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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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1618 n.d. ST AI 53-2-10 bnd 959, p. MI68 n.d. S A I 53-2-10 ind 959, d. 1. 161a .d. S AI 53-2-10 bnd 959, p. 1.

Spain. Fray Luis liaronimo de Cre o rown. Snoin Fray Iis Hieronima d, Ore to Croar. Spai. Fray Luis ioronimo de Cre to Crown.
(co op) 1 (co'y) 1

"Comis r-io y Prouralor de 0s reliioss de la Fol- "Comiari n Prourador de los reilicses de la n "C amisa-io y Prenuralior d. ls rLe 0iiJos de la Florida". Petitions for riests to be sent i la.-. rida". Pdtitions f- priesI to be se, to Fla.-. rida", prtitjos aor priests tobe ent t m. .
Apalcheo, La Tama, acha.a a-r Saila El ndian Apdi lcie, La Ta, a Sant- l- an AIalache, La Tama, I acha;ur and Sa-ta Cleria Indians
are asiing for baptiism MeN lons Ju-n de Salir.e. re ankin, for bptism. Mrtins Juro de Solinas. are a-king for ba:tism, Mcion, Juan de Sal;a.

1 S Fb 15 1 A1 -1i-6 ec bd f 99 p. 1. 1 eb 15 53-2-6 doc 3 bd 1099 ;. 1. 1 11 b 15 2 AT 'I-6 do, bnd "109 1..

S is lte. ,eni pt. Ju- d ni Cit. Ji d nti pt. Jw dC
eor'o -Itn M. de t B It-1r i r i coro n ,ndez, It. tn r Cuz, e T o ro n M nde pt. ta
o de 40 i .

,T -2

1 113

,l b, d I ]L a 1 17 bnL 1 17 b- 1 .
P DrZi~ion of a Pzt 4 ..1 S .. eti an .f P ts1 3 L z.. i3.f .Zriol b i-A -.

ao r ..r F on

i ia i or u 0 F0
aI a a

61 ... r7 1 t-1 En 105, '. 1618 4: .C7 h 5.?-11 bnd h .0i p. l11 tpr kT A. Sh21 hn 1S3. p. A.

San --in. Pettion of v. Jan d Trno Sn ci Petiton of uov. J~ o Petition f v. an Tno

u ed f pe l t c-t n 1-r 1i rf p t ut no fo ned f t a c to 0 0 0 1 k:

uii ckho 1 V -V knh. to cooe F.- l r bn. Ih. k f Si. t'l- Joy IU it~al lo, 4. .

1 a VI

1618 Apr. 9 ST AGI 54-5-10 bRd 1162, p,2 1618 Apr. 9 ST AI 54-5- IO bd1162, p.2 1618 Apr. 9 ST AdI 54-5-10 bod 1162, p.2

Madrid Royal Cda adrid. Royal Cedula Mdrid. Royal Cedula (Copy) 2pp (Copy) 2pp (Copy) 2

To GCo. of Cuba Sancho de Alguiza; order.roin.or- To Coo, of Cuba Sancho de Algui; orders to inform To Cov. of Cuba Sancho de Alguia; orders to Lnform black i Cuba and to send to Fla. the ones needed blacks in Cuba and to end to Fla, the ones needed blacks In Cuba and to sed to Fla. rho ons needed and qsod. ad requested. and requesrd.

ID0 0

~_i. 1; ----;: :-I; .~ril_;;i= -~; i;,; -r, --_;_-- ---.-;,
r _--: =.i
Ll;i --_- _----I ~=: l- -r-i~ i
~' -

b Tiun. 18 ST AGI 53-2-11 bnd 1208, p. 1 62 Jun 18 ST AB 53-2-11 bad 1208, p. 1 1M Jun. 18 ST AI 53-2-11 bnd 1208, p. 1

Spain. Petition of Fra Lorenzo Martinez Spain. Peition of Fray Lorenzo Martinez Spain. Petition of Fray Lorenz Martinea
(Copy) 2pp (Copy) 2pp (Copy) 2pp

