Fiesta Project SA 23: BURIALS


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Fiesta Project SA 23: BURIALS
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Archaeological Files for Aviles Street
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Mixed Material
Valerie Jackson Bell
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Folder: Research, Prior excavations


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BDAC # 10-3000
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Preliminary Report

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Tiest Ii a sS i s }eae i n ir he fis .;lmriak Iotno L rlre o ko 8l
-k- "Ill Fua el le iinry STIr

ol~z inthehisor dlt,'ii: f s Aumstne orid. Te ste s bun~d Te Site delenrted. as i" Z1 IS located pn ther iiils Io,-k soJtQ ai rhi
The sitc dsibnatt a, SA 23 is Ineat~d r, the first l,,k sOut'l O the
Slaza ill t'le liS ric diatriil of St A I Le Fieoida. #i~e iie~ is i-iced
on tle n1,th by K ng S r on e east by Be/ treet, Il --e -outh b A rlleryII iit L a d 1 h e 1e 1 C h l l ] I rt r 1 I f 7 1e si 1o 1, th I. t... b, Ki S t t ri th e eI st by thy St re..t, Ir th so ti by A rt y Il a a I l I di t ri t I S t n FSid 1,ill s t is -did
"ll Id y -dIbrilI, pia-,I- Gij, ad d I ,,,rtI S,,, 1111- af s 11 iiSl I.- t, st y y 1 .. 11 1- 1 A- 1on the nortl by tine Sire, Ir th east by Bai trelci or. the iouL by Artillery

co-ered by T 1111 ,i ,torid -b.urIlid' i ht ....ui il Fa Al teL o b I stI,- d alt -e Ihle Ir h -, t" the it ,dla le1- 1-- The .rt ,l clf Iif the sit

In the ll- s Th a a i lt d is a ed on t southen portion oi te o e byi a III 1 t ed T sti- e l -1 ,, be l - d by I s en II
- -he 15,,. le aa in t d i ed o ihe ifheT portion ob 1le c e b a m t t i r e h i i b ke td block Tie site ras ,asd at a parirlq iot ior Lpaoa i ly 3 years. A r:,uiber rdte1 0. leaea Ies aa dis oat4o th %l l Prin ft o I ts o t i I t t I Io The site Stas -se, -a -- 1 1,l a l !o ,,I p 1, x il,- !y 0,I I. r

It. I tilI tl o~ fl I'l, 1 t 'YIII N 1 7111 ih l 11 1 is 'I 11I 'lp a ith - b f lt b he I t '1' of sructres weie ouCtel on th r e e krr t( at least /64i
-b, Iovber of IA ThI -,el bers -f tI, Property -:rIpot r d id, 1 1hu ri
of sruurres ,,er lo e: on the sii e back L r, lea s 7
In "oV-lel !i !585 the deriveprs oi ile irspercfi appoacedi the Hi toariL
St. nurlsin ic r lfo, t eor ( d rde if they rwiuld be intere ed in i cvlbro 5Ledv aso tepet poce eHsoi

11,- rolhlltee, 'd f.., 6-e ...oric It uu i Prcleloij 1sboitin begIt. tei- l-Y I. i l e o n Pre -o beI ol i d rl i t r heis 1- 111 St. si n 10 lg t r n
excavation imi ]artar 1986.r The proposedion iicnatii alieregii tolle be tos

f id f a ilding preIi tted ..... d oer r,, the -rias ay ... s by hl ltst arht a -I ... - -da. ..... 1-ytI I I v oft b h se h-i cati :ndiicut
[nstruc~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~i lar~tn~ cre : 5o18 weeksi afte iuuucflmer'rir oulC 'a~crilK ntest l u oain fabidn rcpttdte icvr hebrasb

C1ntr1i-nn alle ek "Ifai I t IcI eo1ia wor, o..... tler .... Ia y I
canla .o. .. C.. sib 71s oe Sis aueek f ...i........ tork th l oi- thI te a Ibe

111 23 is ,itae -d hjil ebudre o the orlq iral 1-d Qten 1cen ra a IImoiefeda I d siA 23-il i sit...te w113 1ii h e d onar oe the isi1 naa s tn, -enur
are Llemn 1De-1n g -1ii 3 is 1tted ithil II h d the -r 1l sixte n cnu ,hr bu l er oe d 92 a 16 ( A tn R od 3 S92- ti" 1-en lid.aga o T, 3 i ] st kisn I be b e I ill.illriith- ilt -l, ... -ed i, 1921 Ill 1 36, "tirrinnidliicul

-b bi 1 Oorm t o1 Robot te. b1,11 per1.1 il5o he by b r l were r o e i 1 r I 6 St. stin R
-121, cct rhly I I.111 11-I di ct-b- s I It Thr
th, I,- Ilhl hbi l b th, t 11 .. ...... f 1-11-t o:-l"' 1, 11 1 I

""I"es kto. r,, thaor Ill I nf tI setller I~ rdcd n168b oz mee o t I- Dr --t-Ie thatditW-n tha turned ed q-1ranil-elll~be,~ ool thei Drake expedl~y~a tioi tha burne thee toys !oth ron, i

6ile sor fn i depio f nur6er6t s6 .cu .PPe.r quite, icurae in -an deti s, ihe Ceogrpie Iocationr f* the ,rtt e ant .t ,uth rl 5oilwa fic fi in %he depictin of Yuo;be of itrucres, appears quite curate i1 nrdetmi ;he -e, rd hic ICltp-o of te qtleleit ,,- outh

.... . ., 6 .... P,6 6 .
of d snl ove r- ears cosirtlt wil 111er 'laoS inJl itl archaeo giial i ccurate irl rany detaiis. The georaphile t~ir of the septelent jlS bOlil

