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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


Spatial Coverage:
North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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1602 ST AGI 86-5-2, ban 834 1602 ST AI 86-5-2 bnd 834 1602 ST A UI 86-5-24 nli 834

cabana San Agustin. Journey of Fernando de aides Habana, San Agustin. Journey of Fernando de Valdes Habana, San Agusin. Jourrey of Fernando de Valdes to Florida and Inforlacion on Spanish settlement. to Florida and Informaion on Spanish settlement, to Florida and Information on Spanish settlement.
17ppo. 170pp. 17Op. for component document see enies fo 1602 Au. or cponent documents see entries for 16102, Au. for cpnponnent do ents see enorieies for 1602, Mog. for ooponen doements see for 1602, Aug.
14, 15, 30, 31, Sop, 2,,,11 14, 15, 30, 31, Se, 2,3,11. ,15, 15, 31, 31, Sap, 2,11.

0 0

IT 2- 0 0n i : ? i 45-C bad 5.i 5 1 0 n0 i.f a r anr a zp. j c r, 7r i r or r e, u

o 102: oo nrt docuet se nr co ,no 16C2 15 1-15 ;. 1-15 .


1602 ST AGI l-3-27/1 ,6,3;Pat.80 nd847?,p.6. 1602 ST AGI 1-3-27/1 ,6,3;Pat.80 nd841,p.6. 1602 ST AgI 1-3-27/18,6,1;Pat.80 bnd847,p.6.
Pedro Albarec de Castellor. Pedro Albarez de Castellon. Pedro Albares de Castellon.
(copy, incomplete) 1 p. (copy, incomplete) 1 p. (copy, incomplete) I p.

On the behalf of Parafan de Rivera, great gransonof On the behalf of Parafan de Rivera, grat gransonof On the behalf of Parafan de Rivera, grat gransonof
Juan Ponce dr Lcon and grand son of COt. and Gov. of Juan Porce de Leon and grand son of Cot. and Gov. of Juan Ponce de Leo and grend son of Cpt. ard Cov. of Costa Rica Parafan de Rivera, mentions service of his Costa Rica Parafan de Rivera, merstios seice of his Costa Rica Parafan de Rivera, mentiors service of his
ancestor. ancestors. ncestors.



2S Jar 2 S. .f t --1/ adn l, .. 1- J 15- -. -- -17 ant 3l, ,. 1-. r ,- --17 nd b p. .

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n lin c. I ,l onao ~~z~a a to or- 0 1 e In- -- r. t o I i z0 IlKI i vIn 0-d'

e z r e, ccrni it or olI ro-n a o r i do n 01 n M ne a ocer itua o a '

iamn J L d a a-n Jrd il a 0 l i ca, oJ .rn 0e ie to ia
c ..o c de i 1 3 ho i send e. sk or eor one de e w iho i' acen--. k-i= Jfo a o e, iz a ,o s o i i -e n ked. k f S, ill i. i f t

"'; *" "I'' : --"'i' '--'"";-=i: "'--_iF_?~.--~

Nb Nb

ASC j-, b a 17 l f t16 10- deb 1 -- 1d1 p. 17-'n w01 A I S u d-M-7 b d $ ii y-n1

o fro reeai ontinu r c n n fro I pr 1 o of Colub : 3 Co y i l 0 a o 1 copy)o cl n1 19 o oo oTld Jun 1 iva't o foC 1d Ju 5 e so o
y ot1 a er (o l as(ot 15-I 0o 0,z11 f

1 Fe 12 Ar2 1, -5- or Ip 1. M Feb 1, I k, hR 5-- i p 12 b 12 r & I ? trI 1 p, 1 .

(c1) . (C (c

He serv s Factor ad leade ir Fr aidt drv to ife ser 5 a ctor nd cea V oid durig t e a Vres s Fator id eeder n Vo e drin

Ak et. lr ol z c e 1 poAii i ,k, ir I l d e l i -C ps i i f x. i f is s i ai e l i
ai ci th T c p a ansojo d in l ,) tha of tp voe t at Co jo de I ii., cf th rec t C j d indic
a aa 1 n) f . ) a

I 1602 Fe 12 gI 5-- 1il I-2 Fb 12 AI -5-1 bai 1 1. ard 2 ard 2. ard 2.

