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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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16CR ST AGI 5,-5-9 bed 85i. 1603 ST AI 54-5- bnd 854. 16c ST A I 54-5-9 bnd 854.

San Agstir. Certification of Gov. Gooalo Medes de San Agotin. Certification of Gro. Gonzalo oedez de San Agustin. Certifictio, of GoV, GOnzalo Mades de
Canzo and Cortednr Bartlof do Ar-ueiles Canzo and Contador BartoloM de Argueles Canzo and Contador BartolC de Argue les
on the Servie of Alonso Garci ade la Vea. on the service of Alons Garcia de is Vera. on the service of Alons o Gacia de la Vera.
4 p. 4 Pp. I pp.

for eeponent docrmlents se entries for: 1603 Oct. a for ciopone t ocmen'ts see series fors 1603 Oct. I for c;ponentt doctentb seea entries fort 16E GCt. 1
160 Ar 6 6. 160 Ar 26. 160L Adr 26.

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1603 Feb 10 ST AGI 86- -l 9St-D2P28 bnd 126p.6. 0. 160F 10 T oGI 86-519-,tD*2528 bnd &6,p.i469p. 1603 oeb 10 ST AGI 86-5-19,toDa2528 bnd 25r6,p.546 ) .,

Valladolid. Cedulario. Vlldolid. Cedulrio. Valladolid. cedularin.
continc d from preceding card. continued from preceding card. continued from preceding card.

them uplies for lorida, need for customs them, supegl .e for Florida, reed for Emutoms them, supplies for Fiorida, need for customer
hoare -nd people to work it, an! thier Talries, huer end people to work it, an thier solories, house od people to work it, And thier sala;ier.

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-0 1 l i! t -1 6 n . b 16 ,S -1- nd 9 150 0 b 1-6 nd ri. I .

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eb a IR 35-1-I In &1 k" 13 1 1l 3- 1 -b 1 -1-4 Is S11, -2. 1O Fb ] s I ) 4 4 nd 411 a allacli 10 0 Ill0l 0nlo C i i 1 1 11 il i. O e de in L Re r rr t iLo. given Ito I no a t slo o Jitn kporo e i o I-v, I t I -o r 10 l t a ro ueorz t rmi ion ivin to '-ori at so-eroinn ol MA" I rs to r nt o o Y r Mn l crus to r 0n to In or o ea M c r u I o in I to ye

tae0 ohs 0at 0.tk aeofhssae 0 aecro i s

-> ~SS ~AS> ~,. tv~r% Xr-~-~ >~u~*. V STh>~ NC>

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~ XX'> ~ > K N V ~ -~
S. 5- ~S. -S. 'S. ~- 'S Vt 5- 'S..

A >~ A 7

-S 'S,~ -S S -SA*~*~S A A -S V VS
S ~< A -> V VS


S -, p S:_ S

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9% 1% 9%

1603 Mer 26 T I 86-u-19,st 2528 b11 2I6,y55-.56. 1603 Nar 3 6 ST l 86--19,st Do 2526 ad 256,55-556. 16 03 Mer 26 T AI 86--19,st D 2528d ;

Vlli>. o. VallB li o. CieduLrio. Vall i Cdl rio. (sopy) 1 v. (opy 1 ,. (copy; 1 .

o o. Pedro de Ibarra, ord to pay year o o de I a, o to y year a ov. Pdro Ib, drr.d to pa, y-ar and
a half sgory to oldier loro de P-s trna. hf salar to oldr balonso de Patrn{ . h lf ry to sto dier oo de Pastrana.
Patoona ;en to Spain with ipatcheo snt by pastra a r t to sain with isrpatches isnt by 'strana went toc S;pn with listchne -nt by
offiI l in lorida. offc

A - A 44 4 4 4 4 -~

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VS Vt 'V V
'~ N V N 1% 1%

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-Th ~ -if, Th- ~
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-if- if- -if

i'5 883 15 T I A' 5- -9 bn, 77i, p. 1- 1 -5 May 13 A 1 -2-9 bnd 7?, p. -l6 1603 ka l. I 5I-- bnd 17, e. 15-1

allado-li. e-vice of lono orcic Acnae V. l'adlid. e ce of lonso co e de Vlolid Service of Abonso -aso ecz e
i ercdo. (cy) p erca o. ( copz ) ercalo. -oy)

Petition of lo-o Dacho .or, resident of t f iio of lono n -cho Sae, r--det f ll. -etirion of 1on-0 -xcha, iez, resident of la. oak; ior mecy aI to hve bAck o-tEtio of -el- a k for mercy ind t hav baek poit on of ol- as forr 'I errcy an t- ha v ock poeitn of oldier. iily -re Con.oo order ov. in l. o de.oely from Consej order ecy. in Fn. to dir. Reply fro= Consejo order -o. in F'.. to
give soldier oition te lonr o anc e soldier on to lono Snho Iae. gi soldier poslri to lonso encho Saez. M entions COo. 30nzao Mendez Canzo, who took r aay Mention- ;o, Gonzaio Mende cn, who took t o y Mation-: -or. Go'nlo ,ender Cani-o, who took away in o i. (c A 139 O 2). h i (.nt, 159 O t 2 )a. o (Con., A 5 Oct 20).