Cutodi of Fla. petition to crown or pe ond o on o rown for pion i pit n r C utodis of Fla. petitio- to crown for pernmeiion t
eturn to Fla, in ship going to HiFbna. Return to Fla. in ship going to Iabana. Return to Fla. in ship going to Habana.
(date that of Conrejo d' Indi) (date that of Connejo de Indiau) (data that of Conajo de Indias)


s i A u 2 7 b n 1 p A u 1 .I1 A- 7 n 2 p 3 e-2 u 3 .Z l n -1 b n 1 9 p .I. .

to tov. to Gov. to Go.
(cop:--a (.c--; ", (cop jcy.

calls "y' Cdl ich he cou1 :oove ec o l Cdula cy whic h h cold r co 1i 11-, 1Ioy 3odula by hich cold r cov money a r1.rer :Grcial. PItiti-ons his -di r- =ory n! druor Hercis. ititmons his b-iti -on on y ,n de:: Macial. P tI tonr h- 5-"
.i fo dy .nd iupplies fa dr- -, .-i -, y r. -nd lie f druo rer, ..
Pstra s wa in prion. Gov. J; n e Slin. astrnn wa in rion. G i -in was in 7rion. Gcv. Juan e lins.

12 um2 1 ST al )'-h-1 bnd 109. p. 11. 11 7l T 1 5-p-1 ba 1CUj. 4 1618 aui r 5 17 1 p. --.

0tinl, 3- 't .aI. ." Ca.i I. f n

to_ pr- Cule c ti d. to reent e'ul 3niond. o pre nt C .? 1 nticrd. Pa ,+trana di, not rTceive, since 1615, hi ack pa P trane Si not receive, -Le hie a p y P trans did not reive inc- 1615, is b 1 u v8 0 02 l A e I i 1 ( o0i s11 Sp1 cni 0 58b 6(otius11 e

t one de 1 trane to "a. n Opt. 10m a de Easte t""o ,. on agu in;
1 S 1 2,.7 1 20 l

0 0

1a ,u ?5 pj JI 5--I-17 bn 130, s.1618 A- -S ., T *+-'-17 bnd 11 .11 Aug 2 .-C i 17 bad 105, ,.

-. utO o v Jun -.hoc11,d F rauto .f v;- Ju e Ii .c . aton f ov. n. r

friend or 1 duc cs f i hi ,te- f i or y : ie. h f h or i a c f nhi t S n : io viri. e, iL e viin tr vii .

( ( (co ti: )

0~~ 0-1 b,~0

11 00 17! 17, 111 d
0 0 t 0

lI .e V. :a 5 -1--s In 109, 1. *3 ISIS S 1 VL z yi-5-1 bni 199, p. 1. 5 lilB Iep 10 .,I 7--5. b:. 109l p. &

eov. Juan de alir-s Gov. J n d l ..

rmi0 b h .v a a ooI o 3 o0la.. i to a 1 A p.

0 T :l d not -5: it. so Royal Chat t!o not iv it. -e l Cheea :c not v- it
0 0 f!

li e : I 5 1 bsa ,.L !iu s I -7 brg109p.& 1 15-17g 10 b d p.

poor C; ditin of i n Loor c tio of idaiton o Io f C to.
( (I

V N V~xs~x~~ U%~S ~ ~ Z*~ V~< N

'~ tt ~~ a ~ t

Nb Nb Nb


ta of Acy1 Off Certif tion of o O f i 1if iio of oy- l Offi il 1520 He 8). (ont n 120, for S. o-t 161, 1r1 .

0 0 0

N1 i kJl 5 10 bd11 i. 1 iov 20 a ,I -5-10 bo 12 2, i. 11 o 2C-, A 5 ad 11 .

n c,, J n o ile t i: 1. S:, -u ti Jun de li to : in 3-i ii. o.. Janind e i z, l-- .