Sdue (~ r s'- lieti r in aor t. Cti s O ded su ii 1 ,

1 o a 3 Deo iz jqr T at res Ric t za as, Di, s a rs e e o uiz Osor, i r

< N N >~ >- >

N '~ *~S~X~ <~4N~N N >N>~ ~ N NN V ~ ~
- ~N~NN ~ ~ N.N >~ *C-t~rN ~ N ~&~ N V~P>~N N S
-~ Na~~~a ~s>4Q~N~. ~> N ~ >s

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r ;~ :*,-;-~*' ..i :t2:. p. ~. 1~,.2 Aj. r. .11 F.-:4 I,.J ~ ~. y. 1(2 A;, W ~ fI~~ I..J 231', t.

U.n A~* I q. :rf ~.,4-r bA iC. 3. Vet L~I 1.~-L' .X 221. p.~. W fl ?.-~-7~ bud 101., ;.


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1602 May 12 ST AGI 54-5-18 bud 1193, p. 9 1602 May !2 ST AGI 54-5-18 bnd 1193, p. 9 1602 My 12 ST AGI 54-5-18 bad 1193, p.

San Augstin. CertificaLion of Gonzalo Mende de San Augstio. Certification of Conzalo Mender de San Augstin. Certificatian of Conzalo Mendez de
Com. Cana. Cana.
(Copy) I p. (Copy) 1 p. (Copy) 1 p.

Certifies good services of Ct,. Alons de Pastroan Certifies good services of Cpt. Alon sode Pastrana Certifies good services of Cpt. Alonse de Pastrans
in lor-ida. in Florida. in Florida.


~ ~

1602 May 17 ST AGI 54-5-18 bnd 1193, p. 10 1602 May 17 ST AGI 54-5-18 bnd 1193 p. 10 1602 May 17 ST AGI 54-5-18 had 1193, p. 10

San Agustin. Certification of Royal Officials San Agutiin. Certificaion of Royal Officials San Austin. Certification of Royal Officials
(Copy) I p. (Copy) I p. (Copy) I p.

Certify ood service of Cpt. Alonso de Pastrana in Certify good service of Cpt. Aionso de Pastran in Certify good service of Cpt. Alonso de Pastrana in
Florida. Signed Bartolome de ArgelIe, Juan Florida. Signed. Bartolome de Arguelles, Juan Florida. Signed: Bartolome de Arguelles, Jan
Menendez Marques, Alonso de las Alas. enendez Marque, Alono de las Alas. Menendez Marques, Alonso de ls Alas.

*D *


I i

1602 May 24 ST AGI 54-5-18 bnd 1193, p. 11 1602 May 24 ST AGI 54-5-18 bnd 1193, p. ii 1602 M ay 24 ST AGI 545-18 nd 1193, p. II

San Agustin. Clrtifficalion of Bartelome de Arguelles San Agustin. C.rtification of Barltolome de Arg e le. San Agustin. Certification of B rtolomn de Argouele
and Alonn de Las Alas and Alonso de sn s Alas and Alonso de las Alas
(Copy) 2 pp (Copy) 2 p. (Copy) 2 pp.

Report hat CGov. GCoualo Mendez de Cano is sending Report that dov. Conzalo Mendez di Cano is sending Repors that Gov. Genzalo Mendez de Canzo is sending dispatctes to Crown wnti Cpt. Pastrana, who shoid dispatches to Crown with Cpt. Patrana, who should dispatches to Crown with Cpt. PaItrans, who should receive his salary in fl due t to hs service ad receine hs salary in full due to his services and receive his salary in full de to his services and poverty. Mentionp: Connador Pedro Redondo Villega. poverty. Mentionsl Conador Pedro Redondo Villega. poverty. Mentions: Contdor Pedro Redondo Villega