....... 6 .6 6 .... 6. id
caf a ell rove nir~iarl raoTIii tentn ater 1aps and diit arthao P iical
lermaeed data !)n tile Bao Iiomu a church Si clea- ared as being located n of asral cove Lper onienlt v tn later aUp and ith yrCidSO51il!}' thvered data On the Boa"o Iap a ...urh p ce,, y mrke as .i.. .ocatea
on t~le nlirthern I-dge o f twn B coma rng the rela ille io clion of the cove onl lerovrrd fnia Or the gozio nay a church is Learil r arien as being iocatea or tl northrB edge 6of :I 6,'ylng 6 -e reB .ive daio Ihe dvk on
i- r lapS iu h a- td 1161 i'ucni".ap fh; church ,; d e,7 be built n.. r Iil tile -rtihrn edda L wn. l y corpaing te -attl i an oi the cve n 66er cps 6ech 6s the 176l Puent 6p. the church 661ad taie Seen build. nan
the ,Iderl strt of ig -.t d Char-tm r A-- 1-ips1 SUh r tile ]764 suente ,l76 P, ch ,a' a'dd I-ah_ been lUIl ner the 1 dehn streets a- .in Y andd, .p-; or Ivi I
rlhi e there is rno r!ear ind caior, of iie graveyard r: te Yoazio malp, j he moen street o i:1 a d i r tte or :,,leo.
ii'hie here is no clear indication of the graveyard on thle ?nazio nap.
-dhol-C -rilon a d Sinih aw u d -,-P e tht enetly o 1 curch property Whi, their 1 n c.ear in.ic.tion 11 the rasyad on the oai ,,,am Catholic raitiol ani Spar, ish law *oid iC place nt meery on chuch ProperII

"I f61 66.6666666666"a6',a,6 6 6d ....6 "-11 ,11,,, I l

.... .. ......66 ...6i
,[Hrrr 1g3:: Stone lr :6-l f,n, Ohai 1g6O). Where t e yru;/ar ,aas i i L* Ehlic Lra iic t ir aia nih law would pace the ceeery on czurci1 pluopru (are 1963:. So 6 6: rO Koh 1960).6her tc ryr as I
-it n h6al, I__, 103:61; St, 1856 6-87 f -66 cl 16e6 6 relatonhip t TDlis sii-errh nrl chlr i i5 flu iem The b~r ls
rsoc itd ,ih l e Snel~ad hurh see to i ]dicate J pefernce for iiu sut relationisni t ) Lis sii~teel~t-entul.Y chrch s not 1lr. T-e b Jr als as ociatr" ith the Soledail churh seera to irid c i -i~eerlnce for uing subLfIor burials and eas to t-le n.rt of T chuI-rc [Decan 1983:220 21. Ndd isocieed dilh Ihe o edad chulih en t0 indcute refeence or uillg ,ub f Wor -auris, an ara Le thi no-tll of ti e ch,I,,h -Ba-n i98:22'-Z1). No
archaeological oridance has so f r beeT ree, ered to ir~bi~dte lle e act iite It !out burials ali areas to Le no,-lh of the church i~eagH, 19 3I: 20 ZL). N ) arhaeoo c v dence i;,s ih far been covered to icie the e1act site 11

the 58 Chl, rch Ealr relov -Aeries brf;- a -s e o,-la -Bst IT % 13 6. achal e anc r bee r .c6re6 t6 i:6ict te c Site t
Cofuing and inonpleely rcorded. Ne 1a-e f "Indolee f the rlebaion o th; ]6 church Furl er recoverI, I, Lu hri ls frc 1 -r t of SA 23 are litui no aid itnn iidly ,-Ictrdi. We have no tllwye n kh1 r i9atiIf of
tle hui is~l distu,-Ded in 126 ra< of the burlli exavaed ini 1969 l,lly sxi have oufing and :rconllpily recoried. e have pu nowidge ui the orentaion of tlh burals ditra Q in b I and f the buriali erated in i96t-nlY six hmve
1otatiln i of arirnrla i0H to, ire had tne head t the eat and one ad tt, e Lvlrili bis[J;rhed l 4 aihd o iie jrias eiauaed ill 99 ol9 ix nar

,--, 666 666666. . ... 6l 6t1atio ,t oi n ti, ie 6h6 e 6e6 6 : t ii o6e 6 6 6
iie head 1:o tile iouiL The burials revered fri SA 23 all tCad thle head Lo thle mutation of lrientaton, Of those,; five ha6 tile head to the east LnD one lad tle neod to Li OUh h bfrils -e.overed re-r S 23 al11ad iIe head to e
,r~t int C~I,- to --t The burials recvred T'om Si 23 all had he head to tho

ihe ,ltu~ excavation Oi the bri lf1n ii r t cur uit O ne 9 i l daI Th, c:L _l e cilaion oI the buriali rl, S 23 diI not occur until June 1i86.
ircl-oJi ll The Itl bX-,ld-a i f the durinii fron SA 23 dia not erur unti June "' 1..
ili laeo~~igca testina at then r~te had been Icseid for a number of l.eeks, Ar
aritecturl lng" req ired a to be diig ab u 3 etrs rorth ob ,t -rei ,,rchaeqioga tei at th ite had been closed fo a n'qbe [r o .e ..
ar nitecturcl -,,le reo r a a booing to be dug IouT 3 dtrers north of the area
sur-veyed. Consrucion creirs encOulered ti*e bone and iridateiy advised the a hlecrnl cl1 qe requfred a Fnoili to be dug a 3 meter or'h of tlqe area sreei. ;nontr~cin cr li untanerid the bone and (iiradiatl rdviid l' e
(rChaeolDois s The LDoopertilc nf a11 tci conr orion crews tbrousihet tni s~rrveyed. ::onsrucion crews eancontrer d he bro and i ,,ebitelv L~visd the IIceo ..i. s Tf III .idr, IF el ConsTlulom t es dh this
,-oject u,,e entiastro ic The bones the $,mrkmen found rcr er renlrnia ro ui r,,iaeolsist he Iooperatin of il oe cons-uctio ;rows thrughort #Iii l,oiect -1i enthu tic. Th bone the woren found .er e lned . te
i r,, i 1 .ones ro. n b-tact buriTl The County Co..ner wa. advii.- bOic, ws entuiiic The bone the w-rksen found ere .enem-lne do D
ntnn afdl -ier bones fr an insect burial. The .ounty detour was a.r-i.
of t e d rove-, and tha thei prediated his ul ion bi a Few iunde~l yeari hlnan ar I and finger briles frop. an inact burial. The County (nrornor war advise h tthe dtscoery ard hat tey hr.dated his ,urisacition -- fe hundred yers
I the dicovry, ar that they ured, d hi dy, seition ., a e irn redd y-11,

visit ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .ee thee site: an blessedi thearrv the exrenitr sad urais liones weedr artincccoar. rpesnaee ca cs lisi-ed the Iie tnd -lssed The Crel exposed ,widle,iied the s-e and blessed he "he" eo ea burI- t

An: Vsi of BareS:
hl,,d 1 ~ t ,, till of- Bar- 1-dIIsild11-IltKas:l- T -1...

