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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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10U5 ST AI 53-2- bnd b?, 105 ST :I 53-2-9 bnD 887, 1605 ST -I 53-2-9 Und 87,

Sar Agast n, Vall'adolid. Petition. of Francisca aie Le e 3s; Agustf., tValladol i. Petition o Francisea e a Sa. A 1astfr, Vallad1> ; Ptitiov o Frass ca :ie LEy,
anF In-onaci n the service of her late h.siand ar Informaci in on the erice of her late l:sband Enr Irxfomaiin n he service of her lae htu; ar
Gaspar Fernandez Prete. Gaspar FerarPdez ?crete. Gaspar Ferrndez Ferete.
12 pp. 12 p. 12 pp.

For component d0lrMen, s6ee entries foi i605: s.a. For comet docents series for 1605: .d. For componesLt documents see cr te f( 1605: n.d.
Apr 29, ME, 2,1),, Oct 15. Apr 29, NMa 2,4, ict 15. Apr 2, jaTln 2,5, Oct 1.

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1605 3S Ai 53-2-9 bn, 91 p. 1. L6C5 ST AI 53-2-9 bd PS7, p. i. 16'05 ST AI 53-2-9 bId 887, p. 1.

Florida Petilri of Fiacise a de Leybl. Florila. Peltitin of Francisca de Ley a. Plorida. Petiti-n rf FIrcisca e Leyba.
(copy) i (cy) 1 p. (coe) i .

Sonclernirg hr request f -or se '"ayr a de cosLa" for Concerhi ?cr request for ,some "auda de cesta" for rCerinl hel result fO o oe "acuda de cost-" cr th hr cilre s se as hesel por f hr Cilren as ell as hers cl. -ei- tie supot of her c ildren as sell as herelf. Hido, of Caspar Fernandez de Perste wlo scored frc 1 73 d- of o s ar Fernandez le Prete w served from 1573 dow of aspar Fernand l de erete who served ,nrm I571
un-il his death ix Dec 16,. (cont. 1C5 Oct 15). til his death i, Dc 3, 16C.. (eot. 1605 oct 1), untill -is death in Dec -, 16CL. (cott. 1605 Cnt 15).

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< N> '~~ms~-~
N >5..

N Ti

1% 1%

1605 5! RC1 --4 t A. -6-3 R- 5-- br 894. ]505 1- 5M4. k, 1,TI.

-r 1 a r
14CE: 87 13ray 31,7Jun Jun IC, Jul Y CS: T.r'a 1, J 8, Ju:: IC, Jun 160 13 a 31, J. 8, JuI J Jr- JlliJ.: 1,ep 2, Sep 1 ,p 13 ru 2 Jul 1,. I, I1s p 21 -ep ), Sep TS, b 2 Jul, 100J 11],Sep Sep ,f
Ir- T, 2 !. il .. C
:e :-Il

N ~ r~' --

\ t~-~ -~
A 'V 4
4 -~ '- -N-'- -' 4 '-2 N ~A4

- 4 -,- 4 2 ~- -x

N1 N1 1%

S T 1 -, 1 r I 31 1 1 S -T -IT 5 3- ) d

0 P0



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Nb Nb

160 Jan 9 ST AII 53-2- bnd 881, p. 12-13. 1605 Jan 9 S S li 5-2-9 b~d 881, 12-13. 1605 Jan 9 ST A 5-2-9 bnd 881, p. 12-13.

(Spain) Al-so de Pastlana to Crown. (Spain) A al.s e Pastrara tc Cr :. (Spair) Alon de Patr-ana to Cr-c-.
1 1/2 p. 1 1/2 p. 1/2 7.
ent a Snpl mscr Lian 1 1/2 yea s a o i h dispat- ;ent to Spin more than 1 1/2 years ago with dispat- Wet to Spa i more than i /2 years a e wit oAss to bs paid ia order to suplor mself. Asks to be a i i order to super hics Asks to be h aid in orie to supper himself.

