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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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6 t A -2- d 92, lA ST AmT 53- d 22, r. 1AS6 ST ALI l-.- -h 922, 1.

f p. Pt I p)

Fve b b-b dcs l- i" a c-ia- of t Fr-cis Dr a at p t ie Franc re ta e l te i o Fr ci t Sn A 1 Tn ia 8i. Sa A -n Se Agu in in i6.
a a t

10 S AI -9 bCd I2. IS 0 S A -I-9 bS 2 1C6 ST LT !--9 bid S2.

xc id, i n x i e io o' -- ,idd :id F, -id. a

1 1 -1 I-i)
ii if 1-



i) i AST 5T p- -17 iEn ~O p. (16& ) S" 1 -1? brd 7C p. 1. C.6) FS AI 4--1 9 o p. 8.

2 p. 2 2 As 2,, duA- A p ida anc As-s s o fr Floria I a d dos to Seillo cr -aat? Islan o and dos Sevill or Canay Islands to pure as wine antd doI Sevile or ary Island to ure1 m d h doe hv as ay up is. ai des a may supa ie- arh des not had a - applies .

160 (Jan) S Ai 53-2- b 925, p. 1. 1C (J n) Sr AGI 53-2-9 oi 925 p. 1S (J ) s 5-2-9 =1 925, p. 1.

tSrain, Alferes n ritigueZ to rcn. Eriair, Alfere Juan R d ri uez de Csrtays .a Ir rn. Spain, Al* erez Juan Rdri'uez de artaya to ,,roz .
i /2 1 1/2 r. 1/2 .

Uas set br Cov. Pedro de ILbara itt imortat sp,t a sn by Gov. Pedro ie Ibarra ;it imp3ttrat ispat ila set bGov Pdro de IbT a -th imeotnat lispat cies; asks f r a decision co re:in Franc a ri Zng es; ss a decision con :i Fr c and rlis chs, ; asks f decision cer- ir Fraric and r li
acrsairs, o t.v. j lo Y i Iniaa, crsairs, d a n a orsairs si Foud aor lorida i rians.

1 7: 2 a
--l- a p-a=2

016rl J 4 S- = 1 5R-i-9 bri a2L 1. 1(6 Jan h S- AGT 5-5- r bul 24, p. 1. 16'6 Ja ST A I 5.-5-9 nd 2ui p. 1.

Card 2. ad 2. Cad 2.

to Cosejo fre "c'ornderacit n e Ocngalo merez de can to Consejo from "coae;a!in de 1ongalo mendez de car to Conse o fr- "condenaci e alo n nd ... ticns CO. AlJou ae Paltaa and Jrn Tu-ez aa..." Her-ions CA. Alone e astriana Juan nez ..." Yentious opb. lon- de Fas-rana arnd Jn
set with dspatchs. seL wit dispa ces, ent wth ispatches

0 0 0

!60" Jan. b TAIl 5I3-- i l p. 31 J 1 S- AI r 2 --9M br I 1606 Ja 16 S- AT 4 -2-9 b U q1 p. 3.

Spain. onbador Bart om d Aru1lles. Spain;. a-n ador ar.ol m Ar'uelles. Spain. C*iador Bartl le Aels.
1 1/ B. B 1i p.a1a Rec lls 29 y sericr and ass for posii of Recalls 29 years s ,ic, a ,is ,o psitio c Recall. 29 yyes service or a ,E o posi o or yor de a i xio 0oador ay d enas 1 ke i. Co: dor Mar d? uets i 1exic .

00 0

16 Jan 27 S AI 53-2-9 bd 925, p. .~ 160 Ja: 2, ST AnI 3--9 d 925, p. 2i. a r 2 ST A T 53-2-9 t:: 25, p. .

(Spatr.A. Alfere4 J, odiuez e taya t o. Spajn,. Alf,,ez Ju F,- ig.p de partava t- row ESpai ]. Aferez Jan o rie e CarTay t, OCon.
1 0. 1 i

Auaciles f Jto kd him for perisi t tay Auacis o Juo ase -im f-, Merr i -n a stay ir Aguacies of Jiur asd i f p r issin t say i
t. A or periio sa in t w l F ot A for ermision i t ile Cot Asks for perm-Jsi o stay in c- 1 hile Frida maters are dedica. (Date tht of oree ir ra matt ae dc (a that f er e in rda r is a-e eciled. (Date ha of e orsr e-te in
T lli.).Valjdoli. Valladli