BTi-l 1
Till, buril cI-iiiled o a complee seleton in Iair ondiion The righL B.ri 1 Ihi s uriai consised of a iolriete seeton in fair condition, rhe right
hu-ru, ra-i,, u -da d phalanges hod bee di--,ubed by the constuctlo Th buirial co..ited of a -oaplele sketo n ill condition lhe right
lUFos r1iF, u F anF FgsFad h been dsturbed e contructi Toers The cranium had een Qis-urbd at a earlier dae. praba-li during -i thulu radius ulna and phlangesd had been disiubed by tIe construction
workers. The craniuil had be,rl isaued at an earlier date. proab y during The
,orucin a f earlnty u we!. lle to, potieof t h ranl;1 workers me cranium had een distIrbed at ar. arlle, dale, proably urng t ensrructin of i hathy~ sn n entp centr e lf ll tp pori of LherraniL,
,las neatly cut oftst Mhlrle Ihh .upraorbi.l torte n fd WS found beneath the contruciln of a narby n net-eenb- e r el e i p prion T- T-e Luanitth Is ne-tly ut of Lust above the suprao-bal tutus and w lourd beneath lie cIl ;ortiol fhe sku] Y facial area Ia- also been badly d-ed, ta neatly cu off l, st abve she supr..a1rbil tor and ws found enath the faial .orim b, ahl su A -acial area had also -een badly daAgea. Sex was h elep- nne to z e r-le fr011l th@ con ly raio, oe rellain of tha laiel arol bf ,,r, s1,! A iatll area Ifd also been by If t"age0 S ,x was Oeter nda toe I ,I ra ro e cr igurli l :' toe remairls of the sup aril torui atm nuchal ridge. Other boaes ire il TOOoooer a ornition Sxn was dot inei to be idlD fr" B canfigrii~i~ of the Tlflins Of the
iv, p-raoral t ui ani nuchl rid 0tier bos were in Lohr9amp a w-lit ui serve as reliable exr indicars. Artifacts found in asset a ion with the suprarbitl LlUS and lUrl ridge. Othr bon ,s were ill ::leo o a indition I re a F F rFli bFe s l-nrs. rt c ru in -1 o ..... ith Lhe

a- h l, hF -- F1 t
rf- FF-, F.~j FFFFF FFS.F F- 5F,5 F h. IT FF l-F FF honei also l1ed to the conclusion ta Lhe bony was i1ia s .oes al.. .ed .O .... ..~cl~sieti that the -lody as it al
The artifat fomrind irllUde ive IalT1-yoe s lue utto simi ar to thllsr buries als{ lead :o the oncision ihat tei body wa- a[
:he artifacts foFnF ilFFluFF FIve bFlFFye Fier FuF FF FFF Fr to F.os descr i liyl Stmq Omthfil r t: gll Felipe /Soofh I985;52}. These buttons. The artifacts iourd iliglde iive ball Sye iiyel buittons ii r to those
Fescribed ?y Stanley South roll .an Felp .FoFtF .985:2. FhFFe butFonsF iuei1si referei~t ds 'arero>' were locatd on tle upper torso and under the d scrird by itanl~ ySouth frorl t. al Felipe (Sllh I985:52) ibee buttoni,
5 1-il i t e o a -cr w ere oce Fn F-e F pFr FrF o and lFe r he power iandible, ini ting they lere probably on shi~irt TWO iron clasps or vl~senrr ie efe,-r,do s I'aro 're oercad ol te uSppr iForFF and under The Ioer mandible, indicaing They were probably on a spirt T1. ron lp or
bcle were fund e nd I'lay h." come of I f t,o-es They torer Handble indicatitg -ey wre probably on a Pi-r F ron clasps or h les were inund ir, tie waist are and ;ay have come off of rrouer Thwv

:-per to be typical si xteenth-entury design !eagan:e~ronaI eola"unication). [uicls rf, foun in le waist rt and la have Iome off o trousers They :rear t be tyica sieenth,-1ee1lry -esil heaga,.:iernal communiction), Co;)pe iaing lips were fou d int the c n ra andi lower tore') area. lali pear to be typia sixt silent ceetrysivn (Deagn:pe'sona]: comnunicaion.
C ,# r lasno tii ure fond in Ihe central d lower trso area. S, heavily xid ... ag.e. tof iren were lone in S-1-cilin wih Te i I lnn :op F lacn tips I re f-oun in the central and power torso area. Sma11, hmavl!Y oidizeld fragrlents o el an uwle found inl Lssocatiol wi i th leit arm in tie left haila a higily oxidized fragent of iron asi discoverd -ryheavily oxiied irygnr~ of iron #ere found ill ass ia ion wi h tl lcft arnl In the left and hig11y -idfz-d fragnt- oT iron was -icovred. f at

exiala~n rueeal tat t-e object as appar-eltly type of Iob atachedW Itn the left hand a hqiglly oxidized fragent of iron ws dico-vred. 1-rexinlti., eveed that thC objct -as apgarn~y some -ype of ob attached to
a hain, Furhr analyis Of this lie is mner wayi Lta the als CofsiErvdin a hiE~ilinain revaled thatr :lfe obiect was at-en y some tye of fob atachled to h-,rthr analyis f tiliS 'fellf is nter ti -re als Co lserairl