5 Jan 2 ST AI .-2-5/ nd p. 1-2. 5 J 26 Ai -2-i45/ ba 884 1-2. 16C5 Jan 2 ST AGI 2-2-245/2 bt 884, p. 1-2.

ll Royal rdr. Vladlid. Royal rer. V aoi. Roal de

To Casa de entrataci6. Ders to ray Tra, Frcisao T, Casa de cntrata 5ci Orers to pay gra Fri:cisco To oasa de ontrataci6n. irer to ray Fra Fra cise
Abose de oea for expenses to send 12 priests a::d Alonso de : foge or expenses to sel 12 priests and A1Is- yde ogeda for eprnse to send 1 priests e:d two servans PI Pru ia. (A: er cpv in ST A -2- t vas : Florida. (A ote- copy in SP oI 2-2- two ser--ars t F1crida. (A -ther ccy ST Ai 2-2125/2 bnd 88, p. 1-2. and 6 dat ed Vetoslla Apar. 25/2 Uni 886, p. 1-2. aEd 54 dated Ventsilla Ar. 245/2 bnd 886, p. 1-2. ad 5- d'ted entsilla Apr.
2, 605 ad Vp. .Valladlid. Ji0n 26, 16). 24, 1605 sLd p. Vall0do'id. Je 26 1605). 20 1605 and p. 3. Valladold. Ja 26, i6C).

0I 10 0

lACSA~r~ I 1r .~-~thbid*r,, 21 ~ 8! C 5pA4b~Jitt'~. L 9 8 kI 5..~4lit. CC, y 2'

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ekin -as- alxar &.14.- .. is -rr at unm --\

-i~:i~l;;~~;;;~l_~.-~; ;


1605 My 2 ST ACI 5-2- b-d '87, p. 9-1. 16 ,ay 2 iST AI 5.-9 bd 87 p. 9 -11. 1645 a 2 ST Al 53-2- and 887, p. 9-11.

San Agustn. Infcrmaiar or lat G ear Ferade A iut I ..ornactr :: a pt asfpr 'ernaea San Arstir Infom-acicr c late aspar F erande
de eret Perte. d Pe c

i ti io e of G r Fr o of y o e service o s r or ntir atio oc r tsti-aony rn tie service of Ca s;a FeI
nadz e ia, Testioy : nd Testimo.y o: nrando Pearte nla,. Tesim~ o f:
9.- .araci Dco e:er dez. 9,- FIa7cisec Fe-nadlez, 9.- Prancc o eernanr e.
nt 1(c. iC-, l (coa 1605 15, aiy).


605 My 4 ST AI 5 I-5-9 cnd O89, 1-. 1605 va- 4 N ST AlI I5--9 bnd 889, ., 1-. 1605 Ma E ST AI -5-i bid 889, p. 1-.

San Ast r. ri a n ralcc Fer; d Sa A t Ce ca isc F d Sao Ar ustr.. Cepti~icati n o "Fran cisco Ferrnre

1/2 p. (com de2 i,2 Coeirin reveal o. sold i r J, a de "olinsa ir march CorervinE r vlt of coie< r Ji de olinn lna rcr h Conbrin reolt of sCoirer Jan l ae roina ir arch
16 and i in is r ions ov. Pdroad his ip nment. Mir 1o(5 and isedro inpe 165 and 'is inpNisonmert. Me: ions 'ov. Pedro de
IbarraAdrs de as Alas, Gavril de linres, ran- Ibar-a, A drcl i r as Ala, a ie de Li saes, -ra- Ibarra, Ardr4s de aus Alas, vriel de Lirares, -ea-ico ide Ch-e, Juan "eendz, Fray Po irs j = o1, Oo de v JUr en ndez, Fray Pedro ejo, c .i o de Gr J, Jian nnde, Fry Pedro ermejo,
Ja. Nu: Ju N Jun Nr-.

rt i2 2. a. ( i C ic Ctf C f i, T,

'A -

~i---- 1-i.;::::: ; -- --::-~-;~:I: -: ;:;-----1;-ii- : .

-.~ .1-1.=.I:-:~.-...-: i- i-_I:

* -~

-1, zr F.

7 'T,~

------:- ,



;; :-l~:~-i~rl-~---~-;~r ;:~.-~-:-

I "if >1~


-. 2 N.
N> ~


* t


I0 Ju T T i T nT %---7 bd 996, r. 1 5 hl11 S ADI --4 r 5n 9 p. 2 14C5 Jul 1 ST AI S-.-9 b 9 S,2

ar ics d Indi an Fr is c mb = s and rnis co a D a i c

to or rii is i p cr e, i s As. e a r to ir ri s

Ta e


1605 Jul i5 ST AfI 53-2-9 bd 897, j. 1-2. 1605 Ju 15 ST ACI 3-2-9 bnd 897, p. --2. 1605 Jul 15 S- AGI 53-2-9 bn2d 19, p. i-2.

