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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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1 7?) ST ka 53-2-11 bnd g p. 1. (107?) ST AIi n ..3-2-11 Unt 9 p. 1, (2 ?2 ST AI 53-2-11 1- t44, p. 1.

Sn AIgust ? pt_ Ja ac de ai. S Agusi t. Ju ar de abia. San ACJ, r? pt. Ju2 5a1cia de aia. (coiyaFgra m1 d: 1 ( incople) 1 3. (caa icopleat I F

e tc Floria in 1 9 s 'ed ar in Fla, I: aer to Iaorid in 159r l years Fa I e t Florda '2- a 1 y i-ars i Fla, I !96 -l'v. Domin]o Particz Avendaac we- i Fla. 1-9 Gor. Domi Io arti s efic w b to Fla. 19 Go,. Dolingo art ez A eric we i Ph tak:1 1 sie: rls to rr in i. later on 3 v. tai s e irl o y in Fla. ae- on v. ta li si is o rr in Fla later on 3 edez i :z tr Fi. a soldier o t. Mendez i no e c Fl. taki slies fo f t Mendez a e t t Fl tkig e for f0,

i1607, S- AI 5--2-10 -a d 909, 1 1C7, S tI 53 I2d-10 hd 909 p iS f1171 ST AI 5- 0 y u p. g .
A-i). A :a Pese Pstr o o, 1Al Pastrar ta ror.. ). Aln Pau sra /2 .
p (core; 1 1 I/
Due to, v .a cs unls he i l p r ei ir 16: aa3 -o Tne it a e i a rr ic6 to a, et a -e :Le n i i f ai cpL, n oe of t e c a le u loria' f l- n e oaf th t ni s e Flor l o Cit. a t, o nes u' Floa id.'a s t r eeall 11 :-' ,,rir e ir Fl. mcn-ttre o yv. -', t all I 1 F service irf la. t calls 18 y i i I. e, F llo $ G, Do i,: [Pa-tLnEz eIan,-7.a ter A: trd Sp in rSrp -artine A i tr Sp i artinez iove:e. A"- r his i S au ,' n,1 t- F]u. d i ',,. PEdr : u Iard a. Aks tor :t 1s t, Fla. ,;i14 Gov. Ped- A, d barra. iie f ")t. "I$ t F 1. i: Sr PGo". : dl I'arra. A-,s for ut. 5
sala e s..... hi ni!ao Iii 6 ot ei ary he salan bca,, 6 o rir* IiD ...... i ala a lary -.. h- ,-trt, Wp aaea! o' napamr

~a_;;~ ~;;; i:r;~r;i

';I---- ~t"li-- -"

S107 T 'i, i -f-? b- WJ. p. 1. 1 r S AI J--9 hnd 945, p. 1. l? S iSI 5 --9 bre, 9E, p. 1.

il fA Fa ial f l d ptl of 1Alos d, Fatraa.

era cl di t-e pri o u.i S f Flo- e cria includi tFl rric c u ie for Flo- i2 l the r fL
ri-o aLra i: Serie b- pt. Aio a stran id arragd i Svill c. Al::so de Patrana rd rarad in Seill z t. Alcs de Pastrer
Copy dated: -a, A -atin, c 11, 160', il by Copy dated: a- A De 19 16C7, sied bL 00p, dated: o"a Ag stin, Dec 1607, a d by
C V. Pedro de oIbarra a ecribane Aoo la Pr escribal Al se de 1- >0a. o., PePdro do Ib a ao escibar, A, s d 1 Ve-.


1~Y fT ! gI..t~l* b.q *.4. 2W'!' fl 54-V-i" brA .V~. tt' F.' A~ fI9-~" it.? V~.

a a d

0 0 0

1% % 1

1k'? ni i.44fri A2 Wr~-bat N. I A~Z5.41 b

0 1'

1% 1%

16C7 F.eb 5 OT A!I 53-2-9 nd 881, p. 22. lo 1 T 2- bad l, p. 22. 7 F AI 2 81, p 22.