*I 0 0

.606 ?ct V ?! A?1 53-2-'J b W, :. 2. .l l Fb 1 2M f 6 32- 2, p. 2. 1606 a S -." A1 l b3-2- d 22, p. 2.

i0.. : :.i srec l. t .i ma cf ,r- %1 1 fles,i: a .: ec l. t t}e ti, -- Drke'

St i A a Cle yca A t ir As Il C1ci ay"
nT, I f 1 e s bie

I6 s SN i F7 22-- p.". 1A b N T A2I 3-2-9 %2 2. T -- 4 2.

CwI.] 2, G:r 2.

es hr z l r li e. (:a 1 f 1a 1 !r f ( ta t
T ) -. a

1606 Fed 7 ST AGI 53-2-9 bd 8", U 16. 1606 eb 7 ST AGI f3-2-9 bd 881, p. 16. 16(6 Feb 7 ST I 3-2-9 bd 881, p. 16.

osai. A

Asks to rctrn t. h people and supolies neded i Asks to return with peope, aid su pples need in Ass to retrn th people and sup-lies needed Flrida a d for on ord r to Casa do Contrataai n Flor da ad for an order to Casa do Coitrataci6l FPlorida and for an order to Case de Contrataoi6n
to hav oeveo o "escpilens" mde. to have "l 'scpile "' mtde.

IP 0

16C6 Feb 8 ST ACI 53-21- bd 925, :.. 15, i6C FIe 8 ST AI 5-2-9 bd ?25, p.. h606 Feb 8 ST AI 53-2- brd 925, p. .

Spai A Te Jua Rriguez de artas toi ig. [SpAi Alferez Juan Rodriguez d artaya to Ki-4. AS~~r, Alerez Juar Iodriguez de Carta a tc :5s.

Aez the any p Alonc e P:sran re- Alfcr oz Ctrnny of Op Alons e Pstrn af r- er e ompar of Cpi. Alaneo de Pastrana ralls hisr arrival at te cu ,ith ipa c s from calls his arrival st the court, with isp ces fr cal ls his arrival at the court with disor ltcies from P ro de brra; ass for s a de si o t t oich-ds so Pedro i e ibrra; asik f r a decision on Ip-s a bs sc Pedro de II rra; asks fCr a ieciserl on isatces
he can rtur witot ear. (date ta of ;nrmt he c retr ithit di. (t tt of ena snt e ca r r tht delay. ht of

0 0 0

-- -r_ -i -I-~=; ;1 -- =--'-_. : -: ~-~-::i-- ~ ::-- = :~:-----:-=.;

_:- ~-; ; : ~-- -; ;:- _:_.; -= :

.:--~-I; ,I.- Sj---i -_: ~_-iil.- 11:-.:1- r:~~ra_ -;__il; ---~_._-1 -- : --.- ;- -,:I- --

_I ____: ; ii ;i "-""--I"':~-"; ::-;--------1_~--~---_ .;_,,,i::~~~

-t ,;-~r---i- -t -- .

~r A N> > ~Ar \> V

~ '

Nb Nb

~;~~-:~~,:'- ~~~:~~1~111~: -----~1~'~~-----1~~-:1:~ ~-~~~i_~

1606 Feb 11 T A4GI 4-5- Un 2, p. Fo 11 A 5 -- d 2, 16C A Feb 5r l rk'L 5-- b 0 1 2, p. .

T -1 v.p11 A t1 a

'-stinc- are Cor. P-ea T, Ibe U aiu T mO -o, Cov, P ITara c i t C r Tbi ra 0 TI c r ie fro b i: hr C a Fra i o ado 7. ; -ea iso rga.l . rarti<:c -ggde., IC. Tlat I a aavedr, l ed 0, aata r e 3aavedra
*t 0 0

1606 F-b 13 1 .,1 5-1-6 Urd 92, 1 106 Fe 1 i -i hd 921, p. 166 Feb 13 ST A I 53-i-C bad 929, p. 1.

Jalladrlid. 3Cmra d- Indias Vallado CAara de Incias, Volladolji. wCnara de Indias,
11/2 p p 11/2 p.