Flcrdia. Soldier Pedro de Garica. rri i Sldir Pedr dno e Fr ica. [Flordia. Soldier Pedro de Garnica.
I 1/4 o. 1 1 1 li See in iorid ore than O years. A rissio Sered ie Florida mrre te i0 yeas. As r -isin Serve i- lorida mre thn 10 yar A pr-isso to ret rn to Spair and a e are o estate le by th t reiartV Stpain Ejd tae are estate 1t by dir -c ret' n to Spain and tale oare .- estate left by thi death of his parent. H is o-i-nall -rim Falailo death of parents. ae rainaly ro Pal o, d f i s He i rigiloly or Pala: el

0 0

>1 -- ~ *

V ~ t C *~ *



Nh Nh 1%

1605 Jul 2' ST tAI 5-5-17 b-d @99, p. 1. 1605 Jul 27 ST AI 5-5-17 br:d 9?9, .. 1. 1605 Jul 27 S AT 5--17 bid 99, 1.

San Argutin. Gr. Pedr de Iar Fr. Pedry San Agr in. S. c drc de Ibarra t Fray Pedro- an i o. Pedr I aarra to a, pedo
Ver-ejo.I Vetrr7o, Ver-ejo.
(op 31/p. (cOp 1 p. (copy) 1/2 p.

Corrplair oof r Jro~rio de t;caya who a ser. :0 gI Complain of Fra Jreor de laya who Ln se-n i- Compli-n of Frny- Jer ci.o de elaya who i on aer ves DrsoaSl cdrise o -eorl ,putip 3>. in a diffi- es per-s nl advise to p-cple, uttin ac. in iff i- vea per npl ais to eol uttire cy, in a dif

-,y deffds -1? rom acusa ion of Fra, ulay, aut ov defe:is self fro accuaion of Fra Celaya au-t l'v defo-ds celf 1-o accuac n of Fray Cola ab-ut

a and. a d ci a. d ed,
ai ? le ai an 61 1 1 na Pr tr Jonc o, ? n Pedr rC1 I ? C l i i- ar n ri l EI d c, F

0 0 0

L;:_C ^

1605 Aug & S AI 5.-51-l bd 882, p. 1. 160 Ag ST AI 5-5- nd 882, p. 18. 1605 Aug 4 ST ACI 5-5-1i, nd 882, p. I8.

Spain. Ryal Order. Spain. Royal Orde1r Spair. Royal Order.
(ory) 1 (o.) 1 p. (copy) 1 o.

To Contalores de Jentas, gives thi e --issio -o To C naadores do Quectas, ives then er-issir to To Contadre, d uaentae s, gi-es tiem e -issio- to
auldi accounts in their Audi ias. aldit acr-ts i e Audincia. audit accuats i their Aliencias.

-:::~ :~i_ r----~--;;~; 1-~,I;_-~~

160 1 Au- 31 S A3I 41-14-8/18, Od 92, p. 1 1605 Au 31 ST AI 44/, bnd 2, p. 15 31 S AI 4 -/1, bnd 92, p.

Salladolid. Conaseo Inis to asa de rtataia,. Valadoli, Con ejc e Iniias to Caa de otrati. V aladolid. Cornijo ide ndis toCa sa de ct-ratacin ;.

in-luis petiti of 7ra- 1lo co de Iteda, franciscan, inlies e tition o s al e rieda, frarcscia Inoludc petition of Fray Alonso e Souzeda, franciscan (coy aof tiaion).Petito Le eid fr !;e days (con I btitio) Pettio to be paid for nhe days D(c ;f etition).Petiin be aid r t Fl,. Consejo order a Ifor-acion afore payin pei Fla. C j o ar Info aoion 0fore payig l pen Fa, Consejo orders a Infarnaciir cre p^i epi e

N- -'