Spair. Alono s Patran t Crown. Spen. Alcnso de Patra-a t Cro n. Spain. Alonso de Plstrane tc Crcwn.
(copy) 2 (co.) 2p (copy) 2
Ass to b -t. -f tho slaps Csle C ratacin is As, t be 'p. Lh, sips s dorntatac!- is Asks to he uDt. f tie s o n easa oe CoDiteraon i so di, t Flia. tt, 'da oa, senin, t k.11i ,p li-s anr to receive "oooda do senin, to 01a. iftsiep nl o ta de all
cosnt" and permission totake ei ants to Fia, costa" anr aramissio to tak servans to la. costa'" ord peri-ssi o take serials to Fla.

1607 Feb 15 ST AST 51-l3- bnd 9, .p* 1. 1607 Feb 15 S' AII 54-3-1 bad 96, p. 1. 1607 Peb 15 S A-I 5S--1 bn-i 95S, p. .

avaia. Bishop of Cuba u i n de J las a c v ees o Kr i. Havaa. f srol p of C -a J; s d I1e s Cazas o King. iavasa. Bishop of Cba Juan de las Cavezas to Kirg.
30. 3P. 3 p=

Advi rwqrd It s r Jlan ef dez Van ies flr h Advises ro re;r taer sorr Jua, Yenedi .r u for h advises ti re0~ i Tesrero Ouan Menendez Parque for .
i sornniC in Flota. mantle Maraues accopnie his airice in li a. lemI Aes Iaroes [aompanr d hij service in Floid a. enr iez Marles aoccmpaie Bislop on "I isitas" while in Fla. Reid l ter rm Bisp o- 'sitas" ile i Fla. Receive letter from Bihop on "istas" e i Fla, Receivc lettr fro
Go, Pedro al de Ibarra an Olfiials. COr. Peda d Ibara official. Go. edr d Ibarra and ficas.

S 0

IiCitrl Ut Afl IA-C-" b-A *1. 1At~fl..' rrz IL-(-~ bM %2, p. :.. nrm.r 1 3~ AU a-i-~ crJ%., r. *i.

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! I; ii!:- v. ,!. i!, a -- -.,.." "'
, nt f ]j r i i l .i a .T,

* Ila,* I ST kI! 1...f-17 Ij.j $1, ,. t&~Ihr1 P A~ ~44~ ?A~2 ti, ~'. I,. *4(7 !Ifll V 2'? q-3-~ al t~i.

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T: ic

: ai_ :: -:-



;i _--~----:lf~i _lr- .; : ;:I;_;~.--;:ii,-- --; ._ -_ ;~-;-;;:: I~:_--- --;-- ~-i,::--i :-

*- 0

N1 1%

'.0? fl? ... 2.-'~-7 ni ISV j.* 1~. '4r7 ro.. S-'-'.? iii irr r ~? 6. !~4~? .I 1107 r. 1'~.


u~u rr ~-J-~ '-:1 rw, *.. *-. ~ n.r r ~' :i-.$.? r. C7 ~, A: 2I-?IP ha V*C, 1'.


*t,? Il-i. *j~4 ~*~r* ~*, i~c~ V&'* j4 ~ *.. L:r r~. Ii.' :Nq. .

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1607 Mar. 4 ST AGI 54-5-18 bad 1193, p. 1 1 607 4 ST ArT 5 -5.18 bnd 1193, p. 1 1607 Mar. ST AGI 4-5-18 bd 1193, p.

Madrid. Royal Cedila Madrid Royal Cedula Madrid. Royal Cedula
(Copy) p. (Copy) P. (Copy) p

To Cas de Contratacion; gives orders allow To Cas de Contaarn; gives rd to ala T Csa de ontrtaion; ives oders T a
Cpt. Alonso de Pastrana to return to Florida where Ct. iAloso de pastrana to return to Florida where Cpt. Ainso de Pasatraa to retrr to Florida where
be is to serve as Cpt, of one of the coppanie. he isto e as. of d of theoeojnies. to serve as Cpt of oe of the ae anieo.

IC? .~ .4 *, I' r V r ~ L2 l ~ (T ar-S Pr 1, r r7 ,

1%: 1% ~ -.-

: :---

9% 94%9

1 %----_- --- .-1. _

i" HP -lP

* 00

L p 5 S AGI 5-1 b 9, p. 1 160 pr 5 ST I 53-1- b 949 r 1607 pr 5 ST A l $-1-4 b 9, : Q .

