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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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160, ST AI 53-29 b:d 858, p. -2. 16C ST AI 53-29 bd 858, p. 1-2. 160M ST AGI 53-29 bd 858, p. 1-2.

tSpain, Jua MeneondeZ Marques. tSpain ,lua .eneldez Marques. Spain Juan Menendez Maroues.
1 14 1 i/ p. 1 i/i p. Asks to be albe to use Ceocla of 1603, Mar 21, by Asks to be albe to use Cedcla of 1603, Mar 21, by Ass to be slbe to rse Ceduls of 16C, Mar 21, by which h had perrissior or eturn to Sein t take bich he had permission to return to Spain to take which he had permiccion to return to Spain to take
care of his business,. H is Tesorere of Florida. care o- his business. He is Tesoro of Florida. care of his business. He is Tesore.o of Florida.

>~ >"~ \**vN4. *N~N V~-~ *~>

V Z>s.~xs., 4%z~ ~ ~Thu~~Nli 4 V N N V N

N N N~S{~ N ~ N.
> V >4< N 4 V V V -N

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,- -Th S *-. -. ThZV V \"V'--N,- '-4*- *

1604 ST AI 54-5-9 bd 876. 1 04 ST ',I 5e-5-9 bln rn. 1r4 ST A 54-5 Lu- g76.

San Ag~esin. Infrm ciao e Opt. Juan Garcia de San Atin Inf'macin on ct. Jun rci dS, stin Irformin o Opt. Jua Garia d 11 pN p. ,

for compone s, c e entries for 16, ct 7. r ro nert ts, see en ries for 16T4, Oct ?. for cmpononrts, see entries for 160i, Oct 7.

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U N,-> N >-V> NS>Vt > ;mA@tv-~,-k&,cv .

'Ni' ks' r N N ,,,-N, N ~ N, ~ 'N,, 'iN i~ t~i ~v' N" NN~ 'N '>N, 'NN'~> "N-~N,'"'N'~"-" N~<"'"" N"' '>4 'N, N ,ii'N-N '-'-N, N>,, iv. "N-N" "NN- "N, N 'Vi>,> N ~ 4 "N-N-iN Ni N-4~,
N-"'' V iN N, ~NtN- 'N, N- "N- "N N vav "''~iN- ii N NC> N-', N-i, 'N

-~ N ~rN4~+K~r~ ttW.

->~ >N N N N *r


4- 4 4
44 4- -4 4 -' 4 4 4 -4
4 4 4 4- 4-- -4 -4 4 4 4 -444 ~ 4 -44-44 --4 -4- -4 4444 -4 -4 4- ~ 4- 4 -444 -4 -~ 44 444

V < W v:

_C.-; '-: --~ ::_- I ir"- --i--- -~---' -:;-; ; i' :-i :: Iri -; :
--:-- ---i


1M4 ~gi A flAIT y~,.y-r o4 MCT. 'ML, 7*1 A'T fl..~%4" ti '4Cr. 7. ItCh 7* i 7' CIT ..-5-L~ L~d ~LCC. '.

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*(rj. Pal, tT r.T :~p.!4~ 4 IGC ~ 7~. ~ I' fl S~L? .:A 1~Z~ 7. '1. Th. A ST 4 1CM


HIP'. ~ V RC ft~-~ i~a 7O~ r. I' N'! SL..Cr 1.4 7cr r. f. 1~.~~ Th~ 37 k*Z SL-!-'' CSr r* 9.

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tArS~ I:.r. -. 1~c4. *!jscL, I~r. 2 hr.. *Or~'. .~. I':. ~ATh. ne.,. r *.c p.. :-I~ t,~ a'r4. *.. i'~.

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-_~-- : --~- =.~
~i- :i;~l--~~ ;~-~--~~~-c-;~---,

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- ~;-_ r-:: I_ -,:, : :1 % ;. :: :- ~

* 0

160h Apr 2 ST AgI 545-9 bnd 87, p. 1-. A6O Apr 2 ST A MI >4-5-9 bnd 863, p. 1-5, 16C4 Apr 2 ST AI 5-5-9 bad 8-, P- 1-5.
Sa. Arustin. roY. Ped de Ibarra to Alcnso de San Agusti: l, Go. Pdro. do Ibarr to At onso de San Agustin. Gov. Pedr de Ibarra t, Aosro de
Pastrana s Pastrana. Pstrso a
(tory) 4 1/2 n, (opy) /2 p. (copy) I/2 p.
Insr:uCtiR fo trip to Sps v in ship IoUt': Ie:rtretljcl for trip to Spain iu ship dS5RA Iootruotion for trip to Spain in ship I -5550RA Lt SIOAARO mod ist of slpliis needed 50Cc DOtlt 14AI2 and list of supplies n eded SE5 A DEL RCSAI C and list ol supplies needed
for people in Fla. count 1604 Apr 5). for people in Fla. (cont. 1604 Apr 5). for people in Fla. count i6C4 Apr 5).

eP 9 *

l1eO Aur 2 ST AI 511-5-17 bd 8C, p. 1-2. 16C, A.r 2 S7 AI 54-5-17 bnd 86, p. 1-2. 16C Apr 2 ST AGI 54-5-17 bnd 864, p. 1-2.