advises Kig to give J n a irez de dCo.iresras' salary ,dvi se Ki% t give Ju an Rarire de Co trera salary Ldvise-s Ki tc giv Jun Rai-irez de Cont-eras' sals to his idcw earis de Jrunce, Ranmie de o;r-erai se- to his wid alria de Junoa, R iairez de lrars str- to his wido aria de Junco, Ranirez de oni reras se,ved -re thaln y0 ears inFlori-a, foht again s Drake ved msre than 3C years inFlorida, fouht against Drake -s more than 3C years if ioria, foust against Dr,,e sec-ed as interpre er c -he Irnian larguae was kille served as interpeber of the Indi- n languad a killed, se-rved intelreer of the Indian lar.,uae was kill by Ijcians when c. Menr ez de Ca-zo s; him to r by Iriis wn v z e a o senti hi to a "re by Indians 11,d G Mene de Cnzo0 sent i1 to a "re
0duccio i di ,Ir n duccin de 0Inie.".

1606 Feb 19 S AI 53-2-9 bnd 881, p. 1. 1606, Fen 19 SE A-I 53-2-9 bnd 881, p. 17. 1h6 Feb 19 ST AGI 53-2-9 bd 881,. 17.

Spain Alorns de Pastrana to Cron. Spain. Alonso de Pet rana to Crfno Spain. Alonsao e Patrana to Cron.
2 1/4 p. 2 1/41 p. 2 1/4 p. Recalls Rol Cedrla f Feb 9, 150 hy whichh Fla. Recalls Royal Ced-la of Feb 9, 15SC by nich la. Recalls Royal Cedula o Feb 9, 1580 by which Fla.
hd emission tno I riga:es to SeT !I for had peFissio ton to, frigates tc Sele Fo had pe-rissio to :d two frigtes to 3eville for
clothes and to or;e a -erlnt in chae o sending clothes and to have a mercarnt in charge of sending clothes ad to nive a merchant in chare o sending upIrlies, wants permission io do busiest ard return supplies. iants erji sin to do business a-d return supO"ls. W.nts pear iion Ic do business and retu;r
to Fla. ith iul ela,. to Fla. ith cut delay to Fl l rit out iela,.

-: ;-; ~ -;~ : ~-- ;-

--~--- ---: ~--r-~--; ,:;, -- i;~i;l~i

16 at 1 S- D I 50-5-9 ba'd ?l p 1. 18 ,ar 1 ST A'T 51-5-9 :d alr p. 1. 20 : 5-5- b-d 1.

r c As i. r. P-dro de barra to Ki, Sa Agul:in. ir. Pedro de Iirra to Kin. Sn Agurn,. ac. Pedr- d, ibarra to Kin .
5 1/L I. 5 1,' I ? 5 1/ 4 .

Eeci, repoL o Dec 26: peace in Fli., a e ish el. e of Dec 26: pee in Fli, asked 3,so ec,,. reor of Dec 26: peace in Fl., asked Bishop
of CuoD L a-ritti %ser 0 irmatin in F]L Inclties tri of 2:Db ab, a -ittiste- o irna ion 1 Fla. Incues us cf ,ba to !mnist e ce f .ation iq Fla. TIelds regraphs e ters to Ocy. Pedr, n Valdes ini g ragraphs letters tt ocv. pedr, ie Vale, ina'or-ing ragrahs o letters to G1 .Pedr ralies infoming him of nes 2 la. As's for Cla hich stips s t him of" cws of l. Asks for CanIa by which sips him of new of cla. Aks fl -,edls by which s-ips se
rc Fi. to Cuba for -eat shi ld be l aed wit To dt e re, Fla. be C;ba for -at should be icaded it no de fr-- Pl 1 Cu- C or 1 ni eat should be ilCed It no iD
la-7; mnic srb Spaniards ith India s; la,; aeti, s prlems o]e Seo, a d ith Idia; l, ; mer itic s prblm OIr* Spaias ::h I i5a s

-~-;-- ~74;1~


-: -11

1h06 ar 2 I -5-7 t .. 16 Mar 26 tT AI a4-5-7 bnd 92 p. 7. 106 Iar 26 T A 5L-5-l b 92, p. 7.