"ad-id. Consejo de Indld o KiId. ? airid. Ocms c a India ig a i Co j de Inias ti jg.
P. t

Pc ti C a i F id i t be e Posit f Clado- i FIcda is vc b cause P Oca i a I Barticd- d Argu'ies isi- Cpin with lens. Pre Srtolom4 le A ig~olle s in S2painr it, ies. p o. Barom de Arguell s i n Spin ith lcr-, Prop sis r sitin Ja de Salaa Garie ari peais for p5s1-i a7 --n d S'alaza, Ca-iol C rio posis fr oilio: Ju d Sal4ar- Gabril Carri! d aurriao it Florida1 a onted i Floria was la ta in Florida.

~~~~~~'C7~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eq 9-mg oi c *p. 4?t ?1! iSil .- 'O 9'A &~4 dWp

1t7 Vat q~ ;.~ 54-~.'& LU q~, r&. Wi Xw 2? ~'! 5A..t1& Li q~* IcC? ~q' 9? A~T ~.- -Th brA 'r. p..


0 0 0

t C a

LJVF War 2 r i 514-2A bt ill V. 11.- T'ir 8! 71: 5. -l 1 i p 1 9 ] ,. 7w' m : 9--7 b I p.'1

_.?C7 1jI i ] ] 1 c 1 :75 ff !1 11 ef 2 :i.5 7

-1 x- F j I I,-TcFE-a

0r 00

160L i q1a6 T a! -5-9 d I2, p.i. 67 ST 11 5--9 bi 72, p. 1. 167 ay 16 ST Al 5,-- i i 952, p. 1.

Concarnirn 4is gov'r]rip i d ilish ai Fr Co cerning hi 1o vrorsir: killd Englis 3si r Concernir hi get rn rship: kille Enlish and F r i pris- : rs in Fla. is 1: and -iij thi cor i r piso ers in Fl', ?ir an es ar, n e-, h corsai pris- .e S if, FIT. 'isj co u d *i s a ni 'r- _'-r it IT, -1, 1 ip r!re'> aL u'r I '- T-a1 a 1a
Yitl -nian o th ou d, I ,t e ni itl I ~n l e la l d n de i- h r ane f rh -,t deir Bca e a u l

n"ea o Indians. _! fr more- peple t ctnl e-u st o Indian'. Hea frt m pepl t c=n con o i Ilans 1:33 fir -re ecle t ,c t ;

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SMayW 16 ST T b4-5-9 I -52, p. 1. 6C y i ST Z 5.-5-9 bid 9?52, pr. l f l Ma2y g 5--9 b 952, p. 1.

Card 2. :ard 2. Gard 2.

xeditin irr adn r ". i o of v ne x edti "irra d e", Diofy tf r ver car x edi is ,.a "i, r a r ". c v, y f rer
ias a liguel o a 1 Ca s ,wat nqiitio in ocas a a' ,' a F nciscans ln flq t n in 3ccas a ig ra., Fr anc ,s a t ir aisitin Fla.; i h of be nd tar l di ee. As, peri- Fl.; i p o uj d arra -i agree. A s l m4- i.; Bislop ci b a I a-ra disagree Ask, ',as- f Jan uJ ez de o Rios t ake anirac i s n or Jua e lo Ris a cctract ita s f Jar ez e los i c-'tra e r id ea vi s F me t i il fr sup lies f F i. Denis iee O t pi t a c de RuJ isu- ic e pain t r Pedo de EiZ. is cs o a Sai Fr- Pedr de Rui. Disc

" r.i,


1607 Jul 2 ST ai -- 88, p. 2t. i60 Jl 2 ST AlI 53-2i- bod 81, p. 24. 1607 Jul 2 ST AGI 53-2-9 bnd 881, p. 2.

Spain. Alns ePatra pain Al Pasttra. Spn. Al a Pat Spain. Alnso de Patraa.
1 p/ 1/ a. I l p.

Because fleet to :e Spain wll neo depart, he is Beca ue fleet o e,, Spain 1ill not depart, he is because fleet to 'eo Spain rill no: depart, he is
to take ships -ith suppiies to Florida while on the to to take snps with supL ies to Florida bile on the to take ships with suupplie to Florida whlie on the