00 0


Jun 1 Ju a

oc 0 i i 0 0 o bn 0fr ; c 10. I; C~ r = m m <.s>1lie rcrc gCr ut e e i r

::::~~" ~"--


1602 Jul S S AI 86-5-19s. t16 uS2 bnd 25 D,p 241-5i.ii 54-2.2. 160 Jul I .i Ac 86-19,Sit'r52e ond i256,1!i-42e.

o -, io 1. p.Lr .en.o. Ceduataio. o 1rn 00. Ced la m..
( o 12 (.o i I

ToP -rezury offials in lo-id heporto that To Treur offcis in yiorid Roport ott TOrea u- officials in Florih Report, t1t Juan do Yorales in the b.haif of -ut. qoriIo Jan e PoClOS in th i.hoif of -t. aodrigo J'an e or lez in the bPhatf of I t. noudrio
de j unol- ibelts u d It owed nc aLe-. d. hirs calld L ld debt owed n Jlc d, Ju-o--. hiro asked that debt owed te J n ,
be aid from, the si ]uad~. be ai fror 1he hie J,. be "aid fro he it do.
h o*id fro the

V ~ >71 >7171v- a~ VN>~>. >~ #>-k >ThS~< ~> >1> >~ >1 CV

~&-~>. v-v *~K V V~.


v-~~ ~v


16C2 Alu 15 ST AGI 86-5-20 bud 83), 8-. 16CLu Au ST AI 6-5-2 bAnd 8ni .. S-9. 1602 A, 15 SP AI 86-5-2 bnd 8. p. 8-.

Haanas. Instruct to Ferna do d Valdes. abana. Instructi n to Ferlando de isldes. oanm. Insrructiou to Fernando de Vsldes.
2c. 2. 2
Gcv. Pedro de Valdes a-nd Royl Officialo to givecia- oy. Feiro do e d- eod Roo CyTafiti a ivcins- Y. itro d aldeis d, Royal Officlc to ivdnostrl tiods for trio Ferando de Valdos is to take to tr-Etione for trip Fer-ando d Ralds is t o take to trstions for trip Fernar do de aldes is to Lake to Fla. cth acr and to rFport af aveunsitas e ad di- o la. th arms ad to report ad advintas W di- Fla. eth arms and to rept af aadvintaes and disadveatae of tie s' i, Sen Aersin. (cont. ,sdvata e o the settle e art in San Ag*mF in. (ct. saivantages of the settle-rnt in San Ag tin. (cont.
1602 Aug. 30). 1602 Aug. 30). 1602 Aug. 30).

0 ~ 0

~: F

:--- ~;~~~,: _--~~I~_~~_,,,,,;_ ;ui~

~~:---";,~ *;Li; ~i- i*l--i-nn:rr;-rxr,~ :-~ I=l--il-i'"--C-~' i'=Fa;;_*~ui_-l~:-;i n- rt=