Madit. Royal Cbtula. Madri e -a" Cicdula. adrii Ro:l C;dula.
(cop) p. (coa (co )

To Fri C fici 1rErs to givar de To 1-r iz Rac OfiIs o ies t-o ive "ara de T l r ( ff s o-a c rt de Juc 100 Ca d avery a aar o h rest of 0 ucaes every ot a e es of uo c a T e f te ret of
he l e. of J. ara-z e r ho life c J n ir z de C re fa. ilo J ae C r, h Io
served fd nd -s a D e s ed aFlri and a ra S c Ie,-ed i lorid a a Dr es a

S! S 0

1 CA lr 26 S AI 86-u-20 bd 9321 p. l 160 r 2I S AG 86-5-20 bnd 92, p. 1. 2166 Mar 2- ST ANI 8 -C id 92, p. 1.

Madrid. a. C la. ard. R l Ce 1a. Ma rii. Ryal edla.
(copy) 1 (copy) 1 (cap-) 1p.
Tc -resuy CffiCials if Florida; rdersT t pay 37,5_p T e rfiials 6[ Florida p ?, To Treas-ury O-fdi-ils ,f Florida; ore rs o Fa, 37,50
marav1iis very the- year to Maria unc, widow of arOdis & ery ter year to ri de Jc wid of mvlis very th'l y t e e, wi Ju Rairez o seve i F. ore ta 0 years. Jua Ra irez, o sered in '1. mre tan 0 years. Jun Ramire, wo sred in Fla. more ha, O ears.
Raions Francis Drak, cy, Gonzale Mend2s de %a-7r Menions F ,Cs Drake, '-v. Gonzalo ,edez de Canzo ontions Francis r ]ke, 'ovT. fcemato I onez de Cnz,
Reirez skilledd by e Iians. Pa ire wasile y the Inas. mirez killed y he Inians.

0 0

tt At 1t a
ra a1- 1G lih ti tt ti
o i~l:; ?;i-:_i --"Lsc i jb a;-1 .'r

- n r-_;

_-- ---~~~--~-:;~~-~: :---1~-~r_--,___C_

1606 T ar. 26 ST AI 54-5-18 bnd 1193,3 p 15 15 Mr. 26 ST AGI 54i-i1n bd 1193, p. 15

Madrid. King to Cpt. Alonno de Pastrana dMdid. King to Cpt Alonso de Pastrana Madrid. King to Cpr. Alonso de Pastrana
(Copy) (Cop)

Gies title of Cit. of one vf ese companies at Cive ritle of Cpt. of one of the coopanie at Gives title of Cpt, of one of tie companies at
San Agutin to Cpt. Allon de Pastraa a ond fiirmn anAgustrn to Cpt. Alonso de Patraa and confirm Sa Agustin to Cptr. Alono de Po arana and ronfirni
previous title given In Co. pdro de ibarra to previous title given v Coy. PePdro do ibarra to pvios n jini giver by Go. Pedo do I bor to
Cpt. Pastrana. Cpt. Pastran. Cpt. Pastrana.
aD *

Apr 2 aM 5--]l b 1p. 160 Ap r 2 5-1 r 16 Air 2 ST Gi -] M b:: 7. ". I1.

L1 rida. . a 1 Gv. a ff a a w) ( .(cpy) eZ7C r d ibar- R a Ciff l gre Pd de Ia- dR 1 Ofcia aree t Pdr e ba a n f cC agree
S ai Ct, A e a i isCat- ed i it t ai A Pas ra i
es ro t rown he st Cro,

* ~

'c~-t-~~-~ -' ~- V

V r V P

-x V V


9% 9% 9%

.ii "I; I

-; :; ;;- -;I;

16C Jn 24 S_ ASI 64-3-1 b. 93Lp. .. 16 9n 25, p. 1. 15% Jon 2< S'oT --lo5

San Agzusti. Bishop f Cba Juan de las Cave jto Sa. A-usti. -ia-m of Cuba Jri d as Cavezas to Sa scst,. Bisicp cf Cuba Juan dl as King. 1. Ki. 1p. 'in". ".