, My 19 6 --9,tD2 n ,. 1603 19 S .0 W-b-19, De2 20 bad "b.5C-5l. Id!6..0 May .LY. iL Ai b--9,Stago202 bar 6,.60-b6b

B1uitr 2duli. Burr:. ed. BuiB.ra. adlla -ic.
(co y) 1 ., (coy) 1 (coy)]

o Gor. Pedrc de Ibora. Mention- report made cy o Gov. Fedrc d, Ibil-rr. Mention report -1d by TO Gov. Pedro a- Ibarra. Mentio- report mad c
.11noo e .--tran concerning 1,500 ducdos to be .lnso -. Pstr-anx concedr-ng 1,50 InI e o tob be .lonso i ast-ann cocelnin... 1., ducde to be
ven to -oldier i Florid, -ees hir Ia given to soldirs in Florida, oesid thei, l- given to oldr i Florida, beds t-,ir ,ry. King wats to be iformed o tt that ry. King wnts to be ifor on tt nd that ry. Kin- wr-l to be infr, on tt lt
ach year 1,D ducdos shoul be distribute ec year 1,' du doh sho b di ribnt each yr ,0 ucdo sn ul b distribute

~-~~-- -)~li~---~-i~;--~~QiiV

N>Lln N~-Nh.-i~~i--.

101 Mi 3 M -I I6-1,to? ba26,.561-6. 16C3 May S i 0T I8-5-19,.St0228 ba S6..%61-6. 10 May 26 S 11 86 --19SSt*yDah bnd 1i6i6*5r rezo. ceul i. reza. Ced- l rio. rezo. Ceu l sto.
(copy) p I(coy) i (c y) i .

o ori condor tlome rgue s. T Fdl Contader Brtlome rg lles. ive To Flori Conoador B rtolome oruel.
permission to to o Sa i f two years to prmisrion. toto s"sa i for o t oye erisso t to rTa in for two years To
attnd peronal business. HO ha tro e ve c r on attend pnrso-l business. !hto Le v -oa v eone attend personal business. He hs to lee eon
,t rePlc- him, rh il recei hf ofA t ,r- II- Io-reple ,0im il rci half o- .rulleu s 7-1- et!le s

-"~"~"-~-- 2=


; i i ::_ ;:t i: I : ii; --; :- i i
11:i -.11~

-' w V t




1603 Jur ST Al 53-1- b d 850 p. 1-2. 16(3 Jo 7 ST I 53-1 d 850 p. 1-2. 1603 Jjs ST ACI 53-14 b d 85 P. 1-2.

(py) 1 1/4y) I/ i/o. ps
Received Testimonio and MemorIal of Pedro Fl e Rceived estmon and Memorial of Fedro Flor de Rceiveoa HTstmi o ard L is ori pu< Pedo Pieore de ba la lob by which Luis Fajardo itihed Flores de Core i. Cob by ich Lobs FaJad tarnished Flores d Oa lth ob e yar ich ic in Fla. He served ore ty thoi tt on e year service in Fla. He a5d .ore tiUa to itil ne year service in Fla. hle srved more than tr o
with one year service in A e seed more than two yeeav loria. ars, and should be allowed to leave florida.
yearst and should be allowed to leave Floriida.d

0 0

4- 4 4- .- 4 44-4- -

Vt v VV V V V~ -~ tK~ZVA>

'V V 'V

'V N-> <-U- ~ V. ,~tV. '~ 'V ~>V. V*w V ~'-V K'-,- V ~ V ~VV. ',-- V ~


-- =~ ; ;:; -_ ~~-- ; ~~~_-1-- ~~

16 0 Jul 3 ST AGI D-5-19,StD2i52V bh 256,p.5j-66. 3 ul 3 ef .- ba 1W.56566. 1603 Jul i T 86-5-19,tD 2 bed 6,p -5iI.