"-~i~ -~:~

\ ~>'- ~ ~#-'&~. ><~ ~ ~ t .+$~-~$>> t V


-r ~ ~ ~c. tot ~~tC Vtt~ >0>

~~~1~ K- V tpXV

lL602 Sep 3-4-57-9- ST AG7 86-5-24 bnd 83. P. 19-2~5 102 Sep 3--5-7-9- T AG 6-5-24 -ibnd 83, p. 19-25. 1602 Sep 3-4-5 6-7-9- W G: 8-5-24 bed 83, Pi. 19-15.

-an AgItin, Informci on or Florida. San Au Aio, Inrormacion or lcrida. San A i tin, Iifor acion on Fleriuda.
(copy) 127 P. (coPY) 127 o. (CoPy) 22 ..
Informain taken b Fernando de eValde before v ra n b rn de alde ore I io. Irfmacain tare b de Vaides boerre Gov.
and Royal Officials, zorcerninr situation of Florda: and Royal officials, o-noriog t io o lorida: and Royal Officials, concerning siuotion of Florida: Wit -: es1e i9. Juan Loper de Aviles, i.- Alos San- ditneseos: 19.- Joan Lopez de iles, 32.- A', S- it 19- Jo L d d- Allso saache Ssez de Mercad, 39.- Juan d J 6. c 66.- Micr cho Saea do Mercadr", 3.- Joan do J6"o, 6.- Alfer ho 3czs de 11rcado, 19.- Joan ce iinco, 4A.- Alferiz
Frzir sCo Xoreat:dec, 6.- Fraocisco Lopez 72.- Joan Franciscc ernande, 64.- Frarfaisco Lopez,72.- Jr Francisco ornsade, AL.- Fra-iaco Lopecr,72.- Jan,
Snzalz, 7.l- slljoldier AlcantA-riz la, 84.- soldier An- onc'lZe, 70.- r lca la, .- o dlr L0 0

16C2 Soep. 3-4-5- -9 S AlT i 6-5-2i bnd 834, 1- 1602 Sep. 3-4-514--9 ST A-I 86-5-24 bad 34, 19 2602 Sep. 3-5-- -9 ST AI 86-5-24 bd 834, p.19-45.

conti-ued fn preceding car. rcontinod irm ornedidg card. uotirrd from preeing card.
dres e Stomarsor, o.- soldier Juan de la C-ts, 96.- drrs de Sl mar. 9 0.- soldier JuG- d. la Crr, 96- dres d Stcroar, W.- soldier Juan de 1i a ro, 96,soldie; Ganala Victet 13.- soldier IMrtin Ruir aldier Gonzalo Vicnte, 1C3.- soldier Tartin Rur soldier Goinzalo Vicente, 103.- soldier Martin ui de .rero, 1C9.- Juan Xicenez, 16.- Gbaonr rlia de Otreru, 1C9.- Juan Simener, 116.- Gaspar Gaeira do Craero, 9.- i,.enr., 316.- Oaspar Garcia
Perete, 122.- aldier Juan de Ribts, 129.- pilot pa- Perte, 122.- soldier Juan de Ribes, 129.- pilot Ma- Prete, 122.- soldier Jua de Gibas, 129.- ilot Natoo iia, 131.- Juan de lara, 139.- iiot Anrtorio to Luis, 131.- Juan de Lara 139.- lot Antori taos ici, 131.- Juan de Lra, 139.- pilot Atcnio
dmu. ( on. 162 SA, 11). liSa. (c t. 1602 Sl, 11). Dies. (ct. 1602 Sea 11).

0 0

1C2 Sop 11 ST AGI 86-5-24 end K,-, f. '4t-17C. 1602 Sep 11 STg A 1 86-5-24 bn 831, p. +6-170. 162 jej 1I ST AGI 8-5-24 bld 814, p. l16-17C.
San 5Sa San
San ALstin. Information o lrida an ii. Iomci n lorida San Agustis, Informacion on Florida.
25 25 p. 25 p. Tesiony of Cntader Bar lssme de Arg-elles on uar do s- Testiony o Cntadr arlome e A elle o u- Tstimony Cortador Bartolae de Arguelles on questions concerning Fla. given by Fernande de Valdes. tions concerning FTa. given by Fernaade de Valdes tions concerning Fla. given bL Fernande de Valdes.
156.- Testimony of Te orero Juan Menendez Marques, 163 156.- Testinony of Tesorero Juan Menrdeo Masques, 163 156.- Te simony of Tesorero Juan Menendesz arques, 16
oCt. Alons de las Alas, (end of oxpedi te). Opt. Alonso de li Alas. (ond of expedient). COpt. Alonso de las Alas. (nd of expediente).

::i- i:---ii-i -:--~- i

-- I~--1 --i;_t~ n- il--:_~ --i- ~;--- -~- ---';-----~ = ;--i-r;-i-~l~-;~;~l; ;
i-'i--:''i- r;-- --- ::^-_t_-rC:: r?__o-rtr;_; :--:-.::

"---i;i__:i:_;-i~ i- -~. i--i l:-._ -

;---~ -; _r,,


'i i-':-i-~- ---1:~;il~~~-----r-L ,