Ob R Cedula a as p i F .; l d ar-i d i Fla.; o. ibr , Ca a i Fla.; o'. I r l
lho! L R-11 Cdl ;it --4 p ,mis i- r ,pwJl n h-1 I %yal : ] it "Is rin i or -- tioo ihc;d if C,:al b. ui wit.l perriss fc," expaist4
terra aroenro" a invite hi- g a!s; ihly "'tier a den.o" a i nvi ted ,m to alns; Hi ly "tiea ad:tro" and inite hi to a lo; Highly reeo,-Fsi Gov. PFeor dr Ibrra, 5iscuses imo-.arce r'ecomerds G v. Pera e e I rra s drdisus i taice of expcditiro, offers his -ervice fr I- of exition offers hi rvce for itio I- expeiti, ofes rice for xpiln Imforms ,' people tat m tS frm f e, l thif ou.ed frm ,sratol to Sa. Liag f r oo f pe rle that o from Espa6cle o Santigo


6 Ju 2 S AI 51--1 bn p 1606 Ju 2, ST A 5--i bn 34, i. 1. 1606 Jur 2. ST AII -- b.k 4, p. I.

Car Ca i CaCd a.

mcs in Hraba, a. onsrning e;nt for his srvce m i Raba. nt for s service, mo i abaa.oer n for is serviEc, is cue-, cg ement of chur oh ontruction in b-le- -nlrgemear of cuh ct ctt i Habana, ne- elsse onlrgemet of hrai c t-"tcti in in Habalna, eds of church. iAivses ,way ao use diUrros in Fla. '. eds f chuVc Adiv s n a to use disezos in l. i eds of church. Adivss o Ifay to us e di mos in Fla. i misunderstanding bet;eon pr iests ann gov in Fl is lsuierstanding bCt:een r-iest and gov. in Fla. is isudersta din, between ories and ovs. i Fla. is due priiest's blidfs of crplete poer. P riets should .ue priest's beliefs f com-lete poYe.' Priets ouljd Pue priest'as beliefs f. e-lete Io atr. Priests shoul. be told w, o irat Indians. rtcome-nds that ld pi- e told wa o reat Inians. remtimends that ord pti- ba toil a to treat Indians. recommend that cljd ri ests be se tt orida. ee for oo in Fla. at ss e e t lorid. e of in -at esis b t t loda. Nied for .fo, in Fla. eat

ii6C Juh A ST AI 5 -3-1 bnc p. 1, 16C6 Jrn 2!J ST AZI 54--1 bnd 931, 1. 166 Jn 21 SC 1: 5--l1 band 934, F, .

Car 4'. :rd L. ard 4.

should be sen ire- Barraca. Fla. Asdiers ahr* ti should be sen nharracar. Fla. soliiers are he should be set fro Bzra c. 1. ollie oi rs e
forest all i toa l In.ias. Fla. Criollos pooest of all i le Inies. a. riollcs poorest of all i e Inies a. iro s
houl h-ve a teacher fcr heir education. Asks fer should have a teacher or f thit edioaticn, Askfor : hol.e hav a tear-her for their education. Isks for
poe! 10n i Tirra Fir, e. position I, Tierra Fitms, po-iti i- Tierra Firme,

0 0 0

Sada- ed Fadda'
0 00
:i R i /i d !

I ;

-;- r i;-.:;,l--~ ----:;: r--:- :: --:: -- i- --: :


_; ;--I -I;:-_- -; i_ ;:; -r

N .~CtC VI> F~~KNKkSVmNTh~O>~ V > + > N N ~~szt~i~SX K

-> V V -v t NT V V 4 I V N ~%- ft V 'V V

~N- N V V V

16C6 Ju, 26 ST ACI %-5- bnd 935,p 1.16 26 ST AGI 5--9 bn 9i5 p. 16C6 JI u 26 ST AGI h4--9 b~ d 93i5. P.

Card 2. Card 2. Card 2.

pr bahly reported ii detai. C'annig Fra cisco >ebla probably reorted itl detail. Fr isorbaly reported if ,,etai!. iio cis o l
to tak- letter t K to take r to n to take letter to ling.

U-:l..f- l -i~:i-ii -~----r

A J,, S V Aft 5--. bi U6 p. 1. 1C66 JA ii 510C bJ S6 !n 16 26 ST BWI 4-- i 06, p. 1.

Car 2 d 2. Card 2.