Valld, li. Cedulario. VI"i d li. C idulrio. Vallnd lid. Cedalario.
(cop ) ( p. (eoy) i p

To Goo. Pedro de b11orra orders that ifero rTocv dro do arra, orders tr if edro TO ov. !,odo d, Ib rrd oer, tort if efro
Flores is in Flora-i because o r8ulod-ritrding year sbervle in fort. Flores cn leave Flo-ido. year service in fort. Fiore can leave Floria. year oervnce in fort. Flore- can leave Floida.
Mentions: ex- Govo Go.nlo Mende Canzo. Mentionl: ex- Gov. Gonzalo Mende.: Canzo. Mental,: eo- Ge. Gonzalo Mendz Canzo.

0 0

< 7 r~~~ -;:= :--~;; i- ~-, ~ _-~ :_-- _~; ~ -~;, ~ _--.;~- ----

le)3 Jul 5 ST di 86.-9, t'DIP526 bnd 296,p.H67-568. 160r Jul T A;l 6-!r -19 bnd 256,p.567-68. L60 Jul 9 CT 3I 8 -13,St D 258 bad 256,p.67-t68.
Velia hlid. Ce d1 e. old. edul aldolid. Edlario. C(ropy) 1. (aeY) (Co) 1 .
To Gov., edro de Ibarr, order- to pay s i.ryof Teo todeer;re tyahof Tedo d irra order r f Gov., ieo de larrai order to Jay lary of
5e oreveio ever' otler day to Fabrica Le T- ml oedis 5l). erF other day o Fabrivl,,o o oe 5 rredi every other ly ho abriio Lo e
who a -stn to Siin olth disprlhe to Conjo who woo e.t to Sain it isathet Conoet heo ua ent ho 1.y,1. ih diorcihes to te rajo
do Tnds. Her ust be -aid for beue eo d iu e b for bCete e. tiioaOS: dd l. T u b,, fo bu. n d t ..do larid ir ae ir
Gonalo Moende ano, Confeder Cedro Rondo de onzlo ended C azo, ,onldr Pedro edodo e eonalo edeo Canoe, ConaLdor Pedro Redorndo n

0 0

4--=; iC~;i'

1603 Jul 18 ST AGI 54-2-7 b d 852, p. 1-2. 160 Jul 18 ST AGI 5L-2-7 b d 8i2, p. 1-. 16C Jl 18 ST A -I 5 H-2-7 b d P52, M 1-.

le Pa de Vale to i. aba Pedro de Valds to Kin. a ped, e aldez t King,(

sends dispatches concerning situation in aans and sends dispatLos conerr ne situitiod in a aa nl sends dispatches conceni its tioni ab na a:d
reforms proposed for Fla. Mertions Pedro de Arana and rfc.nis proposed for FPi. Mentions Pedro Ae Aranas sd reforms proposed for P. mentions pdro de irasa and
Francisco de AnslcF de Angul .rani de An o.

0 0

1%~li -~~~er

1605 Ang S 6-5-19,3tos2~o ond 256,p.569-570. 605 iAg 4 ST A-I 86-5-19,StD252 bd 256,p.569-70,,p.56aaoli. edlario. dlid.Cdulrio. alldolid. edlario.

(copy) 1 ( 1 ( ) L

To .ov. Pedro dc Ibrra, Orders to give permi- To ,. d do -, rd e ri- Ti a. ei do ioarr, Orders to ive por
i ontoern to saitopedroderni.e ssion to return to Slain topo r de, Grnio.. soto retur to u .dro de rnica, H
i a rom ietu d tPleSin o Sedion d nerved is from Villa de i'lezuelo de Vedixo nd served is from Villa do Palezulo de Vedixa an server
ismore tolla de yar ie Fla. dfoe dt of more then i After the eah f re then 0 ears in F. Aieri he de th o

rontt "a t r th o m prer-nts an r ric t r iirn thto home toIn

I> v V >- -

1603 Aug to S U PI 86-5-19,Sta2528 bnd 26,. 5-77. 163 ug C S- u, O--19tSta258 bid 1260p.C75- 7 uS Ai u6 1,i lt o U S nd 2, p.75-77

all olid. dlri. al Id i d-. CeI ul to rio. 1 dolid Cedulrio.
(op) ~op) ( oolY) 2
To Trersry Ofincials in Merico. Informs of Ce To Tredury Offici s in rexor. TInfor', of e TO Tre ur Official ir exio. Ifor.- of Ce ul sent to lov. of florid corc -dnA sitaio ula sln too ov. of Floridr, c ri it do ,la sent t. 'ov. of Flo-ia -o-eing itd
Mcney loft fr tii do ato,d I to e t t oo Mcney left from tt do .1- to Mo ley ft froo itdo sthoua e n t Coca
de Contrt ..t n .tu f entr -o-l d Connradclo. -na mn of xa ro toey do Con -rteiao. eFtn me c o-f r eoney
iven before. given before. -iven before.