--:iii ::;: .-- :i -- -"i--- V

7.iSzaJi:...n acra. 0..g ,-- ausI- -ia it epr

-,a Fai. ..... JF-.:: ., Jro, I..r
D c , Ja d Juc Atequ o r e, L la a At c,

a Ct a:cio CoCitan -hico,
C 1 a 1

052 S Ip 5 k-?bd p. lin W .-S b I p 2 105 1e p -- 5 -.-bIi 9 2.

i ( (
ti .i- r ci tarn r ad an t i i cci f C tian ts Iaz tispita a< r d
hip r Pdro ip to a dr ship ra r ter to F

iii* 0:i .- ;rL-- :. --. rr

77 1 T A 5&4-5 1d S96 p. 32. 1*5 Sep 81 53 I 9- d 9W, p. -d32, 190 e, SI 5- -9 ,d "9 2. n Atrival , itE Al- e Cit C e Ari] "a f le Capit C ,/ p (*t -/ p -.a0) 1/p.

a aI *

Cb Se 27 S AiI 53-1- bd 9b p. 1- 160i Se 27 S' AI 53-1-6 ndl 0 c. 1- 1605 Se 27 S Al S3-i b 'i P. 1.V7 ll- lls. Cmara i-e s z o .a oli. Om a I -. Vala lid. ar e I:g je Le rown
1/ 2' 1 1/.s a, d s payi 4 ea a ar e P r l a ay t a Adi es p in s a a a e

0hw ti 2C STi! AI .29 Iid 92, p.i.. M1 tt 5 t A3 Oct 4 S G 2 p. ,. 16C -t rI ST A39 d 9S2 2 I.. al c d S Ptii r p Jec Va i Pt ar -a 1e 7a adi Pe t f J c

"lf-e, Ju i r A z an Redi u e Ca tays he f J- 1 fez Jca Rdr e a b al of ,fa e J nR r e Jde J Rai2 d es a id -r 4r fre a de r P Tiar a. r r i. a it f o nB r Ps lar, fe his se a ce at Dra T s ata a A s lar, r h s e at D s t c n AS f ms s ic a atta a
0 ,

0 t25i -h-9 1jU 2, 1 C L05 o -- p. I 3-2-9 b'22, 7(t, .

2 r 2.r 2.

ndV ar ai T pp -te T r i orrtr f th niian saso e s R i s asks r Di r I ia s Re i s k i f r a I a s R ,i g z a, A f hk i ,-t sf SI 6 e I t 6 I o 1 a upi i r au -E 1 0 In


cs5 'ton iow i p b.10 O t (1t 10 AI 5- n 22, ] 4. 105 O, 10 Ai 53--9 nj ya2, p. 4. C -. C=: O 3. SR ig e a 1 ( J R i i e Ca 2a d 16 a (q,. J n 2 e r m a sa vi e a o a a e a t lat re r st d.iras :11 a -t sti artc 4 e lles. T0 sti ar I uelles0 Ts 11es. ( t 1,5 1 ). Jt D 1). (0 6 1605 Oc 13).

8) 8 !

V4h N


i i_ r

10 C t 1 3 -.- ,.19 ct S fl ---9 bd 922, 19. 1 Oct .3 3 A! 5f--9 1 72, p. 19.

t t ae- -CG a a. I 7o :. as,

co ) 3 :.
10 s. -- si,- as .-n --il r -" st s .C - rn d i -s .

i~_i_ 1I----i; il~ -- '-i-- i

-; ;:---- -:- _in:-,- =: ~t

-- 1- ~;1-=;_ -r:;-- -r--i:_--_

y-x .a K & tr~
V -~ -~ ~- K K K
K -~ 7K K V K K
K K -K< -~z K K K K K'


16C5 (Oc )15 : ASI 53-2-0 d 881, 3 1605 (Oct) 5 A I 53-2- 6. 881, P 3 1605 (0c )15 SI .I 53-2-0 bd 88, 1. 3

Spain. A] n de pastra na to Crow,. Sopin. Al onse d Pastrna to Crw. Spain. Alonso de Partra:a io Cr..n.
I 1/4 p. 1 1/4 p. 1 /0, p.

Ass peniss on to take to uCC ducadcs in goois for Ass perision o tale up to 4CC docads in gacda o r As erssi o take up to C ducsos i: goods f his Soe in loiria and license tc ae slaves a his hme in Fli a ani license tc tak i luavs and his oe in lorra an .ice e t tae a slaves a coe ,ans without paying i dlorifaZg. ?:ids of s s a thout payirn al orifazgo. e i-ds of his rone a-s without iazg. i i
I0 years ser e. 10 years ise e 1i0 years seoite.