San Agustn. Tesorero ,uan Menrino Marques to King. San Agtstfn. Tesonero Juaer Merinder arquee King. San Agustfn. Tescrero Jua Menetide MaroFes to Kine t
(partially oblibliterated) 1 I/1 p. (partially obllititerated 1 1 (partially oblibliterated) 1 1/4 p

Concerning peission received to o Spin a lea on nnp si receivedtogtpain a lea n recd te Concerrieing perissior received to go tt pan a:d leac some one to re alce him. Trip ill be ~aker later a- some ore to replace hin. Trio il! re oaken later; a- some one to replace ri. Trip wll be -aken later; wa tits to mae sure tlat i i replacevtr wil received only nls to ake sure thathis relacenrtr wni. rieived only nts lo make ure that his relaeet-il il received onll
alf of Menndezi s salar. h, f Men-ndez salary. half of Mern-edez's salary.

0 0

-= -.-- S 2-

16C Ar 12 T AI 5 d 6. Ar 2 A AG ,- -9b zn p. 6. 160 Apr 12 ST AT3! 5--9 td ul9, p. .

3Sn A-ustin. Gov. PFdro do Ibarra to Cron. Sa Agusti. o. PeTrc de Ibarra to Cron. San Aist:.i GCv. Pedr o o ibrra to Cror,.
(copy) (cr) 7 (c py .
For the cons ructio-n of fort ark be reni Stonemasons For the constrcti or : Ifort asks be .s Stonemason For thoe onEtr&ctio of fort asks c set, tom s
from Habar. aaeticn, Con,riador Ti io >oi. r Hauba. mentions Co ado- TibUrcio SanIi. fr Lbaa. tions naor ib rio S


60 A,,pr 26 ST AI 5-5-9 ond 854, p. 3)-. 16C4 Apr 26 =T ACI 5).-n-9 bnd 85,t P. 3-. 160 Apr 26 ST AlI 5-5-9 bikd 85, p. 3-.

San Agustir. Contador Sartlo,6 de Arg-elles to King. San Agastin. Cor-ador Birtoi e de Arguelles to King. San Agutin. Contador oartolo de Arguolles to King.
1 1/4. 1 1/4. 1 1/.

Certifies senaic of Alonso CareTa de la Vera who Certfies service of Alonso saEri de a iVra who er tifies service of Alonso Gerofa de la Vera who egan service on Apr. 27, 1581 and on Oct. 5 1589 began service on Apr. 27, 1581 ard eo Oct. 5 1589 begSn service in Apr. 27, 1581 and or Cet. 5 1.589
utierre de Min of E u rre randa nave irie de ana gave him position cf Escribarno; Gutierre de Piranda gave him position of Escriba re
served with o, MartineZ ne Avendalo. Should be r- s itn Gov. Mart ez de Avendi co. Shoull De re- sevd with Goy. Martincz de Avendaeo. Should be rearded. (end of xpdi e. arded. (nd of deaed. (end of xpdi

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16CL May li ST Al 51-2-7 bnd 867, p. 1-. 16L May 1i S AGI 5A2I bnd 867, pn. 16Cl May 1L S- AGI 54-2- bnd 867, p. 1-.

saba a. Gov. Pedro doe alde to -g. a a. Gov. Pedro de Valder to ig. Haa a. O. Pedro de Vales to Ki
8 8p. 8p.

Reeeied letter of GFo. Pedro dl Ibarra f1om Fla. ith Received letter of Gov. Pedro de Ibarra fro, Fla, with Received leiti rf Gov. Pedro de Ibarr from Fla. itl news of settlement of enemies at the "ense da de Car- news o satlmnnt of en miee at the "erseda de Car- news o' se.tl meant t e emies at Lhe "e:seor.da de Car los". Reports of: elemies ships, Portur ese Cpt. e ta, los". Reports of: enies ships, Portugese Opt. Mota, los". Reports of: eremies ships, PFrtugese Opt. Mota Dar er of corsairs; Bishop Juan de Cavezas to r port Dan er of corsairs; Boshop Juan de Cayezas to report
situation after a triv in Cuba. N-s: ealh of may situation aftr a trir i Cuba. Nts: death of mary situation after a tri, in Cuba. iews: death of many people, artiler.., ereses of Go,. Pedro de It ...rra eple, a illery, expenses o Goe. Pedro de Ibarr people, artillery, expens's o Go. Pedro de Ibarre

- *ci~ir--: ii.