0 0 0

1603 Sep 21 S Ai 6-HI.9qStfo258 bnd 256 1p.D0- 71. 16025 3 21 SE AGi 26-5-19,atoDo2.28 bnd 156H,.570-571. 1i3 Sep I1 ST A KI 86--19,Stw2i528 bnd 256,p.?-571

Valla dolid Ceulric., Vall (cOpy) 1 7. (capy?1) i (copy) i p

To ov. edro de Ibrra. Inror tt asti de To o. iedro d Ibrra, Inform t titan d To lv. Pedro de Ibri, Informs tat e l-tiau
Am- as a 2ilor on shi>t hattook upie to cu ko a ilor on ip that teok sup le, to Ac-u a- uilor on snio tht took supi u ilori ex-o. onz. lo Mlde- Canzo oaodred Florid lno ex-gov. Uonzrlo Meodez Cenzo ordered Florid d ex-ov. Caonlo rndez Cazo ordered him to ;-, s older in Fla. hee heered him o stf hi I oldirr in Fli. here he -erved him o st az a o ldir in la. where he -rvd 5 yeta ant hi will. If thi true he n 5 years a-n i If thif tlue he n 5 year a-inst hi il. If his is tre ho o an

1 1ep 21 30 I 86-b-19,stD)2528 bld 256,p571522.' 160+ Ser 21 ST .I 86-5-19~St 252 bnd 2?6,r.571-372. 1603 Sep 21 -T I 86-5-19,St'i3 528 bad 256,p.571-572

Valla o is. Cedulari.o, ali doli(d. Ced ilaaio. Valr olid. :elrlo.
continued from recedi~ g eoard, contnud fronn recedin card. continued rom precedirn card.

new hos.ital called Santa Bar bre. mention new hoital Iolled Sant rara. Mntionh new hopitr clled Sant Barbara. Metions
Cedule of no 5, 15o8. Cedula of n-ov 1598. Cedia of nov 5, 198.

-~~--~--_ i~~

1 Se 2 T As i -5-9,t ;t 2 ond 5 6,572-573. 03 S .ep ST i 6- ,SVD'56 bnd 56,p. 72-7. 163 i O 3 ST I -r-1,,St 2528 .d 56,p.72-57-1
aa i Ce V 'd. Ce o. V aolid. Ceul io.
oy) II (oly) 1 ( COY).
-t 'r-is-ry DG iiali ir Fi,,d. Order, to reTo Tr-osury Cfficiali in Flori.. Orders tor -er m r y o r t tir yO sr i nioFu l ar d t ye t l t ttin
port if 3 srilors ; e enouh (for rte o.h Aguntin OIT o ti ort tre .enugh ((o thr < it
port. ort).


16M03 Sep I 86-5-19,StD25i bInd 26,p.573-,75. 1603 Sep 5 S 86- Stl 8 d 256,p?-575. 1603 Sep T I 6-5-19, 2 bnd 56

Val ladold. Cedu ario. Veldniir ed'l io. Vlladolid. Ceoulario.
(opy) p. (coy) (copy) 2 .

To Gov. pedro de Ibarr. Reply toa lerter w itee To Co. elro de Iarra. ieliy to a letter wrilton To Gov. edro de ibarra. Reply to letter rite
by e-o,. Gornalo Mnd di Cao ol ated, (r. by ex-gov. Goal Mnd de zo. by ex-v. oalo n de Caa dted, p.
24,6 concern 1 ducado to p y odier 2-,16 lcencerning 1 dcado to pay soliers 2,0.ancerni.ng. 5 ducadas to a~y soldiers
in F1i.. Kin, w- ,informed tht they were frora Por- in Fla. i wa informed ht they ere from enr- in Kin, info.ed th- ty were fro ortugal bit if poa th d e ale al blt if tssie t hld be 'rafrel" tal but iosible hey should be urale

0 0

1C53 Sep 8-I5- 19,: S2-oo2 bnd 256,p. 575, 1603 sep 25 ST 86- 19,L.t 2528 bnd 256,p.573-575. 1605 sep ,25 T I 86-5-19,StD>252 brd 256,p.7-57.