-ncer- ain different : tter ; re it-cia taken of C-n Tlin,: differ n ttere: residenc- taken of G e resieo i taken of
o n .e m.. sup ort f0 !nh Go, J n de Tr-in ui- Iot f- In iU ov Jun e reino Guill ; sp ot fr L in
nt ov,' iic to prof o- hat the ork in -e and nv.'s ie to, pro o th the. ork i. the nd cv.'s ile to ]ro ,o t t th, rk in the
fiel ; C0,d fo r on inf1 t0, 0o a t e 0 fi1 ; nee for re inf ntry m n to co e 0 f ls; nee for me infntry men to co 0lt
tions. Diocusces fort -an narco and it ct.strue o tion Disasses fort a }uecer no its anotru o tions. i-cssea fort an Ercos and it can tion. rooes r g ini tra n t lC ti o s e g initratin to To tion. Prooes icig rl t ion oc ; c ot c C crC c C 0cC CC

;-- ;-i - ~~w

i:;- i,-I-i-(- Lri.-;i--r t

-~iI-.\ _.;

1618 Nov 20 ST AGI 54-.517 doc 80 bnd 1114, p.15 1618 Nov 20 ST AGI 54-5-17 dic 80 bnd 1114, p.15 161 Nov 20 ST AGI 54-5-17 doa 80 bnd 1114, p.15

San Agustin. Go Juan de Salinas to Crown San Agustin. Gov Juan de Salinas to Crown San Agustin. Gov Juan de Salinas to Crown
(Copy of one paragraph of letter) (Copy of one paragraph of letter) (Copy of one paragraph of letter)

Due to lack of money in Fla. Gov. suggests that istea De to lack of money in Fla. Gov. suggests that instead ue to lack of money in Fla. Gov. suggests that instead
of having 3 Royal Officials, these be reduced to one of having 3 Royal Officials, these be reduced to one of having 3 Royal Officials, these be reduced to one
and one Tenedor de Bastimentos. Reply of Cnsejo: at t} and one Teneder de Basoimenton. Reply of Consejo: at tl and one Tenedor de Bpstitentos. Reply of Consejo: at r vacancy of one Royal Official position it is not to be vacancy of one Royal Official position it is not to be vacancy of one Royal Official position it is not to be
filled; will leave only 2 officials filled; will leave only 2 officials, filled; will leave only 2 officials.

l Dec ;2 I 2-5-,/10 sr a 0I . 118 1. 5 i 2-n- /1 r 1107 p. 1. 1518 Jaec 2 r AI ?--/10 ff1l i.

:e of t. o f nsto de a o Kn. r of a (t t n(cop 1 co a St lon a d as crved Cro oe t 4 pt lon de Ans 1 eve r o t lan0 d Als serve ron no h. a a

0o 0 0C; '0
ye rs. Det Go 0d description of er s c onn y a. aild scri ticn f evic ion year. ld itio of servicss t-icc

518 Dec as u 5m 2/10 hi 17 ~161F8 ec S K A /10 1107, 1 1618 kc 2 5 /0 bE Z D. T

e de v niao. ieition 0o receive 2pt. Jonso de nez de vennIo. Petitio to recive pt. 10ooo 3 as e Aved no, 2tition to rocei m pt 10 o a l-j ;o- n- to o i l a to or in ?o- ta -1 dl a or
hi poYition wa v t. ,io t t thI eis -ii i tion wa- -- rt. C aion th & iti il pc i or wa n v N ion th t thi tn ta- ratl l7 ir o r i l, n r tion w 1a d t hi0 s of Mrii Ip J- a ar tion 7- -r to to h ir of ,o 10 n rft of o --aooulf t C io to Ofiall- I-fn 1

Sae 2 /10 107 1 e 2 /1i bn 11 1 nc so 5 3. 2/10 0 1 7

a 2 i fiOcent1dr0-,

1 1 cc n i l a 1 ni cuo 1i y lo. n i 1 ( a .. 1 1 p 5 c, by n- a 1 ; 1

0i 0i 0-'Od .11 ir

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