(~i,- ~ ; <,

160 J- i S AI -2- M bad 868, F. 1-2. 1604 J- 4 ST AGI 54-2-7 bd 8A68 1-2 160 Jn S AGI 51-2-7 bn 868, p. 1-2.

(Spain) Vei,,rial of Licenciado Rnorills. (Spain) iemorlal of Licenciado Ron0illo. 1(Spain) emsrial of Licenciado Ronsuillo.
1 i/2 p. I 1/2 p. 1 1/2 p.

calls his se-ice in Havana an in Florida durii in Havana rida du irng Ring Macalls sis serice in }Mavana and in Florida du i revolt of Opt. Salazar. Servd with Juan Maldonado a revolt of Opt. Salazar. Se.red with Juan aldorado a revolt of Cpt. Snlazar. Served ith Jran raldonado ar.d Juan de Tejeda. Asks for position of Alc1lde in and Juan de TeSaia. isks for position of Alca de in and Juan de Tejeda. Asks for position of Acalade in
Lisa or xioo. Li a Mxi Li or exi

| t| 8

1 I

a.. a ~ 5,-f-I.. bt In. g. p. Ibv. It. UT r: Si-f-I.. .1 'n. ~. ,. lIft At, a r r? r~.z-1, Li tfl, ~. ~.




--c.-;~a,.;~;;~sl~-~~2 -w ; =rSI~ ; :l- ..,_,,~~,;.~,,,. ..,~,,,,,,:~_i ---~~rr:-~-i-r~l;?~;~~.ru,-~~ ;~ _:~;_:~~____~_,,__.=

16 Jll 7-9 ST AGI 5-5-9 bad 72, p. Wi-3 16C Jul 7-9 ST AGI 5-5-9 bnd 72, p. L-1.. 1606 Jul 7-9 ST A31 54-5-9 bnd 872, p. 4-13.

SacAggutir. Pedro Ibrra. SarkAgstin. Pedro Ibarra. SanAuktin. Pedro Ibarra.
8p. 8p. 8 p. Report concernin Indians at Eisenada de Carls, Spa- Reoort concerning Indians at Pnsenada de Carlos, Spa- Report concern Inians at Ensernaa de Carlos, Spa nish shie fr:om Haba na nd ew Spain searochh if r n- nish ships from Habara a1ri New Spain searching for n- ish siips from Habana and New Spain searching for en
erY's settlement tre. Y's there. s se here, eY' setlement b ere.

00 0

-:~ -~,; -i ~=
-~ ,~ ~


(16C Jul 11) ST AGI 54-2-7 d 0 p. 1-4. (16 Jul i) ST AI -2-7 bd 7C ( Ju ST -2-7 bd 570 p. 1Laba a. Ov. Pedru de Valdes to Kirg. ilabana. Ov. Pedro de aldes to King. Habana. Gov. Pearo d Valsas to ing,
ccrinued frm pirecediing card. continue from preceding cari, continued frm prreceirng card.

Castro, Marcos de Vlera, GoCzalo Medes de Canzo, atro, aros de Valera, GConalo endez de Canzo, atro, 'aros doe V lra, Gouzalo Mene de d
Lic. SarnZ Poa. i Suarez e poago. Li. Suarez de Poao.

1604 Jul 15 ST A DI 53-2-6 bnd 871, p. 1-2. 1604 Jul 15 ST AGI 53-2 ba:d 71, p. 1-2. 160 Jul 15 ST AGI 53-2- ond P71, p. -2.

Valladolid. Consult del Consejo de Indias. Valladolid. Consulta del Conarse de Indir. Valladoli. Corsulta del CcnrseJo de Indias.
1 1/4 a. 1 1/4 p. 1 1//4 p.

Advj.ies Siving Co.v Pedro de Ibarra, "lyuda do costa" Ad ses pivig Gco.v Pedre de Ibarra, "auda de costa" Advises giving o.v Pedro de Ibarra, "aua de costa and not to charge i, ith expense because i ip and not to char him ith exensn t har th expees because hin chip an not to charg him ith expenses because hic ship was attacked by English sorsairs on the way to Flori uwa attacked hy Eglish sarsire n the ay eto Flori was attacked ty English eorcsairs on the wy to Flcri
da. da. da.