Val r ioli J. Ced;or ]loond C.eduhlyrn. 1
ontinod from r0ed-i, ,tnti re flror reio n cn-.e t2 m 1rec1- 0-d.
Flre -t rodi Euveies o Pr .erMtoor,-rf ,i ,oi rr iv r 6 'rT ft i uar o- i ver Ia L11, 13>1ficatin cO a h t -fi-r-o of ri5i0. nn o1.1Alfo >f-I rin5 a rhip -1oi
.1e fr th~ province of otano r f of tan

0 0

160 Oct 1 ST AI 54-5-9 bnd 85t p. 1-2. 106C3 t 1 S AGi 5-f-9 bad Iea, p. -2. 1603 Oct 1 ST AGI 5t-5-9 ad 854, p. 1-2.
San Auin. Gov. Genzalo Merdes de Cagso Kt ing. San u. Gov. Gonzlo Meides de Cange to Ain. Sas Agusiin, cov. Gcnzalo .endez de Congo to Kig.
1/ p. 1,/4 p. 1 /4 P. ertifis 23 yeas of good service of Ao:so Oarcia Certifies 23 years o[ good service or Aonse larcia Cetifie o year good et-lo ef Aonso Carria de ]a Vesra s a liir in Saa Elna an also la er as a solir in San Elen and also in d la a soldier i Santa Elena arid also in de a Vera a, a solier in Santa Vldea ad also
Glle durin an Indianl rebellion. Should be f rewarded Cuale dorin an indian rebellion. Silald be reworded Sale during an Irdiar rebellion. Ssoud be rewarded witl a eo icrs salary. Sarcia de la Vera is -arried with a soliers salary. Garcia de la Vara is married :ith a soldiers salary. Gareia de la Aera is marri d
with 5 children. (con. 16CL,Apr 26:. with 5 clildre. count 16U,Apr 26. with 5 children. (cont. 160,Apr 26;.

e *


-- -----;

,~i;~~. -~ ?~I:= ~~~~~;- -~--;~;;;; .- i~-~~;

-- : *1 --rr-:-. ~ -;, ,_--,,-t -


--: :-:: -

16C3 Nov L ST ACI 51-2-7 b-id 57, p. 11603 :o i ST0 Ar i-2-7 bnd Pi7 i 1 (0 I e S AoI 5 -2-7 1 d 7-', p. -.
(aabna) Petition of Jua enardo qiro ( an) Paettion of Jon Bernard Quiro. ('abaa petition oif Jua erna o uiroa .
(opv) 2p. (copy, 22 (coy 2p
Son ;f la e Ct. Tamas Bernardo da Quira asks for So n of late Cpt. Tmas Bernardo de Quiroz asks for Re Son f late Opt. Taas Baeraroo d.e iro aes for Re giniero iver to i ft ter after anyears o er- Tive ivC e i n b Ifat r a. er aryears of e iieto given to jia fa-er aft- many ears cf oerie. note fro- Co-ans dated alladolid, lucv 4 1603 vie. heoe frm snsejo dated Valladolid ov 4 1603 fle. ote crcp or sejol dated Valladoild, -v L 16C3 askin, to be In frmaed on position. (cont. 1586 Feb 5 asi to Di Informaed ar position. (cont. 1586 yeb 15 asking b be In: rmae o po ition. (cot. 18eL 3b, 1

0 *

16- No 2 m ST AI 5m-5-17 b 866, p. 9-10, 1603 Nov 24 ST AGI 54-5-17 o .d 066 p. 9-10, y m ST A 5-5-17 b d 66, p. 9-1C,
so1. cov. Oeff ec Ib r to RoSial an Agustin. Go. Pedro do Ibarra to Roya Offia sls. Se Aosti. Co. droo de T roa t no Roya. ficials
(copy / p (e" ) /2 o (sc12p
o, asks T~v~al Officials to report on the potioion F1 T ifiit a io lOffic po oi hpt t
Soc. asks Toal Cfficils to report on the pli iioo soo. aks loyl OfiiOli t reort on the petition of asoldis to s es, crise,
of l-ip,,en, of F1rda f Idi, ab tlrupliee pcies sirs .t of folooia Sl ier 1bou p eies, piE 2 es2 hi..
o ere idar sloda. (ers t. l5C JUn .i etc. for Floiia. (cont. 16 Ju 22). etc. for Florda (cot 1 Jl 2).

1(C~Do!NflAi~-M7bsJVk,.i.?. ~0Mo~?AqT~4.1'hn74L,,.7. 1~M3~.ZMJ3T5&.44?bd9Ed.,p....


-U'-i r, >'- ,ima k V > NA .wV<242' VL1
V 1 te .19 ra E a ss
-Amb-ir ln;% Uhs . n 9 kmar .
,,,,,~ri-; ~:~'IsRe-s ~ em amay x ws

me a:MasR wi 8E