Lb f th M1ue,- of orid, Hitory it Ta1lahsee, t i unlikely tit uch a ch. in. Futr rlalisi o t i item is der ",h" I the ,etals nnraion Labt -fh Mseu, of Florida Histoy in la"lahasse i niely that ;luch tb of Lhe 1uOul f Tlrida Hisory it ta"lahas r 't is um ih tU h


information Car br e red ue Io tI l Itretle -xiaction of e p5ce ifo io cn 6e reil o.ered ue the extr~e o Iidatlo of the lec, Speclatin favors le iten oriilg of some reflgyc~l -i ni i'"crce S u"" as s"" i, rll-io1 can be ecveld ,bu to the erirere vxidat on of the p1e1Sinecullin favor tpe Ite. bleingo f io~e re ;ielus sinifcace, such as
ir-Lelliop or fragllen of a rilar. !ella it is not cornl for burials of this Speculdi l favors- ie iteF: being of some tel ieui siificalyce, stch as melr li or Irament of a sa. ie it is not c- lor I, i 3 is early oeriol to be clotheS, the cl-ir. aite. being ..e as f.ynt For mdia rallin or r g ent of a osr. Whie it is not co1on r burials ot this early erio to a clohe, the clobio oiler being de is oalnert fat nliici 1erviie P (Anor i68:381. tber .... records o, f ynr.en. .iel grave .ol d early Ierie6 L e 1lylthe f, ,11Y oti e 6r! the lthg t- -ymnt or djell
servles (Aaon 1,68:3,, there re so6t, e recolrs o inte11ter t wi9 grale gI edanr loting, ire sailor Rodrigo rnci asi ,urifed in 1566 in his clohes servlces (non 1968:38>, then:" are sole records of ;ier er Ls ih grave goodr one clothing, !he sailo,- Rodrigo Frarci as urie0 156 inl iia cloihei 19offan Ig77 2}. q. losing Te sailor Radrigo [rnci was *uriec in 1566 il hi clohes

lge i the deceased i etillated to t between n 26 and e0 Year, l 1- 71 ge o- te deceased is esimalej t be t, e ee1 5 1 nd 40 11ar. I I ep-piyiyeea were fie d tl, teedl showed Sod, l i'." t le.... wear, 'hert Ae o the eeaed is eimaed to be e e 25 nd 0 yrs. l eiiph -lrai were fue and the teeth hewed oe, but not e..c, wear, ..e..

life he in-lidu1 ha8 ipisr-]y los{ one indor ia that the reainig ieell t-e 1?h[1 w-1 iirdt ....ien gei t l i.a was e sstbe nugh lo ,b.erve Lat du--nI
lie the iniidu-I had 1P-11 11nil -Dst 1111 i-isnr and tat tie re-tainin" "Iel.

ta sprea8 to ..olod te the rlul iace life the iliiua had appretly 1ost o1e incisor. and t-,at the rerainig tee i ad sp're.. to accmmdate the ruling spare The burial wai u-h 'i I p-Ialy ros-ed over te Ia" sp--ai tI I. la..lo.. c the. rel ling sp..e
|he buria ws ully extended, with bth I-Im ,,par nly erosed over the (Pest !I aplea s blab te asi ..lip > d sih!y whe 1 the body was oered inon ihe burirl was Uly etr~med, with both aIms anpr ntiy crossed over the cIst, t ppers that Ihe ls slip'es lighly when Ibi bod Ia "Iue d ilto lhe grahe as the nanI IeIncated over tie abdonid rr} he egs were Cielt it appe"Is tiat if; "isl" i"ped slgr, y whoa the bodP wah s wered in the grae as the hnds i ere ocetI, -Ier ile abdo ila r.. .... le, .cdrI thhe stve as tile land ere iatd over t Lbdrild reion ie -egD were st i~ah g n t : ti oo ibe~ thel thecc fee re in siloes Tile boes in seth eat lo re crushed ino a indiilr~ihable j lble t iraight an" it is nosibl.'i rhat tle feeyl ~' ~ ila Tie~ [onI~aes in il ,l wee risted ina irdisingihble Ulble,

It is poible that he dl ight 6ave l el n llc d.I all lup ot hI eet -ene cr~shd irate ningUisabie Ju#|be
appears T l the reidu of incnse or o L er I unu1 was f[nd .n he righb It is pass ble that "he baIy Ili t have been i aleI i sal! lurp ofAc
heatcavty hen enoed oe ubstncehasa I~reaJ' extre. naisishasa'rs to be the ride Oi i ape or trer ulyuent wi lourdr in rhe right
"apears to ar the reidue of ia"erie or ltthere gueft wa. fund in she r-gIt cat c i ty. Wqen treo .e ubsance ha"' greasy tex .,re Aealyis hI I

not t ,ee uqder-n- o 1h.i aerial ho-t -lty, When reed the sunltance had c "greasy' tue na[ysis ha, hal yet 1een nderten o, this Tterla, eL t eenl und-rten on ihis inate ial
Preerati ald n-elolaal:
Preservaion and remoal:
T bone of tI s urai were in fair---1r Curlii o 1 The pri-ary b-eaio' preeraion ,nd ,remov!.
lie [)ones of this )u :i were in fair topor codiion. The prmry ,-eaon for h 9ar presertIo appTers Io I the Ihallow 1e1h of the buria. Th, b ss buril wee ir ;air-to or cond/ rIli h prlm-ry Iea 'or the I or f, Ies...tin appears toe ie all,, deph of the buia, Tthe [ones ere encountered sep ine cm blow the alern rurface Fram rihe cndirian for the poor yr(,sraiL) ,, ears to be t11e irallow depth oF the bu'qa The Danes wre e~ounUled S{Hi.E 25cm belO" ihe miaern iu fee From the c idiit[n
oifthe sle as a whiol, ii ipg~ear hals Smlulir e in the late rinteentb early hnnes res encounered same ?Sil l below hie rclodirn iunlce Frml ti condiior b i i s woe l" ia intl lae ni eenth or al

turt et]1 Centur the top surface wa removed to eps much I'l l0 t_ 70cn of tfe site as a woe, it apers that im e .i. te late nine enlh 1- 1 E, twebleth c -nury the top surface was removed to per Ips s iu-h l 0 to OCm, telietl century th1e op su-fac as rnove to Prhaps s mu h a1 50o 70on

h 1- I-Toil I the 194n,, 1 9 the slh l ta -Iz h-1 te o ill i he wte -.ue

5solved h il- t L hal l s l th ITf ws lP e t he, Oae 1-e 5J h elp sah 1 S -e 11-he boe tire onyi,- ahaifibl mae erha was Inite l tnd ,rhirl,, t- 1- sehulr the 'It lthelir, )- III Ta:cunTi1ri1 fuctor t, -the V"" I 11sliS, th, S eidenh,, -hl, 1- 1,- s I inmt Irih,,1,, thai I,, ,d hli is, fe, 1s, last 50 yesI i -tcrri;i