-- i rriv1 San A in an o fi J.- ils arrival i Sa A, of --tios .- i ar iv Sa i ad cnfi- i

r- 4A4 V 1 Ped. A V ii t n r Ap 11 is Can P n ,
2 A-v t T a ?.- An 2 Ar ae A, 22 r al at Talafe.
-Arp A ival a o c -Ar Ar, va a he 2 A-rvl s
pr Arriva l- p arrival l- ival Cu A- isit to a Jar.- Viii t S .- Visit Sa u .

1606 JSl 1 3l EI 5 .-- I n 7 921, p S 16 l 1 ST AI --9 1. 16C Jul 1 ST A51 74-5- Ord 921,. 1.

drid. (no signature Nadr (-o ina < re, adrid. (n in e.
(copy) ;/ '1/ (c op) t o tr r ora Ite r tn o hve 6 mor idrs i ridat o nted to rv 0 mre sn r d I]-i,
ti n lceaed t 1 r 2 ore, b t e e 1 20 re. t creased r 120 -ore.

-, 4' y -v,. \ '> -a. ,4 l- ~.. Vs8~

*4%k V4%k
~-Qi 1

6c Stp S I -5-1 l o p. 5 26 e S A1 k ,4 bt 93O I. 166 en L S A --l b ,. ,.

Spai 0' Aonce de Tetre a tc Gr S 1. -pt. Apl ne e Pastras t CT n. Spa]I. -p la-n de ]Istr at r r

to e le 0ae L, lanis 1 4 ith in c d to vill Daar Isla ol i Eth -a 'I to crll of Cearv l, i- torl d 1, l supies >,, .- m ey r rca i 'd t ,-i I- th 1-d 1 force rev 2 f Fe o. rc pr-r a le 1 o b 15s0. frce revic Ge aeI of -71 80
1 I

1A SEp ,S A=I -bd 93, p.1. Ih 6 SqJ S' T 5-1-9 S 978, p. 1 12 S -,S A b-5-? I' 9 p .

T A J Ti vaA Ibarra t tl in 7et a 1 ari i al t -w L ir J ra E s a ul r of Blan aaaanJ a J u. -i r -la, A0ival f 0 F an- C1. e i Fr nisc be ival of Fraa a- Can, g -a is Puela Arri, l ,

6 Sp S I L--1 b 9Q, p. V S Se ST i 5 on-- d 9w 9 '. 16 Sep -, ST Ail ,--1 bD 93, p. :.

San A sin. Lsh o Guba Jua d las Gvezas SP, Austin. Ei o Gub Ou de1 las Cavz s Sn A ustinJ Bihop o Cuba Ja de ia a -,s

erissio to tr daic p-is, His disage-,ont i, p sio to cai i i. is disa r :t ith rm- c t r in His disagreement t rul- ci dian tibut o c hr ipsed by tarrance. rule of I dh,-n tiute d, churc h i sed by Carranc-, rule c' I-d i tibu o hur h im se b Carranc Di ss s cod in l-ida Discusses r iesi cod in Fl da. Disc es ist od in Florida.

~rr;l=--- ---~i ; ;_:-~~-,-_--il;-:~.

----1:~2 1;1~~-~--~; ~l~_--~c~-~ -~ ;-II;-:_ -__i~_-l---il~

SSe, ST AGI 5-5-9 ,ad 1m ,. 1.606 SF & ST AGI 5,-5-,9 -d 4 :1, p. 1. 160 Sep i i i 9 S .1.

Ca-d 2. 'a, 2 Card 2,

iC Ot ST A -gI e. 21. l" Ca) IT &- 5 -k- t 1qp.d Cii A 52--l ihitb?,. 1 2.

a. n 1 7i i! a zciI- tt n v e di a a, 1 a -4ia

-'Ja- I io iI- t1' r3.1- 1 of-, IIr a l r l-,rr oI tj to f- ID t f-r -,as, SIZI ll 1 ,-, j,4, 5

:E .

4 -; ~=~r--~"1 --

N,,;, _,,,,.r--\~::~-_

~,,~_-~_,,-,,,-,1 ,,,,,-;,,,-;-,_I, ---: .;,.

Yi_ -,_ : i- V-- I Vs;--=i- ~ ~- ; -~-

T, 1
i 1 4

IIC& II.. I. It A~! 3-4.~V IrnI fl9, r 3IC~ Wv 2. 31 A~Z :~-~-~ ~vy' r#, 1'C.' P~v Ii. 3! LIT 1j.4-~C ~ YJ. r