90 0

s16 Aug 1 ST AGI 54-5-9 bnd 872, i 1-3. 160 Aug 1 sr AGI 54-5-9 bnd 872, p. 1-. 160 Aug 1 ST ACI 51-5-9 bnd 872, 1- .
San ,gustin. Gov. Pedro de Ibarra to King. San u,,atin. Gov. Pedro doe Ibara to Kin,. San ogustil, Gov. Pedro de ibarra to i,.
i 1/4 p, 1 1/4 1 1i/ p. Concernirg darer of naemy's settleme t at Ensenada Concernir, dai-er of enero's settlement at Esenada Conerning darer f enemy's settlement at Esernda
de Carlos. Gov, Pedro de Valdes advised Viceroy New de Carlos. Gov. Pedro de Valdes advised Viery of Ke' de Carlos. Gov. Pedro de Valdes advised Viceroy of Ne,
Slain. Sent Alonso de Pastrran Lth dispatches a,d Sain. Sort Alonso de Pastrana uith dispatches and Spain. Sent Aloso do Pastrana r.th dis ,tches and
the d ai cates with Barbole de Arguells; poreorig the duplicate r it Barklom de Arg uelles; Irelardg t duplicates with BaSrlome de Arguelles; pr--arig shi to guard coast. Dearture of eX Jul ), Jul 7) Jul 7).

160, Aug 10 ST AGI 5!-1-35 bnd 8T3, p. i-. 1604 Aug 10 S Al 54--35 brl 873, p 0 u10 S T AI 5A-1-35 b n 87, p. 1-6.
Valladolid. Pet tion of Aloso de Pastrana Vsllasdlid. Petition of Alons de' Patrana. Valldolid. Petition of Alonso de Pastrans.
(co) 5 p. (copy) 5 p. (py) 5 p.

On behalf o soliers of Forida reorts need. fr sa- Or behalf of soldiers of Florida reports ied 'or su- On behalf of soldiers of Florida reports need for applies, artilleri. e mmunition as cv. and Royal Of- plies, artiller, acmlnition as ov. and Royal Of- polies, artillery, arniition as Gov. a Roiyal OfSci als have declared in tei etiio Includes icials have declareinir petitpetitioio. ncludncludes fiial h declared i ear in teir petiititn. Includes falos's have declared ir rtitindes
list of needs. lit of n eeda. list of needs.

r~-t*~>.> V &t~ ~ + v>vttrThs-*t %rvThyt*~v7yYVc

Vt. V V s~V>~&>~XC*~ ~ ~-V

~S.h~9V*~.~n><-&jV. VYX TS~ ~VC>r~- V. V ~


1604 Aug 11 A I 86-5-19,StDP2528 bnd 256,p.579-581. '04 Qug 11 sT G 0-H-19,St*Dl2S b uiad-,.57i-561.i. L i 1 Ai i 6-,i ls oD2528 a ~d 5I6. p..-,j79
Valladolld. Cedulario. Vailaaolid. Ceducrio. falliolid. Cedurio.
-ortinued from preceding card. continued from preceding card. continued from p'cedng card.
Satisfied with gomd care slaves re rece-ivin in SaEfiedd with care slave are receividrg in Satinfied with good cre slaves are receiving ii
loridsa Florida. Florida .

0 is0

1604 Aug 11 ST AGI 86-o-19,StD12528 bnd 256,p.581. 16024 u 11 ST AGI 86-5-19,StDo2528 bud 2%,p.581. 1604 Aug 11 ST AGI 86 -19,stD-W2528 bnd 26,p,.81.

Valladolid. nedulario. Valladolid. 3edulario. Valladolid. Cedulario.
(copy) p. (copy) p. (copy) p.

To Viceroy nd "alcaldes de crinen" in Mexico, or. To Viceroy and "ai ldes de rimen" in exico, or- To Viceroy and "'lcaldes de crime n" in Mexico, orders them not to send criminals ao lorida because ders them not to end Ecricmi-ls to Florida because ders them not to send criminals to Florida because
it gives gad reputation ad it in bad influence it gives gad reputation and it is bad influence it gives gad reputation and it is bad influence
on people in forts in ilorida. Mentions Gov. pearo on a-eole in forts in Florida. Mentions ov. edro on people in forts in Floridf Mentons Go. .edro
de Ibarra. Sae Ceduda was sent to Audienc- l in de Ibarra. Same Cedul wa sent to Audiencia in de Ibarra. Same Ceduia was sent to Aundiencia in

0 0 0

1% 1%'~

1604 Aug 16 ST AGI 86-19,St9DW2528 and 256,p..581-82. 1604 Aug 16 ST AGI 86--l1,St*Do2528 bnd 256,p.51-582 1604 Aug 16 ST AGI 86-5-19,toDo2528 bd 256,p.i48-5L2.