diSOlhed is w ,re i i l ti rsaiied to the ,xpose, ileOned bone. qng txcaati n the tones *,re keYL coeed with da clohs arc he area dissived it wli Thbisluii- I wa- -,;lied to he exposeS, cp ne4 ones.
Tini excavation he -one, ue Plyer ..c ,ta dli loaze an te area
,rdd. June 19 i6 was. ur'roruate~y, oei the driest in many >'ears arhd Lisi Durin. excavaionthe hilnes were ket e-ered ait dal cle;:hs and the Iea .h.ed Jne 196 w"at u-for iatey, a1" If the driest i- many years ald tis thdred at-pts to kep 1112 beams in c stable erwironlmem during rnoPl, SaS,,,- u-e h-86 was. urf r" iaIleiy. e of e dri-i, .a. l. .ears .r.d ..i.
I d....d ml-e1-1 the kel Le boles in s nmble d,1irone during removal.
May) of thle bombs sinpl crumb lie whe remove A a tempt Ilde to rc"oue hi hindered bTTe-ptS to keepr te ones in i stabi eriromen tduriaeg rerroui Many o the hones simply crumbled eI re-ohed OA, Pempt made ta redlote ShL310 (v1.ertdebre ribs. let at, and han ) as a uni ,aso nla l ighy :cessful Mayl ofi The bones aidsly crubi d who, renorad. A -r aplt trade o reove th torso (vertebrae. Is. let r- and han a uIi' wa1 lot hi-,ll-, Phesshuld
:culitre photrographic rrcold was lalde in fhe field. Lrso vsrteire ib left arri and han ) as unit Ws ilot ighlyl surcesu!
A carIple photo ahic teco-d was made in dh .ield.
Ite, r of OyLezr shell ap-e red in a ,oi-i-on wth Mhe t h-.nes os, ths, 4o,-plptd phtIt-r tph h" record was i the .iel..
Aleosilg of uyste sell aperet, in asseialot wtrn iihe Bones of this .lP~i Tile shells wre iouni bewen the ;rys and in tee sku .I aie, i ensi g o- oyiior sh l OpIe red ih association wI~h the rles of Thii bPri l :he sells were Iond I,- Idn tle)gs -nd in te ku Iarea,
P-t 1iary insii thi liluth and o the Souh oF rihe skl Tii ll of oyster b~ria Thr sells were foun: emweecn mh-, egs and ill her sku i area, pa iclay inside The mou n and to thle south of the irkri] his ls O oyser
ihii corlLitlued to the south of Burial 1 and appeir s o hdvi so,e asocaton with nartic:Il Y irlsiia the iouth alnd { t e sou h of lie .l h is ezn oi I-s ee hell onrinu~d to tle sotlth of Burial atna app~ears to have sone asset arin wlih iuais 2 and 3. ilh] Cnniiled ou te muth oi lurial 1 and appears te have sole assoiatill wii[ iiuriais 2 a,'d s
When EurII ai s interred or ea ie buria {s) as Listurbei lhe urevious iurais 2 nn 3 Ilher Buri 1 ] & ilterr-d an ear orl burilis) was Li ubpd. Thr previews blil ,s) was enogh e t;ier for he flesh Lo be we i 4cnpsed A isas cir d bieP Buril 1 nla intered ar'e rier bu eul-ls)~ as dislcrbe lhe p Fevio bDlri:- s) was enlughi ear ier f(lr he l~ls to be wi deccrmpo ed 4i ascci d 11r was found uner he legs of Burial i. Frthe nvesigaion revealed aburi {s Was enoughl eaier oro -e Flesh t, be we! decolpaed A disasciair Fml was found un4Fr the legs of Burial 1. Fm lr ivest IILi~ifOl1 revealed a
Coble burial dlrec!y to the otl ferl as fould ui14er ihe egs of Burial I, Furter invesifiaion revealed a rnuble buria: directly to the sour
double burial directly to the sola
B lll 2 a, d
lhee tv icies ,.,ee intrred It h? time in Lie an" Sl l pit. Bath Elurial- 2 and 3 Then twoe boies were intrred at em tiiel i n t se src mall pi. Bach ~letns wre allo~mos y~lete The left feur of Burial 2.n wa parcel; Thesei Twi bodes wnere inter'red aL the Slne tinie in the s e Srlal pi ?eLP skeleons were nImost or, late The left emr of Bu~ii 2 ras agppaeniyi
;~TUilied duriyinrtrRrz of Buria ? I title othr disLur&-ncz was Ild i seletu or m cr almost olple J, lh. left femur of burial r' wa a~lparentll disLU bed djrinli iriol.,len( of Buial ittlr other disturbnce was ncd
The two bodlii were ple(:(e, aPparentl w iihuut I.ri h creloy, ;it a iinld I distred du rg ir trmnt of Buriii I Little otler disurbier e as noted
pi *aoul ntie of tli ir could be discrned exlpi iao a -ir ls oFyster shl Th two bodie wormz tlaced aeparentl without:l ri Dchi cereony iprlto int smll Iit. o ouline otfthi Pit could be discered excerpt for a leni a o ystr shll Th w oiswr leU iae lyw otlUhr~m t
flt. o -utline nf tls pit could be Lisceined xcet for a er ls o yser- shll


LI thP -t.. Th, -k- 1 -1 Ld, sl- Y 111.1 1 --, 1 11d lf Thi, li,1-1-din
t, -b, -t. Th a*l -r th, t- 11- -t-11 -a rad Lf TIPrri1ndl
-nii.fill middle, .11, li, I to. -t-lia ii -ru. ih I'll 1bt trli II -t. Ill, T, -1, y, TIL ia su-b, ber d lf I ....... gn

TIP I'll 11 1111, It 11, 11111, 11, 111 1 th rid I baa wl dropped, lto ii kin T,,, --d 1 --11, t- 1, 1111pe. orti fa I.a he chest. The 1r11 -er1 to Ia-e been loose at the side. 0 eody -,S
dropped i ta tle it ard te se Id p1ad dire y on top. T, i ts ,ee L lrn in asocianion wiLh eiher body drope0 into tne nit a,'d the seci placed dbcit: y ^n To ,, o LrtiF cts were ounu in aso iatid with eith-er body.
Bu ~ al ?ioii a ii iirbd