wayn o Haban.a Ask operrisi- io o dear. ay to H:abana. Asks e ,ission t depart. way to ilabana. Asks ocrnissics to depart.

V, V ,i-;-,~ V--~ i


107 I 14! AT 5 5-1 id 97C p. 23. 13l Ju 11 Ai 5-7-1 bd 97 p. !3. 1k' Ju 2V AS! 5 -17 bn 970;. 32.
a Ag dtit Aln. ebitica i f A' s d P.ara

CR 1l 1 D a al C i als rv p Di, 1 i r
er sala, of Ao ia cofn sa a1 of A s ia n Ce ni lar a t. c A i c s t -,C. i a t -f op i en 0 ciaE: a tr n 'cIrt clc p 1 n ficil : a tii i cp i b offii cF% t

0 0 0

101 AU 12 ST AIU 5l -- bA P.. 2 10AuB 12TA 3 I -6bd ?53 1. .. 10 1ug12 3 AGT 5--1- bn 3P. .

iavat Go Faru d iai e F t i.rn, avana. G, Pe.r d iVal to in. Havana. 0 Pedr de falez t, Tig.
2 r. 4 2r. Ccc rnig R al C d of u., 16C6 b ih Cmncern E e Cidu so 26, 1666 Dy ich Concern al CIjula of -g. 2 16C r, ;i
e is to s Fll Fr m t n by FPdr e s t s1ll 1rec s t ae by 1. Pdrd is t sll Frch ton by r-, Pedr de

de ontra ci t p C-p l the ri a- de Cnt1a i e b C@dla at t: -ta de Ontra ci [e 1 Cid la -t tpe arr a
of thp f t s p, of th

*I 0I

S 0 S! t
, ,,,


K 4-" K t 4 V V 4- 4



li" O 2 ST AGI .-4- ~ bd ? 12. 16C ft. 2 ST I 5 .- .d 97C 1. ? t 2 s T t5-5-17 crid 7C p. .

Iad Ca,- .

109.- 16] ov 1. Gov.I Fedre: deIberra gives poition of .0- lIf : -v Pov, Fedr fe bra ,j i postl, o oiff .* ,- ]603 Tla 1. Gov. edr: j, TIarra ies p- icth;.(

24 i y no A Gr la arib-ao A : cia Ta scib so i i a :2.- Ro0,l OflicialS certfy doul.1--.ns. 72.- R l fci eri do .ts. 2- al fi ial certify de< mn .f
": 1(c:t 1.60 8 .. : A (: .t.1 8 Ji .

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bnr*.. rAT 5.-:-1: ~ 1'Tn. '~AZt.~*-1. U4 q. *..v~ r~u. AZ g'.-~-':

0 0 0

S v 6 ST A -I -- bA 9 r. I. 1h?;7 ov 6 ST A 1 51-5-9 bd o55, r. 1. 07 v 7 S T Al ; -5-9 d 95, -. 1.

Sou Agstir F-a Fr c Pj rA F-ancisco ie Pae a l ray fan At Fr Francisco Pa-t a d
ao-so de Pa-ar da I A n- F p- A a da ?F br d :i

TAe o ians t o J hr tiare TAeats f ea iAs t chri ier r tc I a a e- Inas t te L hri . .
des ry cir p p rties a o -rpai ore de- es i p eris as sc-r as Sa, fre desry tT p pertis s p is f
"rease. As s fct moe pc pl at -or am.< cre r a raises. A fr m pe t f-t a ore r rese. As fr p at or,

6P 9- 6 a6

: -: :: : :- :_ :::;-: : I:~:;:_I ir- ::;;

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itt' :* YrVT 4--7~M0G..7.0. M0a, a :.y-rbnt4.,,. ll' w ~ f.--~b "'., T

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Nb:i-i N b."--

cc: ^ r .L: 1.I: i
~ ~ ~ ~ -i : t r !: i i- i, : :
'.| 1

b. I IT ki p:..44 1.4711, J IACfl 9 .'? nr 5k-'j-1 briW, i'Ll DW S if hfl t'.~4-~? 14L1fl1, p.

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I I -~;: ,;: --,1: :---~---=- :.i;;_;;:--i?:l -;-.
;- = ::-

n: :;r-

, 7 0

1~ -: :::::--:~-_)(---' : \r

~'r *~: ~A=~~r~%,t i:~ %a ,r;v ;-.--- %,: "v,,. ~ .%.'??'71: ~ '~7,, *


A 1 1-K


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