---- -;I;-=11 -~--- -1;;--i-;:--i--,;-;:: ;-,_ :;r : ~;-: -- ----.: 1. -

1. la 5 I 1.,l 1 5, i. 11-1 6 d . 1 1 I -5-20 nd 8 t nin n indi n ,aS- Ln of i oi

~i -.-"- :liii---~:i(r.

-~-i:P="- i ---~--'; i~--,.

- ; --:I; --- ;;i- : ; :-- ;. i ;~.-: .-, ~~ ; ;-;-;-t

;------:: :_:.: i

1*0 bp as 1- b Uj,,. 1- 2401 l2j 2 Ai 3' 1 16 End IN, 1-'. r0 ke 22 -S 541-1j bn &-7 b. b,

H, n r d o o na," I t ro d I a c Id to r .
(co -o lee c

or oetqh raci0co -1Vad ...... for z- -lo :his on c s lr 01 s i o Vr a co I i t L t i t to io o km 4 / rd to inves t. ei ln e to

f oc to-, .rl 1, c, lo r r
Cr o a T 0 0 i0 a0 n cu1 i1 1 r
fora o Paal ifoit .A n easn o m r a ofRon ficsi &in n o ee re r f y 1 rie s nar ntohe set 0t I-C chCi o nin eteet o itosa ss et 0 hiL sid

1602 Sep 9 S AGi 86-i19,St.rl ? 28 bnd 256,p.54. 1602 S e 29 S2 AI 86-hd-1,St D 2d bna 256,1.54l. 1602 Sep 29 ST A3 86--19,Stapr228 bnd 256ap,545.

Valadoli d Cedulnrio. Vril dolid. Ceaulari. Valldolid. Cealrio.
(copy) 4 i. (repy) p p. (copy) p.

To Trneaury Offlil-s in Meico. Informs that To Treasury Officlal in Me-xio. Informs that To Treasury Officials in Mexico. Informs that edro edonde Viileao reported that Treasoury edro 'enrdo Vailegas reported that Treasur y Pedro Redodo Villegs reported that Treasury
Officials in ila. have 124,i33 reales and bcu1ae Offioia l in Fi. .are 124,33i reales snd becusse Offic i in Fla. oael 124,335 ireales snd because
ihey are waiting for aCesale to send it, King they re waiting for r Ceduar to iend it, King they are waiting for t Cedla to spard it, Kino ha decided tht ou b discountefroneths idd that houd bd ot from ner his eridd h f et hu bo Cicn drn t has decided that should be discounted from next

V ~ V V <-C -V V tVVVV V
4~4 V V K V V -V V V


-~-_~~--I- -;i- -~

16n Oac C I --I bnd li. 1-3 J2 Oct 0 ST .. nd Oct 20 T 5- -o nd 77,n p. 1-20

San Agustin. -ervice of lono 8jicho aez de an Agu-tin. -erviEe of lonso0 Sanrho1- ~z e an 1A5stin. service o1 ilon sncho ner z
ercado. 2 Mercado. 2 M ercrao.

1oyal Cfficials rerly Roy Cedula concerning liyu- 0oyil Offictla reply 1oyal ediua concernin s1itu,- 1oy1l Officiall rely Royrl Cedula concernmn cItuation of iloro ancho sae aft rh e lost his osi- tia of 1-o i-e-ncho .-, rfter lohe t h: o;i- tion of lnoo Sanco aez i'ft rr tlost hi, o-tion the ord of -1v. nzlo Mnd Cnzo. n- tio orr of :ov a on ond an-o to a mt~ Lorderof Gov. Gonzal >nz no. en
t on-; asro a de Merco, cr enndr M- tn o ezr- tion: Lazareo ; a. I -ac.r-- oaf nco, 2eroMn no Mrus Infavor of payment at FTla to Alons0 ncho ues. Infaor of payment of slary -a lonco anch ue. nor ofpa of alr to a -l.m anh

- Z

...-- . ..-



1f 1 ( K r 1 b ore Mfc 3 t I n ,, ; '. 1-Ic p u for (c fP 1 n f l ( c

162 Den 18 iST I 66-5- 1,StoD2528 bnd 2u6,_.545-46. 1602 Dec 18 ST lA I 86-5-19,StD 228 bnd 256,p.545-46. 1602 Dec 18 fT AI 86-.-19,StfD228 bnd 256,p.54-546

V anaolid. Ceaw rio. Valladolid. Cdulario. Valladolid. Cedulnrio.
(copy) i. p. (co yy 1% p. (OTy) 11 p.

tenion for six more years given to FactorConxtn n f more ye givento, Ctsion for 1 more yer in laorCon- Extension for six more years gven to Fatoer, Cntador and Tesarero to get half of their salaries tador Ian Tesrero to get half of their salaris tador and Tesorero o get half of their ol-ries
from money from sitn do. from money rom sit ado. from oonufrom situodo.

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