ITe bone r aIT aT,1 El ar T b, i i li lb- -ir a 1ii[ 2 The rOnes oi tlis -uiia( rp '- to be in ionqa LbEIIIr CondliTiml tn.:n n
1. 1uri, is may be -e to tll fac[ that LIre is no evidence f lime in T-1 bones I ul buri lpear TO bTt il omel I t better on.litio ...n ones.
fi Suia Thi lay be hu tI the fic the there is no eideni : of lhle in asso aon wih tie .rle, he ribs, however, v ere ry ustab1e ad crubld ot uria i T11 Il l,y b due r1. L act at tnrm is n evidnce of lime iId ciaation wltn -he b ,e -he rib, 111ver, were dra.. u- Pable and c, -led when rrlOVr.0 Preie-rior, iehniquos were sImila,r o 'ie first buriarl out na asoiaton witn thle bor he rib. lo# eve, wre very unstabhle and cru;,bld hen removed eser tion teem iues were similar -o tj e T ir, T lt bri ]u t l ,alllQiat bther rsul s.r Il@ sul hd ?een ,u kenic d n tee It sid ard was when alered~remati on tP-h ique ero Iilr to tse i-r t burial ut ith ;OmenhaL better resultsi, lul ku l d be erlkenm on (le Ire side ard ras avd in Ir has ilot been deisrnined ii this occurred after iltemeni am wlas iamerhat bette,- resJ The kull hid oeem iieaered l tie lie t ide cml was caved in r has rmt been ietermiled if rbis Iocrre4 aifer 1 errment or wag auied by a bla in life (caue oi deaTh?). Because of is~ lack of iategrity, F red in. It has ri been dctr1ird ii tisi occurred alger inlernn or was eaudd b a: Ilow in life (cause of deah Ocause of i -i hs II, o inytegityh

the bones o the kIll did not hold -ouler i-el: and -he syll -ba lented a.te. taused by 1 fl ;w in 1 e 'ayue 1f deI-il) OCcaU e .. i.. s lhci o integrity>
th, bone oh te skll dil nlt Plti'o chr well, ,d ,11 tu, rual nted aler r T IPd a t h e b o ne o f t h e s ul l d n o t 1 Ii l t o g ete r w e l l a n d tte Ik k l l f a g e ntd at e r
The sex of tisii i~jiidul was detenrli Lo b ,lae, aai, prilari ly irOnl rr;al The -e f this e-di iduat was dehelned to bl-hae, again Tri-larlY fro,, skull oniguraii ASe determined LO be ovr 25 based on dentilion ind The sex of this individual was deerinecl to he.e agaill i ri rl y troar tku .ofigLuri Lor. Age as lte-lnd to b, over 15 .sed r deniion a1d
the conditon o." tie eihysel s skt : e~lmiguation 'Aje Yis d-,lerined to be ow r 25 jasd on denti~ioi rind the condition of the epiphyseais,
the cndiiion oi tle epiphdeal
I-L!d 3
bur s
-is th, first 1 odI interr Tqe 0dlti1ni of the bones 1 ris Bur 4a Ils was the first ody nterred, he toni ons of the bonts in li skeleon were i L Lvd, 1xejt o th h k, rn T i The rit boy in_,rred, The i !ns of Phd T LIePs it this sk~eile wer-e ouiie good, except for the skull the (:rritll rriiy }lad never filled ith Sld aTd, when expoed o the air, te frgi- eirortal bones began ilele-r, wre uit, gohd except or the k-ul 7H. Cranium :vity had nee filled ,ith sand n0, when expod, tie air, the fragile fr1- ta boneI beIt" t deteriorate rtidly and llPlEd. Te1 o-bs were stabilized a in the filled itil sand an, when e se he air, rfe frg e frontal bris began [:C d t~rior~e dlaidy ei ollapsed. The b.n. were sabilie i in the oke burials, to deter Orli te redly and ollped [i~e bones xiere stabilize4 as in the
LP'lll. F-111ti il 0- tfl
:he sex ni this -nd idual -as etermned Lob Bioepl. Exair tiol o tl cIrbuis
Th e se o tis ;,diudua kas deigerni~o to ti e-le Ex, i~ror of tL skul1 i~il h:ill i isowed th bolh frontti bose, pC.I... the 1ronoun fd he ex o thir r, idfil ,as dP erlPned Ti -e bt-,-le iraiaion of I t skull WXi fle t Iif iit /u s owed the smoth fronal bore,. lackring the protnouncd
toru of h ife h- le At he base of the ,;uli the nuch crest waP no- d-eloped, kiiull ilE sil in sitt showed the "moott frnta! bone, lacing the 1ron,ed Ioru, of rie i11[ b lf tIT e base f the skull the nuchal ert wa no developed.
to us f e f e. At the -ase of the skuli the cal cret w no develoed.

te as heated t,, be a- 1eeSt Z5, qyii, ,ased on dentition and -he ,,nditiob
vge wa rtlatd io be at least 25, again base4 oil dertiion and Lhr I-ondltn
if the eipelI' OF he three indiviilalis wona htdhth poorest teeh. Age Was estinated th be at least L5, againn hased on denpi-ion an the -2,d l ton It tIe e.i.hyoals i the three idiviuals .i.. had the poo,et teeth,
it, a gleast one Itrme cariet in %ie e,, third blal, of ate etiphYseiis th, I te ,Sree IndIIiduTl this woman hah, the poors teeth WIlh st one ex,,reh aar-i, the ,eft thhrd 1-ale
Invetiatiorks jus south of the double burial rfeveled n pit outline ,irl wit n & east onl exree caries il i hei ef ti,- l.
Invetigaion just Smrb o[ ihe dblbe burial revealed a pit out in& wi
t -e oxia ] e{1 of a long bone exooe Tish area aa !ot to be imb-ced by Investiations ju Souh -a d ,e double burpat revealed a :t Otbllne l al
thF ,r xi lal end of a lng bgne ex,. e- This area was el to be ita-c by
coFitr.clio l a. nas t/orao r left in itu The owner at I ro"Ert i-= the ireYea? end or long bone exose .is area was not t b impaed by