Valladolid. cedulario. Valladolid. Cedul.rio. Valladolid. Cedalalio.
(copy) (copy) 1) e. (copy) 1) p.

To Treasury Officials in San Cristobl doe l Havan, T T resury Officials in San Cristobal de a Havarna To Treasury Officials in San Cristobal de la Havana
Orders not to charge Gov. edro de Inarra for 2 20 Orders not to charge o. edaro de Ibarra for 200 Orders not to charge Gov. fedro de Ibarra for 200 ducdos. Ibarra borrowed the moesey after he lost duatdoe. Ibarra borrowed the moune after he rot dulados. ibarra borrowed the money after he lost everything in aiton tck by enemies on ni he w everything in an rtack by eneamie or ship he everythin in an attack by enemies on ship he was
travelling in to Floard. ravelling in to Floaida. travelling in to Florida.

(160C Aug 17?) ST AI 54-5-17 bnd 86, p. ,4i. (160 A 1?) T iG 5-5- bd p. 4-8. (1604 Aug i?) ST AI 54-5-17 bhid 86, p. !-8.

.p. -is. Francisco Fernandez de eixa and r.. p Ct. Francisco Fer.nardez de Qeixa and n.o. Opts. Francisco Fernandez de goixa and
Alonso de P stra'a. Alrns de Past-ana. Alonso de Patraa.
4) 4 1/2 p. (copy) 1/2 p. (coy) a 1/2 p.

On the behalf of the soldiers in Florida as for su- On rte behalf of the soldiers in Florida ask for su- On the be alf of the soldiers in Florida ask for supplies for soldiers in Florida an miiu daily a- plies for soldiers in Florida and r iiou daily sa- plics 'or soldiers in Florida ad1 mirdnam daily salary of reales, complin of i crease in rice of clo- lar of 5 reales. comli of increase in price of clo- lary of 3 reales. co-plin of increase in price of lo
thes and supplies. Discus pymnt for supplies in then snd supplies. Discuss parent ior supplies in thes and soapplie Discuss mment for supplies in
Mexics" (c nt. 15 S 29. Mexic 159 Se 29). exico. (ccct. 1593 See 2).

16CL Aug -7 ST A -I-i bnd 866, p. 2-3. 160. Aug 17 ST AGI 5i-5-27 bnd 866, p. 2-3. 10 Aug 17 ST AGI 5L-5-17 ond 86, p. 2-3.

Vall&dolid. Cot. Alonso sn pastra to CL~nejio di Valladolid. Opt. Alorso de Patrana to Cosejo de Vallado'in. Opt. Alonso de Pastran to lonsejo de
Indias, 2 p. 2 p. Indias. 2 p.

On the behalf cf soldiers of Florida, asks that sol- On the behalf of sol-iers of lvlrida, askE t at sol- On te behalf o sliers of Florida, zisk tLat soldiers should receive sae arount of supplies as in diera should rece same amount of supplies as i- diers shoul received a e amount of supplies as in
Adelantado Menendes's time. Milrmuk namnt of 5 Adelantado Menendez's ii-e. iri-nrm payment of 5 Adela.n-o Iene-e's lime. Minmum pimnt of 5
reales not to pay al-otf a o suplies. Crown racles not to pa almorinazgo n supplies. rown reales ;ot to ay almorifazgo on supplies. Cro should lly sport oldeirs instead of letting should fully supOt oldeirs instead of letting should fully s pporlt soldiers instead of letting
t -n n. l t.,160 Ai '7].). then es ?.). te erish. oonrt.160, A, ?,.).

Sr- ;-= ~ --l~a

S -5 5 ~=

-~,ix~r ;

160A Sep 17 S T I 53-2-9 bd 881, i1.. 1604 Sep l ST AI 5-2-9 bad 881, p. h. 160H Sep 17 ST P3I 53-2-9 bd 881, p. 5.

Valladoi Aioso, de Pastrari torl G' Valadli. Aio.so de Pastrar- to rolw. Valladoli. Al.aso de Pastr-re t,; 2raw.
(cpy 2 p. (c py) 2 p. (ca p' 2 p.