1615 ct 15 ST A'T 5-2-9 ld 87, p. 2-3. 160 Oct 25 ST A I 54-2-c id 887' p. 2-3. 165 oIt 1 S' AGI -2-9 ond 7 p. p.2-1.
n.p. Franci ca Ide Loa to Crc-. r.. r anoisca e Leyva Crrn. np. racirsia d: Lcva o Cro- .
(cop) I 1/4 p. 7) (o 1 (c1.) /

i .; o3f Casspar F--erraez Pert e Iho srved in San idow of Gaspar Fe -nadez Forete cho served in San ;id, of oasar iernandoz Perete who served ir San Agostin amnd Santa -le.a, Fl. i:le 1573, until i~d Agusti aod Santa Elo., Fla. sirce 13, uri1's Agasti and n lea, Fla. since 1573, Intil "is
death on Dc 64. Asks or year's reni from Situa- death onr Dec 5, 160. Aske for year's ze r fro Stua- death c :ec 51 160 Ass for npar's rent fro- Situ ac i -n rer to upao her seve chilre. ( ate whe df .in der support r s n ch Date when do in rder o suprt her seven children. ( Date 'en
rc vd a C.Ise. o e Valladolid) ( .16 at C o a, alladod) (t.16G -received at ConIseo de a, Valadolid) (cot.165 Air 29. A,- 29). Aor 29).

'A :- :ir- ;; 'i ti~- V~- 1 ;;

~_--_ 1 *

-= = .-

2-----, - -' -r~ .-~-

1605 .o : 1 ST A 5 I J ?-,1 i; 9A1 7 1. 16C5 2 A- 51 ?1 -57 d p. 9. Val l ii. # 1iula. Vallai lii. C-a 05dule. 1alledoliJ. Royal C ula.
pis l pI ai a p Fra

ad U- ea a afS--r n- h r 1 c. a,, -, a l- .Ja eV5 iio oi it. ,_ 1 $url ad .t Frais -; -r FS do a 1 J

*I 0I

=-::-~r ---u;~-:--:_i_:- ;r:- ~--:------r -, a ;,

,--i:_- :- :;- ;=r-;,-.,; --~---I;-o- ~1; I,-,:-_r;~?_r
-- __ ---:;-: --rr-: ;I::- ~~----:-~-_~


1%: I; ::::: '-;

e A 0

,s r 7 ? S .

05 KEo 3C ST AI 53-1-6 bi, 92,z p. 1. 1605 Eo 30 1 AI 53 -1- bnad 92, p. 1-2. 1605 No 3C 9- ASI 53-1-6 bnd 892, p. 1-2.

Vallaaolid. Consult del ConeJo de Ilies. Valladolid. Consulta de% Consejou I-dies. Valladolid. Ocnsulta del Coru ejoa e Idia. (copy) 1 1/2 p. (copy) 1 /2 p. (copy) 1 /2 p.
l o;i ir:g pu.oisoloehc ad fien c "reecatadores do am- nc'-ring pur islm t and ieto aTresmta-adores e am- OncenF:ig moimic-t ad fin tc '"ecrtadoes de amar" ard goods frm cst sips; agree ith Gov. Pedro bar" a goods r m lost si i; agre with Gov. pedro bar" an: goods fr lost ships agree ,th GoC. Pedro de Itarra tc l-der finco t 600 ducados, itead of 2, de Ibarra to lower riloe to 6Co ducado, in cad o- 2, 3o Tbarra to lo-cr fine to OD ducadot, ited 2, 0XC ord sts, rer. of recate igls. Third of fioe (X)C and susMensio o rescare rights. Third of fie COC ad 0d ensr o. of re se rights. Third of fine to be divided between Gcv. 'or punishment and for tche to be d4ded y een Gf. r punishment and for the to be divided etee ov f punished an .ior tte one who accoe d t. he0 o. o -cu. e, o. .e, w.ho.. au 0h .

16C5 Dec 1 5 AJ 53-2-9 bnd i25, p. 3. 165 Dee 1 ST AI 514-9 bn 1 p1 .1,0 D, 1 S- ACI -9 bS i. P. 3.
7a laaoli. Cosoo d Iaa. a la o. o o 8 ai r ,. Vailaici-. coalca de ias2.
(orpo1/2 (p ) /2 .(co ) 12 p.