crnsr .ion a.d Fa therefore left in Sid. The owrc" of th roorty ni
advised of the pasibility of a iourlh grade in thle area :ensrctoor an8 ws therefore left in situ Tie ownr of hi -ronert wls
aadvied of the p siblity of a 'urth gra r 1, the r .. re--uth iln9 tregch was Oug between the burials ar the souh wall adisd of the yo sibilii a for h grave in the area C Ilerth ouh footing trenih waS dQ'g between Lhe buils at( tile south wal
of the tno;i, N ruclure. No -ril fares were loated 1-- in t i tr n A n.orlt -souh footbing Irt,~n was dug between Sal burils aLi the south wall O the etndin# s-rucr, NO aurIt 1 i al flat-e were located within tt, 1 ir-ecn
A large grease tra, .aproilirely 4 meters by 2.5 retr in depthi wi excavate4 OF ti*e sandh%' stmlture. o burial feature were located nit~li. tis trench
A large 9ase traps, lro i el-, y 4 ieter by 2.5 eters in depth t -xcavae
i t e wi of 4 i, e buia .. j-, east F. h te Stet fil il ar ar- reas ra, ao ir e il b reer I d t a excavate tle 14 1t o. .ne b'rias, lust earL of carlotte S-r1et. 1o b'lC, ria 1-diisovred in that area A possile b:-rleo lay flroo acion ap/lroXimteby to tie west of the burial, just est O Clllotte S--et. -l- ills ,de o, discvered in that area I posible brned lay loor sectioa 2 brwi da-t Wy

b. lerF .oFle e Fsn i t ea F p F-le Fn ea 1:s L I:.iliF rnch F O.o . t 1'I posibl e burned lay loor le .i FF. appro.imat.-y 2o F. ilL b r il 1li
thr soui wdl of the exiing uild ng also revealed no evidence oi [uials~ 1.5 meters could be seen I n F ie atk yoi arl mt t s uti~ity trench lee the routt mal of rme exisilg ouildirg u]so r eeledi n } evider-ce ;,f buri S.

F.e l re o d l were F o.l, d F. F he e ft e h Fhe ut wal o the F.-lil F Fld.inF Flso realed no 'it Ir Ce ... br s .
Sonme s all areas oi dmu ;re foud i. ie east west trench.
lt appears tia: the thre buriali excaatedn frol SA 23 y be isolaed rom SCe sl-l areas of d,-ub ere Irlns inii he wet t,-elch t appears nt rth he bulrlls excavteo i~om SA 13 miiy be isolaed rrmrl

the bUril;, n in 94Z n iarlot- tr-at rfd trai -t eburial 1,fIaated ir -t appeFrs at .he .Ia burFa.s I -c ..ted flir h, 23 -y i..l.ed f ro
tie brias found in i94 ol Chrlote Street ald ret, i Ie burth, -ct-d ir
]96 9 under tle t eri gs Houe aoll King Sret (SA. 28l-1). A there is no :ie burils foild ir 1924 re Chdrlote Street Oald nrr} te b~rias elaated ir

t I, -1tth t- SW 1-1f 1 ,p- 1 -h h, t ..Il .... .4 ,I t. i f. F F... F.i
I-, thder t-e Her1iag" h.. e ln, King 5tre' (S& 8 ibb b, thre i .a tn t f e b r i s v e r e d i- tF etr e x ca'a" ton i c 1 i.Fnn b i l l u no e r t e H1F F1.1 hou ,Fa.l g KFll. F.r t F. 2 3i t -e i slig
I th, d-11, 11,h, I',- te I th, e,.,,,ded tre-, is I. eaid,,,,, -o - kII i detirrlned if tey are fron the are cemrlee or froll a later eletr ssori ted iatlnq of tthe burialsi recovered !n these earlier [oruf ini eiaitos itn cana

-1a, -d ;Id jH,, S, b,, :md il, -,,ib tilt l. tb, ll I. t "as -l-, 'ha tl h t h e e i g h ted n ti l cn u y osp i a E cau r e o f t h e a rti ct f o-d Ii t r e - tlin o t h e r-1 ,T 1r e, 1 0 1 t h1e s le a r i e -e.. i ,v a t s iild t -a n b eI"

... I. IF. WrF. F.F.F.F.F.F.. F.l" Sal 1, F
uiSOCa n with J ri a i he roe [rur ia fou of SA 23 can be placed ini som ,hteegtenhcnu opia.Bue{ e ari3: oudidelinhLed cibitey re fro tae enetour iro lte r 8e'teurd asiate
asso iat on it tie s xte 'Iti cen arY chu ch. lth u h .,e oub e b ri l as oci tio wi h inlai1a he hreebliiii fOu o S/ 23 can e p a{;d i som h & e e ghte nti- e tury l [Jl a Beca se r t a tif tS U d i

1-ass cidio th Brial t hree buries fnf of S 23 caIt be paced in se
associaion with the siixee~t entry church, l~ani dna~e ableurisi
#r-dab d th- ilex e, d huilal. there is no evidernce Or suggesf that it is ia~clnian i th tle si ro S[ er, i T hai een ugaested hat ri drmhie Luriai rlignIt av brn re-dre dai.iiedi ihei extended biral ther isid re evdec togyi sugges tta
,irbf ied ]dimS o non[at~olis brie iR tlsftct~ie grund hatwas ate Pr-Soa'is" It asbee sugest tht te dublebural mgh hav bee gr-datd t'e extend L'ril te'e :s eidelle )sugest t t i
rr~iidndbs }tzdlodrs rr on-Oatholics burie ir ansa[ ctjfled 9rou!] that WaS ater Ireanih ii "di been sqgesea that t -e do b e burial might have beer
ill~adiede indur the sanctifiedic section if tnanfiec cell leter The} ilah Is nv
includede n~ the saqc~rifledi section of tlee ceneeery, hey) tiil also have bce,1 ItaFnid]ni ar non-aniii buried ini u[ancfied gron#, tat asi iecer
S ie fpidiic d w-rfr, owIer ....e lI, o ll-k d ..h ..r..' ahi b inc uded in te sactifie setion o- te Ce;letery lh mFht aFo have .en.
rvli i m of pineIiT or warfre however, the L'a o it"r -h ..u-ia[,b rh1
,#ClilISi of e[)[deael or Welre: however, the Irac ol other iuch burial s i h

,e1 churchr waus nroe tadra ys west" wthf tCesaritr ~l[]y r, e
nea ,h chuireh Wvl nos Uliented Iast-wes wiih the sacristn
md.~~~~~na Tienit "eudS were generally topn;:i th @sn a c icnqte lt a o
Tend- Te ed IT- 1y t th es a ,id facing t l s 311111111 If tI I. ...... 1, tla-,