Really lis trio with ay. Prdro do Itarra the Recalls his tri n ith ov. Pedro de lbarra r the,, Recalls his trrio th 7or. Pedro de Itarra er i the
corsair attack. Ass to be pid or expen es of trip corair attac-. Asks to be paid or expenses of tri corsair attack. ASKS to be p a id for expenses of trip
to Fla. the aount rf sCC -aravedis fdr ever other to Fla. t rh armout c. CO araedis for ever other to Fla. the armolnt of 5O aravtdis fo eveIi other
da oF trip o Fla. an back to Spain and to r-ceive day of trip Io Fla. aD back to Spail and to r eive day of trip tc Fla. an back to Spain and t receive his soldier's sala,. Mentions: Alforez aulen ar his sol;ier' a!ar,. enlaions: AlfereF 'lulen an his soldier's salary. entions: Alferez iauleon and
Her-- e Mta Hernaldo de Hesta- Her. n d Mst.

16u0 Sep. 18 ST A I 86-5-19,3t"Do228 bnd 256,p.8-585. e160 Sep, 18 ST AI 86-5-19,StoDo2528 bnd 2t6,p., -585. 1604 Sep. 18 ST -I 86-5-19,EtD2528 bnd 21 p.i8

Valiadolid. Cedulario. VIlladolid. Cedulario. Valladolid. Cedulario.
(copy) Iy P. (copy) 1l I. (cory) I% pI

To Treasury Officials in Florida. Orders not to To Treary Officials in Florida. Orders not to To Treasury Officials in Florida. Orders not to charge almorifazgo on supplies coming ito Flo- charge .aimrif ago on suppis coing into Flo- charge almorifazgo on supplies coming into Florida from New Spain or any where else; for-s e rida fror N w S ian or ny her else for the rida from New Sain or any wh r else; or the
.upporl of soldier Mentions Florida dos not support of soldiers. Mentions Florida does not support of soldiers. Mentons FloridI does ot produce or have supplies or clothe Mentions rduce or sove spies or closes. nations o or sove applies or clothes. Mentions


K- \ ~~-t <>9- ~ W9-,9--j>~ W4-t~A~->V9- < >~9 ~9K- ~tt~K U

-kz~K-KU~Ut9- VK->9~ XO"~~ 4< >-~- 99>

4- 4 -A- 4-

: ::il - -I :ii:i -; I--- -- _:--1-::-,- :::-;:; ;- --_;-, :I -:

~-'-:~ ~.,i :11',:. 7. ...% Or.~ AZ *-~? .it 11P, :1 ~-~'W 2U, *. 2*.

0 0 0

16CL Oct 7 ST AG! 5j-5- 9 bd 87, p. 1-2. 16CL Oct 7 ST AGI 54-5- 9 bnd 87, p,. 1-2. liC4 Dt 7 ST ACT 5-5- 9 bd 876, p. 1-2.

Sa. Astin. ot. Juan arcia de iavia. S- a a A s ,ta in. CSp. Juan Garcia de Navia.
2 p.(c ) 2 (oy) 2sp
before Pedro de Tbarra reourts -hat Gr. Goralo Before o. d do lbaerra revo--s hla Gi. Gonzale Before Gov. Ped- de Ibarra reports t nat Gov. -onohle
Mendes de eanzo took his Resi'ncia, recrts that sol- Mendes doe ano too< his Res dlencia, reofts that sol- Mendez de Caz0 took is Rs iencia, reports o at s dier Jaln anzalelz says that ia wife Maria de Leyba dier Juan Gonzalelz says itat a is wi'e Maria de Lebde dier Jtan Sonzalelz says that his wife aria de Letba
is pregcna by Garcia de Navia. Gov. Ibarra hd is tren,- by Garcia de Nava. Go. Ibarra had is regnnt by GarCIa dae Nia. Gov. obarra Lad
asked Garoia de Navia to leave to. (co.t 160L cht loske Grcia de Navia t1 leave t rr. (cot a Oct asked Carcia de avia to leave towr. (ocoit !0I Oct


160, Oct 7 ST AI 54-5-i bnd 876, 3-11l. Et ST 8 -11 16(. C 7 ST A- 5>--- bnd 876, i. ---l.

San Agastin. Infeloacion, on Opt. Juan Sariacte avia 5an Anstin. Infor-acior o, OCt. Juan arcia ie avia S Asin. i:-acior n not. J l arcia e iSNla
Scry 7 1/2 '. (ac) 7 1/2 o. (7 1/2 .
CGnoaeng p'ecaaof -f lilr Jar, or ln J.fe Cocer-ing p regency ot colier Ja-r ,oncaleza .if Ooaoerr:in prejnnan of sire Jua, oala .lez'
uarla de Lcfba. In'crmaclut-- bic r v. Pedro do .rla de Lba. Irirmacion beore Par -e car de Leyba. lnl' rmacimn before 3,v. Pearo de
Ib uerrah. di I ,- a. I.barrac Wctema:

3.- AlBace Martin le jna- .- Alferz Marti de a;a .-a A1frez Mat de 3a onia.
T I d -,-ea 5- l 5.-d- l de Cdil la. e ad
SAlferez Joc ,. .- Juan de Saiago, l- Alaefez Jcuan de iiago.

