m ith them; All had and to asnal I~rml I~ -h Th ..... I death I. not yet tend., or ..d ...... ban. touted~ia hair .e sodorB'll lh ,r. Idhel l thecut out ere Z;IoI b. t)pmih 1
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Loan Approved by Ztate Loan Approved 1sy btate Loan Approved by 3tate For Restoration Project For Restoration Project For Restoration Projet
Kkigg Street
aiding t -" Kin Street ___K__g St__et '
Building To filing Tn T
Be Purchased Building To Be Purchased


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5~--~~ 1~ --------- -I -I/Purchase Of Tw ...operties P i/urchase Of TwO Properties I N "Purchase Of TwoProperties
For Restoration Announced Ne For Restoration Announcedn For Restoration Announced Br[ Fos BRsIis Announced -Z+++ :
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Fac Ga Rule Vote ~ ~ ~ F aFace Gag Rule Vote Face Gag Rule Vote=z

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