}m~~~~~~~a~~~~ir,~~~h. ahe brroch ]gio n]} Tt-isltoii placest the three~o buikI O ,2 od lilm'-Tebas #r eeal h at gi
,... Io ri- IT, 1. T-i p e t ee-t-ialsI irI "I 1- stitI of ,1"
ot eihCli -I--er b e ri ehi, possiiift i 1te the -r i
1 th, if III, I[ b,, Ilifeni~:n ir iniiir, lie i -n

-f h p h o e e f u r ai t e cIrtl-,A fasterc 1: )ioth" "i" T h 1 a t .d 11 h tiS

osier ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ciln aiil noLi tht lnh ams h ot rr rhes f"pi so h riest weo lre fenuriedoo fai irl nurl iii,,i~ l bt a r s a !1iol -o- 1 a 1 no rI h .n. n.r.h..e. I T T lIT,
t- ll ic vtt, I, th, ,Wi il It (I ... t, "IIIi~ uniilrbe

tht ody m b r i A towr d t Ie At oy i b t e t t rt o r1es a y a t il o ( t t t t u iSO l i h Fl~iter 1160,]48). !f t" TiT)l extended bu ri lT ". A f Iit would I11ee
A A 9 I_ if Ith.e I- T, I ~ ci h- h extended ur a I, At tpe tI 1 1 IoT d 1-ect

T AT n rh e a, r i .- -h ... I- insid the 111 hurc -tr IT60-It- 7- h,,, e e f. 11 I

C-11 e a r T,11-311, 1ou- Iean t I- bi-el t, aid. chtI A l-h
;tru ture. ecmuse o heav eath removalin t e lae nineteeth or e-Yl te t feh de i[L I TT is wuld mean hat the b
s u t re A I ys of-I I. (Ii, re o a nII I,, t -e l, IT, etrl

1,~ it If t~rv IT er - a h I ITT l l~1c f OT L th t T, ,I-tld 196rif ) thi ATde stutue I c s r h ye hr~ r
twetietorl inu th~re r w lle lnr evld c f i e, t t trhf this ode l

t i III hIt 1 ur h I t -l t d th e t ....o ..f a t b i ls, Ol-twehti e th ent ry tere w l- ITtt Is 11lt. I 't, tntetc IoT
Iit ar i 6 Il tha 7 th ..... II 1 th, hl t ofII, t h b. IT, on- t ,
A 24 7hi >ul8 p~ac tl idea ce ceuvio he r oox oF tn churchi t is POSib e thai he churchrilqh be OC Lted t

r IIIe If ther o h t e w d to e III 2 h,, w...d Iah;rwh-s- O :14A i th ifsde p- itt r ItI
I, Tole tht frt, the IId eah t- OT, I # .... 1, so, ,.
idto t If 1-1y 1t j I 1 at d ist o e d a -rt f rth er r I o n T norhe rn Ied e i...f,

ev Iden I Io th"I, or 1 i tln ehre surA flt a ric I 1s od-1

SI T h 14 e TO m - r1 s 7 and 3 will be e~it : r a s .or 11 th er- e d e 1os1p 1 1 o1 re-e1 t thi s t eal I i 11-d -rli i -i~th ". k I II,, -th-, dS. If 5A 24 ,1] -d- .... t- ItrL, It tl, t ... h. S, 2l -[,I, It- III- t h- I. t I, ,;r If 1:11 hill',

The tITrls O IurI-ls 2 ,,d 3 sll,, be-k l o Clar ra - thr frt urh T r I,- f- AIT-1, 2Th,1d I O,1 1 A, C-1 -ils I al 3 1 ht
T, Iis C, 1i 1,,is. 1 .....

I[l61, "Fill, Hospita U.S.I.' Ii- -elh V-l I02 I-6 ii ... H -cta lUS.,. J lo a Iath' l l 602),

1972 'A' p'hm-,Wrpr c klta ran foul a17 '1eB811I It ugsi ne Ford. Un1 bise MS nfl ihISF 92'1-rlmnr eoto klea e-isfuu Ist B28LIIi St a usa n f

1naM- n anau y a a or a a
1 3 Smanih St Augutine: Th L rc ia o aC lo l CreleCom2 ln demic Pt'es, New York 1983 t S )a ish S n Isie: Th i j Arch elL of Cl il Creole Coomluni:y

a a aa ica m sHaa&ayaa. aie nt a7 (esa, naua n .t a.a- a !987 e~rso a.uni af ri i AgsilToi
Foste Gerg I Flmnr Foster>~ iifer eorgein iur Foser George
I 6 Cule r,d Couest UAm iiheica's Saillri likh ig FVI6 pu 1cations~ur uiie ci z-il on ie821 ii l Tho',log 7,u 1960ai ile Ciri ure t' wilr O~PR 9) l oglqn i AFn rcam~ uet; aista S ?-an il rlttg Vikin 8L Fun u ca

a-3 h 1p (o -. -y aI a r Co
1 l i o 11 Ahe 11- 1. e l t 1l7 l, III fork
1911, d I,- ikIqF- Pbl tl

a,6 1 H- i 13. Tae Ilenh los .. ..i. Til a alll. Waah, a1s, aew a'aor1'

aIII 's a,, a ine .: Th es rc r l E -"1
St Aqut,, i oialSoieyi 77 'IS lu u i e 580:r The Resea,-chc. .,rojec:. Elrr Eslbao VO]. 4, uurie luna

a. a i, aa1
a a a a a, al a a a a a l a at. a ar, ,t a -,-ri. 1 eA .11 o K lK tf tn ii Kelley K c Alahllle
1 a a E,
K. a A a aoaal.- Ar al aasin.Uaaa-hea .S teisa et.aanlapo g, N~sr Snradaa aeadaasuyoFacurhardhsptl ae
Ford tt nt i i "sI t s e il 14 ,
i I a orad n
arson. Clark Spn Clc Lar~iIen' iClark Spencer L<,rsen ,21a Spencern vb cfl l

-19 aa "S rs an a,at aao a Santa C lin e laia
e t s e n" aa ata aa a inna l -e auni An!yisofun i

aelis, ar asntd oth a sa he oit aFiso -87 "tes adad ai asSn1 Cr iad S l ;A alssr~ m s
laaro1y Gea aa,
!976 TieiliU~ i[iterprise lir -lu-i ,a lhe unvrit -seso Fe d.( nsil
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