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V t~>t N t-r V rc~ ~ ~>Vrt NV V >~>~St ~-r<~


V ~ t V. V. V.

160L Oct 12 ST AGI 5-5-17 bd 866, p. 19-20. 160a Oct 12 T AI 5-5-17 bd 86,, 4 1O9-2. Ct 12 ST A 5l d- 1-;7 .d 86, p. 1l-20.
(Madrid;. Consejo de ndias. (Madrid). Cnsejo de Indias. (Madrid). Consejo de Ildies.
(co 2 o (op2 p. (copr) d.
a. soldier shuld ory pa, original -ric-f sip- Fia. soldierss h ould orl pay orii*a ric of ur- Fla. vieo OI-Uld nl, pay ori'irnl price a tupolies closes c rm lad in as i is for th res lies aner, clotres fra, ew Spain a i s ret lies a-d crs t a p ew Srin it i Oit-to rest of Irdies. ucar-ini Fla. 'c older's petition about of -Idies. Co-er.. Fla.'s sicie-rs petitir.n abut oaf IndIes. Ce1cernin Flo.' soldier's petiti aut
rices of opolies, includes list of petitir,, prices ef sdpplie. Iptlctdir lis of pati os too ri of Dolies. Irlofd lies t of p-eition.
(end of expeden ) (ed of epedi.nte) (end of oepesinte)

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-~-~;-;n-~:-----fS ~- i_--^l- ,;-~::


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-~ 'V 'V 2'

N<. a V
2' N "2'


4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 44

-4- 4 4- 4- 4 -4 -4
4 444 4 ~4 4 44
4. -4 44 -4~~ ~4 ~4~*4 4 44~ 4
4 4--.- 4 --4-.- 4- -, 4-.44

4 '~Ittb~

1604 I o 3 ST AGI 1-2-/24,A bnd 878, p. 3. 16O NoV 3 S AGi 1-2-./2,4 bnd 878, p. .160 3ov 3 ST aGi 1-2-/2. bnd 878, p. 3.

card 2. card 2. card 2.

cn: 1597 n 17, 151. pay 30, 31, 1598 Sap 24, ison: 197 ai1 17, Sep 15 3, 3,n 1598 Sep 2,
Apr 2. Apr 2, Apr 2.

1604 No; 4 Z A,-I 86-5-19,StD3 2528 bnd 256,9.~8. 1604 Nov 4 ST AG6 6L-l19,St3u ar bnd ii a.5b8. 164 4T A -iYst.D bnd 5,.58..
S Ceduri m Cedro.Lm. CeOum ro.

( .ory) < P (copy) (copyY

eport t t o overor dro de Iarra will rnd 5 Peor tatoverno exor do Ira ill -end 5 Pepot t t 3oernor-p, o r d Icabrr ill end 5
artiller prices to b raised in and to on rtillo idaed i t nd to ti Florid pin. b e id in nd end
bck to Fllorio. t ii ria 0 S

1l604 fov a S AlI 86-5-i.,Sta.252 bnd 256,p.589. 1604 'ov ST I 86C -19,3t 252 bnd 256,p.2 89 1604 Nov T 'I 6-5-19,,tDo22,8 b 25p

ler(ma. Sed1ri. CLe el Lerm. dlai

n rie ly to ato letr ver Gro edro de lrra oi rely to lnttr from ;ro, edro de Tlar r
dated Aril 12, 16 Gve lerm ioro exlo- dated April 12, 16 Give ermi on o exlo te ,ri 12, 160, ives e io o elre nd ere Gov. eltin terrtor is rich. re and lere, ov. claims territor is rib re lnd where ov. claim territory i, rich.
rts of eu by hich Cu will eor of a Cedi by which Cua ill re r eorts of a Ceduil by hich Ca ill rear
r peie for Floi. r ery eie r Floria.ilery p es or Flo.vi.
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*P 0 0

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-: i --_.. ;-.~ i--~- _;-;;- - _:; : ;- .- :----il -i. --- ,; .-ii : ---,; ; : -i 1- ;-I:._:

---- :: a ;

un S has fl&. A. liCk cY I ~*jy *.I~I*~7 had 1412k.~.. 7 16fl 1v I C ~%-'I-~7 -r ~ ~.

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104 o 17 r Ai 6--9to 2 d 56.. 16i04 Nov 17 S- i 86 -19,t)252a6 bal i6p.m. I604 Nov 17 W U .6-- S 1 .i 3 o22 bnd 256,.,50.