Ordes t pa, luan Rodiglez ao Cartay 5(. ar a.e dis J ris i*, srtar Crta 5C dis Ordes t py t Ja Rod grigiz e Cartga 5 ( araiedi
a lip. i fr Fl. ti da,' day a rl o e e a: Fl. j aad, f:i day f Is d fo e fro s f Fla. nil

g *I *

+ i- KK- .--- ;,~;,,: K

1 : c 12 S 2 S A

Sdh r I s a a r i I d s

I 1e c t n si l a_ a- ta i el p p t -mtAc3 a ir
- s crt* e s ila ua e e i u :rt. s pil Tu Pr c d 3 --s rt, P:ti a pil J Per 'c ??.- Peo de Arra0.- Fdo d Ar n.- Pe d Ar .

1% 1% 1%

1605 Dec 1 ST AT d;-5-17 bId 913 .. 1605 Dec 33 S' ll 5- -5-17 Cnd 913, 1. 1 1,5 Dec i- 13 S I kl F-5-17 d o1!, p. 1.

San A ustii. tov. Pedri de ITarra to Fray PId o de San Au ruin. Gi, Fedro do Iarra to Fray Pedro do San lAguo t in. Pdro de Itarra to Fray PdJ-o d

(cop S)c. ( ) rm / ( y) 2 1/i

After is arr ival r Fla. as listed by InTians o Aiter s arr-ival in Fla. was viitied by Indians o Aftero i rri l Fla. was isited b7 Iios w das e Gv. fo more pr iests; ,hen Iitig idians asi Gov. for ore priests] hen viitin i as ased Gov. or a rIestsC when visiting idi a; o GaUe an1 Sir Pdr- t[v insisted n nei nr Gre ouale ad SIn Pedr. thi; iaited or e -as for tre Guaie anl San Pedre thy sited r the for mor
irest espeialy Deci es of Grale, Ason, -ica, Ilest especially Fc;l eS of ale, Asso. a, ia rest especially aSiques op Cale, Asatl }ap ca

165 Dec 13 S 61 5.4-5-1 an 913 p. 1, 1605 Dec 13 ST AI -7 bI 913, 1. 1. 1205 3ec 13 Ail 5 -5-17 Unl 913, p. 1.

S: Ag-ustn. Gcv. pedrl- de Iba-ra to Fra Pedro de San igu.i. Ge'r. Pedr T-e Iba5ra to Fray Pedro de Sar K t-in. ov. Pio de ib,ra to Fr, Pesre de
erao. Veme. Ver-go.
a- 2. a 2. Card 2.

Aito i To-y Po-ac. l in hi plans o disr i Artori Tc, PO nc. pe i la t, itrib At o, T ony, Polol. xits h is plans to distri
it I riests he h rested from rct e pests he hs rqs ro Crown. te 1 iess as re st fr Cr .

*P 0

160 Dec 22 T iI 5-- bnd 882, F. 11. 16 5o Dec 22 ST 0I 5r -l- bn R2, p. 11. 1605 Dec 22 ST A 4- bi Q8, p. 11.
S yg n. Factor and eedcr AI-nao 1as A las. San4 Lin Factor a rd ,olo leor a s las Alas. San Atin. Iact r -d Voedor Aonalo i1a Alas.
(e 5 3 /) (cPs 5 1/2 ( Alls rerission for Pal Cedola of sanLorenoro oJ 26 Asks -ernissin for Royai Catla o ranlorezo J-n r6 AF ~ -ision for R-syal Gedula o- Uno Loro J 2 i 8t b hici Tor, and RoI-al Cfficials are to give a 1586 b h c or. od Royal Officials are to give d 586 bt nich Cov. o d Royal Officials are to give d diapa rhh- cairn in, nu, .a of [ta i, d. J-,.o ,no dichachd, ,,ernin, Fe-t or rli d or. ches aontri $c t or Ecri,, de lur Ia io l nlesen them io -o..ti cJascops d se f, t. o Indias. I1]aedeooy o o n Cose d Indi. ne I .... t C. de diasrsl. 1-sl+ieo
ji 2C (qv of Ce-] Ia IP6, J- c(qv/
of 5d' la 1586 J:0 2C ( o5P6, 20 Fnv'
0 0

iC5 Dec 22 S AG1 2-2-21,5/2 b 91 I. 1, 56CS DeC 22 ST AlI 2-2-2 /2 ti d i1~ 1 1i05 De 22 ST ilI 2--2r5/2 id 91f p. I.

ladcl. a da Va li, ya Ceua. ladolid. Rhyal CLTla.
(cop. 1 1/2 !. (rPa 1 (o) 11'2 i.

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