InIldoLIa Codulario. I 1aoli. Cedlario. ifolid. Cedlaro.
) 1 (oy) 1 (opy) i .

Permisioi 1 for oldir il de Cevadills to r o i io f ie i ll o o o Pe ission f- odir Gil e Dev to o
-li and tak care of inhritnae he received i n tk car of nhritn e e received S n take r f ih-itna e e reeiod
at the deith of hi brother, F dro a:i ez de t t death of hi bro er, P-dro Al vrez do at the deth of hi biotr r e o 'Alvrez de
evoti la, of Avil. ea l of vl. Cvaill" of Avila.

16 2 T I 153-2-9 p.16 26 ST I -9 bi 7, 1. 1 160 f N9 0 26 ST AGI 53-2-9 nd e77, p. 1.

Florda, Petition of il de adil. Flosrida. Petitio- of il de Cevadilla. Florida. Petition of Sil de Covadilla.

Asks peissn n to leave Floidea I go t Avila. His Asks peisico to la.e Floida to otAvila. His Asks peomisin To lesv Floida to go to Avil,. dis
brother Pedro Alvarez de Oevadilla die an left him brother Pedro Ailvero de evaodilla died and left him brother Pedro Alvargz de -evadilla died and let him is position of oeslrero of Church o Avila which pas his position of Tesorer oI Church of Avila hi.ch pas his position of Tesororo of Church of Avila whici at
2,0CC cados a ysar. Includes ill dated Avila, Cot 2,0CC ducados a year. Includes ill dated Avila, O:t 2,0CC C edos a year. Includes will dated Aila, Oct 13, 16h6. Note from Coosejo gives permission to peti 13, C604. Nole from Cosejo gives rem issio to peti 13, 1604. Note lrm Cosejo gives permission to peti
tiorer dated 160, Nov 26, adrid tioner dated 16CA Nov 26, Marid tioner dated 1604C No 26, Marid

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0 ~0 0 0 0~ 0 0 '0
~0 ~0t 0- '0- -t '0 '0 -~
<0-00 0 '0 1- 0 0-000~ t ~0sN 1%

IM0, Dec 10 ST AII 53-2-9 bnd 880 p. 3-. lCh Dec 10 ST A I 53-2-9 bn 880 p. 3-. 160L Dec i ST iI 53-2- nd 880 P. 3-.

(Fla.) Ocy. Pedro *e Ibarra to Crowtn. (Fa.) Grv. Pedro de Ib rra to Crown. (Ma.) Gov. Pedro de Ibarra to Cro,.
1 1/4 p. 1 1/' p. i 1/. p.

Askls eo b id 200 ducado for his service t Flanaes Asks to be raid 200 doeados for his service in Flarndes Ass to be aid 200 dooades for his err ic in 11iade Mentions Bart,1c-i ae Arguelles, Juan I Ende, Alo- MIs .i ar CI doE Aruelles, Jr lenendoz, Alon- Ment ioos Bartolom de Argu.illes, Joa henndez, Alon
so -e Las Alas, Alonso Garca de ia Vera. so de !as Alas, AIeono Carcia de la Vera. so de i.o Alas, Alorso Carca la Vera.

v ~~~~ -~ As1M a. --------za v;- oen sd

'0i. Dec 28 ST Ai 54-- bd 885i, 5-15. 1604 Dec ST AGI 5i--9 bnd .85, p. -1i. 16 28 ST AI 5--9 bnd 885, p. 5-15.

San Aiust. Gov. Pdro d Ibarr.a -o Ryal Officials. San Austin. Oc,. Pear d Ibrra to RVoal Offiials. San Agus t. G-v. Pndr de Iarra L R o, Cl official
9 1,2 p. 9 1/2 p. 9 1/2 p.

CT ons -cyal Chinia of Jun, 163 a ci onvg a n,%t Mrenti.1 Royal C4dul of Jur i 163 or;derirg accnt entiitos Rotal. e:la o Ji 4 16C3 eordrin accnt of Situado. aRo~al Oficirals give aCour cf 160 Site- ot Situado. Royal ffiia give c of 6C3 Situ- of Sit;ade. Roal (Offi-ias jive accomt of .03 Si 6
ado collected by Baltasar de Sabedroa Royal Ofi- ado collected by al.asr de Syaedra. Bal ado colcted by Baltasar de Sayabedra. Royal Cfficials: Juan Meed.az a lss, Alonsc de .as Alas, cials: Juan MedoEdz i-rques, Al so dIo as 1las, cils: Juan, en o larueso, Aloso a e las laso
San .o Sa z de c-ado. Sancho Saez de ercado. SUIco Sab e d.ercae.